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23rd May 2006, 1:20 PM
Ok I just decided to make a new deck for the heck of it and I wanted to see what people thought of it. And It is a mixture of old + new cards.

5 Fighting Energy
12 Fire Energy
1 Double Colorless energy
1 Warp Energy
1 Recycle Energy
2 Metal Energy
1 Holons Castform

1 Power Tree
1 Holon Lake
1 Holon Ruins
1 Healing Field
1 Rockets Minefield Gym
3 Celio's Network
1 Mr. Stones Project
1 Energy Recycle System
1 Super Energy Retrieval
1 Ancient Technical Machine (Ice)
1 Lanette's Net Search
2 Professor Cozmos Discovery
1 Holon Researcher
3 Switch

1 Chansey- Base Set
1 Kangaskhan- Jungle
1 Numel-Ex Ruby Sapphire
1 Camerupt-Ex Ruby Sapphire
1 Torchic- Ex Ruby/Sapphire
1 Combusken-Ex Ruby/Sapphire
1 Blaziken-Ex Ruby/Sapphire
1 Latias--Whichever One has the Moves Dragon Dew and Heat Blast
1 Bagon- Delta
1 Shelgon- Delta
1 Salemence- Delta
1 Larvitar-Neo
1 Pupitar-Neo
1 Tyranitar-Delta
1 Teddiursa-Neo
1 Ursaring- Ex Unseen Forces
1 Blaine's Growlithe-Gym Challenge
1 Blaines Arcanine-Gym Challenge

23rd May 2006, 2:52 PM
See the rate my deck forum? Its not just there to look at...

24th May 2006, 12:31 AM
yeah next time look before you post threads

24th May 2006, 1:50 AM
Ok I was pretty sure at first i was in the right thread but thanks for correcting me.
And Now a mod can close this

2nd June 2006, 3:17 AM
Ok, here's a rating:

not bad at all, mind if I be a bit critical? The deck is overall pretty strong with a few kinks. There is a good supply of pokemon, but I tend to think that having more basic pokemon than evolutions is a safer way to be--if you have one charmander, for instance, with one charmeleon and one charizard, what happens if the charmander is at the bottom of your deck? Or worse? in your prizes pile? You essentially have lost the usage of both of the other cards...If you want Blaziken, put in 2-3 Torchic and 1-2 Combusken or 1 combusken and a pkmn breeder, eh? Also, the deck seems to find one weakness to water, specifically. Grass decks will easily be torn apart...same with psychic decks due to Chansey and Kangaskan's resistance to the type, good points there...
The presence of energy retreival cards significantly improves the deck and Chansey is definately a force to be reconed with with her 120 HP.
I like to have professor oak in my deck--the ability to get a totally new hand if yours is poor is a great card to have...and simple cards like "Bill" where you could simply get an extra two cards is tough to top...in terms of health restoring cards, pokemon center is the best, but your deck seems to be more focused on quick powerful strikes, so I didn't dock you for that.
Overall, this is a great deck, though. The presence of Chansey with its large HP makes Wigglytuff "Do the Wave" Decks a bit softer--just hit hard and fast and ur good.
Overall its great. A solid deck.

9th July 2006, 1:35 AM
thx I remade my deck...........u can rate it here