View Full Version : MTG COTD: Seedborn Muse

4th May 2006, 12:38 AM
Seedborn Muse - Legions, 9th Edition. Rare
3GG: Creature - Spirit
Untap all permanents you control during each other player's untap step.
"Her voice is wilderness, savage and pure."
-Kamahl, druid acolyte

Basically, this guy gives another type of Pseudo Vigilance, accept its better and your lands and artifacts get untapped aswell. it's a 5 for a 2/4 so it wont die as easily as other creatures and can be a pretty nice blocker aswell, blocking Troll Ascetic, Savanah Lions, etc. It's a handy card, but most of the time, you wont have room for this chick unless you base a deck around it.

The Duck's Rating: 3.25/5

Shadow Trainer
4th May 2006, 1:00 AM
The ability is nice and the 2/4 body for five is not bad either. 3/5

Shadow the Hedgehog
4th May 2006, 1:07 AM
Not a big fan of green and it helps your opponent too. 3/5

4th May 2006, 2:45 AM
wait, how does it help your opponent again?

Felix Feral Fezirix
4th May 2006, 11:35 AM
Nah, only you get to untap. Your opponent's don't get to untap during your untap step.

A nice card, but more a filler than a card to base a deck around. Even then, it's pretty useful, since you get EVERYTHING untapped(even lands). Real good.


5th May 2006, 12:51 PM
It is possible to base a deck around this, I call it the Goblins Who Attack Every Turn deck...

Felix Feral Fezirix
5th May 2006, 1:34 PM

More like "The Goblins that attack and block every single friggin' turn" deck.

Shadow the Hedgehog
13th May 2006, 11:08 PM
wait, how does it help your opponent again?
Sorry misread it...

Felix Feral Fezirix
14th May 2006, 7:44 AM
That's okay. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Like me.