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Hello~ Thank you for showing interest in my game. The world of Tears of Jewels is a very rich one and has quite a bit additional info. While knowing everything isn't required, I want the world to be available to you.

Also, if you ever want to ask a question or talk about anything, feel free to use this thread. ^_^


The Seven Wisdoms are curiosities in and of themselves. They are each mortal, yet possess knowledge and intuition which grow beyond their years. With their gifts from the Mana Goddess, they oversee the progress of the world and offer their wisdom to anybody who can find them. Often, people see these wisdoms without realizing who they are anyway.

Pokhiel, The Poet of Truth (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/Pokiehl.jpg): You already heard of him, he possesses the knowledge of the wind and people’s hearts. He is also the most readily available of all the Wisdoms, wandering the world telling his tales.

Tote, The Turtle (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/tote.jpg): An old, wise turtle that possesses the knowledge that spreads from the oceans and streams.

Geaus, The Wise Rock (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/Geaus.jpg): The oldest of the seven wisdoms. He appears as a face in the stone at Luoun Highway. He possesses the knowledge of the ground as well as profound insight. He is always willing to answer any question.

Belle, The Bringer of Dreams (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/Belle.jpg): The newest of the seven Wisdoms. She is a young girl which rides an anteater. She possesses the knowledge of people’s dreams and spreads dreams to people as she passes by (always at night, of course).

Olbohn, The Overseer of the Dead (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/Olbohn.jpg): Once a great warrior, he now oversees the souls of dead spirits as they prepare themselves for the life after. As such, he possesses the knowledge of the dead.

Rosiotti, The Guard of the Forest (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/Rosiotti.jpg): Also a great warrior, he now oversees the forest and the creatures within it. Possesses the knowledge of plants and animals.

Selva, Keeper of Things Forgotten (http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/LOM/image/oa/Selva.jpg): The most elusive of the seven wisdoms, he keeps everything which is forgotten in his floating mansion. Possesses the knowledge of everything forgotten.


Note: Just because the location exists means we will not necessarily go there.>.>


Domina: A lively town frequented by traveling merchants and entertainers. The warrior’s guild takes place here, allowing its citizens to bustle with a variety of weapon shops, restaurants and commerce. The outskirts boast a church with a fabulous view of the countryside.

Gato Grottes: A holy town protected by divine winds and set upon steep cliffs of orange rock. It is always windy on the dangerous precipices. The temple of healing there is dedicated to the Spirits of Air and Fire. The nuns there are particularly dedicated.

Polpota Harbor: A tropical resort town, home to soft breezes and sun-kissed surf. While expensive, many a couple "gets lucky" within the magical glow of the pale moonlight shimmering across the soft sand, and even more women love the shaved ice that is served here. The Seaside Hotel provides lodging in the center of town.

Lumina: The town of endless night. The town is always bathed in the light of the full moon, so it never becomes completely dark. There is a tavern where many a dubious figure lingers. Despite the uncertainty of each day, most residents enjoy the romanticness of perpetual nightlife and due to the number of assassins living there, attacks on other people are surprisingly low.

Geo: A castle-town with an academic atmosphere. The university that rests there is the second most famous location, first being the grand palace of a noblewoman occupying the center. Many small shops litter this town with a variety of services such as magical potions and equipment to coffee and tea. The instructors at the Academy of Magic have a lot of personality.

Other Places of Note

Luon Highway: This highway was once traversed by merchants and entertainers, but the highwaymen have stopped all traffic. Some say that one of the Seven Wisdoms lives nearby.

Mekiv Caverns: This limestone cavern was created by underground currents. Over the centuries it was hollowed out, and pillars were created. The cavern is made up of many levels, allowing residency for some curious creatures.

Lake Kilma: This sizable lake is surrounded by quiet, forested mountains. Faeries, servants of the lake, are often witnessed there. Some say that incredible treasure lies under the lake.

Jungle: Due to the thick vegetation, many become lost in this jungle. Others claim to have witnessed Faeries, while some say one of the Wisdoms resides here.

Duma Desert: Only cactus grows in this wasteland. Great fossils litter the landscape, and flowing sands hinder each step. It could be the ideal site to conduct a colossal experiment. Professors and students frequent here to practice their Earth and Fire magic in solitude.

The Underworld: Souls who have departed their earthly vessels are judged by the King of the Underworld. His vassals, the Shadoles, bring the departed to the Underworld.

Mindas Ruins: These ruins are all that is left of a city which prospered around a tower, built by mages during the end of the Faerie War. Beginning adventurers frequent this location, as there always seem to be something hiding here waiting to be discovered.

Madora Beach: Come to Madora Beach for the best sun-bathing and finest sand anywhere. Explore our many caverns. While you're here, why not try some crab-hunting? Now near the fabulous resorts of Polpota!

Junkyard: This trash-heap is home to discarded items, mass-produced to fight in a long-forgotten war. Some of the objects still bear a grudge towards humanity, and cling to their warrior past. Skilled adventurers explore with caution, as some civilization's trash might be this civilization's treasure.

Norn Peaks: Strong winds howl through the treacherous mountain passes. The foothills are home to a settlement of Wind-Callers, and their Guardian Spirit is said to reside on the highest peak.

Tower of Leires: Looming in the night sky, the Tower of Leires was constructed by magicians during the Faerie Wars to increase their supply of Mana. Nowadays, the tower is nothing but a stone testament to the power of its builders. Mages come to the lower levels to practice Darkness and Aura magic, but rumors of disaster to those who try to climb its steps prevent further exploration.

Ulkan Mines: The Ulkan Mines have been abandoned for ages. Now, only curious weapon smiths and eccentric adventurers hunt for ore, for a suspicious gang is based here.

SS Buccaneer: The good ship of the famed walrus Cap'n Tusk, leader of a band of penguin pirates. They have sailed north, south, east, and west in search of buried treasure, and when they'll find some they are sure to be rich(?).

Fieg Snowfields: A frozen land buried in snow. Some say Faeries' treasure is hidden here, but none have laid eyes upon it. There are reports of abominable snowmen here. Mages practice their Water/Ice and Wind Magic here.

The White Forest: A peaceful, dense forest, which is home of the White Dragon. Legend has it that the forest is populated by an extremely rare folk. Reports of both the rare folk and the dragon are often refuted by the mages that come here to practice their Light and Grass magic.

Tree of Mana: The mythical source of all things and where the Mana Goddess resides watching everything with modest propriety. Everything within the Sanctuary is said exists in an eternally immovable, absolute state. The world is divided to those who believe this to exist and those who find it merely a tale of fantasy.

- - -

More may come (like specific info on monsters or from questions), but I feel this will give you a good feeling of this world.

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Healing Items

Healing Items are mostly created by the Honeybear Co. Founded by Mr. Honeybear over 150 years ago, Honeybear Co. firmly believed in the notion that medicine should taste good as well as be good for you. Their medicines are commonly adopted by most everybody to not only be tasty, but good for you as well.

Their Production Line:
Gumdrop: The cheapest and most common item, restores a small portion of health.
Chocolump: A bit costly, the chocolate melts better in your mouth then it does in your hand. Restores a medium portion of health.
Honey Elixer: --Out of Production-- Production of Honey Elixer halted when the Divine Bees decided they had enough of Mr. Honeybear. This item once was their only sold item. Regardless, this item restores a large amount of health and is extremely valuable among collectors.
Spiced Chestnuts: Gently sprinkled and toasted with magic! Restores a small portion of magic ability.
Magic Walnut: An uncommon nut grown and aged to potent perfection. Restores a medium portion of magic ability.
Divine Almond: --Out of Production-- A rare and powerful nut grown by fairies. Production halted since the Fairy-Human war and will probably not be back in production ever again. A rare nut that restores a large portion of magic ability.
Stardust Herb: Crisp leaves that have a refreshing taste. Restores physical statuses such as poison, petrification, etc.
Prestoveggie: A tender carrot-like veggetable that subtle flavor is disliked only by a very frew. Restores magically-induced statuses.
Angel Grail: Said to hold the divine water of heaven itself (but I wouldn't believe it) the sweet water can restore unconsciousness.


Thesenis' Potion: A potion concocted by the Magic Academy of Geo's own Profesor Thesenis. Currently a required item for all students for its powerful restorative effects. Restores a large amount of health and magical ability. Potential side effects, which typically occur twenty-four hours of injgestion, include: dizziness, drowsiness, runny nose, headaches, stomach ache, eye ache, tooth ache, constipation, diahrea, coughing, sneezing, muscle spasms, seizures, convulsions, insomnia, PMS (even in males), bloody stools, vomiting, potential hair growth, shortness of breath, pains in the chest, temporary blindness, depression, suicidal inclination (to ease the pain truly), growing a tail, horns, and/or cleavage.

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To keep this up (and for reference's sake,) here's the intro info and a list of the the character's profiles. Any new characters that I approve will be posted here (I have talked to a couple people and with luck, they'll sign-up and join in soon).

I also think the RP is going great so far, and I hope everybody is enjoying it. ^_^


“Our imagination creates this world…”

“Welcome friends, enemies, and those indifferent. Please, please sit around and listen as I ruminate. We have so little to talk about, but so much to do. A wonderful, horrible event looms around us, the likes of which have not been seen since the beginning of creation of this world. Deep within people’s hearts, where the feelings that could never be put into words rest, a shudder has rumbled. Perhaps a shudder of terror, perhaps a shudder of excitement.. Likely, you too have felt this feeling. Such is this event’s magnitude. Even the callous hearts without the sixth sense can tell something wonderful and terrible lies before us.”

“Wait? You don’t know who I am? You don’t where we are? You don’t know who you are? That does not surprise. Here is unlike the world of the books of fantasy you have read, or perhaps it is. Here our imagination creates this world, what we see, who we are. What you actually see around you has more to do with what resides in your own heart. But I digress…”

“My name is Pokhiel. I am the Poet of Truth. That which has been said, that which is known I know also. Why, you ask? I listen. I hear beyond the words of the lips and hear the tales of the wind and the tales of the heart. You too can hear what I hear if you know how. But once again, I digress… who I am truly possesses no importance to this tale. It is who you are that will determine the outcome of this story. So please, listen, listen.”

“…and of course, I forget where to begin.” *laugh* “So much to say… but yes, perhaps that would be the best. If you’ve heard this tale before, please bare with me.”

“Once, in the City of the Jumi—eh? What is a Jumi? Well, I do see some Jumi here, but I suppose you can be what you are and not know what that is. Very well, a Jumi is a creature quite unlike most other organisms on this world. Human in form, they possess a jewel of various shapes and colors resting on their chests and control an element at will. The jewel, while very pretty though some would think them tacky, allows them to control the elements and possesses the Jumi’s soul. In fact, no matter what happens to the body, so long as the jewel remains untarnished the Jumi can reconstruct their bodies by immersing their jewel in that element. But don’t mislead Jumi for elementals or spirits, when the body is constructed they are flesh and blood and are suspect to feelings of happiness as well as pain. And once their core shatters or chips, a part of their soul disappears forever.”

“Now, where was I? Oh that’s quite right, the City of the Jumi. Once, a long time ago, the Jumi faced a grievous challenge. A wizard of great power managed to harness the elemental properties of the Jumi cores by faceting them and setting the polished jewel on rods or trinkets. All the clans, the clan of cats, birds, humans, monkeys, gnomes and especially the dwarves could see the opportunity for power, and greed filled their eyes. Jumi hunters were commonplace, and the tactics to find them brutal and efficient. A final, cataclysmic battle mounted at the foot of the Bejeweled City, and suddenly the entire thing flew up into the air and vanished from sight. But, since then, many Jumi were born on the planet’s surface never knowing of their home within the clouds or, as some of you, what they are.”

“Today, many people seek to find the hidden Bejeweled City in the sky. Some newborn Jumi hear it calling them, and long to find their homeland. Some, especially adventurers from the Warrior guild—I see we have some of you too here—view its discovery as an opportunity for great and marvelous treasure. Others still, Magicians from the Academy of Geo where the great wizard resided, recognize the city as a place of marvelous magical energy and desire to find what can be learned there. Though each of your hearts long for different things, with hope and luck you will find what it is you seek. But whatever your purpose, remember that this world, our world is created by our imagination. So too is our future.”


A newly founded guild by a master who never shows his face. They are founded to discover ancient ruins, find lost treasure, slay demonic monsters, and help people solve everyday problems. Mostly a rag-tag bunch of whomever wishes to join; they do possess higher-ranking members, explained here briefly:

The Boss: Relatively unknown, the generals mention that he doesn’t like to be bothered with ordinary tasks and has to work at the maintenance of the guild when he isn’t out slaying demons.

Berretta ChiHao : Second in command and human woman of great ferocity and ambition. Always wears polished armor that shines silver-blue. She uses her charisma to lead troupes into battle and has a way of overcoming seemingly impossible odds. In battle, she uses a rapier laced with magic to bring down her enemies. Leads the Blue Wolf squad, the biggest of the three squads which contains warriors of valor and skill.

Uhayo Mak: Third in command, a young catfolk girl which possesses a curious and confusing nature. Raised in the desert by a clan of nomads, she makes people wonder a lot. She seems to believe she’s still in the desert, as her clothes are scarecley strips of cloth. Regardless, her speed is unrivaled by anybody in the guild. She has received the name “The Desert Thorn” for her ability to defeat large troupes single-handedly. Leads the Red Cobra squad, the second largest and contains individuals of questionable morality.

Greyson the Eye: Fourth in command, and hasn’t appeared at the guild in years to work on a particular project. Not much is known about him except for the members of his guild. He uses a weapon which can strike from any direction and at any angle. Few have seen what he is capable of doing. Leads the Green Eagles, the smallest due to his lack of presence, contains marksmen.


An ancient school founded to advance the magical arts and fill students minds with information they may not have ordinarily known otherwise, whether they want to or not. The great wizard who ignited the Jumi War was once the headmaster here here, and since his defeat the Magical Academy has worked to restore its image. Under the leadership of its new headmaster much of the school’s corruption has evaporated.

The school itself follows a very old system which categorizes students on four distinct categories: initiate, cadet, adept and master. Each student studies the three classes of magic—attack and debilitation, summoning and magical artifacts, and healing and enhancement—up to the adept level. From adept, they work with each professor to specialize in a particular class. At the master, they go out into the world and use their magic for the betterment of humanity (so they hope they instilled).

The three professors and headmaster are:

Headmaster Kathinja: A Basilisk-woman of profound insight and fiery disposition. She values her students above all else and will severely harm any that would cause them harm (except the teachers at test-time, of course). She teaches the initiates and replaces the three professors if they ever fall ill. Her magic style is amazingly balanced, as she intimately knows and understands most aspects of the craft. She has the ability to cause whatever she looks at to burst into flames or turn to stone, but seldom uses it.

Prof. Nunuzac: In the past, Nunuzac was a great warrior mage and fought in many wars. Unfortunately for him, one war caused his body to disappear in another dimension. Since, he’s been teaching at the Academy of Geo as a gigantic sigil of a face. He teaches summoning and magical artifacts, which works to summon the elemental spirits of magic and the recognition and creation of magical items.

Prof. Thesenis: The creepiest and eccentric professor on the campus, she teaches healing and enhancing magic. Her skill in the art is so profound that she has been able to reincarnate herself from the dead multiple times. As such, she’s the oldest and youngest member on campus. She drapes her body in ancient wrappings from a long-lost civilization, making her look like an Egyptian mummy. This, as well as her behavior, disturbs and frightens students away from healing magic.

Prof. Saito: The most reserved all the three professors and perhaps one of the more normal ones, Mr. Saito teaches attack and debilitation magic. A tall human with long black hair, he has a no-nonsense, disinterested quality to teaching which makes him appear apathetic. Yet, his sealed interior shields the shame of being the top student of the previous headmaster of the academy.


This world possesses two elemental wheels which goes thusly:

Fire < Water/Ice < Lightening/Wind < Earth < Plant < Fire


Darkness < Light < Aura < Darkness

If you were to read it, Fire is weak to Water/Ice which is weak to Lightening/Wind which is weak to, etc.

Each element also has elemental spirits. Spirits are spiritual manifestations of the elementals, though on occasion they can also assume a physical shape.

Water/Ice: Undine (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/Undine.jpg), a mermaid creature with a calm demeanor. Water also has the ability to freeze opponents, as well as some light healing and improve magic defense.

Lighting/Wing: Djinn (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/Jinn.jpg), a round spirit seen in Arabian Nights, marked by a quirky demeanor that changes through its mood. Lighting has the ability to paralyze an enemy and stun as well as improve evasion.

Earth: Gnome (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/gnome.jpg), a tough bearded sprite that sticks true to its first impression. Earth can cause enemy attacks to slow in speed and can increase defense.

Fire: Salamander (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/salamander.jpg), a chiding lizard of flame which always acts passionately of everything. Fire can also reduce an enemy's defense and improve attack strength.

Plant: Dryad (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/Dryad.jpg), the peaceful tree spirit of kindness. Plant magic draws its powers from the flora to attack and heal. Has the ability to inflict poison and sleep as well as gradually restore HP through regeneration.

Darkness: Shade (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/shade.jpg), the mysterious bat creature of silence which forever peers into the night. Darkness draws its power from the darkness to confuse and confound. Has the power to blind and confuse, and can increase magic attack.

Light: Wisp (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/will.jpg), a puff of light filled with determination. Light draws its power from the light of day and provides the most restorative and protective magic. Can also be used to blind, weaken enemy attacks, and can improve accuracy.

Aura: Aura (http://www.the-magicbox.com/0512/Luna.jpg), the intuitive spirit that diligently watches everything. Aura magic draws its power from the radiance of the moon, gold and people’s spirits. Most enhancing magic draws its strength from Aura. Can also be used to attack in a form similar to chi, can help cause people to like you more.


Note: Each race has more variety of creatures then their name. For example, a fish folk may be anything from a mermaid to a fish with legs. Also, the element that’s assigned to them are their own natural element and does not necessarily mean that they cannot cast the magic they are weak to (there's still some danger, I mean imagine a fish using a lightning spell).

Humans: (Aura-Element) The first most plentiful of the land, humans have been around for as long as anybody can remember. Although they are not exceptional in magic of strength, they also possess no real weakness to speak of, except to vice and greed. Many wars have erupted from the hands of men, but generally speaking they genuinely try to be good people.

Elvan: (Wisp-Element) The second most plentiful in the land, elves have great affinity to magic, especially the healing arts. With this skill, however, they sacrifice some of their physical abilities. This deficit isn't as extreme as other magical creatures who sacrifice magic entirely. There has been a terse respect with the humans, as many wars for land have been fought between the two, but most of the time both races get along.

Mavole: (Darkness-Element) While they are called vampires, this race actually consists of bat-folk. Several generations ago, many mavole lived in large castles. Recently, their numbers have dwindled for an unknown reason leaving Mavoles rare sights. Aloof, mysterious and extremely quiet, most don't know what motivates Mavoles. What is known is that the do require blood for sustenance, they have great magical and physical abilities that manifest only during the night and are very weak during the day, and when one's motives lead to destructive ends many people will suffer until that Mavole's death. They possess the ability to turn into a bat.

Fairies: (Grass-Element) The most magical creatures of the land, fairies stay close to their homes and try not to wander. Their magic abilities are top-notch, but they are relatively physically inept (they use their hands to cast magic to pick things up for them). They are extremely territorial and will fight anybody who intrudes on their territory. With the recent advances in human industrialization, many fairies’ homes have been destroyed causing the most violent wars ever seen. Most fairies hate humans and use their magic to hatefully ruin whoever crosses their path.

Dwarves: (Earth-Element) Short, squat creatures with an affinity for metal and gems, dwarves use their knowledge to create many beautiful weapons and intricate pieces of art out of the ground which they live in. Unfortunately, they almost completely lack imagination and require inspiration from other creatures to expand their repertoire (and they aren't too great with magic). Yet, they are extremely durable and powerful. Their allegiance lies to whoever can teach them the most, usually the humans.

Feline-Folk: (Fire-Element) Always a rare race, few feline-folk have lived and currently live in this world. One feline-folk might chance upon ten other feline-folk their entire lives, including their parents or potential children. Yet, their physical dexterity and agility are astonishing, making them creatures of note. What can take a human many years of physical training to perform may come naturally to feline-folk. Their magical abilities suffer slightly because of this and they tend to dish it out but don't do well taking damage. There have been occasional mage felines in the past, however.

Bug-Folk: (Wind/Lightning-Element) Despite the name, most bug-folk look like humans with physical properties reminiscent of bugs (a horn, antennae, wings). A curious race, these individuals live much like humans do and possess no real aptitude in magic or strength. They do, however, receive special benefits from the bug type they are, but generally these benefits are limited (aka. if they have wings they can fly slightly, but not far and long). Almost all possess some form of a carapace which defends their bodies like plate armor.

Monkey-Folk: (Earth-Element) While some feel that humans evolved from apes, monkey-folk believe the opposite. Unlike most races, their abilities lie with the type of monkey they come from. While some are quick and agile, other are slow and powerful. This race tends to be the most animated and like to be performers or entertainers.

Bird-Folk: (Wind-Element) A quiet group which tends to keep to themselves, bird-folk live on top of tall mountains where they live quiet, and simple lives. Their keen eyes make them able to pick up precise details which would make them good archers if they have the physical dexterity to use a bow (some don't). All bird-folk have wings and are able to fly, but most of the time because of their size they usually try to avoid flying if possible.

Lizard-Folk: (Fire-Element) Another extremely rare race, not much is known about lizard-folk except being cold-blooded. The only well-known lizard-folk is Kathinja of the Academy of Geo, and even she admits there are qualities of herself she doesn't wholly understand. What can be told is they generally act human, but are touched with personality characteristics unique to reptiles. Presumably, this race possesses great strength, but once again not much is known.

Plant-Folk: (Plant Element) The most peaceable of all the races, plant-folk live life in natural, wholesome ways. Like bug-folk, most plant-folk look human with the traces of plant about them. An unusual example is the onion warrior, creatures with an onion for a head. A fortune-teller in Domina also is reported to have a variety of fruits drooping from her head. Most individuals of this race try to teach the other races of the inherent goodness in the way of nature, and the teaching of the Mana Goddess.

Fish-Folk: (Water/Ice Element) The most plentiful of the world, a huge variety of creatures exist within the fish-folk's domain. Not much is known of these creatures as they keep within the ocean and keep to themselves, except what is told of sailors. "They value respect and can ruin you if you don't show them respect while crossing their seas. Always carry something extra to give them as gifts, or else they might be offended.

5th August 2006, 12:50 AM

Name: Jericho

Race: Bird-Folk

Age: Twenty-something. She really hasn't been keeping track. She does look a tad younger than that, however.

Sex: Female

Profession: Mage-For-Hire (Hey, if there are any Jumi or Warrior sign-ups that would like to hire her as a bodyguard/companion/whatever, just send a PM. She can and will be happy to be paid in doughnuts.)

Affiliation: The Magic Academy at Geo
-Currently studying to master both the offensive and defensive aspects of Fire and Light magics under Professors Saito and Thesenis, respectively.

Physical Description: Jericho is decidedly tall and has a pale skin color (not pale enough to make her look sickly of course, just... pale). She has the above average strength of one who has lived in the mountains most of their lives, though one would not guess it by the slightly frail appearance of her body. Her strikingly red hair flows down just past her shoulders; it looks as though it is constantly flowing in a light breeze. While most of her bangs have been cut to cover her forehead, there are two sections on each end, just before her pointed ears, that hang down at about chin length. Just below her bangs are a pair of sharp, grayish blue eyes that have often been compared to that of a storm over the seas. Her hands are regular human hands, but the nails on the end are long, sturdy, and sharp. Her feet are of the clawed, three toed bird variety. They are orange in color.

Covering her arms from just beyond her shoulders and down to her wrists are short, bristly feathers. Extending beyond those are longer, larger feathers that fan out in about three to four layers. These form the delicate bird wings which (with the help of one little air spell) enable her to fly as well as any other bird. These feathers are mainly red, but about three fourths of the way down there is an oval of purple, followed by a smaller oval of green, which surrounds an even smaller oval of blue. All of the feathers on her arms have this pattern on them. Her tail feathers, now, those are different. Now, we're all familiar with Articuno's tail, right? Well, take that tail, and make it have five lines of feathers instead of three. Color the center line blue, the two lines next to it purple, and the two outer lines red. Next, add two detached lines of green feathers on either side of the blue, red, and purple one, and you've got Jericho's tailfeathers.

Jericho's dark, greenish-gray shirt is similar to that of a drawstring corsette: no sleeves and an opening in the front. However, her shirt, while form fitting, is not skin tight. It also has no strings to hold it together in the front, and the thin opening closes off entirely under her chest. Now, there are two slits in her shirt that make the bottom detatchable; both top and bottom are held together by two simple looking black buttons. The bottom part of her shirt acts sort of like a skirt, and was designed to look like flower petals. The little 'petal' parts of her shirt overlap her poofy white pants, which bear a strong resemblance to clouds or feathers. Placed before the feathers start and end on each of her arms are two gold colored bracelets.

Personality: Jericho is serious and quiet, but certainly not cold towards others. She prefers to keep calm at all times, and it is rare to see her become angry, scared, or surprised. She is generally kind and can even be humorous at times, yet she tends to frown more often than not. This can lead people to believe that she has few emotions. That is completely untrue; Jericho is a veritable fountain of emotion, she just prefers to keep it locked inside. Still, her drab attitude towards others often results in an inability to make friends with them. Jericho is friendly enough, it's just that she'd much rather spend the day working and honing her magical skills as opposed to, say, playing a game or just sitting and talking. Her first judgement of other people is usually not the judgement she relies on; Jericho has always believed that there is more to a person that what is first shown. Certainly not one of those 'what you see is what you get' types. She holds a fierce sense of honor which she considers more important than her own life, and will never break her word, no matter what the cost. Jericho is naturally in tune with the the spirits and nature as a whole; during times of rest she can usually be seen walking amongst the trees or attempting to find a quiet place to meditate. On a sillier note, Jericho is absolutely fascinated by doughnuts. Loves 'em. You could pay her in doughnuts.

History: Jericho grew up in a small, sheltered Bird-Folk tribe centered somewhere in the Norn Peaks. She grew up with the disadvantage of being the youngest in her tribe, forcing her to mature quickly so as to try and earn the respect of those around her. Both of her parents were very serious people with a bit of a superiority complex; naturally some of this was left in Jericho's attitude when she left to join the Magic Academy at Geo. Upon her arrival there, she learned very quickly that anyone who felt themselves to be better than everyone else did not make it far in life. She had to re-evaluate everything she learned as a young one in the Norn Peaks while learning the ways of those who had spent their entire lives being around many different species. It has left her with a very mixed up view on life, as well as a withdrawn and isolated personality.


Okay, her first ability doesn't really have a name, she basically just manipulates wind currents while flying in order to remain airborne. Obviously affilated with Djinn/Wind.


Fire Claw: Her hands (and feet if she's airborne or kicking someone) are encased in searing hot flames. She can also use this to add the fire element to other people's weapons. Attack strength is increased, and the fire element is added to her physical attacks.

Flaming Arrow: Uh... shortly after she shoots an arrow from her bow, it becomes encased in fire. Fwasham.

Explosion: She forms a ball of fire that can be any size, from a small little pebble to that of a large boulder, and throws it with surprising accuracy at her enemy. Anything formed that is bigger than, oh say, one and a half times her size, will cause her to pass out. Anything bigger than two times her size will most likely cause her to die.

Besides these main spells, Jericho can also do the basic stuff, like concentrating on a certain spot and setting fire to it, as well as slightly being able to manipulate already lit fires. This just entails moving the fire about on the spot to make it look like it's dancing, or making shapes with the flames.


Light Arrow: She fires an arrow made of pure light energies from her bow. These arrows never miss.

Healing (original, aren't I?): Cures any wound, though the bigger the wound the more energy Jericho needs in order to use it. For example, curing little blade wounds is quite simple. Curing cancer or a regenerating a severed limb will require much more time and energy.

Esuna: Cures most non-physical wounds caused by spells. This includes purging poison, curing paralysis, ammending burns, thawing the frozen, calming the confused, lifting blindness, giving speed to the slow, awakening those who sleep, and curing little things like headaches and stomach aches.

Comet's Rain: Hundreds upon thousands of beams of light rain down from the heavens above, causing a great deal of damage. The more spread out this spell is (as in, a radius of five feet or a radius of ten miles), the more energy it consumes.

Besides these, Jericho will often apply the power of light to her hand or to a small object, in order to create light when exploring a place that would be too dangerous to carry a torch in.


Phoenix Shield: Creates a orange/red/white, bubble-like shield around her and people standing nearby. It protects them from all offensive (as in, not status changing) magics except spells that are both water and dark based (so if a plain water spell is launched, it would get through the fire part of the shield but be stopped by the light part of the shield). As a disadvantage, people who collide with the shield (whether they're inside it or outside it) will be severely burned. The bigger the bubble shield, the more energy is needed to keep it up. Depending on the amount of energy Jericho has to begin with, it can last up to two hours when she is just protecting herself.

AARRRGHH!!: Okay, that's basically the initiation for the spell. Whenever Jericho undergoes a great deal of stress, or becomes extremely angry/sad/depressed, this will happen. Her entire body becomes encased in flame, the flames forming the basic shape of a bird. A bright light will issue forth from her body, and everyone in the area, be they friend or foe, is hit with a giant blast of flame. This attack usually leaves the area with little more than a few smouldering... things, plus her being unconcious for a long while. Please note that she cannot activate this on her own, nor can she stop it once it starts. Basically folks- don't piss her off, m'kay? M'kay.

Weapon: Simple, fire-hardened longbow; has the shiny, almost greasy look of a bow that is well taken care of.

Other: Doughnuts = donuts, and proper spelling has gone to hell.

- - -

Name: Enzeru Fushubi

Race: Human/Mavole and hybrid Jumi (explained in history)

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Profession: Full time student and TA

Affiliation: Academy of Magic

Physical Description: While Enzeru doesn’t look like the muscular type, he is actually well toned, thanks mainly to his father’s genes. Surprisingly though, his stature is rather small as he only reaches a mere 5’6”; when robed he’s even been mistaken as a teenager on more than one occasion by new students (doesn’t help that his voice is a natural medium tone, completing his “unfortunate” appearance). He keeps his black hair slicked back otherwise it becomes very unruly, and he’s also known to wear a large pair of bifocals over his golden-jade eyes though his sight is fine (though he’s only been noted to wear the glasses when he serves as TA for Thesenis, and is often found mumbling after class of how he’ll get them to work eventually). In his leisure he wears hemp pants and pull over vest, both with mythril chain inlay for added protection (and trust me, there are times he needs it); he even managed to put an enchantment within the metal and fabric of both articles of clothing so that they change color based on his mood… though oddly, they never seem to alter from darker colors even if he’s not in a bad mood. However, most of the time he spends in school, so he is more often found wearing one of the robes affiliated with one of the teachers depending on whom he’s scheduled to help. He is also always found with a number of enchanted vials that keep things put in them forever cold; he uses these mainly for blood whenever he needs a quick pick me up; and though it is not seen by many, he always wears a blood jade pendant, which being away from causes discomfort. He also uses this pendant as a focal point for some of his magics, as well as a family heirloom that he also never leaves home without and keeps strapped to his back for ready access (see weapon).

Personality: Enzeru, or Izzy as he prefers to be called outside of formal settings, is a bit of a Pandora’s Box. His actions can at times be so random it’s been thought he has a personality disassociation disorder, but there are some constants that always seem to remain and he always responds to his name. Luckily, he never seems to cause much damage (relatively speaking of course), and none of these personalities seem to be exceptionally violent, save for one (explained in history). He has a great passion for magic and is now working desperately for a new type to be cognized, and this passion is matched only for his feelings to Professor Thesenis. He loves his work in the academy and has made some very promising breakthroughs, which he’s more than happy to celebrate with a night on the town, where he often uses his breakthroughs to cause a little harmless (usually) mischief, as he is also a great fan of practical jokes. Obviously he is many things, but unfortunately he has difficulty being sympathetic to anything or anyone, so while he’s certainly reliable for many things, he may not be the best to come to in an emotional crisis.

History: Enzeru’s history is a detailed one for his few years so I will try and keep it to the main points… His mother was human and his father was a malove, and obviously the union was not approved of. Enzeru’s father, Azael, also had difficulty leaving his “town” when it wasn’t night as his affliction to the sun was exceptionally potent. Because of this, Sera decided to leave her hometown and, with help from her family, who at least wanted her to be able to live in some comfort knowing they would not change her mind, built a house in the dense forest outside Azael’s home. This allowed them to basically live together, and it wasn’t long before Sera gave birth to a son.
Such a unique union also yielded a unique offspring; it was soon found that their child, while he did not posess increased strength as his father, also suffered not from the light of day, and though the superhuman strength was not there, he would always have a natural body of a very fit individual. In the end, while he lost many strengths of one species, he lost many weaknesses as well, and slowly developed new ones; for instance, while he could not take the form of a bat, he was capable of manifesting his own familiar; and thus life went for the boy, and both cultures loved him; however that began to change one day when he ventured into a part of the forest he had not been in before.

Izzy soon came across a pendant hung around some form of alter… Not being old enough to really think about it, and just thinking he found something nice to give to his mother, he picked it up and decided to wear it home; however when he got back, not only did he not give this gift to his mother, but he seemed, at least mentally, much older. Things went like this for about a week and he became progressively violent, and though he had no training, proved to be adept with ADVANCED magics. Eventually Enzeru was brought before the sagest of the mavole, who were quickly able to deduce what happened. The child had been possessed by the malevolent remnants of a Jumi who was probably now using the boy in a hope to enact vengeance from the massacres.

Discussions then went about on how to handle the situation while Enzeru was detained safely… When it was realized that the Jumi could not be removed from Izzy without possibly killing him, people began to show concern. There was even brief talk of killing him with the Jumi inside so it might not happen to someone else, but that was quickly shot down. In time, a solution was come up with; to prevent this angry spirit from truly taking over this pride of two peoples, an ancient rite would be used to turn the two souls into one. No one knew how it might effect Ezneru, but it seemed like the safest course of action. Taking some blood from both Azael and Sera, the ritual was performed successfully, and strangely Izzy held no memories of how he behaved and his personality somewhat altered, creating new memories that everyone just decided to play along with.

A few years after this, it was time for Enzeru to decide what he was to do with his life, and with his growing interests in magic arts the choice seemed obvious. Both towns, happy to see a well rounded, if not eccentric boy, pooled resources together to send him off to the magic academy, where he would excel all around, but never showed spectacular promise in any field. During the time he was to spend training for an art mastery, he couldn’t seem to make up his mind, and it was around then he met with Kathinja and she learned of his experimental nature and some rather unique tricks he’d come up with. She decided to hear more from him, and soon found out his dream had become to create a “new” form of magic, which he referred to as –Mancy and Weaving Arts. It was certainly a unique art to the school and one that showed much promise, but there was one major roadblock; so far only Enzeru could use it efficiently. So it was decided for his masters program, he would study to make this magic form readily accessible to all who would seek it, and assist the other teachers while learning more detailed things from them as a teachers’ aide. Knowing a good opportunity when it was presented to him, Enzeru jumped at the opportunity and has been at the academy since; slowly making headway and occasional breakthroughs in the art as he learns more about it and himself.

Skills/Abilities/Spells: Enzeru has good proficiency with all the schools of magic, and knows how to effectively draw from them (i.e. Fireballs, sonic booms, etc., etc.), though he doesn’t seem to truly excel at anything. However, his –Mancy and Weaving Arts let him do basically what his imagination and current skill level are limited to. Some of his more interesting innovations are the Air Noose/Net, and a restorative needle and thread which he weaves from his aura or the aura of others. He also has his own imp-esque familiar, oddly spawned from him, and as they both answered to the same name, they eventually agreed the bat-winged imp would be called Iz. Another interesting ability of Izzy is the fact he doesn’t need blood to survive like a pure malove; instead, he can drink blood as a potent restorative; though since it needs to be blood from sentient beings for it to work, he tries to avoid it… unless he can pick up a little extra in Thesenis’ classes

-Mancy arts proficiency are in are as follows…

Aeromancy (Example: Air Net/Noose; used to bind or hang)

Geomancy (Example: Creating quicksand or jagged spires to shoot up from the ground)

Pyromancy (Example: increasing potency of fire or directing spells using it to targets)

Hydromancy (Example: making geysers where water is present or storms where moisture is abundant)

Auramancy (like with the needle and thread, these are mainly healing arts)

-Mancy arts still being experimented in…

Necromancy (don’t expect any headway to be made here unless there is some kind of development made along the way that allows it)

Celamancy (Light –Mancy)

Nocturmancy (Darkness –Mancy)

Inermancy (Energy –Mancy such as lightning)

For those who still don’t get it, -Mancy arts are the manipulation of an element to the users will. In it’s ideal form, it is control of an element, but Enzeru does not possess that kind of power of yet… these are NOT spells, but rather extensions of will and are thereby not set to a conformed standard.

Weapon: Enzeru carries a Light enchanted ancestral dagger forged of Damascus that was passed down in his family for generations. However since his style is mainly passive aggressive, he rarely makes use of it outside as a medium to amplify spells.

Other: While the two souls are now one, the vengeful Jumi persona can sometimes hold more sway over Enzeru than normal. When that personality takes over Izzy becomes incapable of using his normal spells, but instead gains access to Blood Magic, a powerful form of darkness based summoning magic, that as the name implies, requires a blood sacrifice; however control has never been gained long enough to cause any sort of damage with it. However, like with the other sides of his personality, these aren’t necessarily split… instead, it is a side effect of the trauma he endured while possessed and when he was merged. Since then, each time he reaches a new maturity level, the old one becomes like an underlying skin. He can regress to any of these levels while still maintaining the same sense of being, because on a technical level, all the different personalities are him; just psychologically younger versions of.

- - -

Name: Pearl Groves

Race: Jumi

Age: Looks 17, probably more likely around 90

Sex: Female

Profession: Healer

Affiliation: Spinner, but is currently traveling as a wandering Jumi.

Core: Pearl -- Wisp/Light Element

Physical Description: Pearl is a small girl, standing about five-foot even. Her skin is soft and smooth, the envy of women twice her age. Her hazel-brown hair drapes forward over her eyes and bushes out into a pony-tail which doesn't extend past her shoulder blades. White-eyed and cheeks blushed slightly pink, her face is soft and warm, and she always has a smile on her face. Some may consider Pearl the perfect sort of person to con. Fortunately for her, most consider her an exception, when her white, pupil-less eyes gaze with hopeful innocence. For she is completely blind, and only the cruelest of hearts would ever dare to take advantage of her.

Being blind, she mostly wears things that are easy to assemble. Her white loose and baggy Arabian-style pants cling to her body with tied string around the ankles and waist, as is a grey shirt made and looking of the same material. Over her shirt is a simple white cloth vest with very pretty embroidery which V's out at her Jumi core, a white pearl in the shape of a tear with a big crack running diagonally across it. On her feet are comfortable brown leather slip-on sandles. She always carries with her a bag which she drapes across her chest like a satch-bag which contains some light provisions and a spare outfit.

Personality: Pearl acts exactly like she looks: comforting, kind, and caring. Without meeting you, she already has become your best friend, whether you know it or not. She passionately cares for others and hates to hear a person in pain or suffering physically or emotionally. She will do everything she can to help others, regardless of who they are. She loves talking and meeting new people, and is filled with the gift of enjoying life. In some ways, she's naive to the darkness which sometimes resides in people's hearts, but even if she was aware of this quality she wouldn't care very much to dwell on it. Her biggest weakness lies in her persistence: if she gets a big idea in her head that she will see to its completion until she either succeeds or is bonked on the head by somebody. Regardless, she's a very sweet girl and most people enjoy meeting someone like her.

History: Pearl was found badly hurt, drenched in blood in the middle of a cotton field, about ten years ago. The farmers who discovered her quickly brought her in and tended to her wounds, using some simple healing magic. The magic helped her heal far sooner then expected, and she quickly regained consciousness. To her astonishment, she could hear the man and woman that rescued her, but she saw nothing but black. This frightened her at first, as something inside told her she should be able to see. Her fear turned to panic as she found she couldn't answer the couple's simple questions, like who she was and where she came from. Confused and bewildered, the couple left her alone that night to cry herself through her ruined eyes.

The next few days, Pearl (as she was called by the gem in her chest) decided that she should return the hospitality to the people who found her. She asked them if there was anything she could do to pay them back. The couple, spinners by trade, brought her to a loom and had her practice spinning. Though she hurt her fingers frequently at first, it wasn't long before she got the hang of spinning. Her heart swelled with pride over this accomplishment; she knew she could overcome her blindness.

As the years passed by, Pearl discovered she had a natural skill for healing and used her gift to help whoever she could. Though she couldn't direct a spell accurately, she could lay her hands on the person's injury and within moments the wound would magically disappear. Once again, her heart swelled with pride. But more then pride, every time she used her magic she felt as though she belonged. As though healing was her purpose to be.

Eventually, the farmer's adopted Pearl as their daughter, which gave her the last name "Groves." On that day, she realized that though she was blind and she didn't know who or where she was, that she still could become somebody and have a home somewhere. She loved her adopted parents, and was content with life. But that evening, she dreamed of a far-off city in the sky, where the streets were paved of gold and the buildings carved into house-sized gemstones. A longing filled her heart, and she knew she must go to visit the place in her dreams. She told her new family, and they wished her the best on her adventure (for at this time they had already bonked her on the head several times with no effect.) Currently she is wandering the world, trying desperately to find out what her dreams mean.

Natural Radiance: (Wisp) Pearl's casts a spell that gradually restores health to everybody near her.

Heal: (Wisp) Heals an ally and restores statuses. Pearl needs to be touching the wound in order to heal it. The worse the damage, the more energy it takes for Pearl to heal.

Light Curtain (Wisp): Pearl casts a spell which creates a veil three feet around her that protects her and everybody within the veil against physical and magical attacks.

Heal Burst (Wisp): Pearl casts a gigantic heal spell that heals everything within six feet of her, monsters included. This is her biggest cure spell, and she can only do it four-five times in a day without destroying her body.

Flash (Wisp): Pearl's only attack spell, and it can only do damage if the monster falls on something. Pearl creates a burst of light above her head which blinds and knocks back anything seeing it. Pearl dislikes using this skill, as it has hurt her friends on occasion.

Weapon: A common healer's staff sold to her by the traveling merchant Niccolo (therefore, definitely of poor quality). Being blind, she has no real purpose of using the staff other then to direct her spells or perhaps counter attack if an enemy grabs her.

Other: Pearl loves sweet things. In fact, she loves them so much that if you promise her a sweet thing she will pretty much do anything for you.

- - -

Name: Lathe Montgomery

Race: Human

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Profession: Marksman

Affiliation: The Warriors Guild of Dominia -- Green Eagles.

Physical Description: Lathe is tall and lanky, standing at 5'10" and weighing about 120 lbs. While he may not look it, he is actually fairly agile and has enough muscle to restrain most people, if necessary. He has sandy brown hair which spikes up, a thin-lipped scowl and sharp grey eyes that gaze with exact precision. That's not to say that he cannot be friendly, he just doesn't usually warm up to people. His arms and back has some scars across them for when he used to herd oxen. Other people's first impression of him tend to be indifferent, cautious or intimidated.

He wears a light-blue headband over his head, which gives him a broom-head appearance, a tan leather vest worn down by wind and rain, loose tan pants and new well-made leather boots. A high-ranking officer of the Green Eagles, he wears a green tunic which covers all but the front (and is useful when sniping in forested areas). Over all this drapes a quiver full of crossbow bolts with various heads. Most of the clothes, except his boots (because good shoe-ware is important), he's worn for a very long time because they shift almost automatically to his movements.

Personality: Precise most accurately describes Lathe. Not only is he exceptional with his crossbow, he makes sure that everything he does is done so with perfect accuracy (or as close to it as possible). Once given a mission or objective, he sees it through to the end regardless of the consequences and risks involved. While dealing with people, he seems shy at first, but he can actually become quite amiable in a reserved sort of way. He tries not to reveal much of himself, but can be generally interested in what others have to say and is never afraid to ask questions. Deep down, he also has a hidden passion for natural beauty and loves to see and feel the intricacies of trees, plants, rocks, rivers and mountains.

History: Once upon a time, Lathe was the son of an ox shepherd and would spend most of his youth watching over the oxen to make sure no wild beasts came after them. This being a particularly boring job, he would often spend the hours shooting a crossbow rod at a tree or a rock and became very accurate with it. When the Harvest Festival for his city came, he would often prove the best in the area, which redoubled his practice watching the oxen to make sure his skills stay sharp. When he was young, his father would often threaten to take away his crossbow for practicing more then watching the oxen, but when Lathe commented that the crossbow was his only weapon out there he ensured that his weapon was safe.

During one Harvest Festival, however, the daughter of a wandering family of bird-folk competed in the marksman competition and came a very near second to Lathe. Impressed with his skill, the girl, whose name was Margarite, visited Lathe when he "watched the oxen" to practice with him and talk. She taught him how to see the world with "eyes that see all that is" and partially taught him the beauty of nature. In return, Lathe taught her to shoot well and would give her some of his lunches that he'd bring with him. If you've been following along, you wouldn't be surprised to find that they fell in love with each other.

One day, Margarite didn't come to see him. Confused and worried, Lathe ran to her tent, leaving the oxen behind. The shepherd boy found the bird-girl shawled in blankets, gravely ill. Knowing of a ward in Geo, Lathe brought Margarite, almost single handed even though her family came with her, to the city to be given treatment. The white mage told him of the condition she had and that the only medication used to cure it was made by the rabbit folk merchant, Niccolo. Unfortunately for Lathe, Niccolo knew the value of this medicine and promptly told Lathe that a vial would cost 1,000,000 fol. What's more, to fully heal Margarite, Niccolo said, ten vials would be needed. To pay the conniving bunny, Lathe joined the Warrior's Guild at Dominia. Almost every fol he makes (except those for food and supplies) goes to paying Niccolo so he could treat Margarite. Currently, he mission is to aid Pearl in her quest (paid by Pearl's parents, of course.)

Eagle Eye (Ability): Lathe has the ability to see all details of the external world.

Piercing Shot (Djinn): Using a specially honed bolt heads endowed with Djinn magic, Lathe shoots a bolt which can pierce any defense.

Stun Shot (Gonme): Using a specially honed bolt heads endowed with Gnome magic, Lathe shoots a bolt which slows its target's movement and speed.

Mage Masher (Aura): Using a specially honed bolt heads endowed with Aura magic, Lathe shoots a bolt which can potentially causes a spell to explode on a mage. This spell requires a lot of timing and has a low success rate.

Weapon: A Green Eagle's brand auto-crossbow, custom-fitted for his size and strength. Because of their small size, the Green Eagles outfit their members with the best available weaponry. Lathe also possess some skill in hand-to-hand combat particularly intended to restrict or disarm an opponent.

Other: Lathe is a artist of exceptional quality and can accurately sketch any person, place or thing within five minutes.

- - -

Name: known as QC to the Domina regulars (what it stands for, we have no idea)

Race: Bug-Folk

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Profession: Stealing! Those who know of her joke about her having "kleprosy". ("I'm not a kleptomaniac! People just like to give me things!")

Affiliation: Random citizen/Freelance adventurer

Physical Description: Basically, just human. QC has antennae that are usually flattened against her short, fiery orange hair, which she has cursed on more than one occasion. How is someone supposed to steal stuff when you stand out like fish-man in a crowd of lizard-folk? Her eyes match her hair, and reveal a sly cleverness and sharpness for detail that comes with her... um, "occupation". She doesn't have the tough carapace of many of her kind, making her feel vunerable, and often inferior in the eyes of her people. She tries to blend in with the humans, as much as they irritate her, so she makes a habit of wearing their style of clothing. Of course, the light clothing of a thief does not always do the best job of concealing the wings on her back, nor does her headband always do a good job of holding down her antennae. Both insect traits have a bad habit of making themselves known when QC is angered or intensely interested in something.

Personality: Known for a variable personality and an interesting temper, she is, nonetheless, known to be generally harmless. The biggest risk she poses is to your valuables.

QC is usually pretty casual, cheerful, and seems somewhat easy to get along with. It could all turn around in an instant, however, if you manage to say the wrong thing to her. She's famous for her expressive face and shrewd thinking. Despite her sharp tongue making its occasional appearances, and her unfortunate lifestyle of thievery and treasure-obsession, she's a good person deep down. Truly, if it really came down to it, she probably couldn't kill someone, or even hurt them too much, for that matter.

Even so, she still wishes to join the Warrior's Guild of Domina, if only the Green Eagles Squad, and prove to everyone that she's not just 'another bug'. But first, to the Junkyard and Lake Kilma to pilpher their treasure!

History: Born in Lumina, QC seems to almost have been destined to a life a crime. This fact combined with her insect nature explains her fascination with bright lights.

A group of low-lives occupied the lower alleys of the dark city, giving it an unkind reputation even among the residents who knew the town. Very young at the time, a little QC wandered the streets, looking for a higher perch for a better view of the bright full moon, misstepped on her way up onto the roof of a shady-looking building.

After a painful landing, she found herself being jerked from side to side, and noticed her wrists were bound. Apparently, they had been plotting something, and thought that she had heard! Forced to follow them around, she eventually found herself in the busy city of Domina.

Managing to escape from her captors via a twist of good fortune and some interference from the local Warrior's Guild, she struck out onto the streets once more. From then on, she honed her skills of sleight of hand, understanding the basic nature of the races, and practiced her bladework every day to make a name for herself.


Skill- deadly accurate with knives, but not so much with swords.

Ability- can see in the dark (she doesn't really use her wings).

Spell- (lightning) can generate a small electric charge. As it isn't really a spell, it doesn't have a name and is considered more of a nuisance than anything as it may sometimes magnetize metal objects.

Not only labeled the Local Pickpocket, QC also is the keeper of much valuable information. Whether she knows the true value of it or not is a mystery, but she can list anything about nearly anyone or any place in Domina. It also seems that her habit of stealing anything that isn't bolted down seems to have sent her in the direction of more than one undercover Jumi. (Those beautiful, sparkling jewels... so many colors... I simply must have them! Ah, whoops! It's attached to you?! Ah heh heh, sooorry! Didn't realize! I'll... justletmyselfoutnow.Bye! *dashes*)

Weapon: some impressively sharp throwing knives, a large dagger, and a lovely one-handed sword on her back that she "borrowed" from a merchant. She's not particularily skilled with the sword, but she's improving.

7th August 2006, 1:00 AM
I should probably give a description of Hordhk, seeing as he was a key character in my sample, has shown himself once again, and is a large part of QC's steal/scream/steal shtick.

Name: Hordhk Helgland

Race: human (that little weakling)

Age: 19-20... yeah, in and around there

Sex: Male

Profession: stealing/conning people

Affiliation: Random citizen/freelance adventurer

Physical Description: this guy seems to be nothing but opposites. He has a full, proud voice whether he's singing or not, but wears your basic tunic/cloth & leather apparel of the peasants. He's got these extremely green eyes that don't seem like they should belong to a human, and seem even greener in contrast to the tanned skin of the desert people he has inherited. Most of all, though, is his hair that seems to estrange people. Despite his being young, his hair is gray; the hair itself looks young other than the color, but it still seems to baffle many people.

You can usually find some sort of small weapon(s) tied under his clothing somewhere just in case the guild decides to, once again, try to eliminate the theft problem in the city.

Personality: Hordhk is usually pretty easy-going. You'd have to be to be asking for help one second, and making off with some person's wealth the next, all without the tiniest bit of remorse.

He likes to sing when he has the chance, or enchant people with tales he's heard from travelers who visit Domina. Most of all, however, he just loves to annoy QC. She seems to have simply given up on most things, letting him call her "Buggy" (and more rarely, "QT") and reluctantly accepting it at his nickname for her. It still doesn't change the fact that he's strangle-worthy on most occasions.

He likes to flirt with pretty girls. Actually, he can't seem to help himself. It's a shame his lifestyle either puts them off, or the Warrior's Guild seems to appear whenever an opportunity to meet someone arises. It's almost like he's doomed to be alone.

History: he doesn't talk about his past much, but apparently he had once lived with a nomadic tribe out in the desert. Said tribe was devastated by the Red Wolf unit of the Warrior's Guild, and so he shares none of QC's desires to join with them. None of his memories of that time are pleasant, be he rarely lets anything ruin his upbeat attitude, anyway.

Somehow, he made it to Domina. Seeing such a grand city after living out in the sands was almost overwhelming. He couldn't wait to live there! Sadly, though, he never managed to get a nice house to live in, and so ended up living on the streets and stealing for his livelihood. So much for moving on in life.

Skills / Abilities / Spells:

Besides being able to sweet-talk/sucker almost anyone into anything, he's got a serious gift for sleight of hand. If he comes to close for even a slit second, it's best that you check your valuables. Chances are, they won't be there.

Sand (Gnome)- this doesn't really have a name, but try to cope. This is a naturally inherited ability of his people. Basically, where there's sand, there's power. From temporarily blinding people to ramoving the ground itself from beneath them, Hordhk can move the sands to his will. Of course, this ability isn't very developed, and he rarely has an opportunity to use it in the sand-free streets of Domina.

Weapon(s)- knives, daggers (all stolen of course), and whetever else is at hand at the time. He seems to have found a natural affinity with whips, but can't seem to find one, and so remains whipless.

Other: despite verything said, Hordhk does like to think a lot. Hm... what else...? He likes sandwiches quite a bit (no pun intended). The combination of bread with food in the middle is intriguing. He likes dogs, doesn't like the cold, and sometimes talks/mumbles in his sleep. That's about it, I think.

2nd September 2006, 6:06 AM
I am allowing Sapphire Persian to join in our RP, here's her info:

Name: Fiara Vier

Race: Feline-Folk

Age: Twenty-One

Sex: Female

Profession: She doesn’t have much of a profession really, she just concerns herself at doing what she wants, while being under the jurisdiction of the Warrior’s Guild. She makes money by being a member of the Red Cobra and doing the stuff it entails.

Affiliation: Warrior’s Guild Red Cobra

Physical Description: Fiara, orange-red furred and golden-eyed, looks much like most of the female feline folk you are likely to run into at least once during your life. She’s fairly tall for her people – about 5 foot seven in height, with a very lithe, well muscled body due to her many years in training.

She really does not put herself out in exterior appearance, though she oftentimes wears a few bangles around her wrists and ankles that “supposedly” help enhance her electric-type magic properties. (Whether it does or not, no one really knows). Her garb consists of the regular red-cobra garb, though when she’s off duty or relaxing, she wears only the necessities in clothing, and it usually tends to be the same color as her fur. She has (of course) a pair of ears and a tail, with slitted eyes. And though she possesses human “hands” – with the five digits able to perform more than a normal cat’s paw, it’s furred with rather lethal looking claws at the end. Her feet are no different.

Personality: Rash, with not as stout of a head as her deceased brother, Fiara constantly employs the ‘act first, ask questions later’ sort of mentality. She won’t usually stop and consider her actions until their already over with, and if she ended up doing something wrong – well, better luck next time, she supposes. Though she listens to authority as need be, she’s quite independent and prefers to do things in her own way, and her own time.

She’s outgoing – though she doesn’t go out of her way to make friends with people as her nature might dictate. It takes quite some time to make friends with her, and those that do have to be patient people with a more saintly soul than some possess. Her temper is that of a blazing fire, easily sparked and though it does not burn hotly after the initial eruption, she has a tendency to sulk into a bad mood oftentimes – this anger has only multiplied ever since her brother was killed… most would say she was a lot easier to get along with before, and was much less temperamental and hard to get along with before her brother died – though with her current personality, few can readily imagine that.

She’s fiercely protective of those she cares about – and gives her loyalty to, though those said people are few and far in between. Her warrior skills are great, even if her magic proficiency is rather lacking in power.


Fiara grew up in a small clan of feline-folk – only consisting (as was quite usual) of her mother, father, herself, and her older brother – of which was about two years older than her. Her family was very strict and prideful, quite adamant about holding the “warrior tradition”, which Fiara never paid too much attention to, but followed because she had to.

When she was about fifteen, her parents enrolled her into the warriors guild, which her brother was apart of. The two siblings had a very good relationship with one another, with Fiara acting almost “normal” (if a bit hotheaded) when she was around him. Her brother was a part of the Green Eagles division, having a very high aptitude with the bow and arrow – a very good proficiency at that.

With him being older, and so well-skilled, he often went on missions that required the keen of eye, and for the most part, he enjoyed it. Fiara still had a few years to go in the guild before she would be shafted into a division and tried her best to learn the things expected of her – though not for their sake, but to make her brother proud of her.

She was not as gifted in the Bow and Arrow as her brother was, much to her disappointment. She’d try – and he’d even help her – but she’d tend to fail miserably, missing the target by some distance. She wanted to be a part of the Green Eagles, but as time moved on, Fate had different plans. Much different.

Just as she turned eighteen, her brother was killed on small mission consisting of him and only two other members. She didn’t know the details of it, only that they needed Varhi (her brother)’s sharp shooting skills. She found out he died by a cold, shallow faced frog-creature, who only gave her the sparsest details that they could give: he’d dead. My apologies.

She didn’t know who he even went on the mission with – though both of them – well at least one – had come back alive. She believed both of them did, but neither tried to seek her out. So, when the time came a month later for her abilities to be tried and tested so she could be put in the division, she tried desperately to become one of the Green Eagles, so she could find out more about her brother’s death and those surrounding it, as it was her intention to take revenge on the one that killed him.

Sadly, her skills were not enough to get her in to the Eagles, and she was, instead, given to the more fitting division of the Red Cobras. She despised that, but she went along with the decision, trying to find out all the information she could, while trying desperately to get into the ranks of the Green Eagles – which she is still trying to do to this day.


Skills: She excels at physical combat – as she possesses superior strength, speed, and dexterity, though her way of attacking is very direct, leaving very little defense.

She also has a small ability in magic with lightning. She can do not much more than throw a few small bolts of electricity at the opponent – good enough for a distraction and a little damage, I suppose, although she makes use of it in a different way.

She tends to channel that electricity through her body, so it surrounds her like a makeshift shield. The electricity is not overly powerful, but it’s sure to deliver a nasty shock to to those who try to touch her with their bare hands, or weapons that will conduct the electricity – unless they have some resilience to lightning. (Which is sometimes the case).

She uses it synergistically with her attacks, that add a bit more “bite” to her punch, though, as I said, it’s not as powerful as a Lightning-Mage or something along those lines. But she makes use of what she can.


Channel: As said, she quite frequently channels electricity through her body, causing a small amount of electricity (perhaps static electricity) to course around her whole body as she attacks.

Electric Scatter: Fiara conjures up a small amount of low damage shockwaves that she throws at the opponent. Not too damaging, but shocking, and a handy distraction.

Electric Orb: Fiara can mold electricity into an orb that seems to “float” just above her palm. It can give of light, or used as an attack weapon. Not overly powerful, as I said.

Weapon: Her own fists really, though she carries a bow and arrows that she can’t really use – but she tries anyway, and a pair of throwing/stabbing knives to use in those more desperate situations.

Other: The Bow and Arrows she currently carries are her brother’s.

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