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Lil Brother
31st May 2006, 5:52 PM
Bwhahaha. :D

So, why not have an X-Men shipping discussion? May as well do most of the characters.

Scott/Jean. The X-Men ship from 1964 to 2001, excluding clones. The ďperfectĒ ship, despite Logan always being around the corner. Wait, or not! Letís have Emma come in! Honestly, the only reason Iíd ever liked Scott/Jean was because itís been around since day 1. That was brilliant for Morrison to challenge it. I was all ďOMG YOU CANíT DO THAT!Ē by the end of his run, but Iíve warmed up to it since Planet X, especially since weíve seen so much character development of Emma in the role as a headmistress since then. Of course, I may have to wait until after the current Astonishing arc to be able to say anything on itÖ



Speaking of Jean, how about that Logan/Jean? Ugh. So tired of that. Iím more of a Mystique/Wolverine shipper forÖ whatever reason. Well, theyíve gotten inside of each other before, thatís for sure. >> And House of M just helps it! Mystique/Sabretooth? Nah.

Beast/Wonder Man. XD

Angel? I was a dedicated Angel/Husk shipper for a bit, but now Iím more Angel/Sally Foster. Thoughts?

Due to his ďmaturityĒ, Iceman I canít say with anyone, especially not Rogue. Where did the movie get that idea from, anyway? He does seem to have a deeper side, but I honestly canít see Booby with anyone, although X-Men: The End has me leaning towards Iceman/SageÖ

Storm/Nightcrawler is a great ship. Go away, Black Panther, nobody likes you. >:o Well, I donít like you with Orono, anyway. Rachel/Nightcrawler is okay I guess, but I prefer her withÖ Cable. *shot* I kind of hope that Rachelís father does turn out to be Logan so it could be seriously considered.

Juggernaut/any woman. Because itís hot! *brick* Although now when I think about it, I would love Juggernaut/Ms. Marvel. Juggernaut/Dazzler is bad for my health.

Rogue/Gambit? Uh, if they want that. Their backgrounds are similar, but I think they are just too different. Rogue/Magneto is just plain bizarre. Rogue/Colossus is a horrible idea. Pulse can go jump off a cliff. Unsure of who I put her with.

Colossus/Kitty! Yay! Iíve always loved this ship for some reason. I was so happy when Pete returned in Astonishing #4, especially because it was Kitty who found him! Of course, this means I hate Kitty/Peter Wisdom (who is in need of a codename). Ever notice how her two main love interests are named Peter, and her interest in the Ultimate line is Peter also? Coincidence? I think not. Coincidence that Anne Frankís diary was named Kitty and her boyfriend was named Peter? Plus Anne Frank was first introduced as a 13-year-old Jewish girl? I THINK NOT! Well, if it is, itís a big set of themÖ

Onto the Ultimate line! :D I love Kitty/Spidey, more than MJ/Spidey. Colossus/Northstar isÖ okay. But Colossus/Logan is much, much better! Logan/Storm? Where did that come from all of a sudden?! Iíll reserve my judgment for Jean until after the next few arcs. I really like Juggernaut/Rogue, not a clue why. Rogue/Bobby? Again, I think heís too immature, but at least this time heís only fifteen years old. But whatís going on with Rogue is similar with whatís up with Jean in a way, so Iíll ignore that. I like Angel/Dazzler, which is why the cover for the second Annual has me worried. By the way, I loved Beast/Storm. T.T

31st May 2006, 8:28 PM
i only really like scott and jean, xmen three *cries*

31st May 2006, 8:38 PM
I like Colossus x Juggernaut and Pyro x Iceman. X33 And Boom-Boom (Evolution) x Shadowcat. :0

31st May 2006, 11:38 PM
I love Gambit x Rouge. They are too cute together, even though Gambit isn't getting any.

1st June 2006, 12:04 AM
I love Scott and Jean, Wolverine should just piss off... seriously. Rogue and Iceman are cute aswell, same thing with Wolverine really so Kitty should leave Iceman alone.

1st June 2006, 3:44 AM
I love Scott and Jean, Wolverine should just piss off... seriously. Rogue and Iceman are cute aswell, same thing with Wolverine really so Kitty should leave Iceman alone.
Honestly, the movie screwed Rouge up completely. She would have never be into Iceman.

Scott and Jean. Really. She might be with him, but sheís got it worse for Wolverine.

Toran Frostbite
1st June 2006, 4:04 AM
Forever and always, a Logan/Ororo 'shipper ('cuz that equals Torrent and she's the hottest being on the not-canon!planet). However, I have no problems with her getting hitched to the opposite side of the spectrum.

Warren/Bobby. I don't know why, and I don't know where, but it works itself in everywhere (except when it's Bobby/Johnny Storm....ohhhh yes, even better elemental matches than Bobby/St. John).

Rogue/Wanda (Evo!verse). If nothing else, Wanda's capable of canceling out Rogue's no-touch rule (she did it to Magneto, which is proof enough for me). Not to mention, they're perfectly matches in their bitterness and know all about manipulation. Buuut....Todd/Wanda was just as adorable.

Franklin/Rachel. ...It's sorta canon? In some alternate universe? And for whatever reason, it makes me squee? Does Rachel even count as an X-Man?

Ah, I knew I have more. <.<;;;

1st June 2006, 2:26 PM
But...but...Bobby x St.John! ;-; *hearts*

If only they put Quicksilver and Avalanche in the movies. D: I might have had more proof for my other OTP. X33

Oh, and Remy x St. John rocks my socks too. I'm also kinda fond of Sunspot x Berzerker x Cannonball x Havok, but that might just be my LETS PAIR UP HAWT GUYS sense. XD

And maybe you guys can help me out. The girl who has powers kind of like Spyke's...yanno, extending her bones out into weapons and stuff. What was her name? XD

1st June 2006, 3:06 PM
If only they put Quicksilver and Avalanche in the movies. D: I might have had more proof for my other OTP. X33 Allow me to quote for two reasons. One, emphasis. Yes, they damn well should have! And two, because the fact that Oos likes such a popular pairing boggles my mind. That doesn't happen often. X3 I should take a screenshot of this.

Anyways, I haven't seen the third movie yet, though I have seen the others. PyroxIceman was probably the only thing I liked. Why? Cause I really never got into shipping for any X-Men universe other than Evo. But god, did I love Evo. And five million couples. Too bad I haven't watched it in years...

Couples I remember loving included KurtxTodd (my OTP), LancexPietro (the most popular slash couple in the fandom IIRC), RemyxKurt (Rouge, who's she?), LancexTodd, RougexKitty, TabithaxWanda... I was even okay with LancexKitty. And so many others... Oh, and I wanted to marry Kitty. Cause damn, I loved that girl.

Actually, I was up for just about anything but ScottxJean, ToddxWanda, and KurtxAmanda. They irked me. Especially Jean.

And Oos, are you thinking of Marrow? She's one of the Morlocks.

1st June 2006, 3:09 PM
Well, I actually PREFER Quicksilver x Pyro, but I guess the angst!factor is too much to pass up. XD

AND YES. Thank you. She was hawt. And I think she had the same name as me IIRC.

1st June 2006, 3:19 PM
yeah movie one and two were really good but three was a disapointment, they ruined rogue and why bother with arcangel, they should have had gambit

1st June 2006, 3:25 PM
I agree they should have had Gambit, but I liked the fact that Angel was in there.

And Rogue was already ruined. D: LET'S TOSS HER IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH BOBBY NOW. D: wtf. that was dumb. They have nothing in common. XD

1st June 2006, 3:49 PM
Old Cartoon (and comics) Ships
Rogue & Gambit - PWNZ.
Cyclops & Jean - It's alright.

Both canon, obviously.

Evo Ships
Kitty & Kurt - Seemed like canon, at least was for one side anyways towards the beginning. Awesome ship, why'd she go with Lance!? >:O

Wanda & Todd - Definitely one sided canon. Poor Toad trying so hard.

Rogue & Gambit - Barely there but canon. And the ep for it was awesome.

Rogue & Risty (however her name's spelly) - Would be cool if she wasn't Mystique. :(

Kurt & Todd - Read a few amusing fics about it that made me kinda like it.

Movie Ships
Bobby & Kitty - It seemed cute and Rogue belongs with Remy! >:P

Ororo & Kurt - Two awesome characters acting kinda shippy, how could I not support? :D

1st June 2006, 5:04 PM
Well, I see there're alot of arguments but here are the couples I support.

Old Cartoon: Scoot/Jean (DUH!), Rogue/Gambit (A double DUH), Storm/Wolverine (Didn't see that coming did ya?)

X-Men Evo: Scott/Jean, cant think of any others it's been a while.

X-Men movies: Scoot/Jean, Little Rogue/Iceman, can't think of others since I haven't seen the 3rd movie yet T_T

2nd June 2006, 4:39 AM
And Rogue was already ruined. D: LET'S TOSS HER IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH BOBBY NOW. D: wtf. that was dumb. They have nothing in common. XD
I couldn't agree more. The only good that Iceman x Rouge could have done would have been a brain-dead Bobby.

2nd June 2006, 5:15 AM
Onto the Ultimate line! :D I love Kitty/Spidey, more than MJ/Spidey.
Me too, me too. Kitty and Peter really have excellent chemistry, and I hope that pairing lasts a good long while.

Man, Kitty even created a whole new superhero identity (which has yet to be officially named AFAIK, Kitty rejected Spidey's suggestion of Spider-Girl) just so she could patrol with Spidey and prevent people from putting two and two together when she also goes out with Peter. If that's not love, I dunno what is. :p

And I found it hilarious that the other X-Men got so tired of dropping Kitty off and picking her up in the X-Jet all the time so she could see Peter that they rigged it up so they could fly it by remote. :D

3rd June 2006, 5:20 PM
I like GambitXPsylocke

why? Becuase I'm a pervert and I think the pairing is hot, that's why

I also find myself liking WolverineXStorm, since of how they interacted in the third movie (despite the 3rd movie not being all that good) plus in the original X-Men cartoon, in an alternate reality/timeline, they were infact lovers.

and maybe GambitXMystique, since to me, that too is a sexy couple >.>

Toran Frostbite
4th June 2006, 3:50 PM
*blink* Has Kitty ever dated someone /not/ named Pete/Peter? o_o Piotr, Pete Wisdom, Spiderman?... That's a tough act to keep up.

Lil Brother
4th June 2006, 7:42 PM
Hmm, I think I remember something about Kitty and Doug Ramsey...

She's only dated Spider-Man in the Ultimateverse. :D And before him she had a more "leading him on" thing with Bobby/Iceman.

Although I am wondering if her Peter fetish it's a coincidence or a very big, decade-spanning inside joke at Marvel. >>

Mmm, I was thinking the remote controlled X-Jet was due to a new feature that the Shi'ar put into that new plane they gave the X-Men. But they certainly did seem tired of her in the Date Night arc. XD

We certainly have a lot of Evo fans here. o.o

Ehehe, that Gambit/Mystique shower scene in a recent issue of X-Men did appeal to me... although that may be my inner pedo since Mystique was disguised as a teenager. (They didn't acrually touch, anyone that hasn't read it.)

All of a sudden I really love Gambit/Psylocke! Even their powers are similar! That must become canon now.

7th June 2006, 4:55 AM
Too bad that as of the newest Ultimate Spidey, there's trouble in paradise... After the whole Krakoa thing, videos of Kitty with Spider-Man have been shown all around the internet. So now Kitty can't date Peter without people putting two and two together. Plus we got to see MJ's reaction to Peter/Kitty. I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end for them.

8th June 2006, 10:29 AM
Scott/Jean. Hehehehe...The two really belong together.

In X-Men evolution wasn't Rougue and Nightcrawler together? >_> Bad memory...

8th June 2006, 11:44 AM
No. Rogue liked Scott in Evo though. And Kurt/Kitty is a popular pairing.

8th June 2006, 6:25 PM
Rogue and Kurt are siblings, not a couple.

8th June 2006, 11:12 PM
True. Forgot about that.

9th June 2006, 12:27 AM
what Peter parker and Kitty, thats not right surely

I saw some evo ep the other day where Rogue gave scott a totally gross jumper and was all flirty, i was like wtf, things get messed up well easy these days