View Full Version : Delta Thunder Deck

19th June 2006, 1:36 AM
Basic Poke'mon:
x2 Magikarp HP
x1 Deoxys (Normal) HP
x1 Deoxys (Attack) HP
x2 Beldum DS
x2 Dratini DS
x2 Pidgey HP
x2 Psyduck HP
x2 Pikachu HP
x2 Holon's Castform HP

Evolution Poke'mon:
x1 Dragonite DS
x1 Dragonair DS
x1 Metagross DS
x1 Metang DS
x1 Pidgeot HP
x1 Pidgeotto HP
x1 Cradily HP
x1 Lileep HP
x1 Kabutops HP
x1 Kabuto HP
x1 Golduck HP
x2 Raichu HP
x1 Gyarados HP

Trainer cards:
x2 Mysterious Fossil LM
x2 Professor Elm's Training Method UF
x1 Holon Lake HP
x1 Holon Research Tower HP
x2 Root Fossil HP
x1 Holon Mentor DS
x1 Holon Scientist DS
x1 Holon Lass DS

Energy Cards:
x4 Metal Energy
x2 Dark Metal Energy
x12 Lightning Energy

19th June 2006, 1:46 AM
Too many grounps, you have to pick your evo lines.

Shiloh Phoenix
19th June 2006, 6:10 PM
stick with dragonite d and metagross d as the main lines. and maybe put in a magcargo DX or 2.