View Full Version : Pokemon & Numa!!!

21st April 2006, 1:37 AM
POKEMON&NUMA! (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3590184131170611693&q=numa&pl=true)
Ash and co. do the numa numa dance.....

21st April 2006, 2:01 AM
I'm guessing no 1 is goin 2 watch it

21st April 2006, 2:04 AM
Erm, that was very stupid because it just showed battle crap with Numa Numa playing in the background.

Raven Maria
21st April 2006, 11:15 AM
cute! i like it

The Organizer
21st April 2006, 10:57 PM
That was stupid.... I just wasted a few minutes of my time...

Fiery Blaziken
21st April 2006, 11:17 PM
Looks like the Pokemon opening/closing with Dragostea din Tei playing. :/

Magma Leader Maxie
22nd April 2006, 5:49 PM
Not really good, but some parts (like the part where Sceptyle makes slashing movements) really fit the music.

But...all in all...meh.

P.S. Double posting sucks...

Korobooshi Kojiro
22nd April 2006, 7:26 PM
I believe Gaish from the forums made it.....

It was okay, but the song did not fit like at all really with the animation.

29th April 2006, 9:00 AM
That was stupid.... I just wasted a few minutes of my time...
>> Why do I watch that movie, then looking at other's opinion. That movie......it's just plain suck.

7th May 2006, 6:28 AM
Im surprised someone actually made a topic for this. Considering i have yet to see the 8th movie, this was about the closest i have been to seeing it. And the fact that it showed some other little bits too was good. Other than that, i really had no other point in seeing this. (Watched it a few times just because of the movie clips from the 8th movie.)