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1st May 2006, 10:54 PM
I'm about to make this RPG called Pokemon Windriders. Unlike on PE2K, there are some rules I need to follow and I would like suggestions or anything that might help to keep me off being in trouble, please. I would also accept opinions, advice, or some ideas for the RPG.

Pokemon Windriders Synopsis
~ Pokemon in this world of ours were known as Battling animals. Creatures who use special abilities to conquer others in like of nature and instincts. In the future of Pokemon, nothing has changed unless you're speaking of the new Pokemon sport, Wind Riding.

Wind Riding Basis
~ To Wind Ride is easy. Pokemon can be taught how to Wind Ride using a special Board called the Wind Board or other special machines. The Mevhe Rider, the Wind Board, the Glider's Arrow, etc. Pokemon must learn to accept the waves, know when it is time to ride the waves, and especially to respect the waves.

Precautions to Wind Riding
~ Wind Riding was never too dangerous until there were natural disasters with weather conditions. Wind Riding requires the use of Neroxide, a substance found in the air that Wind Riding machines use for riding. The machines inhale the Neroxide and then exhale it through a hole or somepart. There were known to be geysers that gush out large amounts of Neroxide concentrated and the Wind Rider's machines may go unbelievably fast.

The Age Appropriate for the RPG is PG-13 and up. I am sorry if some things are inappropriate like words and such weapons used. I try not to use these, but this is what an RPG is made up of. Forgive me.

Thank you for reading this.

1st May 2006, 10:56 PM
id love to be in this RPG!!! it sounds like fun!!
how do we sign up??

1st May 2006, 11:04 PM
Umm, sure. I'll be putting this RPG in the RPG section soon.
Here's the character form by the way.
I dearly hope you enjoy this.

Pokemon( that you have ):
Pokemon's name:
Wind Rider Machine( I'll make a reply of this, sorry ):
Summary of Pokemon and Trainer -

Thank you! I hope everyone will have a great time!

1st May 2006, 11:40 PM
Problem and the Solution to that Problem
I'm sorry that my post RPG was closed for a short while in the main RPG section. Well for now, the Sign ups will be in the Sign Up section. I'm sorry I caused you all this trouble.

~ I am terribly sorry! I hope you may forgive me.

~ Porygon, please look in the Sign Up Section for the Sign Up for Pokemon Wind Riders.

2nd May 2006, 12:49 AM
I am closing the Pokemon Wind Riders RPG! I am not familiar to this kind of strictness at all! Every post I try to make fair, they all lock it! I don't care if anyone would want to join anymore. This thread/ RPG is dead!

2nd May 2006, 12:54 AM
sorry,i know what your going through! they are unfair most of the time!

Lady Myuu
2nd May 2006, 12:57 AM
... come on, read the rules. You are spamming this place up.

Nausicaš-Teto, you would have known what to do if you had read the rules in the first place. If you had done the proper thing this wouldn't have happened.

porygon2lover, stop spamming.