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Emma Iveli
21st June 2006, 4:22 PM
>.< I missed the deadline for posting... this is the 3rd time I had to post this becuase othat... epsally since I had attully written a chpter since my last post... man!

Pokemon Angels Vol. 5
By Emma Iveli


Pokemon, over 300 exist and are known. Protecting them are the Pokemon Angels 17 young woman with the Power of the type that they protect. The legendary Pokemon Ho-oh asked them to be reborn as normal human girls in order to welcome the chosen one. While born with no memories at first these young women would come in their powers. In Hoenn 10 of them awakened to their Powers, Mina Koki, a 10 year old Anime Fan/ Ice Trainer AKA Ice Angel, Beth Tiuion a 15 year old girl who falls in love with every cute guy she sees and a Rock Breeder AKA Rock Angel, Anne Mara an 18 year old former Team Aqua member, Mina’s cousin and Dark trainer AKA Dark Angel, Maddie Ricker a 17 year old Dragon Master AKA Dragon Angel, Megan Kathi, a 12 year Sarcastic Water Trainer AKA Water Angel, April Tyson a 13 year old feminine Grass Coordinator AKA Grass Angel, Deborah Odison a 14 year old Legend expert and fire trainer AKA Fire Angel, Ronnie Sansom a 15 year old want to be idol and heir to the Sansom Fighting Pokemon Dojo AKA Fighting Angel, Sammy Bangle, a tom boy who is often mistaken for a boy and Steel Trainer AKA Steel Angel and Akane Miki a clumsy Poison Ninja Style Trainer AKA Poison Angel. On the Journey they are joined by Maggie Macels, Guardian of Ilex forest in Training, Kia Maxiop, a true descendant of Fire Angel, Missy Jiku a former Team Magma member and Maya Kiki, a Coordinator and the most normal person in the group. Now they head to Johto, San Francisco City to be exact where a friend of Mina and Missy’s live and she may the only one who can get Mina out of a depression that Mina has been in.

21st June 2006, 9:15 PM
>.< I missed the deadline for posting... this is the 3rd time I had to post this becuase othat... epsally since I had attully written a chpter since my last post... man!

Might want to make that post a bit more legible. It's like you rushed this Author's note out there and your fingers and your mind weren't up to par.

As for your story. It's very scrunched in an overly long paragraph and it is lacking in description. However... I'll leave that in the hands of better, and maybe even harsher critics to sort those details out. I will say though that above akll else, WRITE OUT NUMBERS. Seventeen, five, two hundred thirty-six and so on. Above all else, use words, never numbers and shortcuts. Fix this, please.

Emma Iveli
22nd June 2006, 4:24 PM
Um... I should point out... unless I need to I don't like eidting... so don't excpect any changes... oh yeah that's the prolaouge... it gets people who havn't read the other stories up to speed, don't exepcot the rest of the story like that...

Chapter 1: A Kept Promise

Tin Tower burnt in the background; it was when Mina and the others had to g back in time to stop Team Magma from preventing it from burning. Flying Angel promised that she will become an anime fan when she awakens but the she asks one more thing of Mina.

“Mina one more thing will you please join the P.O.A. we need members. Please! I will be more dedicated since I got into DoReMi” said Flying Angel.

Mina just stared and said “What?” The Theme song to Sailor Moon began to play. Everything went black around Flying Angel she sighed and said “Well time to wake up”. A teen girl woke up in her bed, instead of a pillow there was a Swablu. She opened her eyes and noticed a large Persian on her bed. She began to yell.

“Eugene get up now! I told you not to sleep with me!” she yelled.

The Persian woke and left her room. She turned off her alarm clock and put on her sky blue and pink wire frame glasses. Her name was Emma Iveli. She woke up her Swablu and said “Time for Mew Mew”

SO she and her Swablu did their Saturday morning routine, watched Mew Mew while Emma hate a muffin and Swablu ate bird feed. She went online until 10:30 then watched One Piece. Then she began to get dressed. It was very special day, the day she finally meet her friends Mina Koki and Missy Jiku. She brushed her hair and teeth and told her parents that she was going to J-Town since her dad always say Bowl when she saw Japan Town. She got her bag which had a picture of Sango from Inu-Yasha on it and her Pokeballs. She went down stairs from her flat. To the front gate where wisteria grew. She let out her Pidgeot and said “We are going to Japan Town!” She held n to her Swablu and they got there in less than a minute. She took out her boy friend’s personal organizer to check the time.

“Shoot they won’t be here for another hour.” She said to herself.

She sat under the Tower and relaxed.

“Nothing else to do right?” she said to her Swablu which agreed happily.

Meanwhile at the port a ferry from Lilycove had just arrived. It the boat that carried Mina and company. Mina hid her feelings about Peter by well Shopping for a lot of anime goods and being excited about meeting Emma.

“I’m so happy we are here” said Mina.

“You’re hiding you’re feeling aren’t you” said Anne.

“No I’m not!” said Mina.

Both Maggie and Anne stared at her, they knew she was hiding it. “I’m not honestly” she said.

“Just let her act like that things will change soon” said Megan.

“What do you mean?” said Mina.

“Nothing! Nothing!” said Megan, she sighed and said to herself “I better be careful I don’t want to ruin it for her.”

“We’ll meet at the mission Pokemon Center later since it’s near Emma’s house. You can register for the league there Mina” said Maddie.

“Thanks” said Mina, “Okay according to Emma we walk a few blocks on Market Street, take the 38 or 38L to Laguna. Then walk half a block down the hill on Geary and that’s where she’s meeting us”

“Okay, we’re going to Japan Town see the rest of you later” said Missy.

“Okay” said Megan.

Missy and Mina fallowed the instructions and got to the bus stop that they needed. Back at Japan Town, Emma saw an injured Pidgey.

“Time for a Public Service” said Emma.

She took out a Pokeball and caught the town’s officer Jenny saw and went up to her.

“I’m sorry but it’s illegal to catch Pidgey in San Francisco city” said Officer Jenny.

“Uh… Jenny.” said Emma.

“Oh sorry Emma didn’t know it was you, I’ll take that Pidgey to the Pokemon Center for you.” said Officer Jenny.

“I know you didn’t know it was me” said Emma.

She handed to Pokeball to Officer Jenny who then walked away. Emma of often caught sick and injured Pidgey and sent them to Pokemon center near her house since that the also the Pidgey adoption center. Since most of the city’s Pidgey are dirty it is law if you want a Pidgey you must get it from the adoption center, Emma’s a volunteer who catches sick and injured Pidgey.

Meanwhile at Pier 39 Akane, April Megan, Maggie and Anne hung out at the Seel and Dewgongs. It was an unusually clear day so it was a nice view.

“Wow the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful.” said April.

“Maybe I should tell Mina about what I said to Closter” said Megan.

“Don’t worry about, she’ll find out any ways.” said Akane.

“That’s right it was tough not telling her that Peter was going to confess that night and that she will gain Pokemon Soul” said Maggie.

“So you told us instead” said Akane, April nodded in agreement. When Maggie was helping with the bribe she told them what was going to happen with Mina and Peter.

“I’m embarrassed” said Maggie.

“Don’t worry things will turn out” said Anne.

“You’re right” said Maggie.

Not too long later with Mina and Missy they got to Laguna on the bus and walked down half a block. They saw Emma sitting underneath the tower.

“Hey Emma!” said Missy.

Emma turned around and saw them, “Hey Mina, Missy” said Emma.

“It’s so great to meet you person!” said Mina hyperactivity.

“Okay, Mina what wrong?” said Emma.

“It’s long and complicated so don’t ask” said whispered Missy to her.

“Okay, you two have always wanted to try Okonomiyaki right, I know a place that sells it” said Mina.

“All right!” said Mina.

“Cool!” said Missy.

A woman was on top of the tower, she took a picture of Mina. She wore a black Team Rocket uniform she had shoulder length blue hair and had a strange box on her belt.

“So that’s Ice Angel, interesting” said the woman.

Back at Emma’s house a young man knocked on Emma’s door he had black hair, brown eyes and wore glasses. Her mother answered and was surprised.

“You weren’t coming today Rick” said Emma’s mother.

“I know I wanted to surprise her.” said the young man, Rick.

“She's at Japan Town. You know the way right?” said her mother.

“Yeah” said Rick.

Emma’s mother closed the door and Rick sighed, “There goes my surprise” he said.

His Electrabuzz, named Lum came out and began to shout out “Darling! Darling!”

“Not now Lum!” he said returning Lum to her Pokeball.

At Japan Town Emma, Missy and Mina shopped, ate snacks, shopped and hung out. Not too long later they all rested underneath the tower.

“I’m having such a fun time.” said Emma.

“Don’t’ you usually hang out with people your own age?” said Missy.

“Well… no I’m very shy and well the only friends I have are ether much older and my boyfriend as well as my Pokemon, right Swablu.” said Emma quietly.

Mina just noticed something from Emma. “Is Emma…” she said to herself, “But why didn’t I notice before… oh yeah I’m depressed…”

“Hello Ice Angel!” said a voice.

All three girls and Swablu looked around. Then Swablu saw the Team Rocket woman on the tower.

“Who are you?” said Emma.

The Team Rocket woman jumped down and said “Just call me Yuki!”

“O…k” said Emma.

“Ice Angel, I’ve been sent by Team Rocket to catch you and you’re friends!” said Yuki.

“I’m this Ice Angel” said Mina with bad acting.

“You’re not very actor you know” said Yuki.

“Mina what going on?” said Emma.

She the box and opened, a bright flash of light appeared. A couple blocks away, Rick was getting off the 22 and walked to the Geary Entrance of Japan and noticed Maddie, Sammy, Maya, Beth and Ronnie staring at the sign.

“How did we get here?” said Sammy.

All others glared at her, “Excuse me are you lost?” asked Rick.

“He’s so cute” said Beth blushing.

“Yes we are trying to find Stonestown” said Ronnie.

“But… you’re not where near it…” replied Rick.

“Do you no a way to get there?” asked Sammy.

“I’m not as good as my girlfriend. I’m trying to find her.” said Rick.

Suddenly his Crobat named Dracula came out began to nibble gently on Maddie.

“No Dracula, stop! Stop!” said Rick.

“Interesting…” said Ronnie.

Rick saw the bright light and yelled “What’s that”

“I don’t know but we have to check right now!” said Maddie.

They ran to Peace Plaza, with Mina the light stopped flashing, a teenage girl was there and she had Persian ears and a tail.

“Weird cosplayer. So realistic” Said Emma.

“This is Persia, a Pokemon Monster” said Yuki.

“O…k” said Emma.

“No Persia attack Ice Angel.” said Yuki.

The Pokemon Monster ran to Mina began to use Fury Swipes. Mina dodged every single time. On the final doge she knew she had to transform.

“Sorry I kept this from you Emma” said Mina.
“No way! I’m so jealous, you’re a Magical Girl!” said Emma.

“I should have figured that what she was said” said Mina.

Rick and others got there. He was shocked what he saw. “What are those!” he said.

“One of them is a Pokemon Angel but the other thing is…” said Maddie.

“We have to transform!” said Sammy.

All 4 transformed, of course Emma saw this and was surprised “Wow even more Magical Girls!”

“Interesting…” said Maya.

Maddie, Beth, Ronnie and Sammy felt something from Emma.

“That girl…” said Maddie.

“Can we talk about it later… Emma run away” said Mina.

“Okay.” said Emma.

Persia since Emma’s powers and went to attack her.

“Oh did I forget to mention that Persia can sense Pokemon Angels who haven’t awakened yet.” said Yuki.

Persia began to use a Shock Wave attack, but Rick let out Lum and it took the attack for Emma.

“Rick! Thank you1” said Emma.

Persia ran over to Rick and used Scratch on his arm. Emma was shocked at this.

“You should have done that!” she said.

She closed her eyes, her hair grew longer and turned light blue. She grew wings that matched her hair. Her clothes changed to beautiful robes and her glasses disappeared. She grew wings that matched her hair. She was indeed Flying Angel.

“How dare you hurt my boyfriend, I’m going to make you fly away!” said Emma doing her speech.

“Whoa!” said Rick who was only scratched. Dracula and Swablu went over to Emma, and Zubat, Beautifly, Salamence, Altaria Skarmory, Pidgeot and Wingul came out of their Pokeballs. They began to glow Light Blue and the glow went in Emma.

“Flying Windy Flash!” said Emma, a big gust of wind picked up Persia and tossed her onto a rocky part of the fountain.

“I’ll finish it!” said Ronnie, she took out her wand and her attack but nothing to Persia.

“You need something more powerful” said Yuki.

“I know… Mina use a Pokemon Soul!” said Maddie.

“But…” said Mina.

“So what if it reminds of Peter how else are we going to get rid of it?” said Sammy.

“Okay.” Said Mina she thought about what to do, she took out her wand. “Dewgong Soul!”

Her roes became white like a Dewgong and her wand became almost crystal and the only thing stayed the same was the Crystal on top. “Sea Lion Dewgong Soul!” A white Beam hit Persia and it vanishes in a strange black light all there was left was a crystal that broke in two and strand of Persian fur that flew away.

“Wow, new Region, new formula” said Sammy.

“I’ll be back” said Yuki and she leapt on the top of building a jumped away.

Emma detransformed and looked at Rick, he was fine but didn’t know what he would do.

“Rick…” said Emma.

“Emma, are you a Magical Girl...” said Rick.

“I guess so…” said Emma.

“That’s so cool!” said Rick.

This remark made her very happy; she ran to him and was about to kiss him however Lum got in the way “Devine Retribution!” said Lum.

“You taught Lum… how to say that?” said Emma.

“Yeah…” said Rick.

Dracula began to nibble on Ronnie who detransformed. “Hello ladies.” He said.

“I can understand Dracula and he sounds like Sanji….” said Emma.

“Emma you can understand all flying types.” said Swablu.

“Really that’s cool but a little creepy” said Emma.

“Darling! Darling! Darling!” said Lum.

Rick’s Sneasel Ryoko came out and said “Look Lum, I love Rick too but I’ve accepted that he loves Emma!”

“Darling! Darling!” said Lum.

“Why you!” said Ryoko.

The two Pokemon began to fight. “Stop it you two!” said Rick.

“Hey how often does this happen?” asked Missy.

“Everyday…” said Emma.

“Everyday?!” yelled everyone else.

After everything got settled they discussed about Emma.

“So you should join us” said Mina.

“I know but…” said Emma.

“Don’t worry Emma, I’ll join you too” said Rick.

“Rick…” said Emma.

They to hug each other and Lum didn’t try to attack. Mina looked at this and blushed.

“Hey I just remembered something!” said Maya.

“What?” said Missy.

“I remember that when went back in time Flying Angel promised Mina that she would become an anime fan” said Maya.

“Well it sure looks like she kept it” said Maddie.

As the days went by Emma told her family about how she’s a Pokemon Angel and that she and were Rick were going on a Journey with the rest. The rest of the group went all over San Francisco City. When the day came they Emma went to the Pokemon center to say good bye to Nurse Joy.

“It’s a shame that you‘re leaving you had such a gift for catching them.” said Nurse Joy.

“I know.” said Emma.

“Oh both Jenny and I got this for. Since you’re seeing the world” said Nurse Joy.

She handed Emma a blue Pokedex. “Thanks!” said Emma.

“It even logs in what Pokemon you have seen this way you can finally live up to your dream” said Nurse Joy.

“All right” said Emma, she let out all three of her Pokemon and test out her Pokedex.

“Pidgeot, the Bird Pokemon. When Hunting it skims the surface of water at high speed to pick off unwary prey such as Magikarp” said the Pokedex.

And she began to it to Swablu and Wingul. Later she did the other flying Pokemon of the group. Later they left San Francisco City.

“I’m going to miss it” said Emma.

“Me too” said Rick.

Mina began to show her depression, “Say what’s wrong with her?” asked Rick.

“Don’t ask its long and complicated.” said Kia.

“Well Mina you should cheer up soon because after New Bark Town we are heading to Violet City” said Maggie.

“I know…” said Mina.

And so the group headed to New Bark town not knowing that happy surprise waited.

22nd June 2006, 7:57 PM
Um... I should point out... unless I need to I don't like eidting... so don't excpect any changes... oh yeah that's the prolaouge... it gets people who havn't read the other stories up to speed, don't exepcot the rest of the story like that...

Um, I should point out that I'm trying to help you. Your response sounds a bit rude, and its further insulting due to the fact that you've not even tried to make it legible with all the typoes it has.

If you don't want my help though, I will high tail away and leave you be. Still, being a prologue is not an excuse for poor effort.

Emma Iveli
24th June 2006, 4:53 AM
It seems liek your the one being rude... it just I don't like when someone tells me to eidit it... and besides perhaps you shoudl get your facts strait... I'm disabled! I have a hard time typeign sometimes... okay! Here's the latest chapter for those who are interested...

Chapter 2: Mina’s Heart

And so the group with two new members things were well interesting. Everyone needed to get used to Lum and her fits as well as Dracula. It didn’t help that both Emma and Rick were anime fans so in other words it was a whole experience for everyone. However Mina’s couldn’t hide her depression anymore.

“Can we take rest... I need a rest” said Mina, the air around her was black.

“That is very creepy” said Emma.

Everyone else nodded that night after dinner Mina went right to bed. Emma asked “I think we should ask about what’s going on”.

“We do need to know” said Rick.

“Okay…” said Maggie and all of them told the story about Mina and Peter. Both Mina and Rick were surprised at this.

“It does sound like something from Rumiko Takashi” said Emma.

“It does…” said Rick.

“Any ways I think the reason it got worse is because Rick came along. But I have a surprise for her” said Megan.

“Let me guess you told his Cloyster that it may find you so Mina would be happy” said Mina.

Megan nodded and Emma looked at Mina sleeping. “Mina does want to be with him so much, yet she doesn’t want him hurt. If it wasn’t for the fact Rick gets polarized once a week because f Lum, I wouldn’t have let him joined ether…” said Emma.

“You wouldn’t have…” said Rick.

“I would like to be safe but I hate to be rude but Lum does injure you a lot…” said Emma.

“I know” said Rick who began to laugh.

“You two love each other don’t you?” asked Maggie.

“Well…” said Emma blushing, Rick was blushing too.

“I can tell” said Maggie.

Down the road Matt and Peter were making camp, they were in Johto after all. Peter wanted to mess with Mina a bit before revealing that he was there.

“So you say Wassup! A lot” said Peter to his Cloyster who was out.

“You shouldn’t mess with her” said Matt.

“I know… but it might mea her happy” said Peter.

“Ot think she might have gone insane…” said Matt.

Peter just stared at him, “I doubt it” he said.

The next morning everyone but Mina was up, so Emma woke her up by doing karaoke right next to her, the song was Dream Ship which is a very loud song.

“All right, all right! I’m up” said Mina and Emma stopped.

“Wassup!” said voice, she began to look around.

“Peter…” she said, “did anyone else hear that?”

“Hear what?” said Emma.

“I guess it was my mind” said Mina.

Later as they walked Mina kept on hearing wassup, Megan heard it too but she knew it was Cloyster.

“That’s it! I’ve officially gone insane!” screamed Mina.

“What?” said Emma.

“I keep on hearing Wassup! Wassup!” said Mina.

“Like the Budweiser commercial?” said Rick.

“Peter would often say that when he entered” said Deborah.

Anne heard something, “I think I just heard a Cloyster” she said.

“Did you say Closter?” asked Mina.

She sensed a Cloyster nearby, a Cloyster she knew. She took out her mallet and threw it like a boomerang into some bushes. Inside those bushes Matt, Peter and Cloyster saw it coming. Matt ran a few feet away and Cloyster used Withdrawal in less than a second.

“Hey come on!” said Peter.

“You made the bed not sleep in it!” said Matt.

The mallet hit Peter in the head. Mina went in to the bushes.

“Peter! I told you to stay put!” said Mina.

“I’m ttary but I bouln’t” said Peter.

“Get he’s a concussion…” said Maggie.

She went into the bushes and healed him quickly then ran like the wind.

“Maggie why did you heal him?” yelled Emma.

“What else was I suppose to do, he had another concussion” said Maggie.

“As I said, I sorry I couldn’t… I just couldn’t…” said Peter.

“I’ll give you a reason to go back!” said Mina.

She lifted up a large bolder over her head. Missy and Anne grabbed Mina to make her stop Maggie got in-between Mina and Peter.

“Look I think we act like civilized people right now!” said Maggie.

Mina put down the large bolder, “I just don’t want to talk okay” she said. She transformed and used blizzard. She was gone.

“That was like a Rumiko Takashi anime…” said Emma and both Rick and Swablu nodded.

“Mina…” said Peter.

“Is it safe now?” said Matt coming out the bushes.

“Yeah…” said Maggie.

“So what are we going to do?” said Ronnie.

“Well any attempt to search for her, she’ll just run away. Since she has the ability to sense Ice Pokemon and those who she has connections with she’ll just run away.” said Kia.

“Connections?” said everyone else but Deborah/

“I think you left that out… said Deborah.

“Okay, Pokemon Angels are connected to each other although many connections are indirect. These connections are created by two type Pokemon thus creating link between Pokemon Angels. Mina is connected to Anne, Megan and Emma. If she senses on of them she’ll probably fly away same if we try to use one of the Ice Pokemon she knows of, she’ll also fly away. However Mina’s too depressed to notice anything right now, so much according to her she didn’t realize Emma’s flying Angel until after an hour” said Kia.

“Yeah and…” said Emma.

“Um… you is she?” asked Peter.

“I’m Emma, I’m Flying Angel” she said.

“The thing is that I don’t think Mina noticed Ryoko” said Kia.

Rick took out Ryoko’s Pokeball and said “I guess you’re right, she hasn’t even ganged her yet.”

“Who’s he? And who’s this Ryoko?” said Peter.

“I’m Rick, Emma’s boyfriend and Ryoko my Sneasel” he said.

“Then why did he get to join you?” asked Peter.

“Well it’s rather complicated” said Emma.

“Make it short.” said Peter.

“All right, Emma I know this may seem odd…” said Rick, he pointed to his cheek and Emma kissed it. Lum came out of her Pokeball.

“Divine Retribution!” said Lum.

“O…k, because his Electrabuzz shocks him all the time?” said Peter.

“Yeah…” said Emma.

Rick fell to the ground he became paralyzed, “Oh no!” said Emma.
“Don’t worry…” said Anne. She transformed and used her healing attack on him. And he was no longer paralyzed.

“Wow how did you that?” asked Emma.

“Well I guess I can explain while they search since both of us have to stay back” said Anne.

Peter, Rick, Maggie, Missy, and Matt were the search party while everyone else stayed back. About 20 minutes later they got to a lake and Mina was sitting there crying.

“Mina…” said Peter.

“How did you find me so fast?” she said. She saw a Sneasel then she said “Where did that Sneasel come from?”

“Kia was right, she didn’t notice Ryoko” said Rick.

Peter walked up to Mina and said “I know that I came here but it hard not to be near you… I’m sorry, I know you want me to safe. But I think I can protect myself” said Peter.

“Promise me you get killed” said Mina.

“Okay, I promise, I won’t get killed” said Peter.

Peter helped Mina up and they headed back to camp. Meanwhile at camp Anne was finishing her explanation on the wands.

“So in other words I have to wait” said Emma.

“Basically” said Anne.

“All right!” said Emma.

“So where’s that traitor!” said a voice.

Everyone looked up and saw Mari Sendo in a tree.

“Long time no see” said Mari.

Emma noticed she had a box on her belt similar to the one Yuki had on. She jumped down form the tree.

“Do any of you remember me?” said Mari Sendo.

“Uh… you’re that Team Magma that tried to prevent Tin Tower from burning, Yukari Tendo” said Megan.

“Mari Sendo!” said Mari, “Well I see a few faces that I haven’t seen before”

She opened the box and a strange woman wearing all black with had horns appeared.

“Great another Pokemon Monster!” said Emma.

“Go! Dooma!” said Mari.

“Dooma that a cheesy name” said Sammy.

“Well that’s what happens when there a monster of the day formula. Stupid names.” said Emma.

“Now Dooma, use your flame thrower!” said Mari.

Domma’s attack surrounded them, “Okay, it’s my turn!” said Megan.

She transformed and did Hydro Pump but nothing happened.

“Great…” said Megan.

“I’ll go next!” said Beth she transformed and used San Storm, it made it worse.

“Great…” said Beth.

“I have an idea…” said Anne.

“What is it?” said everyone else.

“Mina help us now!” screamed Anne.

As they were walking back Mina sensed that they were in danger.

“Maggie, teleport us to the camp now! They need my help” said Mina.

“Okay!” said Maggie.

She teleported all of them to the camp, and saw the fire surrounded every one as we3ll as Dooma and Mari.

“Hey isn’t that Maria Mendou?” said Mina.

“Mari Sendo!” said Mari.
“Please help Mina!” said Megan.

“Why am I getting Deijavu?” said Emma.

“Didn’t the exact same thing happen in one of your fanfics?” said Missy.

“Oh yeah” said Emma.

“I know what to do” said Mina.

She transformed, she thought of which Pokemon to do, she took out her wand “Cloyster Soul!” she said. Her robes changed to purple but her wand changed a lot, it was no longer a wand, but a gem in a clam shape and the crystal was like a pearl.

“The wand…” said Mina.

“Wow, I guess pending on the Pokemon the wand won’t be a wand.” said Maggie.

“Water Pulse!” said Mina and the wave of pulsating water put out the fire.

“How2 can you do that?” said Mari.

“Because I have the power” said Mina.

“How an 80’s reference” said Rick.

“Bivalve Cloyster Soul!” said Mina.

A blue beam of light hit Dooma and much like Persia is disappeared except for a Crystal that broke in two and a strand of Houndoom fur. Deborah picked it up.

“I see what they are doing…” she said.

“I have to go see ya later!” said Mari and she ran away.

“So what did you figure out?” asked Mina.

“How they are making Pokemon Monsters, they are putting fur of a Pokemon in something to create a monster” said Deborah.

“So it looks like because of this we have to be really careful” said Anne.

“Well other than that I have good news” said Mina.

“What is it?” said Maddie.

That night they were doing karaoke, Emma sang Tsuki to Taiyou from One Piece. Mina and Peter sat next to each other holding hands. They are an official couple now. Mina had a better use of her mallet now, she’s going to hit Megan with instead of fan.

Emma Iveli
7th July 2006, 7:10 PM
Here's the lastest chapter...

Chapter 3: Hypno’s Revenge

The larger group headed to New Bark. Mina and Peter ran a race there much like an anime opening.

“Why does that remind me of an anime opening” asked Missy.

“I know it does” said Emma.

A strange psychic blast appeared, it was headed to Peter but Mina transformed, and grabbed him before the attack hit him. They looked up and saw Hypno floating in mid air. He glared at them and then teleported away.

“Great they’re here!” said Mina.

“Who are they?” asked Emma.

“Lily and her newly acquired Hypno” said Anne.

“That doesn’t tell us much” said Emma.

Anne told them the story of her past to Emma and Rick. Both of them never heard of Team Aqua or Team Magma before but they knew they were evil.

“So its old trainer, did he quit?” said Rick.

“Yeah, maybe we should ask him for about Hypno” said Anne.

“Well New Bark Town is not too far away” said Mina.

They headed to new Bark town and got to the Pokemon Center. Anne called Jonathan and Jennifer’s house. Jonathan picked up since Jennifer was busy at the Egg Shop.

“Hello.” said Jonathan.

“Give us answers now!” yelled Sammy who answered the phone before Anne could even answer.

“Sammy…” said Jonathan.

Both Emma and Mina pulled her away so that Anne could talk to him. “Sorry…” said Anne.

“Why are you calling now? You Jennifer is at work” said Jonathan.

“No it’s you I want to talk to” said Anne.
“Hypno showed up, didn’t he” said Jonathan.

“I know in way he controlled you as well so tell me. About Hypno’s powers. The only thing we know is that he’s possessed by a Dark Sprit and that’s all” said Anne.

“I think you said the answer your self” said Jonathan, “But since we last saw each other I’ve been doing studying about Dark Sprits. There are three Kinds: Angelic, Poke and Depressed. Angelic are sprits similar to Pokemon Angels, they look human but they are not they have powers that differ from Pokemon, Depressed are souls of the dead, sadness and hatred turn them into Dark Sprits and Poke are Dark Sprits who can not take a shape or form so they put themselves in inside unborn Pokemon eggs. Hypno is Poke, the only way to stop Hypno is exorcise the Dark Sprit from its body.”

“How do we do that?” asked Anne.

“You can’t do it yet because only one Person can do it and that person is a Pokemon Angel, Psychic Angel. If it was a different Pokemon with one of 10 types that you guys are then it would be easy but for now, it will take awhile…” said Jonathan.

“Great…” said Anne.

“But if some how if it leaves its body you can destroy the sprit” said Jonathan.

“Okay thanks, oh yeah we found the 11th Pokemon Angel” said Anne.

“I think I saw her pull away Sammy was she the girl with the brown hair and glasses.” said Jonathan.

“That’s the girl. Her boyfriend’s also here. Matt and Peter also joined too” said Anne.

“Oh yeah one more thing. Team Aqua has a plan to make creatures made from Pokemon DNA.” said Jonathan.

“Too late… Team Magma and also Team Rocket who’s also after us is also doing that” said Anne.

“Oh I see… I’ll tell how they are made, a special crystal is uses, when you put in a strand of future, a scales or part of a shell then it becomes a Pokemon Monster.” said Jonathan.

“Wow… Okay, since you did your studying on the matter on Dark Sprits I think we’ll call you in that matter” said Anne.

“Okay” said Jonathan.

“One more thing, how’s my family?” said Anne.

“Great, they are fine and it was so nice of you’re uncle to give Jennifer a job.” said Jonathan.

“Yeah… she didn’t have to mention that thing…” said Anne referring to the time when Mina’s father called some of them hot in their Angel forms.

“No.” said Jonathan, “Though it’s a little creepy, he didn’t call you or Mina hot did he, because that would have been extremely creepy” said Jonathan.

“Nope…” said Anne.

“I have to go now, call me anytime when it comes to Dark Sprits” said Jonathan.

“Bye” said Anne.

The next day the group left the Pokemon Center and New Bark town. Mina sang happily as they left.

“Hold on to the dreams….” sang Mina.

“Hello Anne, Jennifer!” said a voice.

Lily jumped down from a tree, and Hypno appeared beside her, she had a box on her belt

“Jennifer left the group” said Anne.

“Oh I see” said Lily, “Time to unleash something you’ve never seen before!”

“A Pokemon Monster, you’re the third to attack us with one” said Mina.

“Oh…” said Lily.

“For someone being controlled by a dark sprit, you’re having an off day.” said Kia.

Lily began to glow black “Don’t say that! Go Wally!” said Lily.

She opened the box and a young man that looked like a Walrein came out.

“A Walrein monster…” said Mina.

“Wally may look ridiculous but he’s more powerful than all of you” said Lily.

“Mina whispered to everyone else “Let’s just humor her”

All the Pokemon Angels transformed. Lily was surprised by Emma.

“The 11th Angel” said Lily.

“And I’m going to learn my power attack” said Emma.

All the flying Pokemon came to Emma and glowed Light Blue and the glow went into her. Emma stared at Butterfree, she knew it belonged to Maya.

“Why didn’t you come out last time” said Emma.

“I got sea and I get Sea Sick very easily and it last long too” said Butterfree with a whiny voice.

“O…k” said Emma, “I won’t use it on Wally but I think Mina should attack it”

“All right, and I know which Pokemon to do” said Mina taking out her wand, “Walrein Soul!”

Her robes became the color of a Walrein and her wand became a like a Walrein tusk except for the Crystal on stop which remained the same.

“Ice Break Walrein Soul!” said Mina.

Wally like all others disappeared and all that was left was a crystal that broke in two and strand of Walrein fur.

“We’ll be back” said Lily, a wave of black energy appeared and they disappeared.

“At least they showed up” said Anne.

“Just one week all I have to wait is one week” said Emma.

“All right to Violet city!” said Mina.

“Of course for two gym battles” said Peter.

“Two? I think you should know I’m participating in the league” said Mina who detransformed.

“I know, I’m not” said Matt.

“Really? Why?” said Mina

“I deiced to become a breeder” said Matt.

“So you can become like Brock and pushed to the background?” said Sammy.

“Sammy that wasn’t a nice thing to say” said Beldum.

“Since when have you been one to judge me like that?” said Sammy.

“…” said Beldum.

“We should start heading out again…” said Mina.