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21st June 2006, 12:14 AM
Okay yall this RPG Is about After Yugioh the last season in Egypt. This is my first RPG.

Plot: Your person has went to Egypt as a Class Field trip. As the days go by you have alot of Fun, but mean while your class goes to a tomb of A pharaoh. While your plain is about to go you miss it by five min. So you stay in Egypt for a few days and suddenly you wake up and you are in that tomb and there are strange sounds that you are hearing. There is fire and people chanting. You get a glimpse of the room and it is filled with people. Suddenly you wake up in Fright and you see that your still in your hotel room bed.
A few days later you see monsters flying around and destroying the city, meanwhile you look to your right and there are many people from you class. Can the Students and YOU stop this maddness and find out what is it.

Name: (dosent have to be real name)
Background: (the grade that we are in for this is 11) (Has to be atleast 4 lines.)

My form:
Name: Tucker Malaisoi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Background: Is a White cacusaion male. He is a straigt "A" student. He loves to Shop and Watch Scary movies with his friends. Tucker plays Lacrosse and Basketball. He is a mainly popular teen. His Girlfriend's family has recently moved to Chiago. He has inherited a great fortune from his great great grandfather. He drives a blue colbalt. Loves to study Ancient Cultures and Cultures today in our world. Has Visited 5 Differnt countries other than Canada.
Personality: He is a popular teenager and has a lot of friends. Helps out with Charity and the poor. He babysits little kids. He loves his little brother and little sister. Hangs out with his friends alot. Is very talkative.
Apperance:He is tall. Dirty Blonde hair that is short and spiked up in the front. Loves to Lay out in the sun and soak it up on hot day.

Rules Must always be followed or i will have to ban you from this RPG. Make lines for the story at least 5 lines. No swaring. No fighting with an other person.

List Of Members:
1. EmeraldDragon

Lady Myuu
21st June 2006, 3:01 AM
eh this rpg wouldn't even pass if it was even in the right section.

Read the rules please.

Also your sig is too big.