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15th June 2006, 7:38 AM
Yup, a thread for this. Not sure how many people like this game/anime, but eh, it's worth a shot. Anyway, these are the ones I support.

Saber x Rin - Hawt, totally hawt. I know that Rin always wanted Saber as her servant, but probably not for the Holy War. ;)

Saber x Caster - Hehe, I think it's kind of cute... in a twisted way.

Saber x Rider - Delicious. Probably the less canon relation, I can't really see them interacting. But I must say, they do look cute together.

Rider x Sakura Matou - Canon yuri for the win!

Rin x Sakura - Incest yuri for the win!

Shirou x Caster - ...they would make the perfect Master and Servant duo. Seriously, if she can cooperate with Souichiro, I bet she works wonder for Shirou. =P

Lancer x Bazette - Two irish folks and its canon enough. =P

Gilgamesh x Saber - This is pretty cute actually. They got this love/hate relation, Gil wants sweet love while Saber wants to slice him to bits. =P

Archer x Rin - The common pair, but they make a great couple. That and they got the red thing going on.

....wow, that's a lot. Now I wonder who's a fan of Berserker and the unlucky... I mean, perfect mate for him. =P

15th June 2006, 3:44 PM
Well, I like the most obvious: Shirou X Saber.They are a good couple.

15th June 2006, 5:09 PM
Ah, so you like the Fate Scenario couples? =D Hmm, I should make up shipping names for the heck of it some time.

Jemi Rose
15th June 2006, 11:56 PM
I'm more with Shirou x Saber too. Their an awesome couple!! But, other couples as well in the show. -."

*Final episode comes out tomorrow or Fate/stay night!!!*

~*Jemi Rose*~

16th June 2006, 1:06 AM
Wow, only Shirou and Saber? I guess that is the more common one. But let's see if any more pairings can be made? *hopes the final episode won't disappoint*

Saffire Persian
16th June 2006, 1:27 AM
Well, in the animé, Saber x Shirou is pretty much cannon. I go with it, and I don't mind the pairing at all. Maybe.. one could call it.. Fateshipping? *is shot*

16th June 2006, 8:36 AM
I guess I might as well take a shot at naming it. I was thinking the same thing. =P

so possibly...

Fateshipping = Shirou and Saber
UBWshipping = Shirou and Rin
Heaven's Feel Shipping - Shirou and Sakura

yeah, I guess those are simple enough. =P