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12th May 2006, 7:17 PM
Photobucket account (http://s53.photobucket.com/albums/g55/Untamed_fear/?sc=1&multi=5&addtype=local&media=image)

Welcome to my sprite thread, 'Sprites And What-Not' all these sprites are made by ME, and only to be used if you PM me or post in this thread askign to use them, onto the sprites.


my first map Dewberry Town (http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/3231/town25yt.png)

12th May 2006, 9:19 PM
Update : my first map LINK (http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/3231/town25yt.png)

12th May 2006, 9:28 PM
Cool starter town with the bike outside the house will there be a route 1?

12th May 2006, 9:32 PM
Yeah, im in the making of that at the moment, it takes a while though.

13th May 2006, 1:28 AM
I love the Electabuzz, the colors are cool!!! But I do think I've seen that Grimer before.....hmmm......maybe I'm just being crazy, who knows :D

13th May 2006, 4:23 AM
I liked the map because of the detail

13th May 2006, 11:40 AM
Well, i have posted that sprite before, and had problems logging on to this account, so i had a couple of other accounts (i have told a mod) by the name of untamed_fearTM, crystal_aura. I have also had accouns on other forums aswell like the one in my siggy.

13th May 2006, 4:44 PM
I liked the Nidoqueen/Arbok mix, it looks very cool.

Shell Shock
13th May 2006, 8:36 PM
I can only see one of the images in the first post, the rock thing... the other ones have a photobucket error sign over them. The rock thing looks alright, it could use better shading though. Remember, light comes from one direction only (the northwest corner), so basically nothing in the southeast corner should be lit. Other than that, the ouline could use some black in the darkest areas. And the eyes need fixing. Love the mouth though, the Wailmer mouth fits in perfectly with the rock. Nice job ^_^

Now the map... OMG, did you use tilests! If you did, BRAVO! It looks professional, I love it when people follow the tilesetting rules! If you didn't it sure looks like you did. Can't find anything wrong with it, except for the there should be more trees around the outline of the town, and the E's on the door and the top of the path...

Nice job overall, hopefully I'll be able to see the rest of the sprites soon. ^^

13th May 2006, 11:11 PM
Ok, ive remade the links, along wit a venemoth revamp (new)

RisenJade DragonKnightGT
13th May 2006, 11:25 PM
as you stated some of these sprites aren't yours but give credit to castiboy for the dog and the small magician thing.well your mixes are cool and look great but way are they devamped?and what did you do to that gyrados?i don't see any changes please point out please

13th May 2006, 11:30 PM
Oh, sorry about the sub-album, they were some pokemon for my rpg board, i have deleted them now.