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16th May 2006, 1:23 AM
Ok both mysterious dungeon and ranger sound good. The problem is that i dont know which to buy when they both come out. mysterious dungeon really sounds cool but i can get manaphy in d&p with ranger. just vote on the poll because it will really help me out.

-also is there any known difference btwn the two mysterious dungeon games?

16th May 2006, 1:55 AM
Get both then if you can't decide.
Otherwise get mysterious dungeon, it sounds cooler.
The difference between them is, blue is a ds game, and red is a gba game. Each with ds grafics and gba grafics.

16th May 2006, 1:59 AM
i was thinking of getting dungeon blue if i get dungeon just trying to make sure there isnt a diff. does anyone else have an opinion

16th May 2006, 2:38 AM
they both sound good but i am looking towards ranger more.

zonic the hedgehog
16th May 2006, 2:48 AM
Well, I own Ranger, and I personally think it's a great game, but too short.

Although if you don't care about that, you should probably get it. ^__^

I've also played through the rom of MD Red a little bit, and it was actually very interesting and fun, and it's also a lot longer than Ranger, but it doesn't exactly yield the same "actiony" gameplay Ranger does (nor does it have Manaphy).

I think you should really get both, but if you like really nice RPGs, get Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue (there isn't really much of a difference, gameplay-wise), and then get Ranger at the time when Diamond/Pearl comes out.

16th May 2006, 3:31 AM
ok im gonna get dungeon, then d&p and then ranger a little later