View Full Version : Digimon-The Greatest fight *Major Spoilers*

Pokemon Trainer Robert
1st May 2006, 4:21 AM
I started this video yesterday, and got done early around 12pm today, And I want your opinion on how this video did so enjoy.

Title: The Greatest Fight
Series: Digimon movie 4-7 and X-Evolution
Song: One Winged Angel (Cloud Vs Sephiroth song from Advent Children)
Download link: The Greatest Fight

Let me know what you think of the video.

The Organizer
1st May 2006, 11:54 PM
Wow that was pretty good, nice job.

Pokemon Trainer Robert
2nd May 2006, 6:20 PM
Thanks it took me awhile to get every single animation to go with the Music as much as possible with this, while I was making it I didnt think I'll be able to finish the amv since the song is about 6minutes long by running out of clips.