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18th May 2006, 12:18 AM
anyone think the anime has gotten more mature over the years with romantic stuff?
i mean, there were a few hints occasionally in the early seasons as well (the Orange Islands particularly were full of them- Melody, Rudy etc.)
I know people say the show has goten too 'kiddy' but think about it- from Hoenn onwards, there's been more and more- there was definitely stuff left unsaid between Ash and Misty when they split up at the end of Johto, there's been Jessie and James (mostly humorous), May and Drew (who kinda remind me of Li & Sakura in Cardcaptors- the whole rivalry thing), some May and Ash, and various romances between filler characters. Even Max got the attention of Vivi Winstrate, and Brock (at long last) is starting to have his feelings reciprocated (Lucy)

ne-one (dis)agree?

18th May 2006, 1:34 AM
Yeah i think you have a point May and Drew, Jessie and James, and Misty and Ash is all sort of obvious and implied, but the others have sort of appeared as well, what with fillers and sometimes Ash and May are sweet to each other, and then Misty and Tracey has been slightly bought up as well even in passing as well as Oak and delia, there were jokes about those two in cronicles.
People do seem to think the oposite but if you look at the facts there is still plenty of shippy goodness around

intergalactic platypus
18th May 2006, 3:41 AM
I believe the opposite. Romance ran wild back in the days when Jesse and James still had hints and we were beaten over the head with the blunt object that was AAML. These days Ash seems to be lacking a love interest and J&J has been run into the ground to the kind of extreme that isn't often seen. The only characters who seem to have love interests is May and Drew, but even thats arguable

18th May 2006, 6:53 AM
I think the original series was shippier than AG, overall. Jessie/James actually had some hints in the first season, and nothing has ever topped the shipping anvil that was Ash/Misty in the Orange Islands. In AG, though, the twerps are all just friends with each other, and the feelings between J&J seem to have 180-ed into a kind of permanent stubborn platonic-ness. The only obvious romance, besides the ones involving various CotDs, is the May/Drew thing, which is only ever featured infrequently because Drew's not a main character.

That said, the Battle Frontier has gone nutso with the Contestshipping lately, which goes some ways to balancing things out. And come to think of it, Johto wasn't very shippy when compared to Kanto and the OI - and Hoenn had some reasonably obvious Contestshippy scenes, especially in the Fallarbor contest and Grand Festival. So maybe the disparity isn't so huge. Here's how I'd rank the show, going by region:

1. Orange Islands
2. Battle Frontier
3. Kanto
4. Hoenn
5. Johto

(^ Hoenn probably had as many shippy moments as Kanto, but Kanto was shorter, so it wins on the, uh, density front.)

20th May 2006, 4:32 AM
I know. Even the relationships with Brock count towards that, even though he gets into something with every girl. Well that's just the way that most anime and manga works, right? But it would be nice to see some of the people take the others on dates, or at least take it to the next level, instead of the regular flirting and all that. But it's fine the way that it is already, but a good idea to make it even better.