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4th June 2006, 8:37 AM
My very first scratch sprite! And it's vereh bad.


And some mixes I did for people too. They got better the more I made them.

http://www.freewebs.com/pokebunny/Recolour 21.gif
Pokémon recoloured as other Pokémon
Splices my first ones
A torchic/pikachu
A bad groudon/pichu
Eevee/jolteon/flareon/vaporeon/espeon and umbreon
Half shiny milotic. Easy and looks good!
Crobat and yamna
Salamence/plusle. I liked how this one came out
This one's my favourite. Pikanaut!

4th June 2006, 5:26 PM
The Flareon is actually very good. It just needs a rounder head. Some of your mixes/splices aren't recolored. They have to be recolored like Pikanaut. A lot of your stuff is pretty good. I liked the Teddiursa/Togepi.

4th June 2006, 9:01 PM
Well, my Pikanaut and Salulse were when I had got BETTER at spriting. :D Thanks for the comment on Flareon.

Megg Lavender
4th June 2006, 9:39 PM
Great sprites! Some need a bit of work, though... ^^; Also, I like that Dragonair recolor! It catches my attention, and it's really pretty. =D Great job. ^^

5th June 2006, 4:54 PM
Thanks. Sorry for posting twice. I clicked teh button twice. :(

5th June 2006, 4:59 PM
You know that for your first scratch thatis great! I have been spriting for 6 months and I haven't mastered scratching! So, you are good so far!

5th June 2006, 10:12 PM
The scratch really isn't that good- truth be told, I don't see a single good part of it. The shape is totally off and very messy, not well-done at all, and the shading is also quite poor. Try to look at other sprites and see how the shading is done on them as well, especially the other Flareon sprites. Sorry, but I just can't find a single part of the scratch that was done properly, and it looks like you just took the tail of another Flareon sprite and turned it upside down, but I could be wrong (if I'm right, then this isn't a true scratch).

The first set of recolors are okay, but you used very bright colors on most of them. Mudkip looks like a blaring neon sign, and the colors look unnatural. Pikachu is better, but its cheeks look like traffic lights. Gorebyss is a bit better in that the yellow isn't so bad, but the blue is worse than Mudkip's (it's so bright you can barely make out the shading). Dragonair is definitely the best, and is actually quite pretty- nice colors! And Charmander is just a tad too bright, but a big improvement from Gorebyss.

There isn't much to comment on for the color swaps. They're quite good, though there are a few places you could have recolored, like Skarmory's wings could have been the grey of Latios' body. Plusle's mouth shouldn't really be blue, and for Espeon there are spots that are more of a dark purple than black (if that makes any sense). Good job otherwise.

The mixes...well, they're simple, certainly nothing special, nor amazing. With Electrike you didn't recolor him properly to Articuno's colors, and the front wing is places too far forward on its body. The Mareep/Bayleef looks very strange, just because the neck is so long and you didn't recolor the legs (tail is a bit too high up as well). On Totodile...Chikorita's leaf should be facing the other way (because the shading is off) but the sprite itself isn't so good because all you did was paste other body parts onto it, which you should try to avoid doing. The wings shouldn't be BEHIND Venudaur (unless they're growing out of its butt) and they, along with the cannons, should be recolored (and again, it should be more of a mix, less of a copy/paste thing). The Clefable is quite good, despite the simplicity, quite original, actually. Tediursa looks a bit too big for Togepi's egg, and you might want to recolor the arms, though overall it's pretty neat.

Torchick/Pikachu isn't very good or impressive, and you need to recolor the parts. Actually, I suggest you color it using Pikachu's colors.

Nothing to say about the Groudon except 'it looks like an ordinary Groudon but…where is its tail?' because really, that isn’t much of a mix. >>

The Eeveelution mix is…well, it isn’t very good. It's impressive that you could fit at least one body part from all five of them onto the Eevee, but it isn't exactly good…

The half Shiny Milotic is actually a pretty neat idea. Nothing extremely impressive, but neat none-the-less.

Again, for the Crobat and Yanma recolors, the colors you used were a bit too bright. Not as bad as the ones on top, but not very good. Yanma's coloring is certainly better than Crobat's, though.

The Salemance/Plusle is quite cool, though there wasn't much mixing involved. You did an okay job, except that the ear on the left should be sort of behind the head, or at least moved more to the left. Also for the underside of the right wing you probably should have used a lighter red color as opposed to maroon.

Pikanaut is very good, though you ruined it when you made the thing on top of its head face the other way, which sort of ruined it. It's mixed well other than that, except that you need to fix the shading in some places- remember that everything casts a shadow, so its body is blocking the light on the tail so there shouldn't be any highlights on it.

Overall…not so good. The occasional good sprite can be spotted, but otherwise I think you need a good bit of improvement. Have a look at the tutorials (there’s a whole Sticky full of them) and the sprite collections of a few other people to get a better idea of spriting in general.
I hope you listen and try to improve- you look like you can be a pretty good spriter some day. Keep up the work, and good luck!

PS: I highly suggest you take away one of your double posts before a Mod sees them. Just go 'Edit' and then 'Delete'; it's quite simple.

Edit: WHOOO, 999 posts!

6th June 2006, 5:50 PM
Thanks for the cirts Psychic. I know you don't hate me but if you did I still wouldn't be sad. I know the scratch sprite is rubbish. I said so myself.

And for the other sprites. I made those a looooooooong time ago. I have really improved now. So thanks but I've gotten alot better now so I'm not put off by the crits.

I have some of my good ones on my old files. I need to ask my step-dad to get them back up.

6th June 2006, 6:04 PM
I like some of em, some need work...

6th June 2006, 6:08 PM
It's no trouble at all, Mudkip. Thank you for not throwing my crit in my face. You don't have to worry about me hating you- my hate is reserved for the 'bad' people of the world, and you certainly aren't one of them.

*nods* Good to know. In that case, I'd love to see your newer sprites. ^^

Again, good luck, looking forward to seeing more!