View Full Version : My First Sprites

FDT Emperor
20th May 2006, 12:40 AM
What do you think of it? Today I finally found stuff about how to make sprites, so I tried it out:

20th May 2006, 12:46 AM
I'm sorry but those are horrible.
The tyranitar and celebi should never be mixed because they are way to different.
Umbreom/murkrow does not have enough murkrow parts to it.
Shuckle/skarmory is just ugly. It needs more of skarmory, like wings.
The rest need just as much work. Especially the last one o_O.
I really hope you improve and practice. Plus, make sure you read the tutorial on spriteing.

20th May 2006, 12:51 AM
You're a beginner, but I'll be honest. The sprites aren't so great (you won't get any better with out constructive criticism). You seem to use a white hightlight a lot. Instead, use a lighter tint of the base color. When you're recoloring, make sure you use the same color scale (can't think of the right word).

Trooper Guy
20th May 2006, 1:22 AM
For a beginner, those sprites are sub-par to be fair.
I suggest reading Either the sprite tutorial, or try applying more shading to the same tone areas and same colour scale. (you know, one area's dark green, so change to dark red, etc).
Hope i helped.

20th May 2006, 1:47 AM
They are very bad! I also agree with POKErUsAm with the Umbreon/Murkrow mix!