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19th June 2006, 8:21 PM
x3 Magikarp (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x2 Dark Gyarados (Team Rocket Expansion) (Prerelease) (Holofoil)
x3 Psyduck (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x2 Dark Golduck (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x2 Drowzee (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x2 Hypno (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Squirtle (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Dark Wartortle (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Dark Blastoise (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Rocket's Mewtwo (Gym Challenge Expansion) (Holofoil)
x1 Totodile (4th Neo Expansion)
x1 Dark Croconaw (4th Neo Expansion)
x1 Team Rocket's Meowth (Orginal Blackstar Promo #18)
x1 Meowth (Jungle Expansion, Fruit By the Foot Gold Border Promo)
x1 Persian (Jungle Expansion)
x1 Meowth (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Dark Persian (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Giovanni's Meowth (Gym Challenge Expansion)

x1 Here Comes Team Rocket! (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition) (Holofoil)
x1 Computer Error [Rocket's Secret Machine] (Orginal Blackstar Promo #16)
x2 Rocket's Hideout [Stadium Card] (3rd Neo Expansion)
x1 Bill (Base Expansion)
x3 Potion (Base Expansion)
x1 Rocket's Secret Experiment (Gym Challenge Expansion)
x1 Nightly Garbage Run (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 The Boss's Way (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x1 Challenge! (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)

x3 Potion Energy (Team Rocket Expansion) (1rst Edition)
x15 Water Energy
x9 Psychic Energy

----------x65 (I only ever get a chance to play against my other decks which all have between 60-65 cards, I have stuff to take out if I would every actually play somewher else though lmao)

This deck plays really well and wins probably 90% of the time except for the freak occurances where I don't get any energy or pokemon or whatever. I'm behind on the newer sets though and was wondering if anybody has any ideas on the ex sets that would fit in here and go with the theme. =D

19th June 2006, 9:21 PM
The only team rocket deck that actually works:

3 dark dragonite trr
2 dark dragonair trr (evolutionary light)
2 dratini trr (dragon song)
1 dratini ds (thunder wave)
3 dark electrode trr
1 electrode ex
4 voltorb lm
3 rocket's sneasel ex
1 rocket's scyther ex

4 desert ruins
1 rocket's tricky gym
4 lanette's net search
3 rare candy
4 celio's network
2 professor elm's training method
3 rocket's poke ball
2 rocket's admin.
2 copycat

4 darkness energy
3 dark metal energy
1 r energy
4 rainbow energy
3 holon's magneton/electrode

Shiloh Phoenix
20th June 2006, 1:33 AM
okay, no. what's up with electrode ex?

3 Dratini
3 Dark Dragonair
3 Dark Dragonite
3 Voltorb RG
3 Dark Electrode
4 Rocket's Sneasal ex
1 mew ex
2 Holon's electrode

4 Desert Ruins
2 Steven's Advice
2 Rocket's Admin
3 Copycat
4 Dual Ball
2 Lanette's Net Search
4 Rocket's Poke ball
2 Rare Candy
1 Pokemon Retriever
1 Warp Point/Scott

3 rainbow energy
4 Dark Energy
4 Dark Metal Energy
2 R Energy

20th June 2006, 1:36 AM
Electrode ex is a nice tech just in case all of your energies end up in the discard pile.

Nowadays, people use 5 stadiums in Dragtrode because of a lot of decks using like, 4 Battle Frontier.

Shiloh Phoenix
20th June 2006, 2:53 AM
use blissey ex rather than electrode ex. and 5 stadiums is overkill. if they use a frontier, just set a ruins. bam. you win the stadium war.