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22nd May 2006, 4:11 PM
This thread may only be used by Myself, InnerFlame, Nylf, MerkelHog, Shadows Follower, Evan-Master Trainer (Maybe) and The Burnt Shadow (Maybe).

Okay so the whole point of this thread is to come up with a successful RPG that we all agree on. Granted it will be difficult as we all have different ideas. I like to think of it as somewhat of a project. I’m sure that when/ if we come up with an RPG it will be something for us all to enjoy as well as a successful one.

My theory is that if we all make one to our likings, then the RPG will be more successful as it will have elements that we each like. But to do this it will require team work and it won’t be a walk in the park.

So our main task at the moment is to come up with ideas for a plot. First off would be the comeuppance of a general theme for the RPG. So for beginners, I would like to hear some of your ideas for a plot. Just something that you would enjoy yourself without any consideration of what others would enjoy.

Feel free to posts comments on others Ideas.

So this can include a small summery, whether it is to be based on a game or made up from scratch, and further more what time it will be set in and what the element of the RPG is.

As for me, I would not mind an RPG set on Kingdom Hearts. True there are many of them now, but I have yet to participate in one that has kicked off. With the release of Kingdom Hearts II, it would be hard to come up with a further plot, but there is always a way of course.

Another would be one based loosely on Wolf’s Rain. It would not be based on the plot, characters or story, but based on just mere elements of the anime. Such as taking on the appearance of an animal instead of a human and embarking on a quest in search of something.

Final Fantasy based RPG’s have always been a liking of mine. So something based off of the game (but not following any of the plot) would be ideal for me also. I find there’s nothing better than the classic ‘defeat the evil villain’ type plot. Or it could be a type of free RPG, like Tactics Advance where you are put in control of your own clan and embark on a journey to defeat other clans or complete random quests.

Another idea for an RPG I have had lately is little strange to tell the truth. But I seemed to have gotten it from a mixture of Final Fantasy X-2’s dress sphere system and Cardcaptor Sakura. Where monsters (for some reason) have been set free and it’s up to our group to defeat and collect all of them once again. But perhaps different enemies call for different abilities and we get the abilities from spheres (or some other object) that allows us to change our appearance (to say one of a samurais or a black mage) in order to use them. Or perhaps change our appearance so as we can use different elements, or even transform into other creatures.

Well, that’s all I have for the time being.

All you need to express in some of the next few posts are some of your own ideas, or comments on ones stated before.

I’m not sure if this RPG will be a success as it will be difficult to come up with an RPG to all of our likings. But if we can get a small plot, then we can enhance it to all of our likings.

Shadows Follower
22nd May 2006, 4:27 PM
I would like to start this off.

1) I don't want it to be something based on another thing (Pokemon, Sonic etc) as I've tried them before and I'd like to try something different. Then again my only excetion would be a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts RPG but they can be quite original by themselves.

2) We could try and RPG where theres a war, two sides to it and a third evil enters and the two have to put their differences aside to stop it (boy thats a classic idea).

3) We could try a little horror (zombies, skeletons, necromancers etc). Not much like that around.

4) The basic idea of an element based RPG (Fire, water, thunder etc).

Another idea for an RPG I have had lately is little strange to tell the truth. But I seemed to have gotten it from a mixture of Final Fantasy X-2’s dress sphere system and Cardcaptor Sakura. Where monsters (for some reason) have been set free and it’s up to our group to defeat and collect all of them once again. But perhaps different enemies call for different abilities and we get the abilities from spheres (or some other object) that allows us to change our appearance (to say one of a samurais or a black mage) in order to use them. Or perhaps change our appearance so as we can use different elements, or even transform into other creatures.

I like that idea and I'm a big fan of both. I've only seen the T.V. show for Cardcaptors but still a fan.

Thats all I got for now. Early days yet and I'd like to see your ideas too.

22nd May 2006, 6:06 PM
I say we do something along the lines that show the extents of the human psyche when put in unimaginable circumstances. Maybe like people surviving a nuclear holocaust and how they deal with their new enviroment. it would be kind of like the book Alas, Babylon, if anyone has read it. Or maybe like Shadows Follower said, do something along the lines of a horror rpg where like people are trapped somewhere and are being hunted down by some unknown force (original horror plot huh?). Like I said before, I am up for anything that has to go with pushing the human psyche to its limits.

22nd May 2006, 7:57 PM
I say my old FFVII: Rebirth Of Armageddon has most of your suggestions in it, but that's my ego showing, heh.

I'd rather not do a horror RPG, but that's because I never really got into horror.

Hmm, that Cardcaptor/FFX-2 idea I like as well. Let's see, I most like the idea of becoming the creatures. Then we can tie in the post-apocalypse idea, let's see, something like(some quotes borrowed from Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call) :-

A gift from God, or a curse of a demon king. Call it what you want, but that day, the world as we knew it ended. The creatures of our world were gone, replaced by beings from beyond even the most twisted child's imagination. Who can we pray too? Demons and fiends are all that roam here.

In essence, I guess the apocalypse was a mixed blessing. The animals weren't the only beings to be changed. So were we. How people were affected, it varies from individuals. But the world is divided. Those who want Chaos, those who want Order, and those who simply want the old world back.

New legends, rumours to be more accurate, speak of something that can fulfill even the wildest dreams. The **** could maintain this world, descend it into chaos, bring to it order, or, if my prayers come true, the old world returns.

But humans aren't the only beings who seek this power. So do the creatures. And, despite our evolution, somehow, they constantly overpower those seeking Chaos and those seeking Order.

Our last hope lies in rumours of six beings. Were they creature or human? No-one knows. All that is known is they are now both. And whatever they seek, we may well receive...

From The Log Of A Man Who Saw The World End.

Something like that. Admittedly, I borrowed quite a bit from Shin Megami Tensei, but it does generally fit a lot of the suggestions. The **** is a blank we could fill in as appropriate. I tried to put in two sides, Order and Chaos, as well as a third side, which we represent, those seeking the old world. This could be open ended or set, depending on how we decide to work it.

The idea with this..um idea is we are those six. While humans and creatures merely changed, we became both. We can take on the form of those we defeat. Let's say we take on an eight headed dragon, created from a serpent. Whoever deals the final blow would then be able become the creature. Admittedly though a creature of that size and power would require teamwork. We could start with a human form, and a starting creature form of absolutely anything. It could be a normal animal, or a creature from mythology.

That's one idea at least.

But the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy ideas I'm also all for.

Shadows Follower
22nd May 2006, 8:13 PM
Interesting idea Nylf, I still like the orginal basic idea at the moment but still something to consider.

Expanding on the whole Cardcaptors/FF-X2 idea. I don't know about completely transforming into them but taking up some of their appearence and powers.

Basic Example: Perhaps using a combination of a dressphere and lets say, The Shadow Card, you merge with The Shadow. You then become dressed in its Grim Reaper like clothes but still yourself underneath and you are now able to manipulate the shadows just like The Shadow could.

Of course I don't know if we would use the same creatures but I'm sure you get my drift. I suppose if we use a different type of spirits to collect we would have to create a whole selection of spirits but I'm still up for the idea.

22nd May 2006, 9:42 PM
Hmm...interesting ideas. Like Nylf, however, I'm not really into horror RPG's. The genre itself never appealed to me. Also, while I do usually enjoy RPG's based off of an existing series, I feel that we have an ample amount of them around as of now. However, a Kingdom Hearts RPG might be, in my opinion, successful, despite the fact that Kingdom Hearts RPG's are basically a dime a dozen these days. A Final Fantasy RPG would be fun as well, so long as we follow our own unique storyline. Actually, the thought of a 'NiGHTS Into Dreams' RPG (not sure how many here are familiar with the game) crossed my mind once or twice, but I couldn't expand on the idea so I gave up on it.

That aside, a Cardcaptor Sakura-type RPG would be interesting. True, the series was around when I was a child (...well...an even younger child), but I remember what it was about very clearly. I do like the idea of monsters somehow getting released into the world.

A Post-Apocolyptic RPG might be fun, as well. Though it might be difficult to pull off due to the serious lack of...well...life as we know it (save our characters and a few random demonic hellspawns).

Shadows Follower
23rd May 2006, 2:11 PM
Last night I found that box fo Clow Cards I bought of Ebay. It brought back memories but anyway I've gotten another idea (sadly at the worse possible time - during one of my exams!) we could expand on.

I'm sure you guys have read or heard of the old greek myth where the Olympic Gods locked the Titans into Tatarus (A place in the underworld) and created impenetrable gates which couldn't be opened by immortal hands. There were several across the world in which you could open Tatarus and of course opening them could possibly mean ending the world.

Anyway, I thought thats a good starting point for maybe a Final Fantasy RPG, but probably Titans or beings of Nature (Fire, Water, Earth and Wind).

Also this also gave me the idea for a possible Kingdom Hearts RPG. In KH1 Sora locked up the door to KH right? (I don't know if it got unlocked in KH2 cause I never played it *whimpers*) So maybe there might be other doors to Kingdom Hearts that might need locking? Something to think of. My only prob is fitting in the FF-X2/Cardcaptors idea as that would make this even better.

The Burnt Shadow
23rd May 2006, 7:31 PM
Hmm... that part for the Final Fantasy is pretty tempting. Well here's an idea I thought of for the the RPG. It's basically one of those ways of a character to transform into something. I'm not very willing on a Kingdom Hearts' RPG though. I mean I liked the game, but there would be lots of travelling to several worlds and not everybody would probably have a ship to ride on. I never actually did Kingdom Hearts RPGs well.

I was thinking of doing the idea of one normal world that has unlocked several heartlesses. But the power of the heartless has spread so much that they've managed to block any way into getting into that world. Sadly several parts of the world have been affected by Heartless and most of the inhabitants have been transformed into Heartless. But only a few are managing to reisist the power of the heartless. But they also need to find a way to free their world without the help of a keyblade.

Basically you would go around the world either trying to destroy the heartless. So you have been infected by the heartless. You are able to resist it but you don't know how long. From time to time, you would be able to fight heartless by transforming into a heartless with a design different from the rest. Sinc you were able to resist you would probably have different abilities and your mind would still be there. But by turning into a heartless, they have a possibility into devouring your whole mind, but it's a risk since this would be your only defense against the heartless. the only way to free the world from the heartless is by entering the main heart of where the heartless were created and the people who released it.

That's just an idea I had in mind, I wanted to keep the heartless, but the travelling through different worlds like going the Agrabah to Wonderland isn't one of my favorite things to do. I'd prefer to stay in one world with several civilizations...

23rd May 2006, 9:30 PM
Well key themes we all want:-

Transforming FFX-2 style
POSSIBLY Post-Armageddon setting

So magic, Disney and transforming to put it in a nutshell. Well, I've got an idea that works all but the latter.

Okay, first, forget Kingdom Hearts plot. No Sora, no Kairi and no Riku. No Gummi flying, no Keyhole sealing. Let's make a clean slate. That way, we don't have to worry about canon-ness and continuity. As far as we're concerned, all the Keyholes are open.

Okay, it's the Kingdom Hearts setting, multiple worlds, Disney and Final Fantasy in the usual mix, and, most importantly, Keyblades. Notice the multiple.

Okay then, this is what I'm thinking. There are six Keyblades, each for an element, Light, Darkness, Wind, Fire, Earth and Water(For purposes sake, their standard forms would be Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Gullwing, Hidden Dragon, Circle Of Life and Crabclaw). Now then, each of these Keyblade elements grants us the ability to transform. The basic form could be into the Cardcaptors card that matches the element of our choice(Firey, Windy, Water, Earth, Darkness and Light cards). Then we could develop these forms as we go. And if we transform, our abilities change accordingly. How though is up to the mind.

The plot and other details like worlds...well we'll come to that when we do.

24th May 2006, 9:58 AM
Well, Nylf's idea pretty much covers all of our likings as far as I can see. So who agrees to such a plot? Keep in mind that you don't have too. The whole point of this RPG is for everyones liking and we will work until we reach that goal. But if everyone does agree to this sort of plot, then we can begin working on enhancing it and putting all of our preferences into it.

I for one am all for the idea. But I don't like the fact of being stuck with just one transformation.

Also, taking on the form of the cardcaptor clow card doesn't appeal to me, as I wasn't a fan of their looks, just the plot of the anime. So if we could possibly choose out own appearance, that would be great.

The Burnt Shadow
24th May 2006, 1:19 PM
Well Nylf's idea is pretty good, so I agree with the plot. I was growing a bit tired of the cliche plotline with Sora in it. About the keyblades, I was thinking maybe we could just make up our own. The only thing I don't understand about the transformation is how we're going to develop them. Is it something like at first we can only use it for a moment but as we go on we learn to control the transformation?

Shadows Follower
24th May 2006, 1:22 PM
Hmmm. The basic idea is good with keyblades and elements and I have no prob with a KH setting but the transforming still I'm not sure about. I would like to try and link the transforming as Shadowfaith mentioned in her first post to collecting something. I guess what to collect is the problem. Maybe certain heartless I guess? Or we could come up with a range of creatures to collect and use their uniques abilities for ourselves? And how would we collect their essence and keep them (in a card, sphere?)

Still early days but something I would like to have linked in.

24th May 2006, 1:37 PM
I would also like to include the idea of collecting things to transform. I was particullarly fond of that thought to be honest with you as I was the change in apperances. But you cant have them all. But I would like to enhance the idea of transformation a little bit. But lets just concnetrate on a plot first, eh?

24th May 2006, 1:51 PM
Nylf's idea does seem pretty interesting, in my opinion. It does a very good job of combining all themes we came up with. However, I agree with Shadows Follower; transforming should require that we collect something, whether it actually IS a card of some form, or a certain breed of Heartless. Though, like Shadowfaith, the idea of using the actual Cardcaptors Clow Cards doesn't appeal to me. I don't so much mind having just one transformation, but I do agree that we should be able to make up our own. Also, keep in mind that the Anime was around when I was six or seven, so I...really don't remember what the Clow Cards look like. ^^;

Anyway, aside from that, I have no objections to Nylf's idea.

Shadows Follower
24th May 2006, 1:53 PM
But you cant have them all.

Well, in truth I could but then I would become a very unpopular guy. Just jokin.

Anyway back to being serious, I guess the main question we should be asking ourselves is: What are they doing?

If where not going for the usual locking the keyholes bit, they need to have a purpose. It would probably have to tie in with the keyblades of course and their ability to lock/unlock anything. I must admit I'm stumped here. I'll need to get some inspiration from something but until then I can only think about the idea I put up back a few posts but I'm sure you guys have some better ones.....right?

24th May 2006, 11:29 PM
Well the plot, hmm...well I'm drained imagination wise for that. We'll see soon if no-one comes up with anything. But yeah, a bigger common purpose than JUST sealing Keyholes would be a good idea. Sora is never there to just do that, he's always looking for either Riku or Kairi or both, and in II I believe Kingdom Hearts as well. The Keyholes are just extras along the way.

But the Transformation, then just we START with a basic form matching our element, for example(just example) :-
Water: Sea Serpent/Fish
Wind: Bird/Griffon
Earth: Gigas/Lion
Fire: Dragon/Demon
Darkness: Demon/um..Wolf?
Light: Angel/Squirrel(*cough*Carbuncle*cough*)

Then, as we go, we find certain 'bosses' have 'harnessed' powers, and defeating bosses grants us the powers they 'harnessed' in the form of a new transformation. Let's say we beat that Trickster Heartless from Wonderland. he typically uses Fire moves, so the Fire Keyblader would gain a new form. Or, let's say we 'train' Cerberus. The Darkness Keyblader would probably be able to turn into a creature like Cerberus or another form after defeating him. Water? Ursula, that Shark would be boss ideas. Heck, why not Leviathan? Light, lessee, Bahamut, that dragon from KH2's Land Of Dragons, Nobody bosses like what I believe is called Twilight Thorn(it's the huge one with a scarf which Roxas fights in the same world Sora first fought Darkside), Earth, Rock Titan, Scar, Reverse Armour might work. Why not throw in Fenrir? Wind, Yuffie, Kurt Zisa, umm...Phantom? Heck, we could make up more bosses. And I'm not saying we BECOME bosses, I'm saying we beat them, releasing power they have stolen/harnessed whatever, and it allows us to become new things, entirely up to us. Though I kinda do want to turn into some of the non-Heartless bosses, like Cerberus or Jafar-Genie.

How's that sound? We crush bosses, gain new powers/transformations depending on their element? Ooh, brain wave, how about instead of Summoning FF Summons, we beat them and turn into them? Alongside our array of other forms as well.

25th May 2006, 1:42 AM
For the plot how about this; each person comes from a different world that has been overrun by monsters of a certain element, enslaving all the inhaitants of that world. You are the only one who had managed to escape to Transverse Town, where we all meet. To mix in Final Fantasy, we could have it where six of the summons, called the Great Guardians (original name, huh?), were actually the ones to bring us to Transverse town. The did this because of the imbalance in nature caused by the rise of the Evil Ones (another original name :)). They each chose their own representative and mark them with a symbol that represents their element. The first thing they intrsuct us to do is find the six legendary Natureblades (elemental keyblades). For protection they give us Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Gullwing, Hidden Dragon, Circle Of Life and Crabclaw, each going to the right elemental hero. Then we have to travel to each of the six worlds to destroy the respective Evil one.

The Great Guardians would be as follows:

Water: Leviathan
Wind: Quezacotl
Earth: Madeen
Fire: Bahamut or one of his versions
Darkness: Diablos
Light: Carbuncle

The Evil Ones could be dark copies of the Great Guardians or something along those lines.

As for the transformations, I like the idea of using cards and card capturing, so how about this. Instead of using Clow Cards, we use Yugioh cards. The monsters can become real and if we want to transform into that monster, instead of destroying it, we capture it and revert it back to card form using the colleating Keyblade. And to start off, we each can have one level 4 monster that we can transform into. And when we defeat one of the evil Ones, the elemental that corresponds to that Evil One gets that transformation.

25th May 2006, 1:58 AM
I didn't even notice this had started... but so far these all sound like awesome ideas though... I really can't think of anything to add... I need to do some brainstroming maybe reading more of your comment will trigger something... sorry for my lack of help...

25th May 2006, 3:07 AM
I do like the idea of the Great Guardians, MerkelHog (though we'd have to think up a new name for them...no offense). And having our characters all be from different worlds is pretty interesting as well. But...Yugioh Cards? I'm not so sure about that.

Alright, now the ball's in Scar's court. I did some brainstorming, and now it's my turn to add something to the plot. Okay, how about this: the Evil Ones are supposed to be like the alter-egos of the Great Ones, correct? Well, what if our Natureblades (or the Elemental Key Blades) also have evil alter-egos? And, just like our Key Blades chose US to wield them, the Corrupt Blades chose someone to wield them.

Now, as for Transformation, I suggest starting us off with one basic Transformation; a creature similar to the Great Guardian whose element matches our Key Blade, actually created using a portion of that particular Guardian's power. This creature would be neither man nor beast, though closer to humans than beasts (as in humans with various qualities and features matching those of our Great Guardian). Likewise, those holding the Dark Key Blades would be able to do the same with the Evil One who represents their element. This brings me to the subject of the OTHER monsters we'd face with Final Fantasy origins. When we defeat a "boss" from a Final Fantasy World, we would gain the ability to transform into a creature similar to them...

...which then brings me to the rest of the "bosses" we face. You see, I was thinking that, upon recieving our Key Blades, we would also have recieved a special deck of blank cards. Then, when we defeat a "boss" not from Final Fantasy (such as...oh, say, Ursula), their physical being would be destroyed and a portion of their energy would be locked inside one of the cards, making full use of the locking capabilities of our Key Blades. Once this happens, we'd be able to summon said boss to the field...well, the boss's physical form, that is. You see, it would really be an empty shell of the boss, considering the boss itself would be, more than likely...well, evil. The boss would then attack near-by enemies until they grow tired, at which point they were return to their card. This would incorporate elements from Cardcaptors, Summoning, as well as the Key Blades' ability to lock anything.

The Burnt Shadow
25th May 2006, 6:10 AM
That is interesting, but for summoning the bosses, I think they shouldn't be that tough when we summon them because we'll be able to do someting like one hit KO all baddies destroyed. Also if we're going to use Disney bosses, they should be new ones that weren't actually used in the KH games. Okay here's a part I've been thinking of we could use for the transformation. When we start to develop transformation, we can only develop it through skill and the greatness of our heart, but if we begin to develop great rage, sorrow, jealousy, etc we begin to transform into an elemental form of the heartless and the only way for us to return back to normal is to overcome our emotions. Another thing is if you transform into a heartless, your keyblade will be destroyed. Also if we learn to overcome our pain by helping someone or something through the kindness of your heart you'll be released from the heartless form and your keyblade will be rebuilt and upgraded. But if you just help because you want to be free the longer you'll remain as a heartless...

25th May 2006, 11:13 PM
Damn, I wanted to combine Bahamut & Oathkeeper. This is just more on an idea point, I think Bahamut would suit Light more than Fire. I mean, Bahamut's always been Non-Elemental, and really, besides FFX, Bahamut's attack is more concentrated Nuclear explosion with flash effects than fire. in fact, even in FFX it was more that. Ifrit suits Fire to a tee though. Just a thought.

I like Merkel Hog's ideas with the Summon, though dragging Yu-Gi-Oh in? May get a little confusing, especially for those who don't play much, so have little knowledge of cards. Maybe we just create our own creatures based on our elements that go up in strength? Let's say light, par example:-

LV1 Creature: Magical Squirrel: Use: Protects all allies from Magic attacks.
LV2 Creature: Two Tailed Fox: Use: Weak projectile attack, good against non-Angel Star Heartless.
LV3 Creature: Tiny Dragon: Use: Weak projectile attack.
LV4 Creature: Fairy: Use: Constantly heals all allies.
LV5 Creature: Angel: Use: Grants user temporary flight
LV6 Creature: 6 Tailed Fox: Use: Powerful projectile attack
LV7 Creature: White Wolf: Use: Temporary Invulnerability for all allies
LV8 Creature: Silver Dragon: Use: Steed in battle, allows for powerful projectile attack alongside physical attacks.

How about something like that? Differant creatures have differant effects, some support, some offense, and the strongest a combination of both. Why don't The Great Guardians send us out to find these spirits, who have been corrupted? Then, they give us these cards, as they know that their bodies will be damaged as well will have to fight them, so the cards serve as a new vessel for heir souls and power?

And yeah, the boss thing would be kinda...uber. I mean, c'mon, they give the guy beating on the Heartless heck, what do you think they'll do to Heartless?

The Heartless idea I really like. It would be pretty interesting, having to maintain control of our emotions while risking being transformed into a Heartless. And on the idea of negative Keyblades, heck, why not? It would make sense. I mean, did we actually decide who gave us the Keyblades? We could go for the usual Keyblade choosing user, but then again, it'd be pretty risky of the Great Guardians to leave their alliances to chance.

27th May 2006, 9:18 PM
each person comes from a different world that has been overrun by monsters of a certain element, enslaving all the inhaitants of that world. You are the only one who had managed to escape to Transverse Town, where we all meet. To mix in Final Fantasy, we could have it where six of the summons, called the Great Guardians, were actually the ones to bring us to Transverse town. The did this because of the imbalance in nature caused by the rise of the Evil Ones. They each chose their own representative and mark them with a symbol that represents their element. The first thing they intrsuct us to do is find the six legendary Keyblades

Starting us off with one basic Transformation; a creature similar to the Great Guardian whose element matches our Key Blade, actually created using a portion of that particular Guardian's power.

Okay here's a part I've been thinking of we could use for the transformation. When we start to develop transformation, we can only develop it through skill and the greatness of our heart, but if we begin to develop great rage, sorrow, jealousy, etc we begin to transform into an elemental form of the heartless and the only way for us to return back to normal is to overcome our emotions

I agree with the above, and it seems most of you agree with them too. BUT I still really like the idea of collecting things, such as Clow cards to transform into different forms. But I'm not sure how we could fit such a thing into the plot we have developing above.

It seems we are also finding it hard to decide on what this evil is and why it has occured. So perhaps we should concentrate on this for a while?

We agree on the Guardians, the heartless form and the basic transformation at first.

We are getting somewhere, slowly but it IS developing!

27th May 2006, 9:53 PM
It seems we are also finding it hard to decide on what this evil is and why it has occured. So perhaps we should concentrate on this for a while?
I presume you mean the main villain of the RPG, right? Well, when choosing a villain, I always like to look at my options. There's the clinically insane apocolyptic villain who's interested only in seeing blood come from any living creature other than him/herself, the apocolyptic villain who actually HAS a motive, the mysterious hardly-ever-talks villain whose powers are almost apocolyptic but not exactly, the villain with above-average strength who GETS uber at the end of the RPG, and a bunch of others I don't have the time to mention right now. These are just a few of our options. The way I see it, if we focus on the subject, choosing one and making it original shouldn't be too difficult. How exactly he/she came into existence...that's gonna be the hard part, IMO. But I believe that, whoever this villain is, should hold some sort of authority over the Evil Ones Nylf mentioned earlier.

On the subject of my 'summon bosses to the field' idea, now that I think of it that would seem sort of uber. Though I actually failed to get across my original idea the first time I attempted to describe it. What I was getting at was the boss would be summoned to the field, let out one ultra-super-nitro attack, and then go back into the card (or whatever we choose to contain them in should we use the idea).

28th May 2006, 7:02 PM
How about we use Tetra Master cards? Y'know, we collect the cards from FFVIII?(Or even FFIX, either's good). We can then call on the enemy(boss/GF/Character/Airship/thing depending on which set we use) and they use their signature move from the game? Let's say we use the Squall card from FFVIII. He appears, and Lionhearts whatever's in our way. Or we use a Goblin card from FFIX. GOBPUNCH! Diablos from FFVIII? DARK MESSENGER!

And we could have card combos. Use the Rinoa and Angelo cards together, WISHING STAR! Sacred and Minotaur? Brotherly Love. Squall and Rinoa? You blast them with the Ragnarok!

Obviously, with the exception of the Goblin card from FFIX most the examples I gave were kinda high level.

And on the villain, they'd need to also control the Heartless. I say Xehanort.

Plus we need more FF baddies than just Sephiroth and Seifer. Kuja, Edea, SEYMOUR(man, I loved killing him in FFX) could all be candidates. Kuja's already shown quite a nack with creatures like the Great Guardians. He could easily control the Evil Ones.

The Burnt Shadow
28th May 2006, 8:18 PM
Hmm a villain. Xehanort would be an interesting baddie. Hmm but that would be a bit obvious, I was thinking maybe we could choose an enemy that starts of less of a threat than Xehanort. I was thinking maybe we could creat a guardian that guides most of us in our journies, but is actually just doing this to get us to defeat Xehanort. Then later on he reveals his powers to control the Heartless and turns against us. But we then have a terribly difficult time because he thought as everything he knows and knows plenty about us. Here's a power that might be a bit cliche, but I've fancied this sort of idea. About the summoning of the boss things, I thought maybe we could give him the ability to break the seals that trap the bosses in their cards and use their powers against us. Then he could absorb their power and strenghten his powers to give him abilities and skills of the captured bosses and more...

30th May 2006, 1:55 PM
Nylf I like the idea of using the Final Fantasy VIII card to call on monsters. But I was thinking thatwe could do something else with the summon spirits. Perhaps they could be our method of transformation. If we order them by elements or species, then we could develop our transformations through that.

Start off with the transformation the Great Guardian's give us at the start and then through out the RPG, we could meat up with other summon spirits that will enhance our ability to transform into stronger beings as well as the summons lending us they're power in battle.

And I also like your idea for the evil in the game thats controlling the heartless. Instead of having the Disney characters, we could have Final Fantasy characters instead.

So, if you agree with my thought on transformation as well as mixing my idea with the idea of transforming into heartless, then we have:

Keyblades sorted (maybe a few kincks to work out)
Elements sorted
collectables sorted

Now we need to sort or finish:

Summon spirits (where, how and which ones)
The evil (What his plan is and how other characters can come into it)
General plot

For magic, we can allways just follwo through with our elements though.

30th May 2006, 2:53 PM

So I vote we have to fight Seymour at least TWICE. Please!!!

I stand that Kuja really should be the main villain. As demonstrated in FFIX, he has a knack for controlling heartless, souless creatures and summons(stealing Bahamut from Queen Brahne, designing and commaning the Black Mages, who, suspicously, resemble Heartless). Y'know, I think he just suits the part.

Sephiroth should come back as well. For his own reasons.

Oh, and the magic, yeah just go with element, stuff like:

Fire: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Flare
Water: Water, Watera, Wateraga, umm...Freeze? Water isn't that big an element in FF.
Wind: Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, Tornado
Earth: Quake, Quakera, Quakeraga(Hmm, may need to work on those names, unless whoever takes this is a Donald Duck rip-off), Gaia Rage
Light: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Holy
Darkness: Gravira, Gravijra, Gravijraga, Doomsday

Something like that.

I agree with SF on the Summons idea and transformation thing. Sounds fun. And my stand is that we have to include the following Summons:


As we kinda agreed those as the Great Guardian type things. Well the ones who gave us the Keyblades.

Oh, and regardless of what happens, I would like to call the Keyblade that relates to Bahamut. Please.

30th May 2006, 6:34 PM

Fire: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Flare
Water: Water, Watera, Wateraga, Freeze
Lightning: Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Thunderstorm
Wind: Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, Tornado
Earth: Quake, Quakera, Quakeraga, Break
Light: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Holy
Darkness: Gravira, Gravijra, Gravijraga, Doomsday


Fire: Ifrit (starter), Salamander, Phoenix, Fenrir and Famfrit
Water: Leviathan (starter), Hydra, Shiva, Siren and Bismark
Lightning: Quetzacoatl (starter), Ixion, Ramuh, Zodiac and Tritoch
Earth: Catoblepas (Starter), Titan, Golem, Minotaur and Kjata
Wind: Valefor (Starter), Silph, Pandemona, Typhoon and Garuda
Light: Bahamut (Starter), Carbuncle, Madeen, Alexander and Yojimbo
Dark: Diablos (starter), Cerberus, Hades, Anima and Lich

I do not know how to throw Bahamut in. So as you have claimed him Nylf, you can suggest that element he shoudl come under. Though I have allways seen him as being light.

Also some of them have changed element, so it will be up to you which attacks to give them. the light is basically non-elemental and some summons have changed their element due to lack of.

You can change whatever you want. But I would prefere to keep the Dark as it is for that is the one I wish to have ^_^;;

Okay so, the summons and magic are done. Though we need to find out where we find the summons. But first we will need a plot.

So everything has been sorted apart from the general plot XP

30th May 2006, 7:03 PM
Oh joy, and yeah, Bahamut = light, beacuse Oathkeeper is one of my fav. Keyblades ever. Hehe.

We'd best get our elements all nice and claimed now. I got Light and Oathkeeper.

Right then, plot, well MH started us off. In basis we got the Evil Ones vs. The Great Guardians. And the Heartless.

Hey, here's a funny idea. How about the Great Guardians be the Nobodies of The Evil Ones, and The Evil Ones be Heartless? It'd explain how mystery baddie(*cough*Kuja*cough*) could control them.

In that way, prolonged exposure to the Great Guardians may have a GF style effect on us. It will reduce the risk of overabusing the Great Guardian forms. The more we use them, the weaker our physical form gets, running the risk of (permanently) becoming a Nobody because, unwittingly, the instinctive urge of a Nobody to take a new body results in us losing ours to the Great Guardian we are allied with.

Plus, the fact that being united with the Great Guardian we share our form with a Nobody, our hearts will be made far more susceptable to darkness, which would then result in The Burnt Shadow's idea of us becoming an elemental Heartless.

Now then, the basis of a plot. We need a:-


Well let's see, well we all know the end:-

Us facing The Evil Ones
Final, epic showdown against uber baddie.

And the beginning:-
Our worlds being taken by Heartless
Our alliance with The Great Guardians
Our receival of the Keyblades

Now we just need the middle.

30th May 2006, 8:04 PM
Okay then. Well the middle can be full of sub quests and of course our retreval of the cards. Perhaps we should make the plot so as we need the power of the cards to defeate the evil (Perhaps access to a secret summon). Which brings up what worlds will be available and the kinds of subplots. Though they could be made up along the way. But then we need plots for each of the worlds and the evil that resigns in each world. Im thinking that they be final fantasy based characters (as well as disney). Perhaps we can use worlds such as Spira, Ivalice and some of the disney worlds.

The Burnt Shadow
30th May 2006, 8:47 PM
Hmm a middle for the plot eh? Well I've got a few ideas. One could be there be conflict amongst each of the characters. An example would be like the second best could be jealous of the best or something. That character then discovers a certain power beyond good and evil and uses it. But because of this power, he/she sets aside their main goal and turns to a new objective. As this character fights with the others something taps in his mind that makes him realize that what he/she has done is wrong. Because of this the keyblade slowly weakens and becomes a normal sword without the power of doing what it would normally be able to do. This character will have to go out on his/her on for a while and try to redeem him/herself. Later on he/she would be able to understand several things that they've done wrong. Then later the keyblade regains its power and he/she returns to the group and takes on a few heartlesses or maybe even capture one of the bosses...

30th May 2006, 8:48 PM
Yeah, how about the necessary cards are stored in the Keyholes of differant worlds?

And the cards, when all collected, allow us to become the ultimate form of the Great Guardian(eg, I become BahamutZERO, FFX-ified. Don't ask, I created a ZERO for every FFs Bahamut out of boredom. Even IX weirdly).

Now then, the final world, we have 3 options:

End Of the World(KH)
World That Never Was(KH2)
Original Idea

My vote for Spira BTW. Hmm...how about it involves us assissting Yuna right at the end of the game, first fighting Sin, then Seymour Omnis, then we fight Braska's Final Aeon, then we take on nega-versions of the cards we have collected up to then, then Yu Yevon, but, instead of the usual FFX ending, the Evil One version of Bahamut arrives and we trounce him, and then discover the Keyhole for the world is located on the sword we're standing on. Then, it's FFX ending, and us(to hide the fact we're leaving) lying and saying we're the Summons of some other Fayth, so when Yuna sends the Aeons, we return to whatever we're travelling in or whoever we're travelling on.

Admittedly though, this'd have to wait till near the end of the RPG.

But it also we get to play ANOTHER of game's greatest moments.

Oh, and we have to go to Port Royale. POTC: COTBP rocks.

EDIT: The problem with TBS's idea is who exactly? Being elemental weapons, we're about equal. The best bet would be Light and Darkness really.

Shadows Follower
31st May 2006, 1:12 AM
Wow, got alot of ideas since I been away.

I totally agree with the whole FF baddies. They rock!
To sum up Seymour in a few words: Why won't you die?! I wouldn't mind Kuja as the main baddie as he was great too - just what the evil community needs.

Agian I agree with Shadowfaith on the cards and spirits. What they are- Something we create ourselves to get a bit of creative juice going? How many we get is also something we have to decide on.

Ok, now for plot. The Burnt Shadow had some good ideas and I wouldn't mind going along with that. I think we should have the old "someone goes evil for awhile" moment. I always enjoy that and always makes it a little bit more exciting.

I guess the main plot will be us going around worlds but what to do on those worlds (except kick thousands of heartless a**). We could of course lock keyholes but I'm sure you guys will get bored as much as me on it. We could of find different spirits for each guardian or stop a Heartless army/invasion? (Im guess abit like when the Black Arms attacked Westopolis in Shadow the Hedgehog).

For main plot idea, what if Kuja of course has learn't of the knowledge of these Evil Ones and wants to use them for his own goals. Lets just say that many many thousand years ago, the Great Guardians were the ones who created the universe with the seven elements. Then lifeforms came, causing evil and of course, created heartless. A proportion of their own elemental power became corrupted by heartless which in turn became the Evil Ones, evil versions of the Great Guardians, with the same powers over their element put with the also added effect of creating special elemental heartless perhaps?

Of course the Great Guardains banded together and stopped them from consuming planets and locked them away behind a special lock (you know whats coming) which could only be opened by their chosen host with the specific keyblade (a.k.a, us). Although the Evil Ones can still create heartless and spread their influence, their powers are a small fraction of what they could be and their physical forms are not able to break free. The Great Guardians never thought anything would break these locks, until now.

What they didn't anticipate was Kuja, with a mix of his evil magic and power over heartless, created the evil versions of our Keyblades and brainwashed/enlisted/created his own chosen (we could work on that later) to wield them. Although these keyblades are evil versions, they have the exact same powers as the originals....including unlocking the specific gate to each Evil One.

Kuja intends to betray them and control them himself, using their powers for his own (perhaps fuse with them? a series of battles with Kuja in several elemantal forms could be interesting) and plunge the worlds into his reign.

Thats all I got for plot for now but back on to transformation and spirits. If we aren't using the FF VIII cards, what if Kuja creates heartless made from powerful spirits from times past with of course elemental powers, similar to the Evil Ones except with their own free will (to some extent) and have greater powers over their chosen element. When we fight them, the same elemental guardian could defeat it, lock it away within a card and thereby, purfiying its form into what it truely was. They can then call upon that spirit for help and fight alongside them or fuse with them into one being and gain their powers for a length of time. We could create each spirit ourselves if we can't think of anything to base them on.

Phew! Glad I got that off my chest. Well thats my ideas for now. You guys got anymore thoughts?

9th June 2006, 10:47 AM
Well Shadows Follower seems to havea good plot unfolding there. In fact I think its great as it is. We only need to work on the parts that Shadows follower was not sure of himself. Such as the opposing chosen and how we fit the final fantasy baddies into this and so on. Perhaps the Final Fantasy baddies can be like those from the original KH (Captain hook, Hades and so on) helping Kuja from behind the scenes.

Burnt Shadow also had some good ideas which we could string into the plot and of course we will need to make a list of what worlds we will be visiting. Spira is one of them I take it?

I think were nearly finished now with the plot. All we need is to string everything together. Though Shadows Follower has managed to do a good job of that allready.

One thing that we need to concider is what exactly we will be doing in these worlds. Like Shadows Follower said, its getting a bit tiering with only locking the keyholes.

Shadows Follower
9th June 2006, 5:12 PM
Yeah this threads still going! I was afraid everyone had given up.

Well I've got my thinking cap on again and I have some more ideas.
(Please note: This is only base on my idea for plot. I'm not sure if you all like it yet)

I agree with FF baddies working under Kuja. Now if they were dead (after being blown to bits by the FF heroes) we could say that Kuja has brought them back to life fully or as Nobodies and in return they work for him. Kind of makes sense why super powered baddies like that would work for a guy like him.

Now I have an idea for the evil Keyblade Masters but I don't know how it would work. The People who control the evil Keyblades are..... The Nobody versions of us. It makes sense as how they can wield the Keyblades and each can have the power over a certian Elemental Heartless. What doesn't fit in is how they are created. We would have had to die in order for them to be created.... unless.....

When our worlds were destroyed, we too were consumed by the Heartless but the Guardians brought us back in order for them to use us and with that, our nobody versions would have been created, confused about who they are and where they came from, easy to be manipulated by Kuja. That sound possible?

Finally to the "what do we do on each world" problem:
1) Lock the Keyhole up (Oh I didn't see that one coming)
2) Uncover more about the evil sides plans bit by bit
3) Find and purify our elemental spirits
4) Become stronger as a group
5) Fight off a massive Heartless invasion
6) (Later in Story) stop Kuja from unlocking the Evil Ones or more likely, defeating them/Kuja/ Evil Keyblade Masters

Spira - Thunder Elemental locked away in Thunder Plains (You think of anywhere else?)
Tranverse/Twilght Town - We'll need one of them to start from
Hollow Bastion - Always an important one that
Six elemental planets - We would probably choose a FF/Disney one for each Evil One to have been locked up in.
Halloweentown - One of my favs
Olympus Coloseum - Could get some good fight scenes there.
Last World: Remanents of Terra (Kuja's home planet)/ Our home planet remanents combined into some freaky area/ Obvilion (The area not the Keyblade)

So what you think again?

EDIT: I would like to add that I want to be the Keyblade Master of Thunder. Its just I don't know which keyblade to use.

9th June 2006, 7:57 PM
I still stand by Seymour. I think the elemental worlds should be the following:-

Port Royale - Water(Well wynaut?)
Halloween Town - Darkness(DUH!, and I love that place. Beat up a bag o' bugs!)
North Crater - Light(Sorta)(We getta go in FFVII!!! And beat up SEPHER SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!! Boo-fricken-yah! Please, please, please!)
Iifa Tree - Earth(This is where we learn the truth about Kuja, straight from Zidane)

Those are my ideas. I'm not far enough in FFVIII/FFVI/FFIV/FFV/FFI/FFII to give any ideas for them. But seriously, please let us go to North Crater!! SEPHER SEPHIROTH. We get to fight him. C'mon, please!

9th June 2006, 8:11 PM
That a good idea Shadow, it seem possible it me. Here are my idea of the elemental places.

Earth: Cosmo Canyon/Cave of the Gi from FF7(Underground cave and maybe we can see Red)
Light: Disney Castle? It has the Cornerstone of light, which the evil might want to destroy are harness it for evil or something.
Dark: The underworld in Olympus Coloseum(more reason for us to go there)

Those are the only element places that I can think of... maybe you can think of something better for them.

Edit: Wow, Nylf picked that same elements as me...

24th June 2006, 10:16 AM
Sorry about that. I was away at a camp and like most camps we have no internet access. Ahem, anyways I'm not willing for thist o go down hill because we have come so far.

Okay we still need some suggestions for worlds but after that all we need to do is string it all together and make the plot post XP

So were almost ready to start.

In all the project has been a complete success, we have managed to come up with a good plot and everything. Mind you the only downfal lwas my absence XP

Good job!