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Regis Rock
1st May 2006, 9:52 PM
This is a thread to dicuss all about pokemon trozei! From how to get things to beating the game. Talk about anything about pokemon trozei. I honestly think it's a great game. I'll start off who has beaten adventure mode?

Edit: You can ask questions about trozei on this thread too

Silent Conversation
5th May 2006, 12:07 AM
Adventure mode? Beaten. Hard Adventure mode? Beaten.

Seriously, Trozei is a great game. There's just a Ludicolo that is from Espionage. I keep on trying to get it, but i never can...

5th May 2006, 1:32 AM
I agree it is a great game ,and I've beatem both adventure modes.

5th May 2006, 1:44 AM
is adventure mode just like all the other games??

final answer
5th May 2006, 7:43 AM
It's a great game, even though I don't have it. I just watched commercials of it.

5th May 2006, 7:45 PM
I don't have Trozei, but I played it in it's own site. It was so cool.

Neko Godot
5th May 2006, 8:55 PM
Trozei is awesome. I'm up to Baron Phobos in easy mode now.

water types rule
5th May 2006, 9:09 PM
I don't have a DS, but maybe I'll get a used one, when price goes down.
Anyway, I played the Trozei Demo, it's so fun and addicting, just like most other Pokemon games. I have a question though, when you start over in hard mode, do you lose all of your Pokedex data from easy mode?

6th May 2006, 12:47 AM
No, you keep your dex data, you just have to play the areas again.

Wind Waker
6th May 2006, 1:01 AM
I bought the game a couple of days ago and i really enjoy it. Sometimes it is hard to keep on trozeing pokémon after a while but when you get the hang of it and win a level it gets really addictive. i also like how the animation is different to other pokémon games. Overall a great game!

6th May 2006, 1:32 AM
I can't put it down! But I wish I could get one of the Legendaries, at least.

6th May 2006, 5:46 AM
i am nearly finifhed just trozieing the last pokemon in story

Magma Grunt Alex
6th May 2006, 10:46 AM
I love these puzzle games! That is all that I am going to say.

13th May 2006, 12:21 PM
got the game today. does anyone have the legendary pokemon and if so where u get them

13th May 2006, 12:25 PM
I don't have trozei but if I did, I'll love it

Wind Waker
13th May 2006, 12:40 PM
I'm up to Baron Phobos!!! It seems easy and feels easy, but then you die and you've like only made it to 150 trozies. I hope i can win by this weekend before Monday.

13th May 2006, 6:45 PM
How do you change the pokemon in pair and battle, the special ones I mean like shiftry and latios they won't go away and they never change when i face someone.

15th May 2006, 2:44 AM
Up to baron Phobos and have a 60.5% trozei list. That guy is hard but then again i had trouble with the water admin. Where do you get the legendarys

18th May 2006, 1:13 PM
how do you choose the game level such as easy or hard?

18th May 2006, 10:47 PM
It automatically switches to hard when you beat Baron Phobos

21st May 2006, 1:30 PM
Adventure: Beaten
Hard Adventure: Beaten
Forever: Record is Level 45
Endless: Record is Level 76
Trozei Chance (best): 79 O_o
Trozei List: 86.0%
Legendaries: Latias (agent card-actually, my agent card)
I don't really play much anymore.

Captain Murkrow
21st May 2006, 8:53 PM
how do you get legendaries other than in espionage? none of my friends have pokemon link. trozei if your american.

22nd May 2006, 12:30 AM
how do you get legendaries other than in espionage? none of my friends have pokemon link. trozei if your american.
they say mr.who, or trozei battle..maybe high in endless too. but after 73 is sheer lunacy. or high in forever, but i hate that (those levels are SO HUGE...). also, the other way of using espionage, doing it with someone with a legendary (e.g. Raikou), and then in adventure, if you don't have Raikou (or whatever), Prof. P will tell you where it is (he does it with other rare Pokemon). btw, my 79 trozei chance was in Very Fast Pair (man, that's wicked fun anyway)... and, would anyone else bother posting their records (high scores, stuff I put...) and comparing them?

Captain Murkrow
23rd May 2006, 9:37 PM
i'm on hard mode aquarella now. i was on bang boolum yesterday night.

i ACTUALLY managed to get lapras in huge storage 3 (hard mode) and got kingdra from mr. who's shack/house/hut/cottage.

24th May 2006, 4:08 AM
I'm stuck on hard mode Aquarella too!

Anyway, Guy, where did you catch Latias?

And also, everyone please tell us if you caught a legendary and WHERE you caught it!


EDIT: In fact I'm versing Aquarella as I type this edit!

Jedi Flygon
26th May 2006, 12:14 AM
I have pokemon Trozie. Its so much fun and addicting, its kind of different from other puzzle games. But seriously, its a great game. I'm up to the Water Mobile in hard mode.

28th May 2006, 8:41 AM
Have you caught any legendaries?

28th May 2006, 8:28 PM
I picked up Pokemon link on Launch day in the UK. I've beaten both Easy and hard mode adventure and now I'm trying to Link all the pokemon that appear in Forever/Endless mode.

Current Pokedex completion is 87%, and my Agent Card Pokemon is Kecleon. BTW anyone else reached Super agent Rank Status yet? You just need to win a load of VS Battles in Download play or Multipak play.

28th May 2006, 10:40 PM
Have you caught any legendaries?

29th May 2006, 1:13 AM
Nope no Legendaries I'm afraid but I'm only missing these pokemon:

Blastoise, Clefable, Primeape, Arcanine, Gengar, Rhydon, Kangaskhan,
Aerodactyl, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Typhlosion, Togetic, Quagsire, Steelix, Scizor, Houndoom, Miltank, Raikou, Entei, Suciune, Tyranitar, Celebi, Ho-oh, Lugia,Sceptile, Shiftry, Slaking, Hariyama, Grumpig, Flygon, Altaria, crawdaunt, Claydol, Armaldo, Milotic, Banette, Dusclops, Absol, Wynaut, Gorebyss, Salamence, Jirachi, x4 Dexoys Forms, and Regirock, Regiice, and Registeel

All the above pokemon I can catch in Forever or endless mode (apart from any Lengendary pokemon) the problem is in the stages they do appear they don't stick around for long-or don't bother to appear at all....

29th May 2006, 1:32 AM

29th May 2006, 2:14 AM
Cross Gorebyss off my list. :)

Rumour has it that Lengendary pokemon turn up in 1 of 3 ways:

1) Randomly in Forever mode/endless mode/Mr Whos Den

2) By Linking with someone that has a Lengendary Pokemon as their agent Pokemon

3) If you link with someone that has caught a lengendary pokemon then the Prof in Adventure mode will tell you where you can catch it.

Oh Have you got Super Agent Rank on your agent card yet?

29th May 2006, 2:21 AM
If you download pokemon trozei mini to a person, will they have a AC?

29th May 2006, 2:35 AM
Nope- no agent card for Pokemon Mini Downloaders.

They can however play Endless mode/forever mode-while having pictochat search on.

Do Pair mode with other Mini users/Gamepak users.

Do Battle mode with other Mini user/Gamepak users.

Also if you battle with someone that has Mini and you have the main game you can link Rare pokemon as well-but for each person it's different. For example lets say I download mini to my brothers DS. In Pair mode-we always get the chance to Link Nidoking, and in Battle mode we get a chance to sometimes link either Glalie or Aggron. Which is cool, but I have already linked all those 3 pokemon in my main game.

Also if you keep battling someone in the VS mode who has either the main game or mini and you win lots you get a promotion on your agent card-to Read SUPER AGENT-Super Agent rank gives you a cool pokeball symobl on your card.

29th May 2006, 2:39 AM
Cool! but I've downloaded Trozei Mini loads of times to my friend, and Prof. P never told me the location of any rare pokemon! The only one I got was Shuckle, but that was before I downloaded! please tell me the location of ANY legendary. ANYONE!

29th May 2006, 2:42 AM
If you link with someone that has caught a lengendary pokemon then the Prof in Adventure mode will tell you where you can catch it.

Your misreading what I put let me try and explain again. Let's say for the sake of things you have a friend who purchased a copy of the game and he found Suicune by random chance while playing Endless mode.

You decide to link with the friend and because he has Suciune in his pokdex caught then Prof P-Will tell you a random location in the game where you can also find Suicune.

So you BOTH need copies of the game, oh and I can't 100% confirm this either cause I don't have any lengendries yet. I'm only going off what I've read/been told.

Oh and one final thing-Even when you do catch a lengendary pokemon the location ALWAYS Says unknown on your pokdex.

29th May 2006, 2:45 AM
Oh, I was talking about how if you download pokemon trozei mini, prof. p will tell you locations of rare pokemon more often. Also I wish someone else would check this thread besides you and me, who has a legendary, and tells us how he got it.

29th May 2006, 2:50 AM
Yawn-Even if someone did check the thread that had a lengendary there reply would more than likely be the same reply I gave earlier........

29th May 2006, 3:03 AM
too true...

On serebii.net, it shows a pic of an agent card with lugia. I wish I knew where that was...

14th June 2006, 1:25 AM
Latias was the agent card for me...