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Captain Brain
24th May 2006, 7:52 AM
This thread is to say Happy Birthday to other members on this site. Every day I will post the list of birthdays that are shown on the statistics. If you forgot put birthday on public profile please fill free to PM me and I will add your User-name to the list. This is not approved by anybody. If you are going to say " We can just PM them and say Happy Birthday ourselves." You can but then there is no point the Adopt a Newbie agency either because we all can look at the statistics and see who is new and PM them to show them the ropes.
I will post once a day (unless notified of another's birthday), so if you are going to insult me saying I am "Brown Nosing" you are wasting your energy because I wont even read them. Mods close if it fails. I will read if invited to do so by a mod. If you PM and insult me I will report you. PM me for mature talk, suggestions etc. I am not trying to raise post count as discussion thread posts doesnt raise it.

Here is 5/23/06 Birthdays:
Kikaider X,
ZeldaFan20 (25),
Heracross (18),
Bloody Banette (18),
TokyoJunkie (16),
GeminiDragon (15),
Jupetta (14),
kisame (13),
Elemental Lick (12),
Shadow_XD (12)

Here is 5/24/06 Birthdays:
Nidorino (23),
Kand@ [ カンダ ] (18),
Pikamiki (18),
PlusleMinun (15),
~-=Mewtwo=-~ (14)

Happy Birthday to all and to all good night or day or whatever depending on where you live. ;025;

24th May 2006, 8:02 AM

Ever bothered to look first?