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Captain Murkrow
14th May 2006, 6:37 PM
I know it has been tremendously delayed, but i was working on it. this is my first 100% scratch.


edit: his name is eastrix, as in "easter" and "trix" (that american cereal with the bunny on the front)


Bunny Pokemon
EASTRIX are a POKEMON solely found at easter. they hide eggs for
children to locate. the egg varies on how old the EASTRIX is. Before
the age of 500 (these POKEMON live a whole millenia), the eggs taste
of milk chocolate; after this they evolve and the egg gains a caramel filling.
These pokemon are often timid, but love the taste of chocolate, though they
never eat their own egg. When caught they often grow affection for their trainer.

Eastrix---Lvl 50---Haregg

Wild hold item: lucky egg 100%http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e54/serebiirules/0aluckyegg.jpg

edit 2: i got the hang of this scratch spriting, so i did its evo:
Haregg; as in "hare" and "egg"


Hare pokemon
This extremely rare POKEMON are only seen wild every 50th easter.
The legendary easter bunny, HAREGG have the ability to horde multiple
eggs in a compressed space; because of this, this POKEMON has been deemed
"magical". It freely gives out delicious caramel eggs to children and adults alike.
If you capture a wild haregg instead of evolving an EASTRIX, you are supposed to
be rewarded with luck, so long as you let your HAREGG carry out its egg-giving duties.

Eastrix---Lvl 50---Haregg

Wild hold item: lucky egg 100%http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e54/serebiirules/0aluckyegg.jpg


14th May 2006, 6:52 PM
pretty cool for a 100% scratch

Captain Murkrow
14th May 2006, 6:57 PM
thanks. like the evolution? I don't think it's as good as the original myself.

RisenJade DragonKnightGT
14th May 2006, 6:58 PM
well for a first this is certainly impressive.i see your not new spriting after looking through your profile.i went straight to scratches.the shape of the bunny rabbit boxing glove thing is a odd.curve the ears with the curving tool or something.if you did it looks like you used the line tool.i rather do it pixel by pixel but different people sprite in different ways.the eyes look misplaced,too close to each other and are way too symmetrical or look way to alike.take the pink shades out of the white shade it makes the sprite's shading look way too different in tone.the glove is too circular does the rabbit have fingers or something if you look at a real boxing glove you'll know what i mean with the glove being too circular.nothing more can i critique the sprite except that its very good for a first scratch.the HAREGG looks way too similar to eastrix and it looks like it got starved did'nt you read my criteria?

here are tuts to help you along the way to understand my crit a bit more and to help you along the way of scratching fakemon better.


Also here are tuts from serebii that helped me work on my outline and shape.

Scroll down until you see Zelionax's tut on scratches. and Renegade's on pixel art.On Renagade's you'll see about shape and everthing.PLEASE READ

Off Topic: don't you think it is too late for easter eh?

Chaotic Houndoom
14th May 2006, 6:59 PM
Those are awesome, and cute! Like the first one. x3

Captain Murkrow
14th May 2006, 7:04 PM
thanks for the comments and constructive criticism. i will not change them though, because i am proud of my first 100% scratches. by the way ArchFireDragon, i may not be new, but those are my first 100% scratch sprites, plus they're just regular gloves; haregg's are just spiked. once i get 10, i might start a dex.

edit: this is off topic, and not scratch, but:

http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e54/serebiirules/0acipheradminein2.jpgEin, with a new suit. i gave it dark blue trim instead of that silly squiggly line on the left side of his labcoat.

edit 2: i found a load of old sprites i haven't used! i'll post them in a new thread though. coming soon: lugia revamp, team magma neo, overworlds, shadow pokemon, re-elements, non 100% scratch fakemon (it still looks cool) and much much more!

absol attacker
14th May 2006, 7:30 PM
you should stop saving as .jpg, it ruins the sprites.

15th May 2006, 7:51 AM
I liked the easter bunny sprite, it looks pretty cool. But you must save as png, not jpg.

Captain Murkrow
15th May 2006, 6:51 PM
since i'm pretty new to posting sprites, how do you change from jpg. to png.?

15th May 2006, 7:08 PM
just type in paint save as and then png

Captain Murkrow
15th May 2006, 7:26 PM
ok. (10 letter rule)

RisenJade DragonKnightGT
16th May 2006, 12:26 AM
just type in paint save as and then png

that may be true but the quality is still screwed.