View Full Version : what happened to Mewshangout?

6th June 2006, 5:09 AM
about a month ago i went there and it was totally awesome.then, a few weeks later,it was shut down and when i tried to e-mail mewkitty(the creator of the site)it said her mailbox was full.that sucked.does anyone know what happened?

6th June 2006, 6:13 AM
Oh ya I remeber that site, I haven't gone on there for a while because I forgot my password. I wonder what happened...

6th June 2006, 8:45 AM
Mew's Hangout.com (http://www.mewshangout.com)?

It's just an SQL error on the index. Every other link seems to work though.

6th June 2006, 9:36 PM
I'm sure Mew's Hangout will be back up shortly.

7th June 2006, 7:56 PM
i hope so because it was awesome.

25th July 2006, 1:18 AM
I think it's closed for good now.

25th July 2006, 2:07 AM
You people are way behind on the news... it's been down for like five months.

Dr Kayden
25th July 2006, 2:45 AM
I've actually heard a rumor that said Mewkitty lost interest in her site and shut it down once and for all.

Yes, it sucks. That site was awesome...

25th July 2006, 1:48 PM
Here is what I THINK will happen. Mewkitty has lost interest in the site she has gone on vacation for like six months or something so she somewhat forgot. Three g-mods (I think Ishuta was one of them) will be taking over the site when/if it gets back up.

25th July 2006, 7:15 PM
ummm guys http://www.mewshangout.com/zetapets/

26th July 2006, 2:33 PM
Oh my gosh... this is good

28th July 2006, 1:18 AM
Mewshangout was NOT shut down for good,the site HASN'T been down for 6 months,because it was back-up before that mySQL error occured. Just let Mewkitty fix the error,unless she either lost interest on the site,it's all up to her.

28th July 2006, 3:52 PM
I heard that three s-mods would take over the site Dugtrio17, Ishuta, and Shadowater I THINK they were. But I am not sure.

Shining Mew
28th July 2006, 4:13 PM
I think it's closed for good now.

omg reviving a month old thread! you win!