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Draco Malfoy
9th June 2006, 7:33 AM
OOC: It has begun! Just introduce your character and get the ball rolling. Your character has just arrived at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning at

1407 Graymalkin Lane
Salem Center
Westchester County
New York
United States of America

X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity

“You are different from other people Joshua. It is almost as if you are not exactly one of us, something separates you from other humans, but yet you seem to be in all aspects, a human. I cannot do anything to help you. It is as if there is nothing that needs help. I don’t know what is different about you or why but I know that you are. I cannot explain for I do not know.”
The doctor smiled reassuringly and looked at his notepad again. He muttered and took a few more notes then smiled at Joshua once more.
“There is nothing more I can do. I cannot help but wonder for what the future holds for you.”

Joshua listened to the screeches of the tyres of the taxi until it became more and more distant, until they faded from his ears entirely. It was replaced with the sound of the serene waters of Breakstone Lake, the wind whistling gently among the grass in the ground and the various sounds of the tranquil forest.

He sighed and walked forward, grass crunching under his feet.

I wonder if it was wise to have responded to that letter

Grabbing his luggage, keeping his thought to himself, Joshua
Sway continued, silent, walking down the paved path, thinking about the eleven people that had been “selected” for this seminar that he would have to meet and interact. He had already seen a few people, like him, grab their luggage and walk towards where this seminar was held. He hadn’t really interacted with any of them yet though. He was probably about to set out stay here for a few days, though the letter hadn’t told him much details. Though it was supposed to be some kind of “educational” and “academic” seminar, Joshua couldn’t help but be curious if this really was what it seemed to be.

But Joshua just shrugged and moved on. Although he was curious, just exactly what this seminar had in store from him, Joshua had little real interest in finding out. He knew he already had great burden, being “special” was hard enough and hiding his “uniqueness” was even harder, such as now, he didn’t did to add some more onto his already heavy burden on his back.

He sighed and stopped for a moment to feel the wind, which was gently whistling within his auburn hair. There stood the great Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, an architectural wonder by itself, holding great secrets inside its fabled walls. He grabbed his luggage again and headed towards the Atrium, which was waiting for the arrival of twelve souls that will change the face of the world…

((OCC: The introduction and the opening of the “seminar” is held at the Atrium, which is where your character is going. DO NOT show your powers or use them for now until everyone is at the Atrium. Full and/or Part Mutations must either hide their mutations by wearing cloaks or hide your mutations some how. You are not ready to show everyone you are a mutant. Try to base your post off mine. The only people who are exempt from the normal introduction of their character are Ledian, Powershot and Nylf who have asked be specifically that they want to make a sudden “grand” entrance. Sorry, this is the only time I have to restrict you but it necessary for the plot! Sorry!))

I have posted a map of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in the Discussion Post for your own convienence. Check out the thread before posting. X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity Information and Discussion (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=109865)

9th June 2006, 5:40 PM
"Freak! FREAK! FREAK!" These thoughts ran through my head as I ran along the path next to the train tracks to get to the institute.

I had just gotten out of a delayed train by using my power to do so.

“What a nice way to begin in a new place,” I said to myself, “but it does feel good to get away from home.”

The town was likely celebrating my leave by now. And why shouldn’t they, after all I caused half of them to go crazy, even my sister. Mom and Dad didn’t even see me off the train. This new school was the only thing I had to look forward to.

I began to think about what it would be like, would the people there think that I’m a freak to. I could hide my powers if I needed to but still, I didn’t think that my hair was going to be the best thing to hide my eyes. I stopped right where I was a reached into to bag. I took out my dark sunglasses and put them on.

“There,” I said, “That should hide them. If anyone asks me to take them off I’ll just say I can’t due to a medical condition.”

Thoughts of what the school would be like raced through my head and in a few minutes I was standing in front of a plaque that read:

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
1407 Graymalkin Lane

I looked down at the letter in my hand and it read the same. When I looked down I also realized something else, I was still invisible. I concentrated my thoughts on joyful and happy thoughts and in a few seconds, I was solid again.

“Well Ben,” I said, “Its time for a new start,” and I entered through the gate onto the campus.

“Wow,” was my first though, “This place is huge.”

I looked around the front grounds and was amazed at how big the place was. I crossed over through the door and entered.

I had expected it to be like a normal first day of school, friends meeting up with each other, teachers greeting their students, a welcome committee. None of that was here. For such a big place the entrance was relatively empty.

“Hello,” I said. No one answered.

Then I noticed a sign that read, “New students, report to the Atrium for welcome seminar.”

I headed in the direction of the Atrium by using the map that had came with my letter and when I got there I was that there was only one other person sitting in the room. I took a seat a few rows behind him, wanting to keep my distance incase he noticed my eyes.

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10th June 2006, 4:34 PM
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I remember this flash of light. My team and I were facing this creature and suddenly I found myself kneeling on the ground in some park. Where was I? Why was my head throbbing. Aquita? Why can't I sense you? I stood up to get a better look at my surroundings and stretched my blue and white wings as wide as I could. I didn't care if it caused attention. Everyone on the planet knew me as the Starbolt called Quetzal. It least that's what I thought when I accidentally bumped some guy with a wing. I was still holding my head. I was in a lot of pain.

"WATCH IT!" I heard a man with a Brooklyn accent yell. "You goin' to a costume party or somethin'?"

"Guy must be drunk." I muttered. "I'm wearing my Starbolts uniform."

Quickly, I ducked out of his way wondering how I got to New York City. It was night and the last thing I remembered was fighting some giant guy in Dastara City and that was down the coast in Florida. I also remembered a red energy beam striking everyone and that flash of lighy. I needed to get home before Ragnarok destroyed the city. I passed a television store and the news was on. Oddly enough, there was nothing about the goings on Dastara City.

I grabbed my communicator in my right hand.

"Jenna. Kevin." I began. "Come in! I'm in New York. That oversized devil knocked me clear from the action."

I felt a burning sensation in my head and then I looked up to see a strange guy wearing red and blue swinging from webbing off in the distance.

"A-Aquita?" I thought to myself. "The link's not.."

I didn't have time to think further when the man returned with five of his buddies and they all look like they had a bone to pick with me. Granted I was the only one with wings in the area but still. Whoever these guys were, wanted to fight. But, my ring blasts would kill all of them if I used force. I couldn't risk hurting these New Yorkers. My blasts would burn them.

"You still here, mutie?" the man from before asked. "I brought some friends to come pluck yer feathers."

"Mutie?" I flew into the air as one of his friends tried to grab me from behind. "What the hell's a mutie? I'm Quetzal. Are you drunk or somethin'?"

"Never heard of ya!" The man tried to swing at my feet while his buddies cheered.

"GET THE MEXICAN MUTIE!!!!!" One man called. "Rip that scaly suit offa him!"

I looked down at my uniform. It was a gift from Aquita a few months ago while we were on Aquarius. The white scaly uniform had gold and black trims on the gloves and boots while the front had a similar trim going up my chest to the team's star-shaped logo. It was made from an alien metal but it was soft like fabric and just as malleable. My right ring finger had a ring that controlled my energy blasts and it began to glow a bright blue, like the top of my wings.

"Never heard of me?" I asked as one of the man's friends pulled out a gun.

"DIE MUTIE!!!" He fired and instinctively I shot the bullet with the ringblast and fired at the gun.

"I'm so outta here!" I flew higher into the sky, avoiding the people, gunfire and trying to make sense of things. Who are those guys? Why haven't the Agents contacted me?

I landed on a rooftop and turned on my homing device so any of my friends could contact me or track me down. Little did I know, I was joined by another man with wings similar to mine. But, they were pure white. He was about my age and wore a strange costume with a halo on his chest and a red and white bodysuit.

"Nice job handling those thugs, kid." the blonde man chuckled. "But, you're going to have to come with me."

"I'm not going anywhere!" I shouted. "Who are you? You're not in any metahuman database we have. How do I know you aren't some villain?"

I wasn't sure if this blonde guy was a threat or not. My heache was getting worse by the second and I feared something was terribly wrong. I couldn't sense my wife. The link was broken and here I was facing some goon in a weird costume.

"Database?" the man tilted his head. "You sure the bullet didn't hit you?"

"Positive." I explained, tensing my wings. "The energy I release can be very powerful."

"I saw that." the man responded. "My name's Angel. I'm one of the X-Men."

"X-Men?" I asked, looking at the man as if he had two heads. "I never heard of them."

"You haven't?" the man seemed shocked to hear it. It was if I stabbed him in the chest.

"Should I have?" I shrugged.

"Well, you better come with me to the Institute." Angel saw gathering police cars.

"Institute?" I asked and the man sighed.

Something was seriously wrong here. I was in New York talking to a man with wings like me yapping about some Institute. People calling me "mutie." and for some reason I couldn't sense Aquita, my wife. She and I forged a telepathic bond after her father died in Boston and now I can't sense her. I was growing impatient and this "Angel" here wasn't making things better. I had no choice but to listen.

"The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning." Angel responded coldly. "It's a place for mutants like us to learn about our powers and help humanity."

"Mutant?" I cocked an eyebrow. "I'm not a mutant. I'm just one of the Agents of S.T.A.R."

"Kid..."Angel remarked. "There are no Agents of S.T.A.R. You got hit in the head or something?"

"No!" I muttered and opened my communicator. This guy wasn't listening. "Agents! Come in. Kevin, you better reply man or I'm gonna tell Angela you still sleep with a teddy bear!"

"What is this thing?" Angel took my communicator.

"I was trying to call my friends." I explained. "I need to find them. We were fighting some monster an-."

"I'm beginning to suspect you're not from around here." Angel noticed the team's logo. "You appear to handle yourself in battle quite well."

"Oh VERY perceptive!" I snapped. "Don't you think my uniform kinda gave it away?!"

"Relax." the man with wings tossed the communicator to me. "Come with me and maybe we'll find your friends. Follow me to the Institute."

It seemed like I didn't have much of a choice. I had to follow this winged guy to whatever this 'Institute' was and hopefully whoever these X-Men were could help me get home. But, I wondered if anyone from home is in New York too. Angel took off into the sky and I took off after him, pressing the homing device on my belt.

"Hope someone out there finds me."I thought to myself. "I dunno if I can trust this guy."

Moments later we arrived at a strange venerable mansion which quickly reminded me of Jenna's place. During the flight, Angel filled me in on some things the X-Men do. I faked listening to him as I habitually looked at my homing device, waiting for the red light to go off singifing that someone answered my distress call. I wasn't sure what was going on and who these "X-Men" were.

"Woah.."I laughed as we landed. "Whose back did you have to rub to get this place?"

"It's not mine." Angel replied. "Though I do have a highrise in Manhatten. It belongs to our mentor Professor Charles Xaiver and well this place is a school. I really should let him do the talking when you meet him."

"Right..."I looked around and saw many people. Some looked like aliens or something while others walked around trying their powers.

I walked into the mansion and saw more people in flashy uniforms like Angel's. Were these the X-Men? I saw a small man who looked scruffy looking come up to me. He was wearing some kind of yellow uniform.

"Warren, ya got a sidekick now?" the man grunted. "Smells like he's been through hell."

"Logan..."Angel responded. "This guy needs our help."

"Perhaps I will render aid." a calm voice entered my head. I almost wished it was Aquita's.

I spun around and saw a bald man in a wheelchair, tensing his fingers. He was flanked by a tall man wearing red glasses and a black woman with white hair and blue eyes. Both were wearing some sort of uniforms with an 'x' on them.

"I am Professor Charles Xaiver, Mateo." the guy shocked me as he knew my name. "Behind me are Cyclops and Storm."

"How do you know my name?!" I exclaimed.

"Relax." Xaiver responded. "I merely scanned your mind a bit to access if you were a threat."

"Right.." I looked around at the gathering students and these X-Men. I really hoped these people could help me.

"I assure you no harm was done." Xaiver smiled warmly as he wheeled away. "I must go speak to the students in a bit. You're welcome to attend. We'll be in the atrium."

I had to make he best of things. I simply nodded and folded my wings. Were these X-Men going to help me get home? Also, was anyone going to respond to my homing beacon? I could only imagine everyones' concern. We were fighting some monster and now here I am with these people who don't know who I am and probably think I'm crazy.

"Come on, Agents.." I sighed. "Answer me, please. Someone find me."

Power Shot
10th June 2006, 8:33 PM
"Where...am I?"

The dark man remained on the rooftop, prowling the dark, strange version of the Big Apple. His trench coat fluttered in the slight breeze issuing around him, but he either didn't notice, or didn't care. His dark mask, shrouding his entire face, turned at random, almost as though he needed the cowl to see.

Which he did.

We were fighting, he remembered, trying to sort out what had happened. The Ragnorock, or something, and then we were lost. Why am I here, and why now? The question did not yield an answer, so he ignored it for the time being. The man did not dwell on what could not be changed. He clenched a gloved fist, trying to plan out his movements.

Something was jingling in his pocket, and he moved a hand to grasp the small communicator that M'anta had given him. It wasn't anything special, he didn't even know why he carried it with him, it was always deactivated. It was a symbol, he supposed, of his hero status in the old world. He didn't need it, he knew enough of what he was. He needed no symbol to show what he was other than the one on his belt.

The green eye blazed forth, he didn't know why it was green. That was found with him, all those years ago. How long has it been? He didn't even remember that. His memory was steadily getting worse, he needed to return to Zepther. There he remembered everything.

The man stood up, he was of impressive height, well over six feet high. His muscular built showed through the dark cloth, his copper-colored hair swaying, and transforming, into a dull gray hue. He walked, his boots cracking dents into the ground, towards the edge of the building, deciding it would be best to move.

The communicator vibrated in his hand, but he didn't seem to notice. When his hand began to move because of it, he lifted it up in front of his face. It seemed that someone was trying to contact him. Underneath the mask, his face almost grinned, or it would have, if he knew how.

"So they need me, huh?" he asked in a low growl, the voice he used whenever in uniform. It made extracting information much easier when people feared him. "Well, I might as well see what's going on."

He stepped off the ledge, and free-fell to the ground below, spreading both his giant arms.

Now. The people below stopped and stared as an ebon warrior fell to the ground, cloaked in a shroud of darkness. Some people cried when they saw the warrior, some simply stared. It didn't matter to him, because when he had decended far enough, his arms uncurled, metal springing instantly at his command, and latching onto the rooftops of the skyscrapers.

He swung through the city, flipping into the air with instinct, releasing his metal and latching onto the other buildings around him. People started shouting at him, something about a spider, but he ignored them. It was unimportant. The figure continued, right until he saw something that caught his attention.

For some reason, someone had chosen to steal a car, and a man clad in spandex was chasing them, moving in a similar fashion to what he was doing. Webs were coming from his hands, sticking to the walls as his metal was ensnaring stray pieces of the buildings, using them to grappel to the next.

Who is this idiot? the dark warrior asked, before disregarding the notion. He was in another world, for all the similarities that it seemed to have to his own. He didn't have time to think, because the spider-like person had landed on the car, and was tearing through the hood. Maybe he's better than I thought.

The dark warrior shot two metal coils from his arms, latching them deeply into the concrete and metal of the nearby buildings. He twisted them, forming gray spirals, springs. He held on, as he bounced backwards with even more force.

He released, blasting straight for the car. The spider didn't seem to be doing much, he was trying to stay onto the car. The dark man dived, metal springing from his covered arms and covering the car. The spider jumped up, and he finished the job, covering the car with metal.

The dark figure landed, his boots sinking deep into the pavement, while the car was suspended into the air, the figure lifting it with the metal coming from his arm. Gently, he lowered it to the ground, just as the spider and the police arrived.

"Freeze!" a cop shouted, a large one that looked like he enjoyed donuts. The dark form set the car down in front of him, unfolding the metal back into his body. The two criminals that had stolen the vehicle both looked terrified, one had a large stain on his pants.

"Take them away," the spider said. "Let me talk to the metalhead."

The police nodded, and took the crooks away. "Whatever you say, webhead."

Spider-Man turned his masked head towards the dark figure. "So," he said, getting in front of the tall fighter, "who are you? I've never seen a power like that before."

"I suppose not, webhead," the man answered, his voice a low growl. "I'm not something you see everyday." He turned his mask downwards to get a better look at the small hero, by his standards. "Got a name?"

"I'm Spider-Man," he replied, holding out a costumed hand. "What's yours?"

The dark man tilted his head, taking in the dumb costume that 'Spider-Man' was wearing. "Chronos," he answered, not taking the hand. "Where am I?"

"The Big Apple, New York City," Spider-Man answered, his white eyes masking the slight confusion on his face. "Where are you from?"

Chronos shook his head, and metal began to form from his back, sprouting into two giant steel wings. Spider-Man was amazed, nothing like this had ever been seen before. Chronos would make a good lab experiment, or at least a study. "Chronos, why don't you come with me?" he asked. "I can probably help you, or at least, I know some people that can help you."

"You can help?" he asked, a slight change of tone in his voice. "How?"

"Come with me, and I'll show you." Spider-Man released another strand of web, and leapt up into the sky. Chronos shrugged his shoulders, he had nothing to loose by going. If things didn't go well, he could leave. He spread his wings, and launched into the air.

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11th June 2006, 8:51 AM
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Silphia had just gotten out of the airport. She kept thinking about the letter she received a while back, right after her older conflicts. Speaking of those older conflicts, as she wandered about through the city, aboard subways and buses, up stairs and through tunnels, she thought about those past events, seeing what was happening now as a sort of insomnia, if trouble and missions were like being awake.
So now Celia's overwith, Silphia thought as she walked down the sidewalk towards the academy, yet still I feel that there's more down the line. I thought it would all be over after that battle... I thought I could relax for once.

Silphia recalled the events following the battle in the next few moments. After she had turned back into a human, she and Celia left the ruined building where their battle had take place, both without hard feelings. Silphia had a smile on her face--she felt hopeful now that she was free from the curse, now that her life seemed much better. She thought of what wonderful things lay ahead, what life was like without being burdened by someone else's pain. And so she walked, right alongside her dad who had seen the battle and was immensely proud.
"I always knew there was something special about you," Dan (her dad) complimented, putting his arm around Silphia's shoulder. "In that battle back there, I was surprised--you followed Celia's very advice--'open your mind and discover the secret inside'. I believe it was that action that freed you from that curse."
When Silphia got home, she talked to Celia, who was finally starting to progress towards the transition from life to the spirit world. As she talked to Celia, who seemed much more calm, she ended up moving something with the same telekinesis she had before as a fairy. She discovered she still had those same powers! Anyways, Celia was proud, and she died on a good note. Silphia wasn't too burdened by this passing away, for she felt a deep understanding on the things that come after death ever since--well, ever since she really got to spend time under that curse.

Anyways, after thoughts of rest and relaxation, from there it started to go downhill into business again. For the next morning, Silphia got a letter from the Institute of Higher Learning, inviting her to attend and to go on a mission to stop Magneto and the Brotherhood. Silphia had no clue who Magneto was, but she was interested in joining the institute, and after getting beat down from the curse she now saw this as a chance to make a difference in the world. And so she set off on the long journey to New York--on her previous journeys she had wandered around Australia and the southeastern part of Asia.

Back in the present, Silphia faded out of this recalling and looked ahead--the academy was only a few easy blocks away. Further ahead and across the street she saw a man with bright red horns, wings, and spiky tail, dressed in a peculiar black uniform. Certain psychic messages told that the man was headed to the academy as well.
So this is where the strange people go? Silphia thought. I can only be "strange" if I have these powers, so perhaps he has some too... or maybe his draconic appearance makes him that way. Knowing this sort of thing would be a shock to an everyday person, but it didn't shock Silphia as much because she was familiar with the supernatural world already as well as strange creatures--she had had a "pet" space alien named Alphos in the past.

Sure enough, after the last block, the dragon man flew across the street and landed at the front door of the academy. Silphia ran across the street and followed him, careful not to draw attention. After a few moments of admiring the large building, she started to open the door when...
"Get out, ordinary girl!" It was the dragon man. "Only mutants are allowed in here!"
Silphia looked at the man strangely. "What do you mean by mutants?"
"If you don't know what one is, then surely you don't belong!" Upon saying this, the dragon man started to close the door.
"Wait," Silphia blurted, holding out a piece of paper, "I have an invitation!"
The dragon man had a puzzled look on his face. "May I see that?" He got the invitation and started to look over it, then frowned. "So another one has arrived..." With that, he entered the Institute, apparently disappointed that he was denied the chance to promote himself by keeping mutants out. Anyways, when he entered, another man was standing in the doorway This man was Xavier, the head of the Institute.

With a simple welcome, Xavier led Silphia into the academy. Apparently Silphia did not even need to show him her invitation--perhaps Xavier had somehow seen her before, or perhaps he had even read her mind... Anyways, there were a few people in the main room, obviously the "mutants" the dragon man was talking about--for they had some noticeable physical oddities about them. Many were walking around, some were lost, but most seemed to be headed in one direction--perhaps some sort of seminar was going on in the main hall of the Institute.

"Silphia, I presume," Xavier said, nodding his head in comprehension. "I know you, but I can guess that you don't know me. I am Xavier, the head of this Institute for Higher Learning."
Either he has telepathy too, Silphia thought at his understanding of her name, or my powers activated by themselves... As she tried to figure out the answer to this, she found that she could not probe Xavier's mind very easily. Feeling embarrassed, Kelsey stood still and awaited further response.
"You and the other students will be meeting in the atrium," Xavier continued--Silphia was relieved that he did not mention her subtle use of her powers. "The opening seminar will be held there shortly."
"By the way," the dragon man called as he walked away, apparently headed to this atrium too, "mutants are people with special..."
"That will be enough, Draco," Xavier interrupted, turning next to Silphia. "This way."

Xavier gestured towards the atrium, and Silphia followed, noticing a few other mutants going there as well. The time had come--time to figure what being a mutant was all about, time to get into full detail about this mission.
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12th June 2006, 3:38 AM
"Hey, watch it!" snapped a snazzily dressed lady as Tir accidently bumped into her.

"I'm sorry..." Tir replied, keeping her eyes downcast. "But I was wondering if you could kindly point me towards the direction of the..." here, she looked down on the letter she recieved a week ago. "...Xavier Institute of Higher Learning?"

Upon hearing those five words, the lady turned ashen white. "Get away from me," she paused and spat out a curse, "mutant." She then proceeded to quickly turn away and walk without even a backwards glance.

"What was that all about?" Tiryon questioned outloud. Sure, she had a birth defect, but she wasn't 'mutated'....

Upon hearing the lady's retreating footsteps, a man clad in a strange uniform stepped out and question,

"Tiryon de Lagham?"

She nodded in reply.

"Follow me." he said bluntly, and walked away swiftly, with Tiryon stumbling after him, wondering about her fate...

18th June 2006, 7:33 PM
(I'd have posted sooner, but I didn't think I was accepted. Now I just read the sign-up topic again. I looked on the first page, and BAM, there's my name and Mentalash's. I thought all the spots were filled up before I came. At any rate, here's my first post)

En route to Xavier's

Mentalash had just left the cab in which he attacked the driver using his power of telepathic attacks. He really wished that he could read the map that he had found in the letter.

"Lessee..." he said "this street's here...so that street's there.......I don' geddit."

He kept walking through streets, down sidewalks, and past traffic lights, unaware of each of the earlier, as his attention was focused solely on the map he was carrying. He almost got run over by cars ten times.

"This street's there, that street's here.....I still don' geddit." he kept saying, poking one of the black circles on his head.

"You lost, kid?" said a manly voice from behind Mentalash.

The man was large, with muscles to match. His uniform was black, with two red streaks running down the sides.

"Yeeeeah." replied Mentalash "Who're you s'possed ta be?"

"You first." said the man

"After I lost my memory, I've called myself Mentalash 'cause 'o my mutant power." said Mentalash "An' you still gotta answer my question."

"I'm Piotr Rasputin." said the man "You said you have a mutant power? Come with me, I want to take you to Xavier's."

"That's where I was headin'." said Mentalash "But, since you probably know da way better, I'm with you."

"Good." said Piotr as he took Mentalash with him.


Sorry if this post is bad, I've only seen the X-Men movies, so my portrayal of Colossus isn't too good. I had to check Marvel.com for info on him.

19th June 2006, 4:22 PM
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Where were they? I looked at my communicator whilst these people gathered. My head was still ringing and I needed air. I was getting kind of crowded here in the mansion and I didn't think anyone would notice me . I decided to do some flying around, figuring that would somehow alert the others. If they knew where I was.

"I need some air..." I muttered to a random person. "If anyone needs me, I'll be outside."

Before anyone could protest, I marched outside and extended my blue and white wings to their full fourteen feet wingspan. I didn't know who these strangers were or who these so-called "X-Men" were but I was definitely not sure of their intentions. The school was in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York. I guess that bald guy observing me had his reasons for placing it here.

The bald guy was in a wheelchair and e seemed to be watching me from the courtyard as I flew into the sky, trying to ignore the pain in my head. Aquita called this pain something in her native Aquan. I think it was called aytara oolari. That meant telepathic seperation. When I was tossed into this strange world, it must have broke the connection.

I needed to find where my friends where and get out of here. Whoever these X-Men were didn't need another guy with wings flying around. After all, I belong to another team and I needed to get back to my world.

Tired of flying, I landed by the bald man and he wheeled over to me and applauded my flying.

"That was interesting manuvering, Mister.."the man began.

"My name is Mateo. Your friend Angel brought me here from the city." I began. "I don't know what kind of outfit you got here, pal. But, I don't want to stay a minute longer. I need to find my friends. I don't belong here."

"I sense your doubts, Mateo." the bald man calmly responded. "We are but a school to teach mutants like yourself. But, do you really wish to return home?"

"Yes." I growled. "When I said I wasn't FROM around here. I meant it. My home is another version of Earth. There's got to be someone looking for me."

"Perhaps." the man nodded. "You should stay here in case someone finds you."

"You're holding me against my will?" I charged up my ring. "I will stay and wait for the others but we're going to be so out of this place."

"I sense you are eager to find your friends." the man concluded. "My name is Professor Charles Xaiver and I can help you if you let me."

"Great." I sighed and made my way to the mansion. "But, the second my friends get here I am so gone."

Power Shot
20th June 2006, 9:54 AM
"This is Tony Stark."

Peter indicated a man with dark hair in the corner of the lab, while the dark warrior followed slowly into what looked like a large laboratory. Computer consoles, what looked like a red and gold suit, and several operating table were taking up most of the space on the floor, but Chronos didn't care. Whatever Peter wanted, it was most likely not to ask him about his origins.

Which was fine with the metalhead, he didn't know it either, so there was no point in asking. From what he could see, it looked like Stark and Peter were scientists. Mostly with machines, because he saw various robots moving around. He side-stepped them easily, and met with Stark.

"Is this the speciman you mentioned?" Stark asked quickly, looking up from whatever it was that he was working on. He had short hair on his sides, but had spikes sticking in brown streaks on boths sides. Chronos didn't care.

"I am not a speciman," he retorted bluntly, not accepting the hand that Stark was offering him. "I am here because Parker said you could help me."

Peter nodded, and looked over at Stark with an annoyed disposition. He pulled off his mask, and gestured for Chronos to do the same. The metalhead removed his trench coat, but did nothing more. He would not remove his mask, it was the symbol of who he was. "The mask doesn't come off, it is who I am," he explained, though he hadn't needed to.

Stark nodded, accepting that, and showed Peter and Chronos what he was working on, a dark suit of armor coated in black color. It was giant, massive, and probably padded for the effect of a giant. "A special uniform that allows holes to be created at will on its surface. I thought it might be a good idea for concealed weapons."

"Good idea," Chronos added, scratching his chin. "Unless your opponent can't be hurt by simple brute force."

Peter agreed, then showed himself and Stark to a trio of seats. Chronos followed, and sat down with them. Peter excused himself briefly to change from his superhero clothes, and Chronos was left with the stranger Stark.

"So, what's your story?" Stark asked, looking the dark fighter over. The other shook his head, the copper hair changing briefly to dull gray as he did so. Stark's eyes widened, and he shifted in his seat.

"My past is my business," he answered dully, before changing the subject. "Did you design webhead's suit?" And it was then Stark's turn to shake his head.

"No, but I'm working on a new one for him," the other answered, pulling out a beer from his seat. "It's almost ready, so we're getting ready for it. My suit will have more power, but Parker's special abilites make up for it." He smiled. "So what makes you so interesting that Peter has to bring you here for examination?"

Chronos shrugged. "I assisted in a rescue, and he said he could help me discover the meaning of my being here. I am from another, parallel, but similar, world."

Stark laughed. "God knows how many of those we have!" he chuckled, taking a swig of the liquid inside his container.

"He's making an understatement," Peter answered, returning with some water for himself. "That metalhead has some kind of organic metal attached to him, and he created a perfect mold of the car that had been stolen, and stopped it. It's even better than the Iron Man suit."

Stark's eyes widened. "You don't say," he mused, looking Chronos over again. "Mind giving a demonstration?" he asked the dark giant.

He did mind, and said so. "My abilities are not cheap parlor tricks, to be viewed for your amusement. They are for helping others."

"Can you explain how you got them?" Peter asked.


"Why not?"

"I told you webhead, I don't remember. My past is my past, my own charge, and I will discover it on my own. Now, is there anything useful you both might be able to do, such as tell me how I came to this world?" His voice was dark, but unemotional.

Stark rubbed his brow. "I suppose we could send him to X. Bet he would know what to do with him." Peter looked towards him, but looked again at Chronos.

"X is mutants," Peter pointed out. "I don't think that Chronos has the symptoms of the X Gene. Maybe a scan would be best, before we send him."

"What is the X Gene?" Chronos asked, turning his head to Peter.

22nd June 2006, 2:10 PM

I had it with waiting for something to happen and I barged out of yet another door passing a kid who just exited a cab. He was talking with some black haired guy, who looked like my friend Dennis. Only thing was that this guy had a thick Russian accent. I felt my head. It was still throbbing uncontrollably. Aquita was obviously not here and this telepathic trauma was getting worse before it got better. I was homesick and I needed to find my friends and get the hell out of this reality.

I looked at my transmitter and set it to locate anyone within a fifty mile radius who had the communicator on. Finally, something turned up and I smiled, hoping it was Aquita or anyone. I didn't care at this point. I turned toward the mansion and smirked. I was getting out of here and there wasn't anything these people can do about it! I looked at the gathering students. They can talk all they want now. I was not staying there a minute longer!

"Adios, suckers!" I stretched out my wings, almost hitting the Russian and the kid he was talking to. "I am so out of here! I belong here like a zit belongs on a teenager! No offense, kids!"

Before anyone could object, I took to the sky like a surface to air missle, flapping my wings furiously and I followed the transmitter's signal to New York City. I flew for a bit until I finally reached the city itself. The city looked so strange compared to my version of New York. There were two towers dominating the cityscape. One building had a bizzare black structure on it, while the other was this strange building with a "4" on it.

"Looks like the heroes here like to make themselves known." I mused to myself. "Can't say much for Professor Xaiver's band of mutants. Now where..."

The signal got stronger as I flew toward the building with the strnage black structure on it. As I got closer, I heard a woman scream at the top of her lungs. She was screaming blody murder. The woman had a strangely familiar voice. I shook my head thinking that I was hearing things and that there was no way she could have been here. It was impossible. But, then again, I thought crossing realities was impossible, too.

"Help!" she screamed from the sidewalk. " That man took my purse!"

"It never ends..."I muttered and got myself into a nosedive. "Time for some old time heroics!"

I was gliding a few feet over the city after a man in a black leather jacket and blue jeans. He looked back and he was probably freaked out by someone like me tailing him. I finally caught up to him and grabbed the man by his armpits, noticing the beige and brown pocketbook.

"Somehow I don't think that's your color, mack." I winced as my head still throbbing. "Let's make you apologize to the nice lady!"

"Oh man..."the mugger moaned. "Nabbed by a mutie..."

"Hey is that Angel?" I heard an onlooker ask.

"No, Angel has a different outfit." another chimed in. "Plus, this guy looks Latino."

"Whatever." I took the guy into the air and soon I was flagged down by the purse's owner. "Here's your pocketbook, lady...No way..."

The woman looked remarkably like my sister Angela. Was it possible? She had the same black hair my little sister had and the same mannerism. I knew she wasn't my sister, though. Angela was a Starbolt like me and she would have used her poers against the mugger. She did a double-take at my face. If she recognized me as Mateo...

"Hermano?" She looked at me as if she saw a ghost. "Dios. How is this possible. You died years ago! You saved me from another mugger but it cost you your life!"

"Que?!" I backed up. "S-Sorry, lady. You have me confused with someone else."

"But, you look like my lost brother, Mateo." She approached me as cops came to take the thug away. "I thought angels had white wings. You have blue on your wings. Are you mi angél?"

"Ummm..." I couldn't think of what to say. My sisster appeared to miss me. This was a strange coincidence. My heart was telling me that this was not my Angela. My brain was telling me otherwise.

"Thanks for nabbing this punk, Angel." A female cop smiled and cuffed the mugger. "We owe you and the rest of the supers here big."

I couldn't move. I was dead in this reality? I couldn't speak a word to my little sister. And yet here Angela was, thousands of miles from our home in Santa Fe. I didn't see Kevin or Jenna with her. Let alone Marcus. This was strange. Very, very strange. She obviously wasn't a Starbolt in this reality.

"Mateo, I know it is you." Angela stretched her hand. "You have become my guardian angel. But, I've never heard angels wear clothes like yours."

"Ang-." my eyes welled up with tears. "Angela...I have to go now."

"Of course, hermano." Angela suddenly hugged me and I could feel her heart racing a mile a minute. My sister apparantly missed my counterpart so much that her heart jumped. "Y-You feel so real to me. I missed you! Mama y Papa miss you too. Miguelito calls for you in his sleep. He misses his older brother. You have to see him and Jaime."

"More than you know, chica." I thought as I cautiously placed my arms around her. "Wait...my family's alive without me?!"

After the embrace, I took to the sky once again and found a rooftop where I could think. Think? Who was I fooling? I couldn't think because I just found out I was dead in this reality and somehow my sister was living in New York City. Could the others be here too? Is there an Aquarius? I haven't seen the news but I bet that there was no Aquans here. It was just a hunch. To make matters worse, my family was alive here without me. My eyes became very red. I couldn't believe it. It was something out of the Twilight Zone.

I could see Angela looking up at me. She smelled so much like my Angela. She was alone in the big city without the Arlandero family as far as I knew. She was the same age as the Angela I rememberd. But, the Angela I remember would have nailed the thug to the wall for even attempting to attack her. In my reality, she's one of the most powerful superbeings on Earth. Now, she's human and misses an older brother who died to save her.

I looked at my communicator and called into it, frantically. I couldn't live with that Arlandero family. I was Mateo, yes. But, I bet that Mateo didn't have energy blasts or wings. He was just a man who died to save his little sister. I related to tha but I needed to get home. MY Angela needed me. MY Aquita needed me. This was not my world! My head was filled with so many emotions. I began to yell into the communicator.

"Someone help me out!" I called. "I'm losing my mind. I...I want to get home.. Kevin? Jenna? Aquita? HELLO?! I'm in some kind of nightmare and I can't wake up! Someone! Anyone?"

It was no use. But, then I remembered the building with that bizzare structure. I had to head over there. Headache or no headache. Death or no death. I needed to get home and a signal was coming from that building. Whoever was in there probably needed my help. I needed theirs. I looked over toward the building as it was hard to miss and flew toward it. But, in my grief, I found that I couldn't take off. I kneeled on the rooftop, crying. What was I going to do? My family believes I am dead. But, once I get home...I'll see them again. How was that going to happen. Instinctibely, I pointed my right ring finger in the air and attempted to create the Starbolts insignia with my energy powers. I heard Chronos had done something similar in Zepther from what MY Angela told me.

"Amigos." I choked and fell to my knees. "Someone....find me. I want to go home. This is a dream. It has to be."

I looked down toward the city and saw that Angela was walking toward a dangerous looking part of town. Was that where she and the rest of my family lived? I had nothing else to do and I had to tail her. There was no telling what she was going to get heself into if she lived there. I silently flew overhead, so she wouldn't notice me. After a few minutes walking, she approached a rundown apartment building and entered it.

"Oh no..." I thought. "She's living in a slum."

A few minutes passed and I saw her through a window enter an apartment, only to be greeted by my older brother Jaime and Miguel. My father approached her in a wheelchair pushed by my mother. The room she entered was a kitchen and on the fridge, I saw my picture and my mother perfrming the sign of the cross to it. Angela was obviously relating the story of what happened and my family bowed their heads. My whole family was here in New York? Without me?

From my spot on the catwalk, I saw an oversized man walk out of the apartment building grinning like he had just won the lottery. He went into the alley and I saw him talking to someone or something. I looked from my perch to get a listen.

"Those Arlanderos are so close to being kicked out." The man spoke to someone in the shadows. "I'm going to raise their rent so high that they're going to have to be beggers on the street."

"No." my hands turned into fists.

"Did you hear something, Paul?" The man asked.

"Nah," He waved his hand. "So, think that Angela's hot? I mean she can probably do it all night long."

"Probably." The landlord grinned. "But, leave some of that Latino spicy pie for me."

"Oh that's it!" I swooped down, shooting my blasts at the ground. "Alternate reality or not, you are not kicking my family out! DO YOU HEAR ME?! And you are not touching my sister!"

"Who is this clown?" the landlord tried to take a swing at me and I punched him out before he could blink. It was a good thing I was trained in martial arts.

His friend Paul tried to sneak up behind me and I nailed him with my right wing. Above me, the Arlandero family opened their windows to see what the commotion was about. Angela looked and smiled at me.

"See, Papa! I told you!" She chimed in happily. "Mateo's my guardian angel!"

"Thank God!" My father looked up at the sky. "My boy..."

"I see him too." Jaime was at a loss. "Can someone get Miguelito? He needs to see this."

"Mi hijo." I heard my mom cry. "Mi hijo eres un angél."

I had to get out of here. This was too emotional for me. But, I had to save my family. I looked at the two unconscious losers and took off once again. This time, I was heading toward that building with nothing stopping me. I did though, land on another rooftop to think. My family was living in a slum landlorded by a horny loser and this was no life for them. They deserve to be back in New Mexico living at the ranch and my siblings be members of the Agents of S.T.A.R. with me. Not here! Not Here!

"Mama." I covered my face. "Mama. Deseo despertar de esta pesadilla."

22nd June 2006, 6:34 PM
(So, I take it that Colossus is the Russian guy? Meh, hope you don't mind this, LX. Hey, our characters are gonna meet sooner or later, right?)

I'm gonna try first person for a bit, see how it goes.



I looked at the punk that nearly cut me open with his wings. Who does that nut think he is!? Some winged freak?!

"Be back in a sec." I said to Piotr as I ran off, wantin' to find the winged guy and teach 'im not ta mess with Mentalash.

I followed him to some sleezy area where he followed some girl.

"Guy mus' be a perv," I thought, but that was before I saw him go into an apartment, where he looked like he was bein' welcomed in. Weird.

Looks like he overheard some goons talkin' about kickin' some Arlandero family outta an apartment and...okay, scratch the part 'bout the winged guy bein' a perv. THESE goons're more pervs than anyone.

Then the winged guy comes outta nowhere and cleans the clocks of these nutjobs. Nice, real nice. Then the girl comes out and starts screamin':

"See papa! I told you! Mateo's my guardian angel!"

All the other people agree with 'er. Looks like they're his family. Wish I knew MY family...

The winged guy that I think's named Mateo or somethin' like that starts cryin'. Wow....that'd probably be MY reaction if I saw my family...

I felt like talkin' to him, don' ask me why. But as I walked up, a guy started screamin' "Skull Hawk!"

"...Skull Hawk?" I asked, confused "What da heck are ya talkin' abou....AAAAGGHHH!!"

I grabbed my head and fell to my knees. My head's killin' me! It's like someone's usin' my own mental attack powers on me!

A...a...flash just got in my eyes...it wasn't the sun, though. It was bright white, like a light bulb or somethin'. And it was like I started daydreamin'...

...I saw a...younger me...like I was ten or somethin'...but I had the same look I do now...

There were...a bunch 'o...guys dressed in outfits like mine...they were adults.

"Lookin' good, Matt." said one o' the guys "You're a real Skull Hawk now."

"Yea," said another "you lookin' good for joinin' up with da baddest gang in New York!"

"Thanks, guys!" the younger me said...

The flash...ended...and I was lyin' down...on the road.

"Ugghhh.." I said, gettin' up "wha' happened...was that some o' my past?"

I looked at the Arlandero family.

"Uh.." I said, keepin' my ground "I know I look evil, but that ain't me anymore, okay? I...ugh...don't remember much of my past...just a bit when I fought a bunch o' Skull Hawks...and when I was first brought inta the gang. I ain't a bad guy...I jus' wanted some help findin' my past."


Is this bad? I think it is.

22nd June 2006, 8:31 PM
OCC: When are our characters going to meet?

"What's taking so dahm long," I thought after having been sitting in the Atrium for almost two hours, " Whoever’s running this place isn't a very good host."

I had usually been a patient guy, but this was just too much. I could of just waited on the train until it started moving. Then I would have had a much easier start in New York. Then again maybe not, it's not easy for a small town kid to adapt to a big city.

"Nine o'clock my a**," I said, "More like noon. If this guy keeps me waiting for and longer than five more minutes, I'm out."

I looked at my watch. Then I looked at the door. My watch, the door, my watch, the door, my watch, the door, my watch, the door, my watch...

"Alright I'm out," I shouted, "If this Xavier guy wants to meet me so bad, well he can come and get me then. I'm going home."

Then I stopped, why would I go home. They wouldn’t take me back, after what happened to my sister. Everyone in town either hated me or was scared of me. I couldn't help it. It's not my fault those people angered me, but no matter how hard I tried to tell them I couldn't control my powers, they still didn't believe me. But still I wasn't waiting here. I headed for the door and when opened it. My face opened in shock.

When I first arrived that hall was empty and dull, but now there were people piled in it, at not all of them looked normal. Some had tails, others fur or scales, some shot sparks form there hands, some even flew. I just stood blankly in the doorway until some kid walked over to me.

"Hey kid! You don't need those here," he said and pointed to my sunglasses.

Before I could stop him he reached over and tore them off. I tried to quickly cover my eyes but he didn't scream. No one did.

"Cool eyes, so what's your power?" He asked.

It was a first for me, usually when people saw my eyes they ran for it, but he didn't. He even stayed to talk to me.

"Well," I said, "I turn invisible and can go through stuff, but only when I like scared or embarrassed."

I didn't want to talk about the other skill; it had already caused too much trouble for me.

"Cool, so what you here for," he asked again.

This was the longest conversation I had had in a while.

"Well I got this letter telling me to come here so here I am," I answered.

"Can I see the letter," he asked again.

I handed him the letter and he looked down and read it.

"Oh!" he said, "Your one of Xavier's new ones for that mission he has."

I was just about to ask what mission when a voice called, "That enough, go back to class."

The kid walked away, "See ya later!"

I turned to the voice to see a man in a wheelchair coming down the hall towards me. He was bald and looked like he was very important around here.

Who..." my thoughts were interpreted.

"Who am I," He said, "Don't look so shocked, yes I can read your thoughts. That is my gift as well as telepathy. You'll find that other's here share that power too. And you must be mister Michaels. I can tell form your eyes."

"Excuse me asking but who are you and what is this mission thing?" I was becoming confused fast.

"I am Charles Xavier the founder of this school for mutants like you and me. Mutants, of course, are a breed of people who take on special powers when they reach a certain age. This is known as the X factor or X gene. That is why we mutants in this school and some others else where are known as the X-Men. As for your other question, it will have to wait until the others get here. Now if you'll excuse me there is business I must attend to. Sorry for making you wait but I am a busy man."

"Alright," I said, "I'll go outside and take a walk."

Everything was not all right. What was this mission and who were these others. I hoped I didn't have to wait long to find out.

All of the thoughts were racing through my head as I walked around the front yard. I had been so consumed in my thoughts that they carried right out of the school and into the city streets.

"Hey kid watch it,” I heard someone yell.

"What," I said when I looked up and saw that a car was headed my way. I had no time to get out of the street so I started to panic. The car was coming up and then poof I was invisible and the car passed through me. Then I ran out of the street and became visible.

"Looks like Xavier has another one, that’s like the fifth new one today. There all over the city," A man said.

"No I don't think she's new, that’s Shadowcat." a girl said.

"He can't be," her brother said, "That’s a guy and anyway, Shadowcat can't turn invisible."

"I don't care if he's new or not, he's still a mutant. Get out you mutie."

That man seemed to of rallied the troops because then all of the people stared shouting the same. I didn't care though, people had always called me names but it still hurt me a little. But I kept walking down the street with something else on my mind. One of those men had said there were others like me in the city, could they possibly be the other's Xavier had mentioned. I continued walking down the street keeping my eyes alert looking to other people with powers.

22nd June 2006, 10:10 PM
"Oohya****a" Sieg said, as he callasly hit his head against a tree branch, after what seemed like who knows how long. He slowly got up, and climbed down from the tree, his wings held close to his body. He knew something was wrong the moment the wind hit him.

The wind was...differant to the one he knew. It was warmer, and their was more pollution mixed in with the air particles. Global warming and air pollution were more serious than they had been before he had been knocked out. It led him to two conclusions. Either he'd been knocked out for a very long time, or, if his hunch was right, he was in another world. He kicked the floor. Either conclusion sucked frankly, but the latter was the more plausible of the two. Ragnarok...that daemonic ******! He was finally getting everything in order after the whole devolution evolution junk, and now he's in another world. He made a mental note to kick the stinkin' five hundred foot long demon where it didn't want kicking when he got back. If he got back.

He looked around. He wasn't in the UK anymore. Heck, he wasn't in his world anymore. He chuckled a bit, four years of fighting Ragnarok and he already looked on inter dimensional transport as a minor problem. Most people would be absolutely terrified in his situation.

He casually walked along the street, not caring much for the stares of strangers. He couldn't understand why, hadn't they seen a lnky teenager in a denim jacket and jeans before? Oh...wait...yeah the wings. And the sword hilt on his back.

"Pretty cocky for a mutie," Sieg turned, some idiot with a chain was talking to him.

"It's Elementan, and I'm no mutation,"

"You ain't human, so you must be a mutie!" the man swung his chain at Sieg, so he merely shot of gust of wind at it, causing it to blow back in the man's face.

"See, you-you gotta be a mutie, mutie, I just got attacked by a mutie," he was jabbering like a fool. Maybe the chain hit him too hard. Sieg looked around, lifting his messy brown hair out of his eyes. More people were gathering around him, all with some sort of weapon. He sighed, and opened his wings.

"Titanic Tempest!" he shouted, as an enormous gale surrounded him, spiralling up into a hurricane. It lifted the various thugs into the air, and placed them far off onto varius buildings, mostly unharmed. he then flew off, into the sky. What was with these people? Back home he was accepted, for the most part. He sighed. As he flew, he caught sight of a familiar figure, standing on a rooftop. Winged like him, but in a far more eye catching costume comapred to the tattered denim get up Sieg called his 'super costume'. He landed, and noticed Quetzal was lost in thought. Keep to his usal lack of tact, he spoke up.

"Yo, Quetzal, glad you're here. From you're expression, I'm right to assume you're having trouble getting used to dimensional shift? Y'know, if there's anything you need to know, I can probably help, I have been through this before you know," Sieg sat down, his feet swinging over the building. He braced for impact mentally. If Mateo was anything like he was the first time he changed dimension, he was in for an earful.

22nd June 2006, 11:04 PM

"Yo, Quetzal, glad you're here. From you're expression, I'm right to assume you're having trouble getting used to dimensional shift? Y'know, if there's anything you need to know, I can probably help, I have been through this before you know," I heard a voice call and I spun around.

I couldn't believe it! It was Sieg van Galus! He was one of the heroes of my Earth and he was accostumed to all this shifting realities. He was litterally a sight for sore eyes. Could he have been the one that my trnsmitter found? I checked and it was still going off. There was someone else here, still!

"Sieg?" I gulped. He had to have seen my red eyes. "Where are we?"

"This place is cataloged as Earth-616." Sieg calmly explained as if this was old news to him. "We're from Earth-60389. And the wind here feels different."

"Amigo, I have so many questions." I shook my head trying to figure things out. "My head's throbbing from a lack of telepathic contact with Aquita. When I first got here, some crazy nut with wings like ours made me go to this "X-Mansion" to see some crackpot in a wheelchair. I got bored and found a signal. I came to New York to see what it was."

Sieg titled his head as he tried to take everything in. I wasn't even sure if he understood. But, the worst part was about to come.

"Yeah, some git called me a mutie." Sieg sighed.

"Same here." I agreed. "I found Angela in this reality. But, it wasn't our Angela. It wasn't Truth. She lives a few blocks over and to make matters worse....I'm dead in this reality."

"That's got to sting, mate." Sieg placed a hand on my shoulder. "But, we need to find out how we can get back. No offense, though. You look like hell."

"I feel so much better." I looked over the rooftop.

I saw a kid surrounded by my family and he appeared to be righting himself up. I recognized him as the kid I almost knocked over while coming to this city. I couldn't very well go back down there. I couldn't face my family again. There was no way I could do it. That was my family, yes. But, they weren't the ones I knew.

"Hey, isn't that Angela?" Sieg asked.

"No..." I muttered. "That's not my sister. Not my Angela. Not my family. I-I can't face them a third time. Get that kid and bring him up here."

"Why?" Sieg asked.

"He belongs upstate eith that group I told you about." I explained while rubbing my head. "I already helped my...that family two times tonight. My heart can't take a third."

Sieg shrugged and swooped down from the buildings. I wasn't sure he listened to me but, within minutes, Sieg talked to the Arlanderos and picked up the kid. Soon, the pair of them were back on the roof and I saw that the kid's clothes were dirty from his traveling from upstate New York.

"Did you follow me?" I looked at the kid square in the eyes.

"Well, yeah." the kid brushed himself off. "Dude, why aren't you with your family? They hate mutants?"

"I'm not from this universe, kid." I explained. "This isn't my reality and that isn't my real family. Now then, I think we should get you back to Xaiver's."

"What about the other signal?" Sieg quipped.

"It'll have to wait, Sieg." I looked down at the teenage boy. "The X-Men'll be looking for him and then once we hand him over, we can begin looking for the other signal and a way home. I'm tired of this reality, amigo. I want to get the hell out of here. Ragnarok or not."

Draco Malfoy
23rd June 2006, 12:10 AM
"Adios, suckers!" Mateo stretched out his wings, almost hitting the Russian and the kid he was talking to. "I am so out of here! I belong here like a zit belongs on a teenager! No offense, kids!"

Before anyone could object, Mateo took to the sky like a surface to air missle, flapping his wings furiously and he followed the transmitter's signal to New York City. Professor Xavier smiled.

"Professor? What's wrong?" inquired a young woman, almost a girl, in her twenties.

"Nothing Kitty. I do have a favour to ask you. You see that flying person over there? I would like you and Warren to trail after him and make sure he dosn't fall into harm. I would have done it myself but I have to go to the Atrium to sort out the new recruits. The Brotherhood is lurking secretly so it's best for this to happen"

Kitty nodded. "Okay Professor. Warren? Let's go and follow that guy over there!"

"Make sure you are NOT seen you two. Good luck," said the Professor as the two mutants nodded and flew into the air; one using wings and the otehr almost "walking" on the air.

"Professor. The new recruits are waiting," smiled a scarlet haired woman. The Professor turned around and smiled knowingly.

"Jean, you've been putting up telekinetic shields inside this place. Why? Do you think the Sentinels would bother us anymore?"

The woman scratched her head sheepishly. "I thought the students needed more privacy. Plus for secruity measures"

The Professor laughed. "Let's go to the Atrium; I have a new band of recruits to address"...


Mateo flew for a bit until he finally reached the city itself; New York.

"Looks like the heroes here like to make themselves known."he mused to myself. "Can't say much for Professor Xaiver's band of mutants. Now where..."

Kitty put a finger to her lips in signal of silence as she and Warren quietly trailed the flying intruder. Then suddenly, both of them turned invisible, clothes and all. Warren looked alarmed while Kitty turned around to see a blonde haired woman from a strange building with a "4" on it waving and winking at them. Kitty mouthed a thanks as she and her companion continued to trail after the intruder...

(OOC: The Atrium scene is to come soon. Don't worry, you guys will soon meet one another)

23rd June 2006, 12:19 AM

"You from 'nother universe?" I asked "Cool. Knew there were alternate realities. But, anyway, I'd better get back to that Piotr guy."

So I left the winged guy an' went back to Piotr. He took me 'cross some loads of roads n' stuff, 'til we reached some fancy-pants mansion. He took me inside and closed the door. I was stuck in the same room as a bald guy in a wheelchair.

"You must be Matt, or Mentalash as you call yourself now." the wheelchair guy said "I am professor Xavier, and I offer you a chance to fight the rise of evil mutants."

"...Ooooookay." I said "You're still sane, right? Even as an old guy?"

The Xavier guy chuckled.

"My dear boy," he said "I am, as a matter of fact, sane, though many may say otherwise. Now, do you wish to join?"

"Fine," I said "but only 'cause I ain't got a clue what ta do here."

"Excellent." Xavier said "Now, I assume you have many questions." he said "Rest assured, as I shall answer them all. I will pick the questions out of your mind, and answer them all.

"First, this is a school for mutants and mutates. It is to not only help them learn to control their powers, but also to prepare them for the challenges of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. We call ourselves the X-Men, regardless of gender. We have normal school subjects here, but they may not last long, as the Brotherhood may rise at any time."

Oh, great. Just great. I am seriously no good at school stuff.

"The school subjects are only temporary, as I have just said to you." said the Xavier guy "There are others like us, yes, but none of them are as secretive as we are. You see, we would be destroyed by the government if they discovered us."

And he goes on and on about how this school came to be, how he got the first X-Men together, and some other stuff I can't remember right now.


Is this too short? I couldn't think of anything else to put.

Draco Malfoy
23rd June 2006, 1:43 AM
Kitty and Angel carefully followed Mateo, under the Invisible Woman's protection. Mateo joined with two other figures; one was some strange looking winged human while the other was a gothic looking gangster teenager.

"How come we always end up with the weirdos" muttered Angel as Shadowcat laughed. The three turned around and stared inquistively at where Shadowcat and Angel were but then they shurgged and turned around again.

"Oops. I forgot that they can still hear you," murmured Kitty as she and Angel continued the watch the three. Little did they know someone was behind them...


Joshua tapped his fingers inpatiently as he stood in the Atrium full of teenagers like him, waiting for the Introduction of the Seminar. Others muttered among themselves impatienly while some were under hoods and standing in the corner of the room. Suddenly, the doors opened to reveal an elderly man in a wheelchair, with a scarlet haired woman, a African white-haired woman and a man with strange sunglasses next to him. The bald elderly man went to the podium. Everyone became silent as the man began to speak.

"As all of you know, you have received a letter instructing and inviting you to a seminar here at the Institute. You are special; you know that. Yuo always had been that way. In this world, there are two types of people; those who are normal and those who are plagued or blessed you might call it with supernatural powers that could control the very strings of the universe. These special humans are called mutants. I am here to tell you one thing; each and every single one of you are mutants. I am a mutant, you are a mutant. But with power, the question of usuage comes. How you decide to use your powers is up to you but my fellow collegeues, students and mutants want to help you control and use your powers to your full potential.

Also, there is a great danger in this world; a danger we X-Men, us mutants who want to use our powers for good causes, have eliminated many years ago. One that threatens to deface this planet once and for all. That is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Brotherhood are also mutants, but mutants who have gone sour and believe in mutant superiority over normal humans. We have defeated them in combat many years ago but now, they have come back more powerful and determined than ever. The Brotherhood plans to eliminate all "base-line" humans and utterly destroy all who stand in their way; te exterminate humanity. If they suceed, all things we clearly cherish and love; our loved ones, the things we pleasure, our cherished memories shall all become no more; the world we now know shall no longer function. So we need to defeat them, once and for all. But we need help. That is when you come in. You are some of the most potentially powerful mutants to surface on this planet; you just need to realise this potential. We need your help; if you do not help, the Brotherhood might destroy our lives and memories. So friends, join the X-Men and help save our planet. If you choose to stay, you shall be divided into three groups; A, B or C. Storm shall hand you an envelop which has a letter either A, B or C. EAch Group has a leader who shall mentor you, lead you in battle and shall help you realise your potential powers. Group A's leader is Wolverine, Group B's leader is Jean Grey and Group C's is Cyclops. Please direct yourself as you will. Thank you," concluded the Professor.'

There was a sudden moment of silence when suddenly some people burst into applause. Nobody decided to leave. The Professor smiled as Storm, the African woman, started to walk around and handed everyone envelops. Josh graciously accepted his as he tore it open; inside it read:

"Joshua Sway

Group: B

Leader: Jean Grey"

Josh smiled as he walked towards the scarlet haired woman. Storm silently talked to the Professor.

"Two are missing Professor..."

Meanwhile Back with Angel and Kitty...

"Angel, I think the teenager is one of ours; a recruit," concluded Kitty as she concluded after much observation and thought. Angel did not look convinced.

"Are you sure Kitty? You might be wrong, you know"

Kitty nodded furiously. "100% positive Warren. Now how long do we just have to hover here?"

"The Professor said until Mateo decided to do something suspicious," Warren replied suavely.

"I think I'm going to stand on that building instead; phasing for this long is quite tiring after a while, unlike your hovering," said Kitty as she directed herself to a nearby skyscraper. Then suddenly, a bolt of energy wizzed the air and nearly struck Kitty's right arm.

"Damn. I missed, that was close!" cried a figure behind the Baxter Building with the "4" on it. Kitty cried as she and Warren turned around in surprise. There, stood on the top of the Baxter Building was four figures. One was a brunette haired woman who swore a moment ago. Next to her was a boy, almost a man, around Kitty's age with a Chesire grin on his face; perched on the attena of the building. The last two were twins, both with jet black hair and around the teenager's age. One was a boy who was slightly taller than his twin sister while his sister had much longer hair, her brother's only reaching his ears while hers went slightly past her shoulders. She wore her hair in a swingy ponytail tied up by an azure bow.

Mateo, the teenager and the winged human turned around to also see the four humans and Kitty and Angel, who were strangely now visible.

"Why are we visible again?" cried Angel as the boy smirked. The woman nodded and the teenager tossed an unconscious body off the building. Angel quickly flew towards the body and caught the body.

"Susan!" cried Kitty as the body revealed to be the Invisible Woman. Angel checked her pulse and sighed in relief.

"She' still alive, thankfully. Just fainted," said Angel reassuringly to Kitty. Kitty glared angrily at the four.

"Why, why, why, Kit Kat. Sad blondie over there was hurt? I took her down with surprise; us Brotherhood sometimes prefer that method to take down hard opponents. I wished I could kill her but Neutronica wouldn't allow me too," taunted the teenager to Kitty as he turned around and faced the brunette woman at the second part of his taunting. Kitty growled and tried to launch towards the teenager but Angel stopped her.

"Don't Kitty. Not yet"

"We are only here for your escapee intruder X-men Recruits over there; Magneto wants him on our side. Hand him over now and no one will be hurt," annouced Neutronica coldly.

The Intruders growled as the meta-human spoke up.

"We are not randsom tickets; Mateo and I just want to get back home"

Neutronica smiled even colder as she hissed through her lips.

"Then if you're not going to joinus, then you're against us!" And she hissed and jumped off the Building, flying towards the meta-human, firing compressed powerful telekientic blasts. The winged human cried as the telekinetic "missiles" caused holes through his wings. Kitty growled and tried to grab the woman but suddenly the teenager was behind her, pulling her hair.

"Hush, hush Kit Kat, I'm taking you on. Leave Neutronica with Sieg over there. The name's Moleculo by the way," sneered Moleculo as Kitty growled and elbowed his stomach. He cried in pain as Kitty started to drag both him and herself into the earth using her phasing. She then popped out the other side of the earth, leeaving Molculo stuck in concrete, all the way up to his shoulders.

"You think you can beat me? I think otherwise," said Moleculo as he also phased out of the concrete, surprising Kitty.

"I can control, manipulate and reform all my molecules so phasing is easy for me," he hissed as Kitty and him continued to fight.

Mateo and Angel started at the two battles commencing; one between the telepathic and telekinetic Neutronica and Sieg the other between Kitty and Moleculo. The twins then nodded and suddenly the girl's eyes gleamed with an eerie blue aura. She raised her hands as suddenly, a landslide of concrete and steel poured on Mateo and Angel. The two winged mutants cried as the two twins then flew towards Mateo and Angel., this time cars, lamp posts and trucks turning into extremely powerful flying airborn projectiles, propelling towards to two at high speeds.

"We are technopaths and cyberpaths. As long as you are in a city, you are both ours," said the twins in unison as Mateo and Angel braced to fight to two twins...

(OOC: Happy now Ledian? You know what to do. Mateo and Angel versus The Twins, Kitty and Sieg versus Moleculo and Neutronica)

EDIT: I forgot to include Sieg and I also forgot Chronos isn't here yet! So I editted my post accordingly. Sorry!

23rd June 2006, 7:00 AM

I looked down at my watch. I had been out in the streets for almost an hour, surly the siminar had started by now. I turned around and started to run back in the direction of the mansion.

The sidewalk was full of people. I was going to be really late if they didn't move. I had to think of something. I tried to remeber the most embarrising moments in my life, but nothing came. I started thinking about what would happen if I missed the whole siminar. Feelings of sadness came over me and then I was gone. I started to run through the crowd of people and felt mmyself becomming weaker and weaker. I was going to fall, then it was like a breath of fresh air hit my face. I had made ot out of the city.

I fell face foward into the grass and laid there while I caught my breath.

"Okay," I said, "How bout I don't try that again." My powers were useful, but they wore me out quickly.

I took one last deep breath and began running towards the mansion. All I thought about was making it back in time and then, I stood at the front gate. I took a sigh of relief and ran across the lawn and into the mansion. I stopped in front of the Atrium door and put my ear to it and heard:

"As all of you know, you have received a letter instructing and inviting you to a seminar here at the Institute. You are special; you know that. Yuo always had been that way. In this world, there are two types of people; those who are normal and those who are plagued or blessed you might call it with supernatural powers that could control the very strings of the universe. These special humans are called mutants. I am here to tell you one thing; each and every single one of you are mutants. I am a mutant, you are a mutant. But with power, the question of usuage comes. How you decide to use your powers is up to you but my fellow collegeues, students and mutants want to help you control and use your powers to your full potential."

The soeech had started so I quietly slipped into the room and took a seat in the back of the Atrium to listen to the speech finish.

"Also, there is a great danger in this world; a danger we X-Men, us mutants who want to use our powers for good causes, have eliminated many years ago. One that threatens to deface this planet once and for all. That is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Brotherhood are also mutants, but mutants who have gone sour and believe in mutant superiority over normal humans. We have defeated them in combat many years ago but now, they have come back more powerful and determined than ever. The Brotherhood plans to eliminate all "base-line" humans and utterly destroy all who stand in their way; te exterminate humanity. If they suceed, all things we clearly cherish and love; our loved ones, the things we pleasure, our cherished memories shall all become no more; the world we now know shall no longer function. So we need to defeat them, once and for all. But we need help. That is when you come in. You are some of the most potentially powerful mutants to surface on this planet; you just need to realise this potential. We need your help; if you do not help, the Brotherhood might destroy our lives and memories. So friends, join the X-Men and help save our planet. If you choose to stay, you shall be divided into three groups; A, B or C. Storm shall hand you an envelop which has a letter either A, B or C. EAch Group has a leader who shall mentor you, lead you in battle and shall help you realise your potential powers. Group A's leader is Wolverine, Group B's leader is Jean Grey and Group C's is Cyclops. Please direct yourself as you will. Thank you," concluded the Professor.'

I stood there and tried to take in all I had just heard. It was hard to believe that I had been "chosen" to stop this Brotherhood. I considered leaving but then stopped after remebering that I wasn't wanted back at home. All because I was a mutant. Over the course of less than a day I had gone form falling out a train and being called a freak and mutie, to now being needed. I had never been needed before so I decided to stay and offer my services to Xavier. Also there was that I wanted to see of this guy could help me not pass out so quickly and keep my other dangerous power under wraps.

I looked back up on the stage and saw that the professour was not alone. He had with him a guy with sunglasses. I wonder if he had an eye problem like me. A woman with scarlet heir. I wonder what her power is. And another woman with dark skin and white hair. I guesses she was Storm as she had decended form the stage holding letters.

She finally reached me and asked, "Name." She had a deep african voice.

"Ben Michaels," I replied as she looked through the pile of letters.

"Here you are. Watch out for Logan though, he has a temper."

Then she walked off back towards the stage. I couldn't of been the last one, she still had two more letters. Anyway I looked down at my letter and read:

Ben Michaels

Group: A

Leader: Wolverine

I looked back on stage and saw that another man had entered. He was a rough looking man with what appeared to be metal claws on his hands. I guessed that was my leader so I walked towards him, reluctantly.

Power Shot
23rd June 2006, 11:04 AM
In the dank streets of New York, three people walked silently towards the commotion that was raging between the metahumans, mutants, and basically costumed heroes. All three had recieved knowledge of what was happening, and all three agreed that something had to be done. All three were in civilian form, but all still held their powers.

One was smaller than the others, with dark brown hair that was cropped short to his head. On his face was a small pair of glasses he no longer needed, but wore anyway. He walked on the right, in a light jogging suit, underneath was hidden the mantle of Spider-Man. He walked at a slightly faster pace than the others, mainly because of the weight they wore.

The other on the left wore a bulky coat, which sank down to his ankles to show metal crimson boots. He wore red on his hands of the same color, and carried a small little bag that concealed his helmet, stained with scarlet and golden. His dark eyes pierced forward, flickering around with his dark hair, eyebrows outstretched at what was occuring.

The final man, towering over the others, stood in the center, calmly walking as though nothing was wrong. His hands, gloved in dark cloth, were in the pockets of a red coat. He wore a green shirt underneath, with dark pants held up by a giant belt. His copper hair swayed in the breeze, standing up, defying gravity, and changed to dull gray in the winds as fluidly as water. On his face was a pair of dark glasses, masking his eyes competely.

Tobias, Stark, and Peter were in no hurry, but knew that help might be needed when they heard the call. And to Tobias' great surprise, there were familiar faces there. Mateo and one of the Elementans, Sieg, seemed to be fighting off some people Tobias did not know, but assumed were evil.

"I think I'll lend a hand," he muttered to Stark and Peter, adjusting his glasses. The other two nodded, Stark was eager to see just what it was Peter's find could do. Tobias walked forward, quite unconcerned about what was happening.

And all the while, metal began to uncurl from Tobias' back and arms, folding over him as he walked, boots making cracks in the cement below him. It masked him completely in an iron case.

When it was removed, Chronos was once again standing where Tobias Green had been. His mask in place, he touched it with the MetaSkin to see through it, and looked upwards, seeing that Mateo and a second winged warrior take to the skies, dodging projectiles thrown to them by two strangers.

"See ya back at the lab," he growled to Peter and Stark. "I can handle this."

Both nodded, and retreated to a safe observation position. Chronos turned, facing the strangers that were attacking Sieg and a young woman. A youth and a woman were in the middle. The youth looked strangely dark, but Chronos was not one to question others. The woman, on the other hand, was knocked out. Making sure he was not seen, Chronos bolted for her, sneaking up behind the young man quietly, using his metal to silence his movement.

"Who is she?" he asked the youth suddenly, startling him from behind. The boy turned slowly, and was surpised to see what looked like a giant coated in midnight standing behind him, mask turned towards the woman.

"W-who are you?" he answered, somewhat scared, if Chronos had read the emotion correctly, of how he had gotten behind him.

"Not important," he answered, gesturing to the woman. "Who is she?" He raised his voice slightly, turning it dark and fearsome, to pursuade him to convey what the metal warrior wanted.

"The Invisible Woman," he answered carefully, and Chronos was satisfied. Bidding the child to be quiet, Chronos moved forward, and placed a gloved arm under Susan's body, lifting it tenderly into the air, and away from the chaos.

"I shall see she is put in a safe place," he muttered dully, turning away from the youth and looking upwards. "When the others are finished, tell them an old friend says hello." Before the youth could get in another word, Chronos bid the metal within his back to grow, forming four steel pillars that stretched from his shoulders and handed to the ground, latching on forcefully.

Ignoring the protests made by the youth, Chronos made the metal expand, rising off the concrete and into the air, cradling the Invisible Woman carefully, not wanting her damaged further. He was halfway up the building when she began to stir, and her eyes shot forth to see the dark mask.

"Where am I?" she asked, startled by the terrifying giant. Chronos shook his head, and she was silent until he could reach the top of the nearest skyscraper, and set her down in a half-sitting position, keeping her down with some metal bonds from his elbow.

"You have been knocked out," he answered in monotome. "I removed you from a violent situation, you will be fine shortly. Please take a moment to revive, then you may return to your friends."

He turned to leave, and walked over to the ledge of the building. Sue looked up, taking in the giant's sight, and asked him to stop. He turned slowly, the buckle of his eye gazing sharply at him, the mask bent so he could see her. "Who are you?" she asked. "I've never seen anything like you before."

Chronos offered a small nod, and turned back to the ledge. "Few have," he whispered, before jumping off it, metal flowing from his back to form the giant wings, and he flapped hard, setting a course back for Stark's lab.

23rd June 2006, 2:14 PM

I couldn't believe it! I saw Chronos as I was firing ring-blasts at these twins. He had to have been the other signal I detected earlier. I turned my attention toward my opponent, a technopath. Chronos was heading back to that strange building and in the distance, I saw a man consumed in fire take care of the blonde. At least she was safe. She probably hid Angela and that brunette so they could tail me when I left Camp Xaiver.

"Hey, Angel?" I zapped ourselves free of the debris the technopath tried to encase us in.

"What?!" He snapped as he dodged some more debris.

"Hey, don't get snarky with me." I muttered. "I just want to know who the hell this 'Magneto' is and why he has a colossally stupid codename."

"You'll learn soon enough, fellow mutant!" The woman threw a lamppost at me. "Join us or die!"

"All supervillians here this corny?" I chuckled. "Give me Terra Nova any day. Or even Ragnarok and Demonstorm!"

"What's-" Angel started.

"Long story." I reminded myself of where I was and I called over to Sieg. "Sieg, get everyone as far away as you can!"

"Why?" Sieg punched his popponent. "Oh no...you aren't going to take that ring off are you?"

"Do I have a choice?" I punched the cyberpath and he shook it off.

My ring was a release valve for my energy blasts. In small doses, it stings whoever my target is. If it's a refined beam, it can spot-weld or tear through almost anything. However, if I take it off, all that energy I have inside bursts out of my hand. Handy power to have and I only did it when the situation demanded it. Now was that time.

"So, Magneto wants MY power?" I growled and took off my ring. "I'll give it to you..."

"What the?!" Angel gasped as sudenly my body glowed bright blue. "What kind of mutant are you?!"

"As I keep trying to tell you all..." I clapped my hands together releasing the energy. "I. AM. NOT. A. MUTANT!"

Angel shielded his eyes as the ensuing energy wave hit Frik and Frak on the roof. Luckily I was still able to dodge the debris. Here was another reason to hate this reality. Some guy named Magneto sent people after the three of us. The windows of the building also shook while the energy hit the two villains.

"What is this guy?" I heard a woman ask as I placed my ring on and grabbed the cyberpath by the collar.

"Tell your boss he's messing with the wrong people." I murmured as I pushed him down. "He won't stop me from getting home and neither will you."

"Brilliant, Mateo!" Sieg called as he continued fighting his opponent. "Still havin' trouble with this loser!"

"How?"Angel looked at the unconscious bodies of the twins. "Color me impressed."

"Don't be." I shook my head and returned to the sky. "There are others on my team more powerful than a winged guy who shoots energy from a ring. And I would very much like to return to them."

I left Angel to deal with those wonder twins. I bet now he could handle them. He wasn't much use in the fight as he kept dodging stuff. Unlike him, I had an offensive power it seemed and that probably concerned him a bit. Right now, I had to find Chronos again and the three of us could work on finding a way out of here. Chronos was still in flight and I took off like a shot after him since the flaming man from before joined the fight along with a man who appeared to be made of orange rocks and some super elastic man. My best guess was that the calvary arrived on the roodtop from the building with the four on it.

"Whirlwing!" I called as I noticed the wonder twins waking up. "Make sure no civillians get hurt and that frik and frak don't get away! I'm going after Chronos!"

"All right." Sieg nodded. "We need to get him so we can think of our predicament."

"Chronos?" Angel asked but I was already gone. "WHo is-"

I tailed Chronos right to the building and called over to him. He grumbled a bit and turned around. The metallic warrior was not happy to see me. But, from what my Angela told me, the guy had no emotions of any kind. I couldn't detect it anyway.

"Starbolt." Chronos simply stated. "What do you want?"

"The three of us need to stick together." I started. "Whirlwing, you and I are trapped on this Earth. I don't know about you, amigo but I want to get the hell out of here. Though, I can't imagine hell being much worse than this place."

"What are you saying?" Chronos asked. He seemed concerned but I thought that was my mind playing tricks on me.

"I found this reality's version of the Arlandero family." My jawline narrowed. "I'm dead in this world and my family lives in a slum here in New York. I helped a powerless version of Angela, too. That and I have a throbbing headache."

"You'll get more from this!" I heard the technopath yell.

We spun around and a bus full of screaming people was hurdled toward us. Chronos instinctively covered the vehicle in metal and he motioned me to deal with the technopath once again. Realizing he had the bus under control, I set my sights on the one who caused the trouble. He said Magneto wanted me? Terra Nova wanted me too and I had a feeling that this loser was like that organization.

"You're just a sick freak aren't you!" I yelled and dove at the mutan and nailed him with a right hook. "You have no idea who you're messing with."

Draco Malfoy
23rd June 2006, 2:57 PM
(OOC: The Twins' names are Eric for the boy and Erika for the girl. Last name Gracient. Both twenty-four. I think I told you that during the times of the old one but I should have told you again. So Eric and Erika, not Frik and Frak XD. Those names are hilarious though!)

Susan Storm gasped as she saw what happened. Three newcomers, one who brought her here; the meta-human while the other two were flyers. Kitty and Angel were also fighting the Brotherhood. The blonde haired woman tried hard to remember what had happened.

"All I remember was some guy punching me in the head before I could conjure up a Force Field," muttered Sue as she looked down at the battle below. She bit her lip as she saw what's their names, Sieg, Mateo, Chronos and Kitty and Angel fighing with all their hearts.

"I got to do something," murmured Sue as she looked at the battle below her.


The Invisible Woman turned around to see her brother, Johnny Storm and her husband Reed Richards race towards her.

"Are you alright? I was so worried about you!" cried Reed as he hugged his wife.

"The Brotherhood is obviously going on a rampage here; heard Doom's behind this gang," said Johnny as Reed and Susan looked down at the battle below.

"Ben's already down there, helping out Xavier's new lot and those three intruders over there fight the Four Brotherhood Members. The Brotherhood must been training some VERY powerful recruits recently as that psychopathic psychic woman, those bloodchilling young adult twins and that weird twisted teenager are causing havok here!" Reed exclaimed as they saw a climatic battle take place.

"I think I'll go down and help out Ben and Xavier's lot," said Johnny as he flew down to the battleground below. Susan nodded. "Let's go too darling. That teenager has a dept to pay after what he tried to do to me!"

The three from the Fantastic Four then launched into the battleground. Susan decided to first help out the mysterious but kind fellow who got her out of the flaming inferno.

Chronos and Mateo spun around and a bus full of screaming people was hurdled toward them. Chronos instinctively covered the vehicle in metal and he motioned Mateo to deal with the technopath once again.

"You're just a sick freak aren't you!" Mateo yelled and dove at the mutan and nailed him with a right hook. "You have no idea who you're messing with!" and he launched towards the male technopath. He smiled coldly.

"You have no idea of my potential powers," he siad suavely, up heaving a large chunk of concrete to protect himself.

"I can virtually manipulate this whole piece of concrete in any way I like. Allow me to demostrate," said Eric as he clicked his fingers. Immediately, the piece of concrete burst into a million dangerous flying projectiles, all heading towards Mateo.

"Watch out!" cried Susan as she concentrated and created a Forcefield with a kilometre radius to protect herself, Mateo, her fellow Fantastic Four Teammates, Angel, Kitty, the two other intruders and the civilians from the projectiles. The bits of concrete thudded viciously against Susan's Force Field but she bit her lip as she maintained the barrier. Eric swore under his breath. Sieg smiled in relief but suddenly he felt a telepathic invansion of his mind. He gasped as he tried his best to put up adept mind barriers but a soothing but bloodchillingly cold voice rang in his head.

Hush now Siegfried. You're battle is with me. But let's just say I want to exercise my telepathy before meeting you properly, said the voice, echoing in his head. He cried out in pain as suddenly he received a terrible head ache and the mental battle for the possesion of Sieg's mind began.

Chronos was side by side the Thing. Both similar in some ways. Suddenly, they felt themselves sinking into the ground as a head popped out of it.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sylvester D'Arouge but you can call me Moleculo. Finally I get to take on both of you. Kit Kat over there was quite a challenge but I overcame her," Moleculo hissed as he beckoned towards a now bruised unconscious Shadowcat. Chronos growled and Ben glared viciously at the teenager.

"You are going to pay for this!" yelled Ben. Moleculo laughed. "How? Why you're from shoulders down, stuck in rock solid concrete? And how about I make things worse, shall I?" ans Moleculo then suddenly turned green and purple his skin bubbling and gaining an acid like texture.

"I can manipulate, change and reform the molcules in my body. Moleculekinesis. I can turn body into almost anything; including acid that could burn even through steel with the lightest touch," Sylvester hissed as Chronos cried in pain as Sylvester touched his cheek. He could feel his very skin melting away. He had to do something, fast...

Mateo turned around; Susan smiled while her husband Reed and her brother Johnny stood side-by-side next to the winged human. The two Twins growled as suddenly, Erika psionically lifted all the contents of nearby Garbage Dump, then mentally reforming it into many metal humans resembling Chronos.

"I got the idea from your friend over there," said Erika as she directed the thousands of steel towards her adversaries.

"Oh boy, this is going to be bad..." stated Johnny as the thousands of metal humans, mentally controlled by Erika, started to march towards them...

23rd June 2006, 4:07 PM
(I really feel like, uh, "dropping in" on the fight. Phear me, mortals!...yes, I spelled "fear" like that on purpose.)


When Xavier finally got done talking, I went outside for some air. All the kids were in class or somethin'.

It was then I got some kinda feelin'...like somethin' bad's gonna happen. I looked up for some weird reason, and found a blue guy with a pointed tail sittin' on topa da roof.

"Uh...hello!" said the blue guy

"So..." I began "who're you s'posed to be?"

"I am Kurt Wagner," the blue guy answered "but in the circus I was known as 'the Incredible Nightcrawler'. You may address me as Nightcrawler. Is something the matter?"

He had sharp teeth, as I saw when he opened his mouth.

"Now that ya mention it, yeah." I said "I got some feelin' that somethin' bad's gonna happen at the last place I came from. My only power so far is telepathic attack, but..."

"Say no more." said Nightcrawler "I will take you. I also believe that something terrible will happen in the rather sleezy place that you last left."

Suddenly, Nightcrawler disappeared in a puff of black smoke. He reappeared right in front o' me.

"Ugh..." I said, wavin' my hand 'round "what's that smell?"

"Burnimg brimstone." said Nightcrawler "It's the smell that lingers whenever I teleport myself. We must be in contact with one another in order for both of us to teleport to the same place."

He grabbed my hand, and then...ugh, I have no idea what happened next. It's like I just suddenly go from one place to another at light speed. We reappeared in a giant, metal room with a huge, black jet..thing in the middle of the room.

"Cool..." I said "can you fly that thing?"

"We will certainly find out." said Nightcrawler.

Oh, great. I'm ridin' shotgun with a dude who can't fly a big, honkin' jet thing.

"Get in." he said "We will be taking off shortly."

I got in the jet thing, and....whoa, it's like I just walked into a spaceship. Rockin'!

Nightcrawler stepped into the plane, and took the controls. I buckled up inta a seat near the door (in case I threw up), and Nightcrawler pressed a few buttons, and the jet thing rose from the ground. Oh, man! This is awesome! A door opened in the room's wall, and we flew out.

A while later, we reached da slum I left. The winged guy had been joined by ANOTHER winged guy, along with a metal dude and a guy that shoots wind. Whoa. They were fightin' a bunch of guys definitely intent on hurtin' 'em.

"I see what you meant by 'bad feeling'." said Nightcrawler "I will assist you in combat."

He pressed a button, and a computer voice on the jet thing said "autopilot: engaged".

Nightcrawler took my hand again, and we teleported down to the field, makin' a few people jump.

"So..." I said "who exactly said ya could start without me?"


Does this need editing?

23rd June 2006, 9:16 PM
Sieg grasped his head, but smirked.

"You think you're the first freak to get inside my head? Come back when you're over fifty thousand years old and a sin against life itself, and then we'll talk. And just so you know, I'm no mutant. But I'm no human either, I outrank your kind by about five thousand years..."

A simple image rushed through Sieg's mind. No barrier, but a raw force. He didn't have his old telepathy, with Galus being outside this dimension, but he had his soul. The image manifested, a huge green dragon. It's gigantic form towered over the invading image of the woman. Its raised it's three horned head, and with a roar, a mental gale erupted from it's mouth, blasting her clean out of Sieg's head.

"Let's keep this fight physical. I'm not a human, my soul, mind and body are all differant. I'm no mutation either. I am an elementan, and allow me to demonstrate this. Boreas Blast!" Sieg yelled, his wings stretching out to their full span. He placed his hands in front of him, and a sphere of winds formed into them. It span around, like a gyroscope, except at easily over one hundred miles per hour. With what was lamost a falcon like screech, the wind in his palms erupted forward in an enormous cyclone, conecentrated completely around the woman. It took her clean by surprise, as she was still reeling from Sieg's mental counter attack. She was swept off her feet, and sent flying. The intense stream of winds didn't stop once she was in the air. No, it kept going, lifting her higher, and higher into the air. Eventually, Sieg, with a smirk, released the winds, and dropped her from nearly 100 metres in the air. Her fate was now in someone else's hands, he thought, as he brushed his palms.

No-one fights him without taking a risk. Sieg had only been in life or death fights since getting hi powers. He'd stopped light crimes, sure, but every real fight had been against one of the two Ragnaroks. And neither of them fought in any manner other than life or death.

23rd June 2006, 9:58 PM

"You've got to be kidding me!" I heard Angel call. "All I can do is fly..."

"Get over yourself." I murmured.

Angel was apparantly amazed that Sieg had such great power in his body. Chronos and I were the only ones who knew that the Elementans had cosmic power that went unrivaled on our Earth. Angel was suprised that the other wings person in our group was able to do that to his opponent. I shrugged, friguring he just had wings for flight and that was it. Poor him. I didn't have time to care.

In the corner of my eye, I saw a blue demon-like being teleporting and joining the fight with the teen from earlier. He had to have been one of the X-Men and spoke with a thick German accent. He certainly smelled funky. I turned toward the wonder twins, firing my blasts.

"That was Whirlwing." I chuckled. "He's one of the most powerful beings on my world. He's faced demons and you guys just have cheap parlor tricks."

"What about you?" one twin asked.

"Eric, don't provoke him!" his sister shrieked. "You saw what his friend did!"

"I'll do what I damn well please, Erica!" Eric snarled as he attempted to throw more metal at Angel and I. "Besides, we have these metal beasts to deal with him."

"Angel, get people to safety!" I snapped as my rings charged up and the metallic people lumbered around. "Chronos and I'll take care of this."

Angel nodded and flew onlookers away as Chronos fought with five metallic beings at once. There was only five left after that flaming guy and his rocky friend took out the others. The girl was still concentrating on animationg the beings and I zapped her a few times, causing her to lose focus.

"Erica!" The brother shouted and jumped at me. His sister was now out of comission.

"Oh please." I was now in hand to hand combat with the man. Blocking the shots, I continued my conversation. "Y'know you can tell Magneto that I'm not joining up with any organization on this planet! I don't belong here and I'm sure as hell not a mutant."

"Oof." Eric winced in pain as I punched him in the gut. "I can not take much more of this."

"Should thought of that before you tangled with an Agent of S.T.A.R." I flew back and shot my ring at his costume, melting it off. "I could go hotter,...but I don't think anyone wants to see that nastiness!"

I divebombed the man and knocked him out as well and all that was left was the fourth member of this band of troublemakers and the bunch of metallic beasts still lumbering around.

"You're quite a fighter." the blonde woman remarked as I landed. "I'm the Invisible Woman by the way. Is it true you're not from around here? Maybe my husband can help you."

"Mateo Arlandero." I responded. "I go by Quetzal. I would love any kind of help. But, we need to take care of these metal things! And I'm feeling a bit....angry."

I flew back into the air shooting my ring bklasts at the robots near me. The organe rock guy was impressed and the flaming man even put in a couple impressed whistles asI charged through the robots, thinking of home and how these things were in my way. The things kept grabbing for me and I continued fighting.

"I'm not in the mood to join any outfit!" I shot the blasts at more robots. "I already have a team and I've been trained by the best!"

23rd June 2006, 10:28 PM
(so Eric and Erika are done. Neutronica is done, too. That leaves Moleculo. This'll be fun.)


"My telepathic attacks won't work on da robot things." I explained to Nightcrawler "You take care'a them, and I'll take the other guy."

"Agreed." said Nightcrawler before teleportin' in another puff o' black smoke.

As for the other guy, I looked at him, closed my eyes, and concentrated. I was turnin' on my telepathic attack power.

I aimed it at his brain, and fired. The attack hit, and he clutched his head. So long as I'm here, he couldn't fight back.


(due to my not knowing the comic Nightcrawler that well, I'm doing him in third person.)

Kurt teleported in front of one of the metal beasts, then teleported again to dodge an attack. Appearing between two of the metallic monstrosities, Nightcrawler teleported again, causing the two to attack each other rather than their original target.

Re-appearing in front of another robot, Kurt ducked to avoid a swipe, then swept his foot towards the robot's legs, knocking the metal beast over onto its back. Another robot came towards Kurt to attack, only to miss as Kurt teleported again.

Once again appearing, the former circus act flipped head over heels in midair to avoid another robot. Then, he spun around backwards, planting both his feet into the 'bot's face, causing it to stagger back several steps. Kurt ran up to the robot while it was stunned and backflip-kicked it in the chin.

Kurt decided to leave the rest of the robots to the man with the power-blast ring, so he teleported back to the boy known as Mentalash.


How's this?

23rd June 2006, 11:12 PM
O.C.C. It seems like everyone but me is out at the fight, so guess where I'm headed.


While I walked up to the stage in tha Atrium, none of the teachers seemed to still care that anybody was still in the room. I looked around and saw that there was only one other kid in the room with me.

The teachers were all looking down at Xavier who seemed to be in deep thought. After a few seconds he looked up at the African Storm and said, "I've located the rest of the new students. There in a fight in the city with some other mutants. I think they are Magnitos. Kitty, Waren, and Kut are down there but I think that they need help. Storm, head down there and help them out."

"Yes I'm on my way," Storm said as she headed for the door.

"This migh be my oppritunity to show my skills," I thought.

I started thinking about moments in my life that scared me and found the one of my beeing chased by a mad dog and then I was gone again.

I walked quickly and quietly to the door and walked through it, not wanting to make a noise, and ran down the hall.

I didn't see Storm but still I walked out the mansion and heard a noise from above and looked up. Thats were Storm was, she was flying with a Thundercloud above her towards New York City. I ran quickly while keeping my eyes glued to the sky so I could follower her, and then a few minuts after entering the city she stopped and shot down lighting.

I looked in the direction the lighting went and saw the most horrifiic scene I had ever seen. There were mutants all over the place fighting with each other and the city below them lay in ruins.

"Well at least I don't have to worry about staying invisible. This battle shold scare me enough," I said while running to the battle.

I looked over, some of the guys were getting the citizens out of there, while a blue guy was teleporting around destroying robots that were beeing controlled by what looked like a brother and sister who were closest to me.

"I can't be seen." I thought. I looked around and saw that rubble was all over so I scouped down a picked up a rock.

I looked back at the twins and pelted it at the male's held. Direct contact but he didn't seem to care. So I picked up more and pelted them at their heads. Still nothing.

"What's up with them," I though while trying to think of another plan.

(O.C.C. I hope its okay I joined in.)

Draco Malfoy
24th June 2006, 12:26 AM
Sieg grasped his head, but smirked.

"You think you're the first freak to get inside my head? Come back when you're over fifty thousand years old and a sin against life itself, and then we'll talk. And just so you know, I'm no mutant. But I'm no human either, I outrank your kind by about five thousand years..."

A simple image rushed through Sieg's mind. No barrier, but a raw force. He didn't have his old telepathy, with Galus being outside this dimension, but he had his soul. The image manifested, a huge green dragon. It's gigantic form towered over the invading image of the woman. Its raised it's three horned head, and with a roar, a mental gale erupted from it's mouth, blasting her clean out of Sieg's head.

"Let's keep this fight physical. I'm not a human, my soul, mind and body are all differant. I'm no mutation either. I am an elementan, and allow me to demonstrate this. Boreas Blast!" Sieg yelled, his wings stretching out to their full span. He placed his hands in front of him, and a sphere of winds formed into them. It span around, like a gyroscope, except at easily over one hundred miles per hour. With what was lamost a falcon like screech, the wind in his palms erupted forward in an enormous cyclone, conecentrated completely around the woman. It took her clean by surprise, as she was still reeling from Sieg's mental counter attack. She was swept off her feet, and sent flying. The intense stream of winds didn't stop once she was in the air. No, it kept going, lifting her higher, and higher into the air. Eventually, Sieg, with a smirk, released the winds, and dropped her from nearly 100 metres in the air. Her fate was now in someone else's hands, he thought, as he brushed his palms.

Neutronica screamed as she propelled towards the ground but then she smirked. She had underestimated him. Why was she afraid of falling when she's a telekinetic. The woman sighed and leviated herself, stopping herself from falling. She then looked at what was happening over back with Eric and Erika. The Fantastic Four and those intruders were keeping up a good fight.

"It's about time I interfered. I could have taken over Sieg's mindbut I underestimated way too much. And he probably would have put up adepat mind protection up by now so he's a no. Let's see how well the Fantastic Four will take this!" Neutronica hissed as she telpathically linked her powers with the Gracient Twins and she telekinetically lifted the whole of New York into the air. Everyone screamed as she telekinetically lifted it up half a mile into the air. Then she smiled before saying, "Good bye. I have to go to Magneto now. This fight is boring me. I'm gone" and she flew off from the city, leaving for Genosha. The moment she left, suddenly , the city began to fall from the sky. Neutronica nodded to Eric, who had his fainted twin sister in his arm. The Twins then flew off with Neutronica, abandonning a falling city.

"Molculo, you'll have to deal with this yourself. With your powers, you should be able to escape," said Eric as the three flew off for Genosha, leaving a falling city from the sky...

(OOC: Okie, dokie, retreat for the Twins and Neutronica. You'll be seeing more of them later. But now, the whole of New York is falling from the sky! Do something!)

24th June 2006, 2:36 AM
I picked up another rock to throw at the twins but then something happened. I felt a sudden pull from beneath me and saw a woman that I had not seen before fly up and do something to the twins. She'd notice the rock if I threw it so it stopped in midthrow. Then the pulling came again and the woman shouted something, but i couldn't hear it due to the screams comming from all over.

I looked around me and noticed that all of New York was rising from the ground, from the earth. I was so scared and stuck in shock that I couldn't become visible again if I wanted to. I started to panic and began running around, towards the exit of the city then stopped. If I kept running then I would just fall of and plumit down to earth.

I turned back to the battle and began to think.

"If I can get a clean shot at that psycopath's head, mabye I could hit her and knock her out."

I looked down at the rock and then at the woman and squinted one of my eyes for aim. I pulled my hand back and hurled the rock right at her. More lighting strikes came down and I looked up to see that Storm had shot them down at the woman as well. One of them hit my rock and it shattered. My plan had failed but the lighting still could hit. Right before it reached her, the lighting was repeled by some sort of forcefield and it came shoting in my direction. I had to jump onto the ground to dodge it and when I got back up the woman and the twins were gone.

The city stopped and the pulling feeling came back as the city started falling back to earth and all of us with it. Some of the other mutants could fly so they could just remain in the air until the city hit the earth. But as for me, if I didn't do something quick I was a goner. I tried to remain calm so I would become visible again. Then someone might see me and help me out.

"Who am I kidding," I thought, "How can I possibly remain calm at a time like this."

I saw Storm take off to help her friends and the citizens of the city. She would be no help right now.

My power's were useless at a time like this. I had to think. No one here knew me or that I was invisible. I looked around and saw a pole lying at my feet. I had an idea. Since things that touched me became invisible, it it wasn't then it could be seen was my logic. I quickly took of my shirt and put it on the pole. The pole became invisible, but when I let go of my shirt, the black cloth was suspended in the air.

I began waving it franticly while shouting, "Hey look down here. You can't see me but I can see you. Can someone help me, I don't want to die."

(O.C.C. Okay now I just need someone to see the black shirt.)

Draco Malfoy
24th June 2006, 3:53 AM
Jean Grey smiled as she, Cyclops and Wolverine organised their students. The recruits joined their Group Leaders. Joshua looked at the two other members of this Group. Jean nodded as she beckoned to her students.

"Firstly, now we and Scott's group are going to the Danger Room to test and help expand and wield our Powers better. Logan's lot is going to the Baxter Building as schedule as Reed Richards, Mr Fantastic, had promised a demonstration for them. Now follow me students; the Danger Room is-" Jean never got to finish her setence. She then with all the other teachers and students looked down at Professor Xavier who seemed to be in deep thought. After a few seconds he looked up at Ororo Munroe, Storm, and said, "I've located the rest of the new students. There in a fight in the city with some other mutants. I think they are part of the Brotherhood; Doom's sent this lot. Kitty, Waren, and Kurt are down there but I think that they need help. Storm, head down there and help them out."

"Yes I'm on my way," Storm said as she headed for the door. Jean bit her lip and send to Joshua and her students; "Wait here for a moment, stick with Cyclops's group for a moment; I have something to sort out"

The scarlet haired woman approached Charles Xavier. The telepath noticed her as she came closer.

"Jean. You know why I have to say Reed's demonstration and our current plans for your Group and Scott's are cancelled. Great Danger looms; you've felt their presence"

Jean Grey nodded. "The Fantastic Four, the three intruders, Kitty, Warren, Kurt and now even Ororo are fighting to save New York. It seems we are forced to temporarily abandon our current plans"

Jean looked sad and miserable. The Professor smiled knowingly. "You feel trapped and helpless don't you my dear? Not being able to help due to you have to protect our students while many sacrifice their lives."

"Yes Professor. I know I have to stay here; I must maintain this Telekinetic Barrier which protects our school and students from any harm"

Jean paused. Then when she was about to speak again, suddenly, students screamed as Jean felt the whole of New York being leviated into the air. Then suddenly, when the whole of New York was suspended half a mile into the air, they could it sudden fall from the sky. Jean gasped and they heard a large thud as the city fell. She nodded at the Professor. He smiled. "Go my dear; save us all. After all, you cannot truly cage a Phoenix for long" And with that she smiled gratefully and flew off to the battleground.

"I'm the only one who can save New York; as the Phoenix I'm the only one. The White Crown of the Phoenix, I must try!" And she landed briskly at the battle ground. It was terrible mess; road up heaved, cars broken, buildings shattered, citizens hurt. The Fantastic Four looked at her; the Phoenix, the most power psionic entity with cosmic level powers, the world's most powerful telepath rivalling with Xavier's and one of the universe's most powerful telekinetic, the life. Mateo, Chronos who was still stuck under cement with the Thing, Sieg, Angel who was caressing a fainted Kitty Pryde in his arms, Storm and Kurt all looked at her, some with surprise, some unaffected, some hopeful. She then nodded, bent down and put her hands on the gorund, letting the Phoenix Force flow through her veins and engulf her with power. Her eyes and body gleamed with fiery psionic energy; the Phoenix Aura. She then focused the power into her telekinesis, trying the leviate and slow down the fall of the city.

"I'm must continue trying," she said, biting her lip as the whole city gleamed with the Phoenix Aura, trying to save them all. The city started to slow down but is it too late for some...

24th June 2006, 5:44 AM

"Well, I was planning on creating a force field around Manhatten again." I heard the Invisible Woman explain.

Speaking of invisible people, I saw a strange black shirt heading toward that kid who kept tailing me. Were these the only students who followed us? Where were the others from that school of his. That redhead though certainly was powerful. I had no time to look at her. These "X-Men" and "Fantastic Four" knew what they were doing and I was busy fighting robots, looking for a sign of Chronos.

"Come on, Chronos!" I shot randomly at the walking junkpiles. "Get your metallic butt up here!"

"I said..."the other invisible person called. "Can someone help me, I don't want to die!"

Everyone else was busy fighting the creatures to notice her and I quickly flew to where the shirt was hanging from. The shirt revealed himself to be yet another mutant. A teenage boy who apparantly had powers akin to Invisible Woman's. I sat him down gently by Angel and that phasing woman. Angel quickly rendered aid and nodded his approval of me. My best guess was that he respected me. I nodded and turned to see a couple junkpiles advancing toward me.

"Angel! Fly out of here if you can!" I released my energy blasts. "These things won't get you on my watch!"

"What about you?" Angel seemed concerned.

"Yeah, you saved mmy life!" the boy chimed in.

"It'd be better for that ghost-lady if you get out of here!" My blasts shattered a robot as I returned to the sky and flew near the redhead. "Hola! Keeping Manhatten level?"

"Ughh..." the woman seem strained. "I...I can't control it much longer. T-Tell Invisible Woman to use..."

"I'm already on it, Jean!" Invsible Woman called and started to create an invisble force field around the island. "I've done this before and I'll do it again!"

Jean must have been the redhead's name. I had to look for Chronos. Sieg was holding his own against the robots and swearing up a storm while doing it. The one constant was that this headache that won't go away. But, I couldn't think about that now. They needed me in this city right now.

In the distance, I saw a couple metallic creatures head toward the Arlandero apartment building. The place was run-down. Why would they go after it? That Arlandero family was in trouble, though and I had to do something. This makes the fourth time they'd see me.

"Hey, Wingnut!" The flaming man called me. "Aren't you gonna fly over and save that family?"

"That's..."I paused. "Mi familia. But, it's not really them. I can't explain."

I saw the Arlandero family were outside of the building and that the to beasts were approaching them at a fantastic speed. I furiously flapped my wings and took off after thee two. If that was Truth, Warrior and Scorpio, the beasts would be having some trouble. But, as it was, they weren't. they had no powers and they needed a hero.

My ring blasts sliced a robot in half as the other turned to face me and I was in combat yet again. Its supershrap claws scratched my face a bit and a little bit of blood came out. Angela shrieked and suddenly she had to have realized that I was human. I shot the blasts again after wincing in pain. That robot was destroyed.

"Mateo?" Angela asked. "You're real aren't you. What happened to you."

"Yeah, bro." Jaime reached for my shoulder.

"I can't take this..." I took to the sky and saw a band of robots marcing at the heroes.

I divebombed and blasted at the same time as they approached Whirlwing and the others. They didn't notice the enemies approaching and I had to help.

"You metal freaks are keeping me from returning home!" I shouted as I shot the blasts. "I will not die here! No one will prevent me from seeing my real family again and my wife! THIS I VOW!"

"Wife?" I heard someone ask.

24th June 2006, 4:21 PM
Sieg rubbed the bridge of his nose with his free hand. He could understand Mateo's predicament, having been through it before, but all this raging was getting no where. That, and Chronos and the other one were still up to their necks in concrete. If Boulderbeast or Terran was here, freeing them would be a snap, but unfortuantly, it was just Sieg, and, much to his frequent displeasure, wind against earth was as much us as fire against water. Pointless. He figured Mateo could do something, if he ever stopped being so dang ****ed. The bots weren't a problem here, sieg could blast them to kingdom come if Mateo wasn't so close.

"Snap out of it and help Chronos and the other one. I can take the rest of these bots with ease if you're not so close.

I know being away from those you care about hurts like nothing else, but if you want to get home, you have to stop whining and focus. Yeesh, I thought it was hero 101 that whining means nothing,"

24th June 2006, 4:54 PM

Sieg was right. Of course he was. Finally, I was snapping out of it but I needed to get home regardless. He and the others of his team jump realities chasing after Ragnarok like it was a walk in the park or something. I wasn't normally like this at all. I figured it was because of the telepathic link. I was no longer connected to Aquita and that caused some problems and changed my mental pattern a bit.

"C'mon, Mateo." I gritted my teeth and returned to the sky high above the battle. "Got to focus..."

"Good idea!" Sieg called. "I'm going to use my Howl Of Fenrir on these gits so get the hell out of here! I don't want you getting caught in the cyclone! Get out of here!"

I stopped battling the robots and flew to where Chronos and the orange guy were. They both were waist deep in concrete and I had to cut them out so that they could help us. The orange guy was cursing up a storm and I noticed a Brooklyn accent in that gravally voice of his.

"Ain'tcha gonna help ya metallic piece of..." The orange guy muttered. He didn't know Chronos and I knew that you don't argue with him.

Chronos clamly looked at me and crossed his arms. He seemed to be annoyed that I took so long. "Starbolt, I was waiting for you to cut us out of here."

"I...had some problems." I zapped the concrete around the two. "Hold still! This'll take a second."

"Yer codename's Starbolt?" The other one looked at me funny. "That's a weird one, kid."

"That's just my team name." I sighed. "Chronos here is an ally of the Starbolts. I'm Quetzal."

"Ain't that nice." The orange one was able to get out of the conrete and stood face to face with me. "I'm the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing."

He certainly looked like a thing to me. He was also a fair bit taller than me and a lot wider/muscular. His skin was orange and rock like. He had four fingers on each hand and took a look at my white, gold and black uniform. He seemed to laugh at my uniform and raced to help his friends out of the predicament, yelling something like "It's Clobberin' Time!"

"Starbolt, I appear to be fused with the concrete." Chronos struggled to move. "I can not move."

"I'll cut a circle around you." I carved around Chronos's legs. "See if you can absorb any of the metal in there and you should be okay."

"I'll be more than okay." Chronos's hands turned into metallic spikes as he sliced around his legs and joined me back on the street. "Thank you....Mateo...."

"Save it for later!" We both returned to thee battle. "We need to get some hel..Who are they?!"

Before I could finish my sentence, a group of heroes I never saw before appeared on the scene. A man carrying a red, white and blue shield oredered a man in red and gold armor, that red and blue hero, a woman with a lightning bolt on her black unitard, a man dressed in yellow and someone who looked like a ninja.

"Sentry!" the man with the patrotic 'A' on his mask ordered. "You, Iron Man, and Spider-Man take care of the civillians!"

"Don't tell me Magneto set more people after us!" I yelled at the flaming man.

"They're the good guys!" the flaming man seemed impressed by this group. "They're Earth's mightiest heroes!"

Earth's mightiest heroes? That was funny considering on my Earth, the Agents of S.T.A.R. were considered that as well. I guessed there was hope for this world. The group was also joined by a woman in red spandex and the red, white and blue costumed man lead the group in a charge saying:


Chronos and I exchanged a look and continued fighting the robots and continued looking for the one named Moleculo.

24th June 2006, 7:00 PM
"Robots, prepare for an *** kicking the likes of which gods of legend fear..." Sieg spread his wings full width once more. he closed his legs, and opened his arms, as if he had been nailed to an invisible cross. His head tipped, as all his mental power went into the focusing of his powers. Slowly, it came to him.

Invisible to the eye, all the wind gathered around him. the air moved, slowly spiralling around him. It sped up, dust and other debris slowly gathering into the circle of wind. It kept spinning...faster...faster. Slowly, Sieg lifted his head, and grinned.

"HOWL OF FENRIR!!" The wind shot forwards, as more upon more joined it, a huge tunnel of pressure and debris. It span around, passing the highest gale force this world had seen. It tore up land, ripped off pavement, and shredded the metallic grunts as they were sucked into it's vortex. Sieg's form never moved. The wind just span around him, the machines mindlessly walking into the horizontal cyclone, and being destroyed for their foolishness. Evetually, when the land underneath the attack had been reduced to luttle more than a ripped up ditch, and most of the machines had been adequetly torn apart. Sieg released his form, his legs parting, wings and arms collapsing to his side.

Loosely supporting himself with the little strength he had left, he drifted down to ground level, and slumped down in a heap. He gasped for air, and smiled.

"For future referance, you should see me after I've drunk too much soda," and he collapsed, asleep on the floor, smiling. He was exhausted.

25th June 2006, 5:52 AM
(O.C.C. Hey Ledian X: I'm a guy not a girl)

I was waving my makeshift flag around and was starting to give up hope when suddenly someone flew down a picked me up. I looked at him and it was that Latino flying guy who shot energy blasts form his hands.

He flew me over to another winged man and an invisible woman.

"Angel! Fly out of here if you can! These things won't get you on my watch!" I heard him say.

"What about you?" The winged man named Angel said with a sound of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, you saved my life!" I chimed in.

"It'd be better for that ghost-lady if you get out of here!" My savior said while blasting a robot before he took off back into battle "Hola! Keeping Manhattan level?"

I was too amazed to notice that he had called me a girl. Then I heard a distant voice call:

"Ughh! I...I can't control it much longer. T-Tell Invisible Woman to use..."

It was the scarlet haired woman from the mansion. Jean Grey was her name.

The blonde haired woman beside Angle and me called back:

"I'm already on it, Jean!" Invisible Woman called and started to create an invisible force field around the island. "I've done this before and I'll do it again!"

“Susan, be careful,” Angle said, “I’m going to take the kid away from here so you can concentrate.

Angle picked me up and flew us to the top of an apartment building across the street and then put me back down. I felt myself become visible again after knowing I was safe from dying in the falling city. I suddenly realized that my shirt was still off so I put it back on before asking the winged man beside me, “What do we do now.”

He looked over at me with a shocked expression on my face.

“What?” I asked

He answered back, “That guy over there, Quetzal, he thought you were a girl. Most likely because he couldn’t see you. But you’re not a girl, are you?”

How could he of think I was a girl. “Well that’s a first,” I said, “No one ever thought that I was a girl. Well I guess my sister and I have a similar look and I do have long hair but I’ve never been called a girl.”

“Oh! Well now that’s settled, I’m Angel. And the woman making the force field over the city is Susan, or the Invisible Woman, a member of the Fantastic 4.”

“Well, I’m Ben,” I replied, “a new student of Xavier. Are those people who caused this from the Brotherhood of Evil? I heard Xavier say something about them.”

“Sadly, yes,” Angel answered, “looks like the Brotherhood has gotten some new recruits as well. Lets stay here for right now and see if we can help out.”

That’s what Xavier wants me to help stop? Well it looks like I’ve got a lot to learn.

Then I felt something. A huge wind appeared and started to form a vortex and the other end of the street. It sucked up the rubble and debris that littered around the city. The robots were also pulled inot it. I felt my self lousing my balance and began to be pulled towards it. Angel grabbed my arm and used his wings to shield us from the wind as he latched onto the satalited dish next to us. I looed over at the vortex and saw there was yet another winged man who had conjured it. He was standing to the center of it, not moving. The ground below him was reduced to a ditch and after a few minuts, the vortrex stopped and all of the gravel and debris fell into the ditch, none of it bigger than a small brick. He buckled a little and looked back up.

While I watched all this I thought, "I hope he's on our side."

The robots were gone, now all we had to worry about was a falling city.

I head Angle mutter as he released his grip on me, "I hope Jean and Susan and handle this."

Power Shot
25th June 2006, 10:22 AM
Chronos slashed, uncurling blades from his metal. Sieg watched in fascination as metal flowed from his arms, from his boots, and from his back, before it started flowing from his head, massing into pools of iron.

Slowly, it started, the scimitar blades froming on his arms, hardening into metal stronger than those of the robots. "They want to fight!?" he asked, roaring over the noise. "Let's give them a fair fight!"

Metal sprang from his back, dozens of lines aiming towards the ground. As they struck it, they instantly began to take on new form, growing and growing. The lines sprouted arms and legs, and finally a head, before soon, dozens of Chronos' copies were spread out in the outskirts, surrounding the fight, and preventing the robots from spreading further.

"Starbolt!" he shouted, placing all concentration into the attack. "If you value anyone's life here, tell them to get the hell out!" With that, the copies began to grow further, massing together into a single clump that emcompassed the whole army. And Chronos sat at the dead center.

Mateo understood, and called to the other heroes. It seemed like a futile effort, given that there were so many, but it wasn't long before everyone saw what was happening, and got out of the way. Chronos' metal built up from deep within, spreading into a ceiling that halted to robots from escaping. Sieg got out just as it closed up, and the army of heroes watched in horror at what the metalhead was doing.

Iron Man and Spider-Man were amazed, but Mateo looked away as the metal began to shrink, with the robots and Chronos still in it. They could hear screeching from within as the robots were meshed together, crying in what was simulated pain. Some of the heroes felt sick, others applauded, but most waited into the ball that Chronos had created shrank, and eventually vanished. Mateo walked forward.

Chronos was gone, vanished into the metal. In his place, there were the robot's remains, strewn and twisted together into a small message. Sieg joined the winged warrior, and read aloud.

"U OWE ME," they said, the other heroes gathering behind them.

"Whoa," Iron Man said, looking at the destruction. "He seems...nice."

"Whatever he is," the Thing said, his blue eyes widened, "he sure as hell has style."


Chronos ducked into the sewer, his metal pooling away from his body from the overuse. He cursed lightly at his stupidity, getting involved with something that was not his concern. The metal, however, soon returned to him, and he resumed his walk, metal footsteps echoing in the dank place.

It was dark, but that made no difference to him. He could see perfectly, and was certain that no one would find him again. He would stay here, until he could find a way back to the world he came from. Briefly, he wondered if Mateo and Sieg knew a way, but forgot it.

He stopped quickly, deciding to continue in his civilian identity. Chronos removed his coat, and inverted it to the red one Tobias Green wore. He took off his shirt as well, and turned it inside out. The emerald blazed in the dark world, but he didn't think much of it.

He removed his buckle, and his gloves, exchanging them for leather ones for his hands, so no one could feel his metal. Finally, he put a pair of sunglasses to his face, before removing his mask, exposing his face to fresh air.

Metal sprang from his face, binding the glasses to himself, and ensuring none could remove them. He placed the rest of his superhero garb into the flap of his coat, before sealing it up and putting it on.

"Well, better see where this takes me," Tobias muttered, straightening his glasses, and placing his eye on them, making them his view ports. He saw what the glasses saw. The giant walked on, wondering where the path might take him.

No one would know him, not even Mateo or Sieg. He had never shown them his secret, though they knew him well enough to guess. If they could track his communicator, they would find him, and he wanted to be alone.

He emerged several hours later in the countryside of New York, where exactly he did not know. He saw a sign, and decided to follow it, thinking that someone with a sign might be able to get him some answers.

The sign, which was nicely written, read quite clearly, "Xaivier's School for Gifted Youngsters."

OoC: I would like to point out for future reference, that Chronos never feels. Ever. Anything, be it emotional or physical.

25th June 2006, 3:32 PM
OOC: Sorry lisalover. I edited it accordingly. Serves me right for posting in the middle of the night. Gonna give you time to find Moleculo and beat the tar outta him.


Chronos. The guy had a style all his own and that was why the city of Zepther liked him back home. Sieg and I chuckled a bit as the gathered heroes looked at the writing he left behind. We both knew we'd see him again. After all, he was very hard to kill.

The island of Manhatten was safely placed back onto its original position as the so-called Avengers continued to battle the robot copies of our friend and thankfully, there were a lot less of them. Everyone was doing clean-up and attempting to recuperate or calm down the onlookers who remained insistent on watching the battle.

"That guy seriously had stones." the flaming man returned to his human form and walked over to the blonde. "Sue? Are you okay?"

"Johnny...." Sue held her forehead. "I've had better days."

"Well, at least those things are gone." I walked over to the two and extended my hand to Johnny. "Nice job fighting out there, amigo."

"It was just business as usual for the FF, the X-Men and the Avengers." Johnny seemed cocky in his reply. "I mean c'mon there's an army of superheroes in this town."

"What the human matchstick here's tryin' ta say is..." The Thing appeared behind me, glaring at Johnny. "We all did our part. You did good, Wings."

"Wings...." I laughed. That was what most of my friends back home called me. "That's very-"

My headache was getting worse by the second and before I knew it, I was on the ground and faintly I overheard some of the X-Men calling the students into something called "The blackbird.". I was shaking uncontrollably. Something was wrong. The headache was getting much worse. I heard the three people I was talking to call for help and suddenly my eyes closed.


Before I knew it, I was having visions of a beautiful light blue skinned woman with webbed hands, long green hair and I was just sitting, talking to her in some restaurant. It was definitely Aquita! She placed her four fingered hand on mine and she leaned over to kiss me. I began to kiss her as well when suddenly things faded to white and I heard unrecognizable voices before I could hear her speak.

"Why'd we have to bring him back here?" I heard a familiar voice ask.

"The Baxter Building's power grid is out of commission." another replied. "Same goes for Avengers Tower."

"He's talking!" another voice exclaimed. "What language is he speaking in?"

"Aquita....amasa. Ya A'mas ti...." I moaned.

"That's Aquan, Mr. McCoy." I heard Sieg explain. "I think he's talking about his wife."

I opened my eyes to see Sieg, the redhead from earlier and a blue furred creature scanning me with some kind of device. I rubbed my head, which still throbbed for whatever reason. I sat up on what appeared to be a silver medical bed. I remember seeing Aquita and speaking her language one minute and the next, these three were looking over me.

"You gave us quite a scare there, mate." Sieg looked concerned.

"Aquita." I shook my head. "I was dreaming that I was back home."

"Thinkin' 'bout that wife of yours?" Sieg smirked.

"Yeah." I stood up. "It's hard not to when you're telepathically bonded ya know."

"You were speaking in a most fascinating language." The blue ape-like man scratched his chin. "Is it really something called 'Aquan'."

"Yeah." I nodded. "It's the language of my wife's people. They're...not human. Where Sieg and I come from, humans made first contact with an alien race known as Aquans. Three Aquans joined the team because they had special powers unlike any other Aquan. Our mentor banded us and the Aquan trio together to help solve problems in the world."

"Mentor?" Jean asked. "Who is that?"

"Stan Whitefox." I explained. "He helped me and several others with our powers. The Starbolts for a long time were a trainee team under the Agents of S.T.A.R. Whitefox is the leader of the Agents and mentor to the Starbolts. He brought all twelve of us together when we were sixteen or so and we've been fighting the good fight ever since."

I looked at Jean and she seemed lost in thought. It was as if something I said clicked and caused her to remember her own past. I wasn't sure what it was but she smiled and did a double take looking at me. She went from smiling to looking at me with deep concern. I recognized that look. It was a similar look Aquita gave me when she was reading my mind!

"I'm sensing something." She started. "There's something missing from your mind."

"You're a telepath, huh?" I grinned. "My wife is one too. I recognized the look all telepaths give when they sense something off-kilter with someone's mind. Though I never met a human telepath before."

"Huh?" Jean tilted her head. "The Aquans are telepaths?"

"Yeah. Aquita's the princess of the species. She and I had a telepathic bond after her father was killed by these bad guys called Terra Nova." I explained.

"You love her deeply don't you?" Jean's voice softened. "I can tell being apart from her hurts you. This bond must have been very spiritual."

"You have no idea, lady." I sighed, feeling like I was being head-shrunked. "I fell in love with her when we were both sixteen. We grew close, got married a few months ago and..."

"No need to explain." Jean smiled. "Scott and I have that same telepathic connection."

"Scott?" I asked. "Who is that?"

"Scott's my husband." She smiled. "He leads the X-Men under the name Cyclops."

"Good to know." I stood up and stretched my wings as the blue guy continued scanning me.

"Remarkable." the Beast shifted his glasses. "Jean, his wings and entire bio structure is similar to Warren's. That and he has this strange energy flowing through him."

"Si." I nodded. "But, do you have anything for this throbbing headache?"

Power Shot
26th June 2006, 11:18 AM
Footsteps issued through the entire mansion, thudding one after the other. Beast and Jean looked up from Mateo, wondering what the noise was coming from. It sounded like a giant moving through the building.

"What is that?" Hank asked, looking towards Jean questionably. She shrugged, so he made his way out of the room, wishing Mateo well one last time before exiting.

"Sounds familiar," Sieg noted, closing his eyes to the noise.

Mateo nodded. "...Yeah."


Tobias moved swiftly, but was unable to mask his entrance. In the echoing halls, he was lucky to just make a dull thump with each step. Hands in his pockets, he attempted to be as quiet as possible, which was very hard when you weighed many times the regular human.

Tobias Green held himself differently than his true identity, Chronos. For one, the tall man was slouched to shrink his image, and normally carried a laid-back attitude towards others. His face was tipped lightly, pointed towards the floor, his glasses hanging, but still masking him, off the tip of his nose, which was a little bigger than normal and beakish. His bushy copper eyebrows were furrowed in concentration.

"Excuse me sir," a voice asked behind him, "are you here for the seminar?" Tobias swung round to see what looked like a cross between a man and a blue monkey, dressed in a fine, formal suit. An azure arm was extended behind him to attempt a handshake, but Tobias did not take it.

Tobias studied Hank McCoy for a few moments, regarding exactly how much of a threat he was to him, before rendering that Beast was not one. "I'm here to see Xaivier," he answered in a mild mutter, a ligher voice than his true one. "Think you can show me where he is?"

Hank looked him over as well. "May I ask who you are, and what your business may be with the Professor?"

"Tobias Green," he answered. "My business concerns the X Gene."

True, he had learned what the word meant only a few hours prior, but Peter and Stark had filled him in quite nicely with the details. Hank nodded, and gestured behind him. "Follow me please," he replied, "but please be brief. Xaivier had many things in motion today."

"I will not take long," Tobias concluded, following Beast out towards the office where Charles Xaivier spent a large portion of his time. They passed a large number of hallways on the way there, but soon found the correct location. Beast showed him to the door, and knocked.

"Who is it Hank?" the Professor's voice asked from behind.

"Tobias Green," Hank answered. "He says he wants to speak with you on the X Gene."

"Show him in." Hank left Tobias standing alone, so the man took one hand out of his pocket, and opened the door slowly, entering the room. It was there that he met with Charles. "Well, Tobias Green," he said, his bald head sparkling in the sunlight streaming from the window, "what business do you have with me?"

Tobias took a seat in front of the desk, studying intently the serious face of the Professor. "I was wondering if you could answer a question for me, one concerning the X Gene."

Xaivier smiled. "Tobias, perhaps you should ask me what's on your mind, so that I might help you." He leaned in, smiling lightly. "Why are you here?"

"I am here to ask you about different universes," Tobias answered, his face remaining expressionless. "How do you travel through them?"

Xaivier chuckled. "As it happens, we have two people here who are from another universe. Would you care to meet them?"

The other shook his head. "That's all right, but I'm good. I don't need to meet them. Answer the question."

Xaivier opened his mind, willing Tobias to give up the information he was hiding. "Tobias, are you a mutant?" he asked suddenly, when he discovered that something was blocking intrusion into the tall man's mind. "Can you...protect yourself in some way?"

Tobias shook his head. "Not that I know of. Why?"

"Well," Xaivier started, setting his hands on the table, "I was trying to read your mind, and well, I couldn't. Something is blocking my way into your head. Normally, I give people a mind scan to see if that can help in any way, but I am afraid I cannot in your case. Do you have any special powers?"

Tobias looked around, almost expecting to find a camera or something in the room, but decided that there was none. He leaned back, looking towards him. "Can you keep a secret?"

"I can keep many."

Tobias lifted an arm, exposing part of his hand that was not covered by the glove. "Metal," he answered, taking off the leather. "My entire body is made of it, or at least my skin is." he shot his hand out, and offered it to the other man. The Professor took it, and was shocked as he felt instead of skin and bone, hard, unfeeling metal.

"My skin transforms when I am touched," he explained. "I can't feel anything due to it, so I guess you could call that my special skill."

"Remarkable," the Professor breathed. "A living metal, completely bonded to you. This could be a mutation, but you say you are not sure?"

"Yes. I don't know how it came, my memory has faded."

"This might be why I cannot see into your mind," he said. "Do you mind if later, I could run some tests on you? This metal might not just be in your skin, and might protect you from instrusions in the mind."

He straightened himself. "Tobias, there is someone by the name of Logan I would like you to meet. After that, we shall see what can be done about you. You can trust us."

Tobias hesitated, by a rule he did not trust anyone. "I will stay," he decided, nodding his head. "For a little while then, until you are able to return me to my world."

Charles nodded. "Agreed."

"Oh, and keep me away from the other people from my universe," he added, standing up. "We don't get along."

"Of course," the Professor answered, reaching for the intercom. "Logan, could you come here for a moment? There's someone here I'd like you to meet."

"On it," a curt voice muttered.

26th June 2006, 5:17 PM
The robots were gone, the Brotherhood was gone, and the city was falling back into place. But why were we still on the rooftop.

I looked up at Angel and asked, "Now that we know we're safe, why are we still here. I really don't like heights."

"No," He answered, "I want to make sure that Susan and Jean get New York back safely."

I heard a gust of wind come from beside me a looked over. Storm had just flown in beside us as said, "They are going to be fine. The city's almost back."

She was holding a young woman with dark hair. She looked about twenty. Angel looked down at her and said, "I see you've got Kitty. That's good, I was worried that she had been sucked into that vortex or crushed by Chronos' metal."

"No, I grabbed her right before that Whirlwind shot up," Storm replied.

Just then I felt the city shake and realized that we were back and safe.

I saw most of the heroes go to the center of the street and start to talk. I guessed that it was to congratulate each other. The out of nowhere heard a small poof sound and looked to see that blue monster from before appear.

I started to talk in a deep German accent and said, "The cities back and we're all to meet up at the jet. That Quetzal guy just collapsed and Jean wants to take him back to the mansion so Hank can have a look at him. Reed wanted to first but the Baxter Building is out of power so they are going to clean up around here. Is that one of the new students?" He gestured at me and I nodded."

"Yes I think that his name is Ben.?" Storm answered.

"Well I'm Kurt but in the circus I was known as the Amazing Nightcrawler. Anyway I'll be waiting at the Jet."

"Now you know why to professor needed you. Well I'm heading to the Jet. Kitty needs a rest." With that Storm took off.

"We should leave too," Angel said as we spread his wings ready to take flight.

I looked down and noticed that a strange green mass was coming up towards Jean and the others. It was burning up or dissolving the entire road beneath in.

“What the hell,” I thought. Then a head popped out form it and than a hand and it reached for the nearest of the mutants. “Was he part of the Brotherhood? Anyway he’s not good.”

“Hey Angel,” I asked, “Is it okay if we walk not fly to the Jet. I really hate heights.”

“Oh! Alright.” He answered. My lie had worked and we flew down to the road. When we landed I quickly ran away from Angel before he knew what I was doing. I looked around for something, anything I could use. There it was a down power line. I grabbed it and ran up behind that acidy man and stuck it right into it. The Sparks ran all through it and the returned to human form and began to shake violently. He turned around and glared at me.

“Where does a punk kid like you come up with the idea of messing with me? You have no clue who you’re dealing with. It’s time for you to see the real power of Moleculo.”

The bottom part of him began to morph back into the green acid from before and it started to move towards me. I tried to run but it quickly surrounded me. Fear rushed over me as I felt myself disappearing. I was going to die. The green acid reached the bottom of my shoes and they began to melt. I screamed as I began to fell pain as the acid began rub to bottom of my feet.

Then suddenly me eyes began to turn pitch black as they made contact with Moleculo. I knew what was coming next. The acid stopped as he regenerated back to human form and then he began to scream.

“No! Not the bottles. Don’t drink that. No stop. NOOOOOO!”

That’s all I heard because then I fell to the ground, visible and passed out.

I awoke, buckled to a chair in what looked like a big jet. I looked around and saw that Angel was still next to me. He looked down at me and said, “What happened back there?”

“That was my other power. It only comes up when I feel pain or deathly scared or extreme hatred. You saw what it did. As far as I can tell, it makes people relive their worst fears but it doesn’t always work. Anyway when it does, it either makes me or the person who it affects, black out. Hey what happened when I blacked out back there?”

He looked at me and answered, “After you blacked out, Moleculo slipped away into the sewers. I guess he was too weak to battle anymore. Well then I came up and took you to the jet with the rest of us and we flew back here. The rest of them headed for the Atrium except for Jean. She took Quetzal to the lab so Hank could look at him and make sure he was okay. We didn’t take you there because well, Jean knew you would wake up in a while. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the lad to check on things. They wanted me to tell you to go to the Atrium when you woke up.”

We left the jet and headed in one way and I the other. I entered the mansion and headed for the Atrium.