View Full Version : Run amuck (Retro)

25th May 2006, 12:04 PM
This is my Run amuck deck.
It's Retro (only made of Base Set to Fossil), so rate this as either Retro or Unlimited. I have only tried it on my Game Boy and using the challenge machine I got a consecutive win of fourteen. Now I want to make it work for real.
The strategy is to build up Wigglytuff or Scyther and build a Muk on the bench.

2 Grimer (Fossil)
2 Muk (Fossil)
2 Scyther (Jungle)
4 Jigglypuff (Jungle)
4 Wigglytuff (Jungle)

3 Professor Oak (Base Set)
3 Bill (Base Set)
2 Lass (Base Set)
2 Energy Removal (Base Set)
2 Switch (Base Set)
3 PokÚ Ball (Jungle)
3 Computer Search (Base Set)
3 PokÚdex (Base Set)
2 Pluspower (Base Set)
3 Item Finder (Base Set)
2 Gust of Wind (Base Set)
2 Potion (Base Set)

12 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy (Base Set)