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27th May 2006, 11:29 PM
PLZ Tell Me What U All Think About This Story!!!...

The Chronicles of Hell:
Crystal Conundrums

It was a cavern of cold hard stone, old as time, cold as the grave. Yet within itís tomblike heart lay something far younger, an infant by geological chronology. Yet to those without, it might as well have been no younger than the mountain range itself. The faded green plastic of the cryochamber hummed with energy. For 500 years, it had served it's purpose, keeping the occupant alive and young, awaiting the appointed time. And that time was now.

"...Systems activated..." droned the computerized voice, in an emotionless female voice,
"...Program 0256 functional... SYSTEM 1024 functional... CONDITION: GREEN...
INPUT CODE NAME..." The computer systems accessed it's data banks with a hum. "...Gebrel..."
The machinery began to emit pulsating flashes from various LED displays, as well as the frontal surface, a smoothly polished piece of transparent material, covered in frost. As beeping noises and bright lights continued to emit, the frost began to boil away from the inside of the cryochamber, to be replaced by a fog whiter and more opaque than the thick rime of frost had ever been. Finally, the entire chamber flashed a brilliant white, enough to blind those watching, had any been within the cavern. Then the cryochamber opened. He was a muscular, healthy young man that revealed himself within the chamber, his hair a faded pink, his lean, pale body covered by a skintight pair of pink shorts and black shirt. His eyes opened, a piercing blue, clear and strong. And his first action upon awakening was to fall to his knees, shaking his head groggily.
Who am I?
The thought went from his forebrain to a strange black hole in his mind, an empty place where one's memory would ordinarily be. The response came back.
I am Gebrel.
What is this place?
The question was again answered.
This is a cryochamber, for keeping a person in a state of suspended animation, to be released at a predetermined date for a given purpose.
What is my purpose?
What is my purpose?
No answer. Yet a nagging feeling tugged at his heart. A sense of urgency, as if he had to be somewhere, do something important.

(This is a really cool story beginning!)

Lady Myuu
27th May 2006, 11:46 PM
First off this is not a rpg, this is a story. Rpgs are a bit different, This goes into fanfiction section.

Second off, it wouldn't be allowed in fanfiction as its to short and poorly written. Read the rules. Learn something.