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Cipher 2008
19th June 2006, 5:47 PM
Lightning Always Strikes Twice - Version 1

Using DX-on Modified Format.

Pokémon (19)
1x Raikou* (UF 114)
1x Zapdos ex (Promo 033)
1x Banette ex (LM 85)
3x Shuppet (LM 63)
1x Gengar (LM 5)
3x Haunter (LM 35)
4x Gastly (LM 52)
1x Absol (LM 15)
1x Swellow (DS 32)
3x Taillow (DS 86)

Trainers (15)
2x Lady Outing (DX 87)
2x Holon Lass (DS 92)
2x Great Ball (DS 90)
2x Energy Search (UF 94)
1x Power Tree (LM 76)
2x Master Ball (DS 99)
4x Fieldworker (LM 73)

Energy (26)
1x Rainbow Energy (LM 81)
2x Cyclone Energy (UF 99)
4x React Energy (LM 82)
3x Holon's Electrode (DS 21)
8x Lightning Energy
8x Psychic Energy

I have the following cards to modify the deck:
All cards from Jetstream, Wildfire, GoldenSky, Steeplechase, Breakthrough, Shadowquake and Groundbreaker theme decks,
From booster packs, 45 Deoxys cards, 63 or 72 Unseen Forces cards, 36 Delta Species cards, 72 Legend Maker cards.

I do have a Rocket's Persian ex, but I'm guessing because of the exclusion of TRR, I can't use it.

I'd be grateful for any comments and a lot of help . :)