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zonic the hedgehog
26th April 2006, 2:35 AM
Favorite: Definitely Charizard. That thing was actually HARD.
Most of the bosses really aren't that hard until you get up to Salamence.
I can't wait until I get far enough into the game and actually face up against the three legendary cats/dogs. n_n

Easiest: Machoke. It's easier than Rhydon. >_>

Hardest: Charizard for me, so far. However, I think I might change that opinion when I actually beat the entire game.

26th April 2006, 7:47 AM
I don't think many people have actually imported the game yet. But yes, please tell us of your experiences.

I might end up importing if it won't be out in the US till say October O-o;


28th April 2006, 7:27 PM
I forgot the real point of this post. Sorry.

Favorite: Altaria
Anyone who remotely knows me will know why. If not, try to guess from my avatar.

Easiest: Kyogre/Groudon
Plusle. Or Minun. Zzzzzaaaaaapp! Then a convenient Poliwarth nearby. Ya~y!

Hardest: Charizard/Entei
Fire types. They gave me so many troubles in this game. To consider I'm actually one of Flannery's fan...


I'm not zonic, but I do have some gaming experience, having cleared the game twice already.

Witten on 2006/03/27:
I'm currently going through the part where you have to capture several dragons. I'm only up to Salamance but this game is really challenging. Some missions are silly (no one should own THAT amount of Skitties!), but you really need to work on strategies if you don't want to have your Styler broken every single time.

You also have to look what Pokemon is/are available around you, especially if there's weakness concerned. Plusle didn't help me capture the Muk, but a convenient Drowzee nearby did.

The capture Styler is a very good addition to the game, I think. It's totally different from the usual Pokeball idea as you get to have your own team to assist your capture directly (as in not weakening its HP).

Team Go-Go. From what I've read so far they're some evil-doers who don't believe about "syncronizing with the Pokemon's feeling" that the Rangers believe. Their aim is to capture legendary Pokemon and they've been looking all over Fiore for 'em. They've robbed Prof. Shinbara's newly-but-not-completely-developed Super Styler in order to achieve that. As for what they want to do with the legendary Pokemon, it's unknown.

More if I can capture that stubborn 21-turns-requiring Salamance. = =

Written on 2006/03/28
Argh, forget about the Salamence. Charizard is even worse. It spits fire, the fire lands on the ground, and if your Styler touches the fire, then oops! Too bad for you. I think I've died for at least 3 times just to capture that dragon...and I have to do it twice! (There's another mission where you have to capture the same Charizard again X_x)

Serebii made an error on the mission part, as I found out. You're gonna capture a Gyarados and 4 Magikarps at the end part where you have to accompany that entomophobic guy. Steelix is something later, it's right before you reached the final town (Win Town).

After Steelix you have to infiltrate into the Go-Go Base, they have these weird alarm system: If you stand on them when they're red, you got caught and sent back to the beginning. Spent the whole trip to school on it and almost missed the station I'm supposed to get off.

After going through mazes, transporters, Ralts and many Go-Go Goons, you'll face all the Go-Go- Siblings one by one. First against the girl Mirai and two Camerupts (easier than it looks). Then against ((insert name)) and the whole Slakoth line. Then ((another name)) with 2 Scythers and 1 Scizor (gotta love Plusle here). At the end it's their head with the whole Larvitar line (Pupitar is THE killer there).

The siblings would then bomb the place up and you're done there. The last mission would to stop that old gag (read: the honcho of Team Go-Go) from capturing the legendaries (of course, he's done that long before we can stop him). Here's where the Eons star. There's one door where you need Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon to open. Espeon and Umbreon, while not needed for puzzles, are also available for capture.

Entering the temple will have the last of the Team Go-Go trying to stop you. First you have 3 Linoones, follow by the 2nd stage of the three Johto starters (Bayleef, another argh!) then a Blastoise & Blaziken. After all these, you'll head to the peak and voila! All the legendary dogs are there.

I just skim the text very quickly, and it seems like the old gag want to have the legendary beasts so that he can cause disaster all over Fiore, THEN have his Team Go-Go doing the heroic job of saving people left and right and get praised in the place of the Rangers. All riiiiiiiight.

I'm still struggling through Raikou, who keeps running across the screen and broke my line (but thankfully, not the Styler itself).

More if I can actually make it to the endin'. >_>

Written on 2006/03/29
After failing for a couple times, I went back to near the entrance and captured two Donphans, a Grovyle and a Raichu (battery). Then I challenge again. My Styler got a few hits, but Donphan #1 helped me captured Raikou without much trouble.

Suicune coming next. First I thought it should be an easy one because Plusle (and it has been for the first few time). But this time, when I tried to Styler on it while it was paralyzed, I was one turn short near the end so I had to start all over again. Worse, it can create duplicates and shoot killing Aurora Beams. After a few struggles, it also got under my Styler.

Entei is the biggest pain, like most of the fire types I've encountered throughout the game. This time, it creates volcanoes around the screen, and it has fire surround its body, making it almost impossible to get near. Luckily, the fire will disappear as times goes on, but then it will start shooting fire occasionally. Donphan #2 didn't help much, because the earth-like lines make it easier to collide the volcanoes. At the end, it's Plusle and paralyzing again.

Like many villains, the honcho of Go-Go, Ragou, is actually Shinbara's old friend. But since Shinbara is too brilliant (according to Ragou), all his accomplishments were not recognized, while Shinbara become the Ranger's chief consultant. This made him wanting to start something more glorious than Rangers, therefore the Team Go-Go. (I skimed through this part very, VERY quickly, because my NDS was low on battery, so I might have missed something.)

After the credits, Hayate will enable you to carry your "friended" Pokemon outside of their habitat. And Shinbara would add a "Record" function to your Styler. I haven't got the chance to explore that little function though. And your counterpart will let your record his/her electric rat too. I.e., if you're girl, you'll get Minun's info as well.

Written on 2006/04/20
Alright, I'm taking a break from my endless stream of assignment and projects--A rather extended one as I'm only 2 Pokemon away from the Completion Emblem. Thanks to the Serebii.net guide, I'm able to locate most of the Pokemon and Capture them. Although I had a little trouble with Wobby the TR's Blue Punching Bag...

The two missing Pokemon are Fearow and Snorlax. The latter one is still napping near Wint City, and the former can't be unlocked until I beat Hayate's high score in Capture Area. Even my best was still 20000 away from his score, and I've only broken up 30000 once. T_T

((For my final victory over the Capture Arena, please head to my Capture Arena post of this forum))

28th April 2006, 7:59 PM
I liked all of them,they were too easy though.

Entei was very hard,but Salamence even harder.I should have put only Salamence but they were both pretty hard.They had almost the same difficulty.Oh,Steelix was pretty hard too.

This Boss could be beaten even from newborn babies!!Suicuine is easy too.I have defeated them both without losing any Styler HP and I caught them in the first time I cicled them.

zonic the hedgehog
7th May 2006, 1:44 AM
Ah, I just beat the game, and I've changed a few opinions on the bosses as of the late. XP

Hardest: Entei. That $@#%* was being mean to me. ;_;
It would keep running around in a certain pattern, and flames would jump out of the ground. Actually, I believe it's the only Pokemon I've actually ever had to try to use actual strategy to get. :o

Favorite: Still Charizard. It's always fun to laugh at how unbelievably slow that thing walks around. :D

Easiest: Alright, well it seems Groudon and Kyogre are some real pushovers in this game. What's up with that? A zippity-zap from plusle instantly makes it so easy, and that just cuts out all the fun. =\

~Water Lucario~
7th May 2006, 5:06 AM
Pokemon Ranger is not released yet is it?
How are you playing it? (Maybe Japanese version)I read that the three Legendary Dogs are hard and Snorunt is really easy but this is what I read as I am yet to play the game.

zonic the hedgehog
7th May 2006, 5:42 PM
Pokemon Ranger is not released yet is it?
How are you playing it? (Maybe Japanese version)

I spent a good 50 bucks importing it from Japan here:

Anyway, the three dogs/cats are somewhat difficult, but only Entei actually poses a challenge at all.

22nd March 2007, 6:21 AM
Favorite:Magnemite,It's so easy and helps you a lot by charging your Styler.

Easiest:Seedot,Cause i have battled 3 Seedots and i just 1 loop all of them and it was captured.

Hardest:The 3 Legendary Dogs,They are so hard to finish!I'm battling them but i keep losing.

Opal Armaldo
22nd March 2007, 10:48 AM
Favorite: Swinub, because I had fun on the slide x3

Easiest: Murkrow. That thing drove me mad.

Hardest: I'm having trouble with the two Camerupt in the base.

22nd March 2007, 10:50 AM
Charizard is EASY.

Hardest: Entei
Easiest: Charizard (I don't know what you're all complaining about)
Favourite: Kyogre

22nd March 2007, 12:20 PM
Favorite,well the last evo of makuita hes kinda cool
Easiest, Magneton
Hardest: i havent play the whole game but for now it is Camerupt

23rd March 2007, 7:49 PM
Favorite: Entei
Easiest: Suicune
Hardest: Entei(second time)

23rd March 2007, 7:55 PM
Favorite: Venusaur
Easiest: Suicune
Hardest: Charizard/Steelix (the only ones I died on)

The only reason I hate Charizard is the fact that you HAVE to hit a flame before even attempting to capture him. Hit too many and you're toasted. It took me two tries to get Steelix, since I didn't use Plusle to begin with (you know, Ground + Electric + used to playing the OLD games).

And I loved the Venusaur fight. It was actually pretty easy too, considering all you had to do was poke him till the thorns around him had disappeared, then own him.

23rd March 2007, 8:04 PM
Favorite: It must be Celebi. I mean i enjoyed the easy three circles and the evil thorns of doom!
Hardest: Salamance. That little ***** got me stuck in the game until my classmate helped me.
Easiest: It has to be that Camerupt that Tiffany gets. I enjoy laughing at it while i torcher it with the wrath of Poliwags and to make it more fun i make slow circles just to taunt it.

24th March 2007, 8:31 AM
Favorite: DEOXYS!!! WOOO!!! Seriously, it was very good. It was tricky, and it's my favorite Pokemon!
Hardest: The second set of Camerupts. They're so hard!
Easiest: Salamence. I mean, I just completely whopped the thing.