View Full Version : TMdex?

24th April 2006, 3:28 AM
since the advanced games all use the same TM list, would it be possible to have the list of all of them and where they are in each game? It would be helpful instead of looking for the TM list in each game section. Plus some TMs are more available in one game then in others.

It could even have a list of who can learn these TM moves by leveling up. Maybe... although I don't want it to provide the same information as the attackdex...

24th April 2006, 3:39 AM
Maybe it could be a part of the Attackdex. There could be another drop-down list of the TMs, and you could click an attack to take you to that attack's page. On the pages of the attacks, if it's a TM, it could go into a little more detail about where to find the TM. It wouldn't have to be a whole TMdex, just an add-on to the Attackdex.