View Full Version : Rate my Deck "Striking Chaos"

15th June 2006, 11:29 PM
In this it includes-Psychic,Dark,Electric,Normal

Rockets Mewtwo Ex-Rocket Returns
Mewtwo Delta-Holon Phantoms
Gengar-Legend Maker
Haunter-Legend Maker
Gastly x4-Legend Maker
Kaputops Delta-Holon Phantoms
Kabuto Delta-Holon Phantoms
Dark Raticate-Rocket Returns
Rattata-Rocket Returns
Rattata-Rocket Returns
Pideot x2-FR/LG
Pidgey-Holon Phantoms
Dunsparce-(I don't reconize the symbol it looks like a Root'n Claw Fossil twisting)
Scramble Energy
R Energy x3
Multi Energy
Dark Energy x4
Warp Energy
React Energy x2
Psychic Energy x9
Elec Energy x9-(got lucky and got rare design)
Mysterious Fossil HP 50-Holon Phantoms
Pokemon Retriver-Rockrt Returns
Rockets Poke'Ball-Rocket Returns
Rockets Hideout-Rocket Returns
Holon Lake-Holon Phantoms
Rare Candy x2-Holon Phantoms
Potion x2
Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]-(Again don't know symbol it's a Hectagon with dots and half a circle inside)

I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement.

Shiloh Phoenix
19th June 2006, 5:43 PM
I'm sure you'll love starting with the worst pidgey ever printed.

27th June 2006, 5:24 AM
Why,no one will help/cricasize?Man I look for help,and noone can help,what a shame.

27th June 2006, 6:14 AM
You have too many different lines of pokemon I think. What is the strategy even for this deck?

27th June 2006, 5:15 PM
I use different kinds of cards to throw off my oppenent.The stragety is to get Kabutops,Gengar,Metwo Delta out soon,if possible.Mewtwo because he can stop oppenents from using 120+ damage moves,Kabutops for damage,Gengar for damageing bench,spread 4 counters.If I get lucky and have Dark Raticate out soon,well with two Dark Energys it will damage good with spread poison and when its about to go I use Dark Seed,a gaurented 50 damage.Pidgeot to get energy or cards when I need them,Dunsparce to fill my bench with good pokemon.Scramble Energy for if I start losing,my pokemon will have 3 rainbow energy,Warp Energy to switch and give a pokemon a energy at the same time,React energy for Gengars bonuses.Pokemon Retriever to bring back a heavy hitter when needed,Rockets pokeball for Racticate,Anceint TM Rock to get rid of my oppenents High Hp pokemon to a lower form that I can defeat,with a pokemon.If I get my Mewtwo EX out,I just slaughter my oppenet until they weaken it,to low hp,then I use its deadly move Darkness Switch witch heals Mewtwo EX to full hp,and takes that amout of HP that recovered turns it into damage and hits oppenent all for 1 energy and I lose only one energy. ;150; <---Very Handy