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7th May 2006, 8:33 PM
Grove’s Lab
Pokémon Belrie Help

Hello again Trainer,

Now that you have read our e-mail and are currently writing, or have written, your Trainer Profile, it would be beneficial for you to review this information to get a better idea of what you can expect on your League Challenge. Here you will find information on notable persons who will aide you in your journey as well as brief descriptions of where you will be going. To the picture of the person please click their name.

Notable People in Belrie

Professor Grove: (http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c56/Jokopoko/Grove.jpg) Professor Grove is the chief Pokémon expert in our region and it is from him you shall receive your Starter Pokémon in Libra Town. In his youth the Professor was more of a Pokémon Breeder than a Trainer so his move to the study of Pokémon was really a natural progression. Like Professor Birch of the Hoenn Region Grove likes to do some field research so at times he can be found in the Pokémon Wildlife Preserve near Lacerta Town. Thanks to this love of field study Professor Grove has made sure that his Lab is equal parts study and Pokémon care so there is substantial area of land owned by Grove where he keeps the Pokémon he caught in his youth as well as the ones he is taking care of for Trainers.

Isaac: (http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c56/Jokopoko/Isaac.jpg) Isaac is the Research Assistant of Professor Grove. Before coming to Libra Town Isaac lived in Delphinus City and worked for PokéTech Inc. It was here that he developed the skills be needed in order to design the S.P.R.I.T.E. for use by Pokémon Trainers. In the Lab he and Professor Grove has an general way of doing things and most find it fascinating to watch as the work together as a seamless unit. Isaac still has contacts with PokéTech Inc. so he knows the goings on of the company. One point at which he and Professor Grove differ is Groves love of field study, Isaac is much more at home in the Lab working on the latest theories.

S.P.R.I.T.E.: (http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c56/Jokopoko/Sprite.gif) Synthetic Pokémon Research and Investigation Tool used for Exploration. This is the Belrie Regions answer to the Pokédex and many believe that it surpasses the old Pokédex in many ways. Originally designed by Isaac as a multi-functional tool for Trainers too use on their journey, it has evolved since then. At first it only had a basic voice recognition system like the Pokédex designed by Professor Oak S.P.R.I.T.E. has since been given an advanced A.I. unit by the developers at PokéTech Inc. Now he can function as a mentor, guide, Pokédex, communications tool and much more. Currently there is only one S.P.R.I.T.E. and is in the possession of the Grove Pokémon Lab, but Isaac has requested that S.P.R.I.T.E. be field tested with the new group of Pokémon Trainers.

Jeremy: (http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c56/Jokopoko/Jeremy.jpg) Jeremy is a big time Pokémon Philanthropist. It is because of him that all the towns and cities in Belrie have a Pokémon Centre, he is also responsible for the funding they receive so that the Centres are free of charge to any Trainer that may require them. He lives in Tucana City but he is constantly moving around the region making tours of the Pokémon Centres and setting up various Pokémon Contests, these can range from simple beauty costs to full blown mini-battle tournaments for which victorious Trainers are awarded ribbons.


While we are sure you know the region of Belrie quite well we are required to give you a brief description of the region and what you can expect, here (http://img117.imageshack.us/img117/8288/bleghnamesfinally0lk.png) is a map of the Belrie Region for you to review.

Libra Town: Located of the South Coast of Belrie Libra Town is the home of Professor Grove and where he conducts much of his Pokémon Research. It is here that Pokémon Trainers travel too in order to begin their Pokémon League Challenge by taking of the Starter Pokémon. Being on the coast also makes Libra Town a small port, this is how Professor Grove gets much of his supplies that are not available from Belrie.

Volans City: North of Libra Town is Volans City, surrounded by lush green fields and small clusters of trees. There is no Gym here but it is traditional for Pokémon Trainers to travel here in order to visit the Training Dome which is run by Kyle. The Dome has no badge but the ribbon you receive for beating Kyle still holds a degree of respect from other Trainers. Jeremy is known to visit here often to pick out up and coming Pokémon Trainers.

The Lunas Caves: In order to reach the first Gym of Belrie you must travel through the Lunas Caves. These caves have been on Belrie for as long as anyone can remember and some of the walls bare mysterious carvings. Lately Trainers have been losing their Pokémon to a mysterious band known as Team Crypt, no one seems to be able to stop them.

Delphinus City: Delphinus City is a fair way from the Lunas Caves but upon entering the city everybody agrees that it was worth the walk. Few cities can match Delphinus ability to be shocking yet simple, it is one of the highlights of Belrie. The Gym Leader here is Sami and if you defeat her it battle she will award you with a Torrent Badge, your first of eight badges. One of the major attractions of Delphinus is the Water Park that is just outside of town, here you can view the amazing feats of Water-type Pokémon from across the world.

PokéTech Inc. HQ: PokéTech Inc. are the main supplier of all Pokémon Trainer technology in Belrie, while not as large as, for example, Silph, they are more advanced in several fields of Pokémon Technology so they are an important part of a Trainers career in Belrie. Recently however the Trainer tours of the building have been cancelled, this has raised suspicion around the region as CEO Carter is renowned for his generosity towards Trainers.

Pyxis Town: In the high mountains of the North Trainers will find Pyxis Town. In these mountains many Trainers come to seek the wisdom of the Pokémon Monks who have been living and training with their Pokémon for years but have never used them to battle. The second Gym of the League is located here, lead by Avery and should you defeat him in battle you will be awarded the Glacial Badge. The Monks place of residence, Articuno Tower, is a popular location to visit in Pyxis.

Orion City: After a trek down the mountains and a few days travel Trainers will arrive at Orion City. Famous throughout the region for its vibrant nightlife and impressive shopping centres. Orion City caters to those who have a wish to live the high life and in Belrie it doesn’t get much higher than Orion City. The third Gym in the League is located here, the leader is Bexley and by defeating him in battle your are rewarded the Grey Badge. Rumours have been flying around lately that Team Crypt have an interest in Orion City. The Train Line that runs from Orion City takes Trainers to the southern area of Belrie where the remainder of the Gyms are located.

Noctua City: A few days travel from the Train Line is the much quieter and traditional Noctua City. The residents of Noctua eschew the likes of Orion City for a simpler existence. For the most part the buildings are made of simpler materials and the residents prefer to keep Pokémon as friends and helpers rather than battles. The fourth Gym of the League is located here, the Noctua Gym is lead by Bella and defeating her will entitle you to the Dusk Badge. Noctua is celebrated for its Pokémon customs which stretch back generations, Trainers can get blessings for their Pokémon or dip their Pokeballs in the water of Noctua Falls, said to make catching wild Pokémon more likely.

Mt. Corvus: Three days journey from Noctua City is the lone Mt. Corvus. It is atop this mountain that Trainers will find the fifth Gym of the League. It was a bold move for the League to allow the Leader to build his Gym away from any cities or towns but they allowed him too so long as there was a small community in place to cater to the visiting trainers, such as a PokéMart and accommodation for the Trainers. The Gym Leaders name is Victor and he will present you with a Peak Badge if you are victorious. It is rumoured that Team Crypt are searching for something hidden in the caves within the mountain.

Lacerta Town: The main attraction of Lacerta Town is the Pokémon Wildlife Preserve that is run and maintained by the Pokémon League, with donations from Jeremy coming in every so often. In the Preserve Trainers are allowed to venture in and attempt to capture breeds of Pokémon that are not very common in Belrie, such as the Steel-type. One of the stipulations is that Trainers may not take their Pokémon Squad in with them, they are only allowed use the specially designed Preserve Balls and the relevant PokéTech Inc. equipment. The Gym in Lacerta Town is lead by Robbie and by beating him in battle you are awarded the Sequoia Badge.

Tucana City: Tucana is well known for its abundance of Pokémon Salons and Breeding/Day-Care Centres. This leads many Trainers to think that many of the Trainers in and around Tucana aren’t really serious about Training so any Trainer that comes from Tucana will possibly face some stereotypical views. One thing that is foolish is to question the abilities of the Gym Leader in Tucana. Her name is Valerie and if you defeat her you will be awarded the Hurricane Badge for you efforts. Tucana is also Jeremy’s hometown so as one would expect he does lavish quite a bit of attention upon its inhabitants and those Trainers coming to visit.

Castor Sea: This stretch of water is what Trainers need to cross if they wish to reach Carina Isle which is home to the eight badge and the Elite Four. Trainers from all over the region congregate of the S.S. Aurora if they do not have a Pokémon that can surf, aboard the ship there are specialised areas where Trainers may battle each other on the way to Carina Isle. For those who do have a surfing Pokémon there are several check-points they must reach so they League Officials can ensure that they and their Pokémon are safe and in good health. Many Trainers try to ensure they do have a surfing Pokémon so they can try to make it by themselves, one more challenge on the way to Triumph Road.

Lyra Town: On the north coast of Carina Isle is the resort town of Lyra. A somewhat anti-climax to the Pokémon League Challenge. The atmosphere around the town is quite relaxed as many people travel there to unwind so Trainers that come there to challenge the final Gym feel a little out of place, however the Gym is by no means a relaxed affair. The Gym leader, Arthur, is one of the most devoted Trainers in Belrie and by defeating him you gain the Armour Badge and passage to Triumph Road.

Triumph Road: The final challenge for the League Challenger’, strong wild Pokémon at every turn and even stronger trainers await those who have gathered all of the eight badges from the Belrie League. At the end the strongest Trainer will have to challenge the Elite Four without brake and finally the League Champion.


We hope that this information is of use to you and if you have any questions you wish to ask the League please send your questions, thoughts or general wonderings to us via this channel.

7th May 2006, 8:44 PM
Yeah, I've got a question. In the appearence section of the sign-up, do we have to put a picture of ourselves or just describe them? Just wondering. ^_^"


7th May 2006, 8:57 PM
I reckon it would be easier if you use a picture as that makes it feel more "official" in terms of a trainer application but if you'd rather you can use a written description.

Note: Just read the first sign-up, please don't use a Sprite for your image and please go into as much detail about you character as possible. Read the sign-up sheet in full ^^;;.

7th May 2006, 9:09 PM
I reckon it would be easier if you use a picture as that makes it feel more "official" in terms of a trainer application but if you'd rather you can use a written description.
That's just great. My drawing sucks. I just put a full on desciption and I'll insert a picture later. Is that okay?


7th May 2006, 9:11 PM
I only have a sprite, so I just put in a description. I don't have a scanner or anything fancy like that so I can't draw something.

7th May 2006, 9:30 PM
this RPG sounds like its going to be fun,if we all get in. I have a question,if we need to change anything on our sign ups will you give us the oppertunity to change them?? like,a second chance?

Jon Jen
8th May 2006, 12:27 AM
A question, is it possible to challenge gyms out of order. For example, instead of going to gym one at Delphinus City, we begin at gym two in Pyxis Town? If this is possible, is it practical? By which I mean, is it at all possible for a person who has not yet defeated Sami to challenge Avery, and have any hope of victory?

8th May 2006, 2:08 AM
i picked charmander! what happens if someone else picks charmander after i do? do i still get it?