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7th June 2006, 11:16 PM
Its an older deck using my favorite strategy. I liked the game better when there weren't any cheap dual types or ex's...
I haven't used this deck against anyone but my younger brother, but, in theory it should work...I never got a chance to test it out in the big world...

Energy Juggler
Bulbasaur (BASE) x3
Ivysaur (BASE) x2
Venusaur (BASE) x2
Zubat (TR) x3
Dark Golbat (TR) x2
Pinsir (JUNG) x3
Chansey (BASE) x3
Scyther (JUNG) x3

Switch x2
Gust of Wind x3
Pokemon center x3
Computer Search x3
Scoop Up x4
Potion x3
Grass Energy x21

Here's the strategy: You can use Venusaur's pokemon power "energy Trans" to move energy around as needed. Every turn, attatch an energy, even if you do not need it at the time, in the end, you may move them around to whomever you want. Get those energy in play ASAP.
Don't keep Dark Golbat active for long, his low HP is dangerous, use his bench-hitting attack to take cheapshots at weak or injured benched pokemon, then have him retrest for his retreat cost of 0 if trouble is even sensed.
Pinsir is the local Haymaker. As soon as he is utilized, transfer energy to him and have him use his Guillotine attack for 50 dammage. Hit em hard early on. Use Gust of Wind to promote weak or injured pokemon to the front and watch as Pinsir makes short use of them.
Chansey is the assassin. Keep her secret in your hand until you are ready to strike. In one turn, put Chansey on the bench, retreat or switch or scoop-up your active pokemon, transfer energy to Chansey, and hit em hard with double-edge. Only do this when you are guarenteed a kill, otherwise, you're left with a mortally wounded chansey in the front. Use gust of wind if necessary to get pokemon who may evolve into strong evolutions out of the way before they are a threat.
When your pokemon are all in trouble, use pokemon center. Use the energy transfer to move all your energies to an uninjured pokemon, then heal all the others. Since you only discard energy on healed pokemon, you save all your energy while still allowing them to be put back later on.
The scoop-up is for when Chansey is in trouble at the front and dammaged. Transfer the energies and use scoop up to get her back without discarding attatched cards.
Keep at least one Venusaur safe on your bench at all times so that Energy Juggling may be always utilized. The entire strategy revolves around transfering energy, so if a pokemon with the power to stop other pokemon powers is in play, use Golbat to hit them while they are benched, or use Chansey or Pinsir to hit them while they are active.

Weaknesses: all one type (besides Chansey)

Rate it, please. Thank you.

19th June 2006, 5:55 PM
I think the strategy is good but you might want to try it out somewhere else

20th June 2006, 1:23 PM
I'd take out a couple of Comuter Searches for Scythers, just for their Resistance to Fighting which slaughters Chansey. Then you can Swords Dance, move the energy and do 60 damage.

Otherwise it seems good.

20th June 2006, 4:36 PM
Sounds like a good idea, I'll do that.

EDIT: done