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11th June 2006, 8:00 PM
~Credit goes to MajinSageofDarkness. Partialy me.~

Well first of all this article is purely to analyse the competitive side of the E-Heroes. I will not be encouraging the use of Hero Barrier and Feather Shot in this article. Secondly this article is fully up to date with the April 1st ban lists, the old articles are now outdated and it is time for a modernised version. Finally this article will look at the latest cards that are available to the E-Heroes and see how well standard cards can help support our Heroes
in their fight to tier 1 play.

As always I will be posting a deck for an example piece and looking at what works and what doesn't. Looking at how certain cards (even some of the most staple cards) can be used to benefit an E-Hero deck in ways that weren't thought of before.


::Monster Board:: - (20)

01. E-Hero Sparkman (Elemental Hero Sparkman)
02. E-Hero Sparkman (Elemental Hero Sparkman)
03. E-Hero Wildman (Elemental Hero Wildheart)
04. E-Hero Wildman (Elemental Hero Wildheart)
05. E-Hero Clayman (Elemental Hero Clayman)
06. Dry Goods Merchant (Magical Merchant)
07. Yomigaeru (Treeborn Frog)
08. Critter (Sangan)
09. Saint Magician (Magician of Faith)
10. Saint Magician (Magician of Faith)
11. Cyber Dragon (Cyber Dragon)
12. Cyber Dragon (Cyber Dragon)
13. Narazumono Youheibutai (Exiled Force)
14. Numa-chi no Mashinoh (King of the Swamp)
15. Numa-chi no Mashinoh (King of the Swamp)
16. Hyoutei Mobius (Mobius the Frost Monarch)
17. Mystic Swordsman Level 2 (Mystic Swordsman Lvl 2)
18. Madou Senshi Breaker (Breaker the Magical Warrior)
19. Masoukikansha Dekoichi (Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive)
20. Masoukikansha Dekoichi (Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive)

::Magic Board:: - (14)

21. Zouen (Reinforcement of the Army)
22. Zouen (Reinforcement of the Army)
23. Miracle Fusion (Miracle Fusion)
24. Miracle Fusion (Miracle Fusion)
25. Jikudaki (Smashing Ground)
26. Jikudaki (Smashing Ground)
27. Yuugou (Polymerization)
28. Cyclone (Mystical Space Typhoon)
29. Hayasugita Maisou (Premature Burial)
30. Goudatsu (Snatch Steal)
31. Ooarashi (Heavy Storm)
32. Don'yoku-na Tsubo (Pot of Avarice)
33. Tenshi no Hodokoshi (Graceful Charity)
34. Hikari No Gofuuken (Swords of Revealing Light)

::Trap Board:: - (07)

35. Reactive Armour (Sakuretsu Armour)
36. Reactive Armour (Sakuretsu Armour)
37. Bakiryuuso (Torrential Tribute)
38. Sujin No Outatsumaki (Dust Tornado)
39. Sujin No Outatsumaki (Dust Tornado)
40. Metal Reflect Slime (Metal Reflect Slime)
41. Seinaru Barrier Mirror Force (Mirror Force)

::Side Board:: - (15 Cards)

01. Mahoukouka no Ya (Magic Effect Arrow)
02. Mahoukouka no Ya (Magic Effect Arrow)
03. Heiwa no Shisha (Messenger of Peace)
04. Heiwa no Shisha (Messenger of Peace)
05. Shield Crush (Shield Crash)
06. Metamorphosis (Metamorphosis)
07. Moon Diviner: Tsukuyomi (Tsukuyomi)
08. Teisenkyoutei (Ceasefire)
09. Tsuki no Sho (Book of Moon)
10. Hadou Cannon (Wave-Motion Cannon)
11. Hadou Cannon (Wave-Motion Cannon)
12. Ohkyuu no Ofure (Royal Decree)
13. Ohkyuu no Ofure (Royal Decree)
14. Hakamori no Teisatsusha (Gravekeeper's Spy)
15. Hakamori no Teisatsusha (Gravekeeper's Spy)

::Fusion Board:: - (28)

01. E-Hero Rampart Gunner (Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster)
02. E-Hero Rampart Gunner (Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster)
03. E-Hero Rampart Gunner (Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster)
04. E-Hero Thunder Giant (Elemental Hero Thunder Giant)
05. E-Hero Thunder Giant (Elemental Hero Thunder Giant)
06. E-Hero Thunder Giant (Elemental Hero Thunder Giant)
07. E-Hero Wild Wingman (Elemental Hero Wild Wingman)
08. E-Hero Wild Wingman (Elemental Hero Wild Wingman)
09. E-Hero Wild Wingman (Elemental Hero Wild Wingman)
10. E-Hero Necroid Shaman (Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman)
11. E-Hero Necroid Shaman (Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman)
12. E-Hero Necroid Shaman (Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman)
13. E-Hero Wild Jaggyman (Elemental Hero WildEdge)
14. E-Hero Wild Jaggyman (Elemental Hero WildEdge)
15. E-Hero Wild Jaggyman (Elemental Hero WildEdge)
16. Cyber End Dragon (Cyber End Dragon)
17. Cyber End Dragon (Cyber End Dragon)
18. Cyber End Dragon (Cyber End Dragon)
19. Cyber Twin Dragon (Cyber Twin Dragon)
20. Cyber Twin Dragon (Cyber Twin Dragon)
21. Cyber Twin Dragon (Cyber Twin Dragon)
22. Thousand Eyes Sacrifice (Thousand Eyes Restrict)
23. E-Hero Shining Phoenix Guy (Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy)
24. E-Hero Shining Phoenix Guy (Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy)
25. E-Hero Shining Phoenix Guy (Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy)
26. E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman (Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman)
27. E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman (Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman)
28. E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman (Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman)

::Card Translations::

Shield Crush (Shield Crash)
Normal Magic
Destroy one Defence Position Monster on your opponents side of the field.

Mahoukouka no Ya (Magic Effect Arrow)
Quick-Play Magic
Destroy all face-up Spell Cards on the opponent's field. For every Spell Card destroyed by the effect of this card inflict 500 points of damage to the
opponent's Life Points

Metal Reflect Slime (Metal Reflect Slime)
Continuous Trap Card
This card becomes a monster card (Water/Aqua/Level 10/Attk 0/Def 3000) when activated and summoned into the monster zone in defence mode. This card can not
attack. (This card to be used as a trap card.)

E-Hero Shining Phoenix Guy (Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy)
Fire/Warrior - Fusion/8/2500/2100
[E-Hero Sparkman] + [E-Hero Phoenixguy]
This card can only be special summon by Fusion Summon. Increase this card's attack strength by 300 for each monsters with [E-Hero] in its name in your
Graveyard. This card cannot be destroy as result of battle.

E-Hero Wild Wingman (Elemental Hero Wild Wingman)
Earth/Warrior - Fusion/8/1900/2300
[E-Hero Wildman] + [E-Hero Featherman]
This card can only be Special summon by Fusion Summon. Discard a card from your hand, destroy aMagic/Trap card on the field.

E-Hero Necroid Shaman (Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman)
Dark/Warrior - Fusion/6/1900/1800
[E-Hero Wildman] + [E-Hero Necrodarkman]
This card can only be Special summon by Fusion Summon. When this card is successfully special summon, destroy a monster on opponent's field. Afterwards, choose a monster in opponent's Graveyard and special summon it to opponent's field.

::Deck Analysis::

05/40 x 100 = 12.5% E-Hero Cards
05/40 x 100 = 12.5% Miracle Fusion + Polymerization
12/40 x 100 = 30% Search ability
07/40 x 100 = 17.5% Monster Destruction
06/40 x 100 = 15% Magic (Spell)/Trap Removal

You will note is the use of fewer Heroes than normal. I would like to stress that this deck is for competitive play and not all the E-Heroes are fit to be
run in a competitive deck, also this deck doesn't run too many E-Hero cards as competitive play is about searching for the cards you want not providing yourself with dead draws with Multiple Sparkman.
Instead this deck focuses on searching out the cards you need (note 30% of the deck is devoted to search ability) as well as a roughly even split of Monster and Magic/Trap destruction.

This deck looks to out-resource your opponent, only by getting a Card Advantage will you be able to successfully take the lead and then drop down Miracle Fusion for the win.

I shall now break the deck into sub headings and analyse each part.


::Quality not Quantity::

As has been said this deck only runs a total of 5 E-Hero cards however (as the heading suggests) this is about Quality not Quantity. so lets analyse these monsters in relation to the new format.

E-Hero Sparkman (Elemental Hero Sparkman)

1600/1400 Normal Monster. Not brilliant stats on their own but strong enough to go head to head with Breaker (after effect) also stand up to Dekoichi if in Def mode. I have found myself attacking with Sparkman and usually any monster in today's metagame (aside from Gravekeepers Spy) that is in Defence mode can be taken out by Sparkman so he's worth running in twos. Plus he is compatible with 2 of the monsters in this deck - Clayman and King of the Swamp.

E-Hero Wildman (Elemental Hero Wildheart)

Although only compatible with King of the Swamp in this build this E-Heroes trap negation ability makes it so worth while to run two of, especially in a very "Trap Orientated" metagame (with the unbanning of Mirror Force). It's Stats are also good in whatever mode he is in so top drawing this card will never be a wasted draw.

E-Hero Clayman (Elemental Hero Clayman)

With Nobleman of Crossout being semi-restricted playing a safe defence is no longer a preferred option and the last thing you want is for your 2000 Def wall
to be removed from play as there is no way to use him after that. Thus only one Clayman is run in this deck, this can either be used for discard material or
to be played when you think the field is safe for defence, (hopefully when Nobleman and Mystic Swordsman are in the grave). This card also makes for good tribute bait earlier in the game.

::Fusion Monsters Stages 1 and 2::

The Fusion monsters in this deck are the best of the bunch, designed to be brought out at an unexpected time, when my opponent has their deck strategy set up, as the Black Luster of old these Fusions can be dropped down and tear into my opponents field. These cards are split into two stages:

STAGE 1: Field Control

E-Hero Wild Wingman (Elemental Hero Wild Wingman)
E-Hero Thunder Giant (Elemental Hero Thunder Giant)
E-Hero Necroid Shaman (Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman)
E-Hero Rampart Gunner (Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster)

Used for earlier in the game to shake the foundations of a strategy in the making destroying Face up/down M/T's (Gravity Bind, Messenger, Swords etc) or Monsters who might be dominating the field. Necroid Shaman is for if I have no other cards in my hand and Thunder Giant is for if I can afford the discard.
Rampart Gunner - very nice against Burn decks - in fact this deck can stand up to most things except for Burn/Stall decks - this is why I have built my Sidedeck to counter such tactics. I create my own walls with E-Hero Rampart Gunner and Metal Reflect Slime (as most Burn decks run weak monsters) and destroying cards like Gravity Bind and Messenger with Royal Decree and Magic Effect Arrow. Then set up Wave-Motion Cannon and, when the defence is taken
care of rush them with Wild Jaggyman.

STAGE 2: Game Finishers

E-Hero Wild Jaggyman (Elemental Hero WildEdge)
E-Hero Shining Phoenix Guy (Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Guy)
E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman (Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman)

These are more along the lines of a top decked Black Luster Soldier. Can literally turn a game around - Both Shining Phoenix Guy and Shining Flare Wingman can get up to 3700 Attack points if I have all 4 E-Heroes (less one Sparkman for Miracle Fusion) in the grave... and that's not including the Fusion Monsters! That's enough to beat most Tyranno Infinity or Gren Maju De Eiza decks out there (which are known for pumping their attacks to insane levels) plus Flare Wingman's burn effect can often mean GG. Wild Jaggyman is nice if my opponent has built up an army of monsters, swarm decks such as Gravekeepers and Zombies are nasty but even with Necro Valley Gravekeepers Chief is only at 2400 and so is Dragon Bone Ogre (Ryu Kokki) so Wild Jaggyman can clear the entire field with its effect.

::Other Staple Monsters::

This deck has some old friends and some new additions to this deck all of which seem to run very well. Lets have a look at each of them in turn.

Critter (Sangan):
Searches for 3 of the E-Heroes as well as others. A staple card in any deck.

Saint Magician (Magician of Faith):
Now semi restricted this card recycles Fusion cards as well as Monster and M/T destruction cards. Also recycling Pot of Avarice (which can then recycle
Magician of Faith) and the newly unbanned Graceful Charity. Must be run in twos.

Narazumono Youheibutai (Exiled Force):
As a warrior great synergy with Reinforcement of the Army and can help to take out some of the big monsters that your opponent has put in to play (as this deck runs mostly weaker monsters) as well as Face Down control.

Mystic Swordsman Level 2 (Mystic Swordsman Lvl 2):
More Face down control (Essential in this metagame) and more synergy with Reinforcement of the Army. This guy is one of the main reasons people fear to play defence and that's what most people will be doing early on in the game so getting this card out quickly is the way to succeed.

Madou Senshi Breaker (Breaker the Magical Warrior):
What can I say, if this card can take out a monster on the turn it's summoned as well as getting off its effect then it's a 2-1 advantage. A staple card in a trap based metagame.

Hyoutei Mobius (Mobius the Frost Monarch):
Similar to Breaker this card can give you a 2-3 trade if it can be tribute Summoned and attack successfully. This deck counters the tribute cost of Mobius with cards such as Metal Reflect Slime, E-Hero Clayman (A nice wall), Cyber Dragons free Tribute effect and Treeborn Frog as well as dump + revive and tribute. If you're running tribute monsters like Mobius then you must have ways to counter the tribute cost.

Cyber Dragon (Cyber Dragon):
Good for a bit of attacking power early on until I can get the fusion monsters out. As mentioned also makes for great tribute bait for Mobius. With the addition of a tech Polymerization in this deck Cyber Twin Dragon is also accessible here.

Dry Goods Merchant (Magical Merchant):
Down graded but not without merit. In this metagame where Nobleman is run in twos running 3 of ANY flip effect monster is a big NO especially when you base your strategy around it. Therefore Magical Merchant has been downgraded to one in this deck. Can still mill through monsters (including E-Heroes for Miracle Fusion food) and can provide food for Pot of Avarice, activate the dump + revive combo and add a card to your hand (which is important). Plus of your opponent does Nobleman your Merchant and they have more than one you'll be crippling their strategy without damaging yours.

Masoukikansha Dekoichi (Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive):
Also for card advantage - losing cards through attacking is a very common way to drop cards from your hand so if you have to defend for a turn then losing this card will replace it with another. A decent Atk and Def ratio too.

Numa-chi no Mashinoh (King of the Swamp):
Allows access to a variety of Fusions (some of the best) without needing the actual monsters to summon. Can also be dumped in the grave for Miracle Fusion food and searched out Polymerization at the same time.

Yomigaeru (Treeborn Frog):
My favourite addition to this deck, as has been said makes great tribute bait for Mobius but that's not the main reason for this cards appearance, the fact of the matter is E-Hero decks burn the field and hand often more than we'd like to admit - this card helps to counter a potentially bad draw or an open field when you top deck a Polymerization or Mobiusby putting a monster on the field. A great replacement for the Scapegoat I suggested in my last article for the same reasons.


::Polymerization and Miracle Fusion::
It's easy to see this deck leans towards the Miracle Fusion and with good reason, although Miracle Fusion is generally slower and takes longer to set up it saves cards in your hand and gaining a card advantage is essential for winning any duel.

When running two King of the Swamp it seemed wrong not to run a Polymerization, yes it can burn 3 cards from your hand but if used at the right time those costs can be well worth it.

::Wild Jaggyman and Cyber Twin Dragon::
Running two Cyber Dragon begs running one Polymerization (especially as it has such synergy with the E-Hero cards) and of course King of the Swamp searches it out making up for the discard cost and gives you a card you can use or just dump for the cost of something like Graceful Charity or Thunder Giant. Wild Jaggyman and Cyber Twin Dragon cards are two of the most powerful Fusion monsters in the game and can easily make up for the cost of Fusion with their multiple attacking capabilities.

::Miracle Fusion::
As has already been said - this card makes the weaker E-Heroes in the grave into a Black Luster Soldier (of two meta games past) Now Chaos Sorcerer is run, why? because it's essentially a strong monster that can be brought out unexpectedly at a time when your opponent thinks you have nothing left. The same can be said for Miracle Fusion, it can essentially turn the tide in a duel.
Cards like Magical Merchant, King of the Swamp and Graceful Charity all help to set up this strategy by discarding E-Heroes to the grave for Miracle Fusion
later on and recycling these cards as well as Miracle Fusion with Magician of Faith and Pot of Avarice can get this deck set up pretty quickly.

::Graceful Charity::
It's no co-incidence that this card in Japanese is called Angel's Gift, this card is indeed sent from Heaven as far as E-Heroes are concerned. Extra drawing power plus discarding cards for Miracle Fusion. Pot of Avarice also loves this card to get more monsters in the grave however there are also several cards that have been put in this deck to take up for Graceful Charity's discard cost:

#1 The E-Heroes - 5 cards in my deck (not including King of the Swamp) are perfect discard bait for this cards cost as they can then be used for Miracle Fusion.

#2 Treeborn Frog - Until in the grave this card doesn't really do a lot but once there it's effect can activate whenever my M/T zone is free, a great discard card.

#3 Polymerization - Although a useful card if the right cards are in my hand this card is often used for discard costs of Graceful Charity, Thunder Giant and Wild Wingman - since I can usually search this card out with King of the Swamp I am minimising my deck by one as well as providing a discard card (instead of just losing a card in my hand through KotS effect).

#4 Mobius - Ideally it would be good to tribute for this card it is not always possible, the dump + revive combo with this card is still very good, a 2400 Atk monster is a great card to revive.

::Reinforcement of the Army::
Although E-Emergency Call is out in Japan it really does not compare to the versatility of this card being able to get out any warrior Lvl 4 or lower. The
only time E-Emergency Call would be used in a deck of mine would be if I ran Edgeman or Necro Darkman as Reinforcement can't search for these but even then I'd probably use it in the ratio 2:1 in favour of this card - Arguably the best searcher in the game.

::Pot of Avarice::
This is a card for late in the game when there are 2/3 Fusion monsters in my grave. I can often shuffle 2/3 Fusion Monsters as well as Merchant, Dekoichi, Breaker, Exiled, and Magician of Faith (all valuable monsters) back into the deck meaning a +3 for my Fusion Deck +2 for my deck and then a +2 for my hand.
Best used with Fusions in the grave - helps those who don't own 3 of each fusion. Works especially well with Magician of Faith to recycle them and then recycle Pot of Avarice making it a potentially endless resource.


I've said throughout this article that this format was very "Trap Orientated" this can be seen with many decks running 7-9 traps and with the unbanning of Mirror Force they're even more deadly than before. So what traps are essential additions to a deck like this?

::Dust Tornado::
I love this card for so many reasons - Destroys a non chainable and even chainable cards if you can trigger it during the end phase of the turn a card is
set, also can give you a card advantage if your opponent has a F/D card and uses MST on your Dust as you can chain it and destroy their card making it a 2-1 trade. I have said many times how important Magic and Trap destruction is, especially if you are committing resources for Fusion you don't want to have your new Fusion Monster destroyed by a trap before it's been able to make up the cost of Fusion.

::Torrential Tribute::
Works especially well with Sangan and E-Hero Wildman to gain a card advantage. Also works to counter Mobius and Breaker.

::Sakuretsu Armour and Mirror Force::
As has been said, this deck runs a fair number of weaker monsters, if your opponent has a beatdown, beastdown, swarm or some other deck that uses high attack low level monsters then these traps can help keep your monsters on the field and provide monster destruction against something that could not be defeated in battle. Also destroys the D.D. monsters which are difficult to remove without losing a resource of your own.

::Metal Reflect Slime::
Another Japanese beauty that allows me to create a 3000 def monster in trap form. This works well as I am running a sacrifice monster. Metal Reflect Slime Also works as a counter for Smashing Ground as none of my Fusions have 3000 Def, this way I can chain Smashing Grounds effect with Metal Reflect Slime and destroy that instead - thus Saving my hard earned Hero. Finally Metal Reflect Slime works to stall for a few turns in case I have a few bad draws (which can happen with every theme based deck) It usually takes my opponent a couple of turns to find something like Exiled, Smashing Ground to take this creature out (thus wasting their resources).

There is no real TCG equivalent to this card - You could try Embodiment of Apothis for the Tribute and token bait (for stalling) but unless your Hero has 1799- Def this is not going to help you avoid Smashing Ground. In place of this card for a TCG deck I'd add a Solemn Judgement for negation of different
types of removal - plus it could still help you stall if you negate the summoning of the only monster your opponent summons.


As everyone knows a side deck should be used to add in cards that you would need if you face a deck that would cause you problems. As has been said this
deck would not run well against a burn/stall deck as it is mainly but in an aggressive format to take the offensive and to counter attacking monsters,
however burn decks that don't attack turn my 2 Sakuretsu and my Mirror Force into dead draws and Gravity Bind/Messenger of Peace makes many of my attacking
monsters useless. Therefore I've built my side deck to counter these tactics.

::Magic Effect Arrow::
This card is used to destroy Messenger, Level Limit Area B and any other spell burn cards my opponent plays (i.e. Dark Snake Syndrome) as it is quick play I can use it during the end phase of the turn it is set meaning that its effect isn't usually activated. It also comes with a nice 500 Lp burn effect of its own.
(NOTE: A TCG equivalent to this card would be Giant Trunade)

::Shield Crash and Ceasefire::
Burn decks usually run defensive monsters, both Face up and Face Down, this card tackles them both and I don't need to worry about losing my own monsters as I would if I used Nobleman of Crossout. Ceasefire is also for F/D control and can stop some nasty flip effects and provide a little extra burn.
(NOTE: A TCG equivalent to Shield Crush would be Nobleman of Crossout)

This card is for access to two Fusions in particular, firstly Thousand Eyes Restrict which runs really well with Tsukuyomi and Book of Moon (also side
decked) for the TER lock down, can morph Magician of Faith, Magical Merchant and Treeborn Frog and works for a decent amount of field control. The second reason for Morph in my side deck is Cyber End Dragon - I forgot to mention earlier that Metal Reflect Slime is Level 10 and can be morphed into Cyber End Dragon thanks to this card - can be GG for a burn deck that runs relatively weak defensive monsters.

The rest of the cards here are stallers and fillers and building your side deck depends on the sort of E-Hero deck you run, these are simply guidelines but
do look at your decks weakness and lose ends and try to counter them here.


Once again looking at the Top Deck Ratio of the deck is very important and even with cards like Metal Reflect Slime and Treeborn Frog countering the times when you get bad draws you still need to limit those as much as possible. Using the below method you can work out a rough top deck ratio for your E-Hero deck.

Calculate the Top decking Score (TS) of the Deck. Use the following method to calculate the TS of the Deck. Scores range from 0 to 100.

Individual Card Value (ICV) = 100 : Number of Cards in the Deck

Each card that does not answer the proper conditions to become a decent card to top deck, is considered as a mistake in the deck. Each of those cards will
decrease the Deck Score (DS) by the Individual Card Value (ICV).

Card Purpose ICV Decrease
Level 5 or higher Monster Cards* Yes
Level 4 or lower Monster Cards No
Ritual Monster Cards Yes
Normal Spell Cards* Yes
Quick-Play Spell Cards* Yes
Continuous Spell Cards* Yes
Equip Spell Cards* Yes
Field Spell Cards Yes
Normal Trap Cards* Yes
Counter Trap Cards* Yes
Continuous Trap Cards* Yes

* Exceptions. See bellow

There are few exceptions to this system, as followed.

Level 5 or higher Monster Cards:
Cyber Dragon
The Fiend MegaCyber
Chaos Sorcerer

Normal Spell Cards:
Heavy Storm
Nobleman of Crossout
Shield Crush
Smashing Ground
Swords of Revealing Light
Reinforcement of the Army
Graceful Charity
Pot of Avarice
Miracle Fusion

Quick-Play Spell Cards:
Book of Moon
Mystical Space Typhoon

Continuous Spell Cards:
Messenger of Peace
Level Limit- Area B

Equip Spell Cards:
Snatch Steal
Premature Burial

Normal Trap Cards:
Torrential Tribute
Magic Cylinder
Sakurestu Armor
Widespeard Ruin
Bottomless Trap Hole
Trap Hole
Dust Tornado
Mirror Force

Counter Trap Cards:
Solemn Judgement

Continuous Trap Cards:
Call of the Haunted
Embodiment of Apophis
Metal Reflect Slime

Using this tally of cards (I'm sure there's some that have been missed) we can calculate the top deck ratio.

MONSTERS: 1:20 (Mobius the Frost Monarch)

MAGIC: 1:14 (Polymerization)

TRAP: 0:7

TOTAL: 2:40 (5%)

So we can see that the total percentage top deck ratio of this deck is a mere 5% which means 95% of this deck is okay top decks (obviously Swords or Mirror Force is going to be more useful than Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust Tornado but this is a rough outline of what would be completely usless to draw).

This is a small number as far as top decks go and with the use of King of the Swamp to fetch Polymerization from my deck (a 2:1 chance of drawing a KotS
before a Polymerization) and the ways I have already mentioned to counter Mobius' tribute cost I would say the top decks have been well taken care of in this deck. However if this is not the case in your build I would suggest looking carefully at the top decks you have identified, if they are not essential
to your strategy then drop them and if they are then try to work out ways to counter the problem of top decking it. The addition of Treeborn Frog will usually be enough to counter a Lvl 5/6 tribute monster if it's top decked though the M/T cards may vary from deck to deck.


Though this deck doesn't include many of the E-Heroes that I would like it to (In fact I am very fond of the other E-Heroes and their fusions) if you want to make a competitive deck then you must be selective with the cards you put in a deck (as with any deck) expecially with E-Heroes when there is so much support for them. With help deciding what support to use and what not to use check my 1st guide for a list of all the cards and a brief analysis of each.

H.E.R.O Flash! [Enemy of Justice]

Many of you have been asking%