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28th May 2006, 7:33 PM
Yes, this time we actually have one.

Any questions? Ask them here.

Also, any plot related questions, requests for romantic plots, and confirmations about sign ups can be asked here.

Alos, later in RP, you have to choose 1 of Ender, Sacred and Ultima. Which you choose decides your Ultimate Weapon's appearance and how it's damage is affected.

Sacred weapons typically draw their strength from friendship and courage, similar to Princess Guard powering up when allies take damage, and Premium Heart as the Limit Gauge goes up.

Ender weapons typically draw their power from destruction and those who cause it. Good examples are Death Penalty, which goes up the more enemies you've killed, and Conformer, which relates to the power of your foe.

Ultima weapons draw their power from strength and neutrality, such as Final Score is based on the amount of Materia one holds, while Ultima Weapon(Oh my gosh, like this was a shock) draws it's power from the amount of HP it's wielder has.

Just so you know. And so you don't design an ultimate weapon prematurely.