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Devlin Shadow
13th May 2006, 5:02 PM
Not many sprites to post here, for now.
http://i3.*******.com/zkrawz.jpg My first ever, a Crystail
http://i2.*******.com/zkrbex.jpg An Ampharos recolor I did for my Trainer Card.
http://i3.*******.com/zkrcr5.jpg My second ever scratch, Zamps, a dark/electric type. It sucks.
http://i1.*******.com/zkrhjn.jpg Team Devil. The one in the middle is Devlin, the leader (my sn, in case you didn't notice). The other two are grunts. They're recolored Magma sprites, with a little remodeling on their head gear (removed ears from m grunt's hood, turned f grunt's hood into headband).

13th May 2006, 8:09 PM
The outlining of the Trainer's make them look horrible...Did you recolor that as well? It looks like it was just erased >_>

EDIT: Also, this is a seperate team, yet they have Team Magma Emblems on their shirts.

Comis Patronus
13th May 2006, 8:13 PM
I don't mean to be mean literally but those need way more work. Crystail needs to be more interesting-perhaps more features and colors. Ampharos needs to have different colors-perhaps complementary. Zamps just sucks.....The team thing needs more originality as it still has the Magma sign and features standing out....