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24th May 2006, 2:37 AM
I have two decks so can you rate both or one is fine too

Deck #1 Articuno Blizzard
1x Articuno EX
4x Lotad(Deoxys)
4x Feebas(Emerald)
3x Lombre(Deoxys)
1x Milotic(Emerald)
1x Ludicolo(Deoxys)
1x Ludicolo(Deoxys the other one)

1x Master Ball
2x Potion
4x Switch
2x Professor Birch
2x Oran Berry
4x Energy Search
2x PokeNav
2x Life Herb
2x Steven's Advice

24x Water

Deck #2 Shocking Flames of the Forest
4x Treeko(Emerald)
4x Torchic(Emerald)
4x Electrike(Emerald)
2x Grovyle(Emerald)
2x Combusken(Emerald)
1x Sceptile(Emerald)
2x Manectric(Emerald)
1x Blaziken(Emerald)

2x Wally's Training
2x Professor Birch
4x Potion
2x PokeNav
2x Master Ball
4x Energy Search

8x Lightning
8x Fire
8x Grass

Those are my two decks. I'm not that good at building decks so any advice will help

24th May 2006, 1:43 PM
I think In your Shocking Flames of the Forest deck you should drop one full type
Probably Electric Because Grass Covers Some of Fires Weaknesses And when Fire types come out Your Fire Types can go out there. I know there are energy searches in there but you are much better off with 2 types. But as is.....I will rate this 6/10