View Full Version : Journey Across America Commercial?

5th June 2006, 3:27 AM
Well, apparently, on Saturday, during KidsWB's other shows (not Pokemon), they showed this commercial for Journey Across America which will be in my area this coming weekend (June 10th).

Unfortunately, I missed the commercial because Pokemon is the only show that I watch on KidsWB.

And until one of my friends told me, I had NO idea that Ash was one of the voice overs for the commercial. When I heard that I was like, "What!? He was? Aww, I didn't get to see it. That's not fair!".

Anyway, that made me really wish I had seen that commercial. I would've given anything to have heard Ash say all that cool stuff. <3

So, my question is, does anyone happen to have the commercial that advertises Journey Across America?

I wanna see it really, really bad!!!!!!

6th June 2006, 4:26 AM

So no one has either A) Seen any kind of commercial for JAA

or B) Has that said commercial on their computer, by any chance

Aww, I wanted to see it, since apparently my friends told me all about it after they saw it themselves. I had to hear all about how Ash was one of the voice overs. And as soon as I heard my two friends say that, I wanted to see the commercial right away! But, I have no idea if it'll even reair, considering JAA is this coming weekend. :(