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Emma Iveli
21st June 2006, 5:26 PM
>.< I missed the deadline... and I already fisnhed another chapter too... well this is the only Pokemon meets One Piece fanfic that's going to be up by me (Three Knights dosn't counts as that's a Pokemon/ One Piece/ Naurto crossover), I won't repost Dreams to be the Best for a while... not 'till the Alabasta Arc is over... anyways enjoy... and please reveiw this time... please...

Poke Piece
By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Future World’s Greatest Pokemon Master meets Future Pirate King

Less then two weeks ago one Monkey D Luffy started his pirate adventure, he had already found two good crewmembers the infamous Swords Man, Roronoa Zoro and the thief/ navigator Nami who was more or less a business partner. Sure right now they were traveling in two small boat, sure they barely had food but they heading to the grand line… okay that made it seem worse…

“I’m Hungry…” moaned Luffy.

“Hungry you say?” said a voice.

“Yeah…” said Luffy, “Wait who said that?”

All three turned around and saw a young man in a dingy, one that was worse than the one that Luffy and Zoro were riding in.

“Who are you?” asked Luffy.

“Are you pirates?” asked the man.

“Is the sky blue?” asked Luffy.

“Why do fools fall in love?” asked the man.

“Is this questions only?” asked Luffy.

Nami couldn’t take this anymore “Enough!” she yelled.

“Fine to answer your first question my name is Pete but I’m known as Portal Pete” said the man.

“Ever heard of him?” asked Nami.

Both Zoro and Luffy and shrugged.

“Well of course you haven’t heard of me, I’m new… so are my devil fruit powers…” said Pete.

“Riiiight.” said Zoro.

“Just let me ask you something, are you pirates?” asked Pete.

“Yes and I’m going to be King of the Pirates!” yelled Luffy.

“That was the answer I was looking for… you see, I just ate the devil fruit and I was looking for test subjects… I ate the Portal Portal Fruit and I can send myself or anyone else to another dimension and I was looking for pitiful pirates such as yourself to test out my powers and I chose you!” said Pete he raised his hand to the air “Portal Portal Send!”

A portal appeared above the small crew sucking them up… sending them another dimension…

Ash Ketchum trudged on the road, he was badly beaten, his first Pokemon… a Pikachu laid injured in arms. He remembered what happened earlier: first he slept in, then he had to the take the last Pokemon, Pikachu who wouldn’t listen to him, then he angered a Spearow who attacked Pikachu, after running from the Spearow which got it’s whole flock, falling over a water fall and “barrowing” a girl’s bike Pikachu realized that ash was good guy just as it started to rain. When Ash crashed the bike Pikachu got in-between him and Pikachu shocked the Spearows however it injured the mouse like Pokemon even further… and destroying the girl’s bike. He was now on his way to Viridian City so that Pikachu could get better. Suddenly a light appeared in the sky.

“Is that Pokemon again?” he asked no one in particular, he saw a strange Pokemon in the sky earlier but his Pokedex couldn’t identify it.

He heard strange yells as he saw three people fall on him.

“Wow, that guy was right, he did send us to another dimension…” said a boy around 17, he wore a red vest as a shirt, jean shorts and a straw hat.

“Luffy this is no time to be impressed!” said man who was around 19, he had green hair and a sash with black pants on boots and a white collared shirt, around one of his arms was a dark green bandanna and strapped to his waist were three swords.

“He’s right, we have to figure out how to get back.” said a girl who 18, she had bright orange hair wearing a white shirt with blue stripes and a yellow skirt. They were of course Luffy, Zoro and Nami.

“Excuse me… can you please get off of me…” said Ash.

All three got off Ash, he went to check the Pikachu he was holding somehow… Pikachu was unfazed by the strangers landing on him. He gave a sigh of relief. However he looked at the three strangers.

“Hey, who are you and how did you get there?” asked Ash.

“Well this man came and he ate a devil fruit and he sent me and my crew here and we landed on you.” said Luffy all in one breath.

“What?” said Ash who didn’t understand him.

“This guy claimed he sent to another dimension…” said Nami, “Well he did send us to a forest that for sure…”

“Oh what’s that?” asked Luffy looking at Ash’s Pikachu.

“It’s a Pikachu.” said Ash.

“What a “Pikachu”?” asked Luffy.

“It’s a Pokemon…” said Ash.

“What’s a Pokemon?” asked Luffy.

Ash turned to the other two very slowly “Um… do you know what a Pokemon is?” asked Ash.

Both Zoro and Nami shook their heads no.

“Wow, then that guy was right… if you don’t know what a Pokemon is…” said Ash.

Both Nami and Zoro sweat dropped, “Are you kidding?” asked Nami.

“If you don’t know what a Pokemon than I’m going to have to… oh man I forgot…” said Ash who then ran away.

“What’s his problem?” asked Nami.

“I don’t know but I’m going to see!” said Luffy following him.

Both Nami and Zoro sighed and followed the idiot captain.

Luffy caught up to Ash, “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“It’s my Pikachu…” said Ash.

Luffy noticed that Pikachu didn’t look too well.

“What happened?” he asked.

“It’s a long list…” said Ash with a sweat drop.

Both neared a town, at what appeared to be the entrance was a police station. The town’s Officer Jenny (which every town had) was there, she saw Ash and Luffy… and Pikachu. She stopped them

“What are you doing?” she demeaned.

“We’re going to the Pokemon center for my Pikachu…” said Ash.

“How do I know it’s not stolen… show me your trainer’s license…” demanded Officer Jenny.

“My license?” asked Ash… Pro. Oak didn’t give him a license he was going to freak out… until Jenny noticed his Pokedex. Officer Jenny took it out and pressed a button, it began to talk and as it turned out it was his trainer’s license.

“So that’s my Trainer’s license …” said Ash.

“Yeah… the reason why I stopped you was that there were Pokemon thefts recently, and I thought you might have stolen it…” said Officer Jenny motioning to a poorly made wanted poster.

“Luffy!” shouted a voice, it was Nami and Zoro was beside her.

“Next time… tell us before you run off…” said Zoro.

Officer Jenny looked at the group, “Are they with you?” she asked.

Ash thought a moment, “Yeah they are.” He said.

“Hey wait a second…” said Nami.

Ash whispered to her “Look your from this dimension… it’s best that your with me…” he said.

Nami sighed, she knew he was right. “Okay I know it’s dangerous but…” said Officer Jenny.

He opened the garage where a motor cycle with a side car was.

“One of you sit behind me….” said Officer Jenny.

Both Nami and Zoro had a bad feeling about this… Luffy thought whatever the thing was cool…

Nami rode behind Officer Jenny while boy crammed in the sidecar then they sped off.

Luffy, Nami and Zoro weren’t natives to this dimension otherwise they would have knew that motorcycles were dangerous… but this Officer Jenny was a madwoman at the wheel… Nami hugged Officer Jenny tightly with her eyes shut closed hopping that this was all a crazy dream would wake her up... Zoro showed no emotion however on the inside he was screaming… Luffy on the other hand… was enjoying the ride… the ride got to the location unfortunately instead of dropping them off she drove t6o the lobby… she parked in front of the counter.

“We have a drive way you know…” said Nurse Joy in a huff.

Ash managed to squeeze out of the cramped sidecar and showed the nurse his Pikachu.

“It in bad shape…” she nagged him.

“Sorry…” said Ash meekly.

“Well we have to perform. surgery…” said Nurse Joy.

Chancys showed up with a special stretcher. Ash placed Pikachu on it and the Chancys carted over to the operation room Ash tried to fallow but Nurse Joy stopped him and said “You’ve already done enough…” and fallowed the pink Pokemon to the operating room.

“Keep out of troble…” said Officer Jenny, she turned to Nami and Zoro who were taking a breather on some benches while Luffy was poking one of the tires. “Boy you’d think they never seen a motorcycle…”

Ash sweatdroped, it was probably true… by the way they acted their dimensions did have motorcycles when the police woman left Ash finally asked a question he wanted to ask… mainly get his mind off of Pikachu. “Who are you and how did you get to this world?”

“I’m Luffy!” yelled Luffy.

“O…k” said Ash with a sweat drop.

“Well, you see this man sent us here as an experiment to test out his Devil fruit powers.” said Nami.

“What’s a devil fruit?” asked Ash.

“Their fruits that give people powers but they can’t swim… their not very tasty though…” said Luffy, “And I ate the gum gum fruit and now I’m a rubber man.” The pirate captain began to stretch his face.

“That’s cool!” said Ash then the sadness over Pikachu over took and he began to cry.

“What’s his problem?” asked Nami.

“Maybe the giant mouse thing is important to him…” said Luffy.

Ash noticed the phones and said to the pirates “I’m going to call my mom…”

“But I don’t see any snail phones…” said Luffy.

Ash sweatdroped, “Um… I have no idea what that is…” he said.

Ash went into the corner and called his mom on the phone while he was talking Luffy kept trying to investigate but ether Nami or Zoro would pull him away. After a few minutes his mom asked him “What’s with that boy in the background.”

“Um… I met him and he’s not exactly from around here…” said Ash.

“Well I have to go… bye love you!” said his mom.

She hung up and he hung his low.

“What’s wrong?” asked Luffy.

“Everything… okay!” snapped Ash, he sighed then said “Sorry I snapped at you… you have no idea what Pokemon are right?”

“Well yeah…” said Luffy, “So what are they?”

Ash began to explain the pirate captain about Pokemon while Nami looked around the lobby and Zoro… slept. Right when Ash was explaining the part about training the center’s phone rang. He diced to answer is since Nurse Joy was busy and apparently in their world they have things called Snail phones… whatever those were. Ash answered it and oddly enough it was someone for him… the monitor was behind a mural on the wall freeing 2 Legendary Pokemon, one Pokemon thought to not exist and Arcanine… however the famous Pokemon Professor didn’t know how to use a phone in way at the wrong camera was on the one that was behind him.

“Um Pro…” said Ash.

Pro. Oak turned around laughed then fixed it.

“Oh it’s good to see your Viridian city, you know I made a bet with Gary, he said that you wouldn’t catch anything….” said Pro. Oak.

“…” said Ash, “Well you know, money’s not everything Professor.”

The famous Pokemon professor sighed.

“I have a few things I need to ask you…” said Ash.

He asked Pro. Oak about the Pokemon, Pro. Oak denied it existence.

“Is that the only thing you wanted to tell me?” asked Pro. Oak.

“No, do you know anything about Quantum mechanics?” asked Ash.

“What?” asked Pro Oak.

“Well the people who are with me are from another dimension and are stuck here.” said Ash.

“What makes you think we’re stuck here?” yelled Nami.

“Well you aren’t?” asked Ash.

Nami didn’t answer, he was right, they were stuck here.

“Is this a joke?” asked Pro Oak.

“No, I tell the story…” said Nami.

Who told the story of who they were, what happened and explanations of Devil fruits. Pro Oak didn’t know what to say.

“So you think you can find a way to send him back?” asked Ash.

Pro Oak had two options, one was the safer option, study up on quantum mechanics and physics and try and figure out a way to send them back or the more dangerous option, tell Ash an interesting secret about himself… that when he was 10 he went 40 years into the future met Ash and some other people who Ash hadn’t met yet because of a Legendary Pokemon known as Celebi that very few researcher know of and find said Pokemon so that Celebi can send them back to their own dimension and possibly endanger all of realty by changing the future… needless to say he went with the safer option.

“Well I think I can try…” said Pro. Oak, “But I do have an idea why don’t you three become Pokemon Trainers…”

“ZZZZ” snored Zoro.

“Is it possible to wake him up?” asked Pro Oak.

Nami walked up to the sleeping swords man and whacked him on the head.

“What was that for!” yelled Zoro.

“He wants to talk to us!” yelled Nami.

Pro. Oak couldn’t help but to sweat drop, “As I was saying perhaps it is best that you train Pokemon while you’re here, plus it a great way to hide your identity as pirates from another world…” said Pro. Oak.

“Yeah how do you become one?” asked Nami.

“Ash, go to the second drawer from the left, there should be some Pokedexes there.” said Pro. Oak.

Ash went into the drawer and found a few Pokedexes, he took out three.

“Okay put one into the slot right at the phone…” said Pro. Oak.

Ash did it, “Okay, um… the girl what’s your name again?”

“Nami…” replied Nami.

Pro. Oak typed something into the nearby computer the Pokedex came out and Ash handed it to the navigator and he put in another one “Okay you with the swords”

“The names Zoro…” sighed Zoro.

Pro. Oak typed in something again, the Pokedexes popped out and Ash handed him the Pokedex and Pro. Oak asked “Now the rubber boy…” said Pro. Oak.

“Luffy!” yelled Luffy.

Once again Oak typed something in and the Pokedex popped out. Ash handed to Luffy.

“I’m afraid I can’t give you your first Pokemon but I’m sure Ash will help you catch some for you…” said Pro Oak.

The door bell rang in his lab, “Got to go Pizza’s here… keep an eye on them, Okay Ash” said Pro Oak who then hung up.

“This is so cool!” yelled Luffy.

“No it’s not!” yelled both Nami and Zoro.

“Oh come on, it’s an adventure that no one from our world will ever expense. Can’t you just feel it!” said Luffy.

“But if we do get home, what would happen if someone finds One Piece before we get back?” asked Nami.

Luffy thought for a moment, “All we have to do is get back before someone else becomes King of the Pirates!” said Luffy.

Nami sighed at Luffy’s logic.

Both Ash and Zoro sat on a bench, while someone entered.

“YOU!” screamed the person who entered.

21st June 2006, 5:29 PM
Cool. =_= e_e

21st June 2006, 5:41 PM
Uysl, you do know what a review is, don't you? XD

Anyways... Emma. I start reading this, and already a question is blocking out my vision. Who on earth is this Luffy guy? O.o Not everyone watches what ever show he is on, so you need to explain what he actually looks like. Also, in that first, small, paragraph, there was this FANTASTIC opportunity. Which you kinda steamrollered over.

Come on, girl! You can't just introduce the characters with such... interesting names, and not explain how, and why, they would want to go with this Luffy guy, who, from the first couple of lines, seems like an annoying, whiny person.

I have no clue what the character even looks like. Is he a fat, ballerina dress wearing pygmy? Or a hairy, half-monkey man? DESCRIPTION! Even if it is just static, that would be something.

From a quick skim over the rest, and I can tell that it is mostly dialogue. Which I find a little bit worrying. Try and add some more about the characters facial expressions, more on what they are doing whilst they talk. Otherwise it seems as if they are just staring blankly at each other. And never forget, the eyes are the things that convey most emotion. (Actually, it is the muscles around they eyes that make it look as if it is, but meh. XD)

And one last thing... PLEASE do not abbreviate professor. Thank you. XD

Meh, not such a good review, but it is what I picked up whilst reading the first couple of lines and skimming down. Please take into account what I have said, but if not, it is your decision.

21st June 2006, 5:47 PM
Well, here's my review.

First is an answer to katiekitten. "IF you don't know what One Piece is don't read!" Sheesh!

Why would Ash be with Luffy???????????

To Katekitten: HE is a pirarte with a scar under his left eye, red shirt, blue jeans, straw hat.

And Kateie kiteen is right please don't abrieviate professor.

21st June 2006, 7:02 PM
If by one piece you mean one shot, then yes, I do know. I have written three of them. XD Although, the fact that this is the first chapter kinda confuses me. If it is a chaptered fiction, then she could have gotten into it. She doesn't have to, I just don't know why he is into pirating, and it would be nice to know how he got his companions, but, again, it is her decision.

It being a one shot isn't an excuse to skimp, though. You should see how long Syra's oneshots are. XD Again, she doesn't have to put much, but it would be nice...

Another point, Emma. You dived into the story a little quick, maybe a little more lead up? I dunno, though.

I can read this if I like, Uysl. It is a free country, you now. Or internet. XD

XD It is no good telling me now what he looks like, it is a little late. XD Emma needs to put it in.

Shadows Follower
21st June 2006, 7:22 PM
Katiekitten: No, One Piece is an anime/manga about a boy who wants to become king of the pirates and find the legendary treasure called One Piece. Another fact is he eat a cursed Gum Gum fruit which turned his limbs to rubber. Thats what he means by One Piece. But back on to the point-

1) Needs more description for sure. Just cause I know what One Piece is, doesn;t mean others know what its about/characters act like.look like etc.

2) Description is your friends. Not only does it make a fic more interesting, it adds length to it and means the reader isn't just reading conversation.

3) Finally Uysl, she does have the right to read and say what she wants. Thats why people review here to give their own personal thoughts on it. Just cause some people have read/watched One Piece doesn't mean we all have. She might get interested in to it but won't do it by reading this at the state its in.

21st June 2006, 7:37 PM
XD I get it... I thought she meant a short story. XD No wonder I was confused... Thanks Shadow Follower for clearing that up! XD

Emma Iveli
22nd June 2006, 6:09 PM
To katiekitten: Yeah One Piece is an anima/manga... I would have put down One Shot if it was a one shot (I've written 7 myself, 5 One Piece, 1 Zatch Bell and 1 Ranma 1/2), and mybe if you didn't skim thoguh I did somewhat describe what Luffy looks like after they crashklnad on Ash...

To Shadows Follower: Descriction is my weakness... me no good with despriction... hjowever my stracnhs are diolauge, plot and humours lines...

To Uys: Um... thanks?

I'll ablate proffesor when they refer to Pro. Oak, if some says "Proffesor" whith out the name I will spell it out. Here's the next chapter...

Chapter 2: Pokemon Emergency

A red haired girl around 12 was carrying unidentifiable burnt wreckage over her shoulders entered the Pokemon center. She was angry… very angry.

“You!” she screamed.

“Me?” asked Ash.

“Duh! I don’t think I see anyone else who stole my bike and destroyed it!” yelled the girl.

She slammed down the burnt wreckage which turned out to be a bike onto the ground then stomped over to the 10 year old and got into his face “Look, I paid a lot of good money for that bike!”

“Well um…” said Ash, “My Pikachu…”

The girl remembered something…


The girl was fishing when she caught something.

“Oh boy, I hope it’s big!” she said reeling it in.

It wasn’t a Water Pokemon but Ash and Pikachu. She noticed Pikachu was in bad shape.

“Oh you poor baby.” said the girl.

“Me?” said Ash.

“No your Pikachu…” said the girl, “What did you do to it?”

“Look Spearow attacked, okay” said Ash.

“Right… you should take it to the Pokemon center.” said the girl.

“A what?” asked Ash.

Misty sighed, “It’s like a Pokemon hospital, there’s one in Viridian City.”

Out in the distance the flock of Spearow appeared and storm clouds gathered

“Oh no…” said Ash.

He noticed a bike near the girl and grabbed it “Don’t worry I’ll bring it back someday!”

“You better!” yelled the girl.

Later the girl diced to fallow him to the Pokemon center so she could get he bike back… after finding some badly burned trees and a few knocked out Spearow she found the wreckage of her bike… which Ash destroyed…

(End of flashback)

“Oh how is it?” asked the girl.

“It’s in surgery…” said Ash.

The door from the surgery room opened and Nurse Joy with brought Pikachu into the lobby it was attached to a device with a light bulb that seemed to be helping it.

“It will be just fine.” said Nurse Joy.

“That’s good…” said Ash.

Luffy’s stomach growled. “I’m hungry… do you have any meat?”

Zoro sighed, Nami walked over to Luffy and gave him a sock to the head.

“Ow that hurt Nami…” whined Luffy rubbing the sore bump on the head.

Suddenly a skylight broke and a Koffing appeared and used Smoke Screen. No one could see anything, it was also hard to breath.

“What’s going on?” coughed the girl.

The smoke began to clear as a Meowth and an Ekans along with the Koffing were standing beside two teenagers, not much older than Luffy. One was a red haired girl and the other was boy with bluish purple hair. Both wore white uniforms with a big red R on it.

“Prepare for a surprise trouble!”
“And you should make it double!”
“To protect the world form deviation”
“To unite all peoples within our nation”
“You denounce the evils of Truth and Love!”
“To extend our reach to the stars above!”
“Team Rocket! Blasting off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now, or prepare to fight!”
“Meowth! That’s right!”

“Who are you again?” asked Luffy.

The two humans and three Pokemon anime fall.

“We’re here to steal rare and valuable Pokemon.” said the Meowth who can talk.

Ash, Nurse Joy and the girl yelled out “That Pokemon just talked!”

“Yeah Meowth talked, so what we’re here to steal rare and valuable Pokemon.” said the boy who was James.

“We don’t have any like that here, just sick and injured Pokemon.” said Nurse Joy.

“You’re lying, Koffing go use your smoke screen!” ordered James.

Koffing used the attack again and it began to destroy some computers while Ash, Luffy, the girl, Nami, Zoro and Nurse Joy ran from the explosion while carting Pikachu.

“I’ll stop them!” said Luffy, “Gum gum….”

Before he launch one of rubber attack Nami grabbed him and said “Bad idea…”

And so they ran into one of storage rooms where Nurse Joy locked the door. Outside Ekans cut the power.

“Great…” said Nami.

“It’s okay, turning on back up generator…” said Nurse Joy.

There was another room nearby where Pikachus were resting, she pressed a button which gave the message to the Pikachus, they began to run and use an electric attack to power up the Pokemon center.

“Oh wow…” said the girl.

“How are they doing it?” asked Luffy.

Nurse Joy and the girl stared at Luffy.

“He’s joking…” said Ash.

“Right…” agreed Nami who gave a death glare to Luffy.

Nurse Joy shrugged as she did commenced the emergency Pokemon evacuation, she began to send the Pokemon to Pewter city where her twin sister worked… which is kind of ironic if you think about it.

Just then the doors broke open when Koffing broke though the doors and the two strange thieves came in with their Pokemon.

“So are we going to have to take them by force.” said Jessie, the girl.

The Ekans came into the room it was ready to attack.

“Hey you should use the Pokemon.” said the girl.

“She’s right.” agreed Nurse Joy.

Ash took three Pokeballs and handed them to Luffy, Zoro and Nami.

“What we are suppose to do?” asked Luffy.

“Don’t tell their new trainer’s as well?” asked Misty.

“You could say that…” said Ash.

“They have to be older than Lily…” she mumbled.

“Just throw the ball say “Pokeball go”!” said Ash.

“Okay, I’ll first…” said Nami, “Pokeball go!”

A Pidgey came out… but it was scared by Ekans and flew away…

Nami sighed, “I guess I’ll go next…” sighed Zoro, “Pokeball Go!”

The ball was empty… Zoro sweatdroped.

“I forgot to mention that some of them are empty.” said Nurse Joy.

“I guess it’s my turn…” said Luffy, “Pokeball go!”

A Rattata came out but much like the Pidgey it was scared and ran away…

All three of the Pirates sweatdroped…

“Wasn’t the best start as a trainer…” said Ash who realized that his start was worse.

“Hey, I’ll distract them while you 4 get Pikachu out here…” said the girl, “Go Goldeen!”
She let out her goldfish like Pokemon came out… all it did was flop on the ground.

Everyone but the girl sweatdroped.

“We all know that some water Pokemon can’t fight on land.” said the girl then she returned Goldeen to its Pokeball.

“Get out here now…” she said to them.

Ash along with the pirates carted Pikachu out of the room. Pikachu slowly began to wake up just as they got into the lobby .

“Pikachu…” said Ash softly.

“Hey watch out for the…” said Zoro, but it was too late Ash crashed the gurney into the unidentifiable wreckage that used to be a bike.

“You should have said something earlier…” said Ash.

The thieves managed to fallow them.

“Your not getting Pikachu…” yelled Ash.

“Who cares about a Pikachu… we only want rare and valuable Pokemon…” said Meowth.

Suddenly many Pikachu showed up and covered Ash Pikachu.

“What are they doing?” asked Nami.

The pile of Pikachu did an electric attack shocking the two humans and Ekans and Koffing the talking Meowth was perfectly fine.

Ash’s Pikachu emerged from the pile, actually better than ever…

“Pikachu. Pika… Pika, pika!” said Pikachu. (translation: Get on the… thing, and power it then I shock them!)

“What did it say?” asked Luffy.

“I have no clue.” replied Nami.

Somehow Ash knew what was saying. Ash hopped on to the bike wreckage and began to pump the petal, the light which was actuality the only thing that was in good condition began to work. Pikachu hopped onto it and gave the thieves the shocking of their lives… however it blew up the Pokemon center as well…

There was good news however everyone was okay and all the Pokemon were sent to the Pokemon center in Pewter city. Nurse Joy gave three pirate trainers Pokeballs and other supplies (backpacks, sleeping bags, food and other things). The next day the group consisting of Ash, his Pikachu, Luffy, Nami, Zoro and the girl who’s name is Misty went to travel thought the Viridian Forest…

Emma Iveli
7th July 2006, 8:15 PM
Here's the next chapter, I hope you like the chouices for first Pokemon for the Straw Hats.

Chapter 3: Gotta Catch’em All

A scream rang thought out the forest… it belonged to Misty, the girl who owned a bike… which Ash destroyed… she hid behind Zoro… why you may ask because there was something scary nearby.

“How… can you be scared of that?” said Zoro.

“It’s pretty cute…” said Luffy.

“Pikachu…” agreed Pikachu (Transition: Yeah…)

“I don’t you think you should be scared by it…” said Nami.

They were of course talking about a Caterpie… a small green caterpillar like Pokemon that just a foot tall...

Ash checked out on his Pokedex, “Caterpie, the worm Pokemon. It’s feet are tipped with suction pads that enable to climb up trees.” said the Pokedex.

“I’m going to catch it!” said Ash.

Ash threw a Pokeball, the indicator light flashed on and off until Caterpie was caught.

“You caught that!” yelled Misty.

“Yeah so…” said Ash.

“I hate bugs.” yelled Misty.

“Yeah… and…” said Ash.

Misty began to get angry, “Why are you fallowing us any ways?” asked Luffy.

“That’s true I didn’t invite you…” said Ash.

“Look, you destroyed my bike, and I’m not leaving ‘till you pay me back!” said Misty.

Ash sighed, “Yeah I know…” he said.

And so they continued on their way, Misty brought up something that was bugging her.

“hey I was wondering, what is with you three? I mean you guys are older than I am and none of you have Pokemon and it even seems you barely know a think about Pokemon… I bet a 5 year old knows more than you do…” said Misty.

At the Petalburg City gym in the Hoenn region, the 5 year old son of the gym leader sneezed for no apparent reason. Then he back to his book written by Pro. Oak, his idol.

Back in the Viridian forest of the Kanto region…

“Your point?” asked Zoro.

Before Misty could say something a Scyther came out the trees.

“Scyther…” said Scyther (Translation: You, fight…) pointing to Zoro.

“I wonder it said…” said Luffy.

“I got the message loud and clear it wants to be fight be me.” said Zoro who took off the bandanna off his arm and tied it to his head.

Scyther nodded.

“Why would it… what the!” said Misty who then was shocked where Zoro placed his third sword.

“Cool so that’s how he holds his third sword!” said Ash.

The swords man and the Pokemon began to fight. The two fighters matched each other perfectly.

“Wow this is so cool!” Ash and Luffy at the same time.

Misty just stared at the fight, “These people aren’t normal…” she thought.

The fight was over when Zoro has his sword to the Pokemon’s throat. Scyther knew it lost it hit Zoro backpack in hopes a Pokeball came out which it did and it went inside the Pokeball by its own choice.

“You caught a something.” said Nami.

“Check out the Pokedex to see what it was.” said Ash.

“Okay.” said Zoro, he got out the computer out of his pocket “Scyther the Mantis Pokemon, it uses speed to create the illusion that there is more than one.” said the Pokedex.

“Okay that’s not normal…” said Misty.

“What is?” asked Luffy.

“He fought a Scyther, in fact the Scyther challenged… and lost! What is it with you?” yelled Misty.

“We’re pirates from another dimension.” said Luffy laughing.

“Riiiight…” said Misty.

“It’s true…” said Ash.

“Next your be telling me Luffy has super powers.” said Misty.

“I do.” said Luffy.

Misty sweatdroped, “That’s a joke right?” she asked.

Luffy stretched his cheeks and then used the Gum Gum rocket to climb a nearby tree.]

“…” said Misty who appeared to have fainted.

“Misty you okay” asked Ash he waved his hand in fr4otn of her face.

“I think she fainted…” said Nami.

Ash had an evil smile. “Come on out Caterpie!” said Ash.

His Caterpie climbed on to Misty’s leg, it was then she reigned consciousness and jumped into the air with a scream. Everyone laughed it this… then Misty got angry, she pulled out a mallet from pocket space whacked Ash on the head.

“Pika…” said Pikachu (translation: Ouch…)

“What’s the truth, you three aren’t normal.” said Misty.

“We really are pirates from another dimension.” said Nami.

“It’s really the truth…” said Misty with a sweat drop.

“That’s right.” said Nami.

“You guys don’t seem like pirates…” said Misty.

“We’re not your typical pirates…” said Nami looking at her two crewmates, Zoro was sitting under a tree dozing off and Luffy was poking Ash who was unconscious after being hit in the head by Misty with a stick.

There was a scream, it sounded like a came from a Meowth. Ash who was suddenly concouis, Pikachu and Luffy ran towards the scream. A Meowth different then the one that was seen the day before was being attacked by Spearow.

“I’ll help it! Gum Gum Pistol!” yelled Luffy punching one of the Spearow then the bird like Pokemon attack the idiot rubber man. “Stop!” he yelled.

“Pikachu use Thunder Shock!” said Ash.

Pikachu shocked the Spearows, which then flew away, Luffy was unfazed, as he’s made of rubber though he did have a few cuts. The Meowth didn’t fare too well. The other three arrived.

“What happened.” asked Misty.

“These birds attacked that poor kitty but I used the gum gum pistol but they started attacking me then Pikachu shocked them but I was unaffected because I’m made of rubber.” said Luffy in one breath.

“What?” asked Misty who didn’t understand a word he said.

Nami noticed the Meowth was injured and slowly approached it. Meowth knew Nami was going to hurt it… it just knew. Nami knelt down and went into the orange backpack that she got from Nurse Joy and got something out… it was a super potion.

“Where did you get that?” asked Ash.

Nurse Joy gave it to me, she thought I’d be the most responsible so she put me in charge of it. She also showed me how to use it.” said Nami.

Everyone sweatdroped at this.

She sprayed the medicine on Meowth, it did sting but it began to feel better.

“Meowth!” said the Meowth (Translation: I want you to be my trainer!) in a loving way.

“I think it wants you to be it’s trainer” said Misty.

“Is that right?” asked Nami.

The Meowth nodded.

“I’m one the ones who saved it…” said Ash and Luffy grumpily.

“Pika…” said Pikachu (translation: Oh well…)

Nami took out a Pokeball and Meowth jumped into it so to speak. Nami took out the Pokedex.

“Meowth, the Scratchcat Pokemon, Adores circular objects. Will look for loose change at night” said the Pokedex.

Berry signs appeared in Nami’s eyes.

“Of course her first Pokemon gathers money…” said Zoro.

“She likes money?” asked Ash.

“It’s one of her two favorite things…” said Luffy.

“Yeah so?” said Nami.

There was an awkward silence then Misty yelled out, Caterpie who was still out it’s Pokeball when Ash let it out was trying to climb up her leg.

“Aww… Caterpie has a little crush…” said Ash in a babyish voice.


Ash was once again on the ground twitching due to Misty’s mallet of doom.

“Never say tat again! I don’t like bugs!” yelled Misty.

That broke Caterpie’s heart it went to sulk by a tree as the air around it turned blue.

“You know you should apologize to Caterpie.” said Luffy.

“No way, I hate bugs…” said Misty.

“Quit hitting me in the head with the mallet!” yelled Ash getting up.

“… no” replied Misty.

“Maybe we should continue on our way…” said Zoro.

“No kidding.” said Nami.

Night fell as all 5 humans fell asleep, the two Pokemon out of its Pokeballs had a conversation until they fell to sleep. Pikachu fell to sleep next to its Trainer while Caterpie…

Another scream though the forest, it belong to Misty again. Caterpie was sleeping next her.

“Get it away! Get it away! Get it away!” she screamed.

Ash, Luffy, Nami and the Pokemon slowly woke up… Zoro was a heavy sleeper so he was still asleep. Caterpie was crying and is slowly climbed up to the stump where its Pokeball was. It entered its Pokeball while crying.

“Misty, I still think you should apologize.” said Luffy.

“There’s no way I’m apologizing to that thing!” yelled Misty.

A beige blur flew past them it landed on the stump, it was too big to be a Pidgey but it looked like one but with pink feathers on its head.

“What’s that?” asked Ash who took out his Pokedex.

“Pidgeotto the Bird Pokemon, the evolved form of Pidgey, it will fiercely peck at any intruders.” said the pokedex.

“Cool I’m going to catch it!” said Ash he grabbed Caterpie’s pokeball, “Go Caterpie!”

Ash foolishly let out his Caterpie.

“Ash is an idiot…” said Misty.

“Why?” asked Nami.

Pidgeotto began to attack Caterpie and it wasn’t doing well. Ash being a new a trainer doesn’t know that Flying Types have type advantage agaisnt Bug Types. After Pidgeotto was about swoop down Misty said “Just switch your Pokemon with Pikachu!”

Ash listened to the advice and switched with Pikachu who used Thunder shock... little did they know was that territorial Pikachu was watching. After Ash managed to catch Pidgeotto Misty began to yell at him.

“Don’t you know about type advantages? Flying beats Bug…” as she yelled then a lighting bolt shot passed her.

“Pika?” asked Pikachu. (Translation: Huh?)

Another Pikachu appeared, it had messy hair on top of its hair.

“Pika, Pika pi!” said another Pikachu (Translation: This is my turf, get out now!)

“Pika… Pikachu?” said Pikachu (Translation: Why… I’ve never met someone that was territorial)

“Pika!” said the other Pikachu (Translation: Because!).

The other Pikachu began to glow white and shot out another blast… but white!

“That Pikachu…” said Misty.

“What about it?” asked Nami.

“I never heard of one that shot out white bolts of lighting… that strange” said Misty.

The other Pikachu shot bolts at group, and they all dodged…

“Okay what’s with that Pikachu?” asked Ash.

Pikachu shrugged, though it was intrigued by the fact this Pikachu was shooting white bolts.

“It seems to be angry about something.” said Nami.

“But Pikachus are normally social Pokemon…” said Misty.

Luffy thought about something… there was something about this Pikachu. He approached it, the other Pikachu shot out a bloat at Luffy… however, it didn’t know that Luffy was made of rubber… which meant he’s immune to electric attacks. Luffy walked over to the Pikachu and began to pet it. Pikachu didn’t like him so it turned on more power.

“Pika…” said Pikachu angrily (Transition: Why you…)

Then it collapsed from exhaustion, Luffy smiled his trademark grin.

“That was easy.” said Luffy.

“Luffy are you okay?” asked Misty who looked she was about to faint again.

“I’m made of rubber and you know it resists electricity…” said Luffy.

“Wow, I’m surprised you know that Luffy… how do you know exactly?” asked Nami.

“I don’t remember…” said Luffy.

“You don’t remember where you learned it?” asked Nami.

“Yeah…” laugh Luffy.

The other Pikachu began to wake up, “Pika?” (translation: Huh?)

“Pikachu…” said Pikachu (translation: Hello…)

“Pika… Pikachu!" said the other Pikachu (Translation: Your still here… leave!)

“Pika? Chu, Pika pi…” said Pikachu (Translation: Why? Why do you want us to leave…)

“Pika! Pikachu pika! Chu chu chu! Pikachu Pi pi… Pikachu…” said the other Pikachu (translation: Why! Because I’m a freak! I can shoot out white bolts and no one wants to be my friend…)

“Pika…” said Pikachu (Translation: Really…)

“Pikachu! Pika pi! Pikachu! Pika pi pi pi!” said the other Pikachu (Translation: Yeah! Leave now! Get away!)

“Pikachu… Pikachu… Pikachu pi! Pikachu!” said Pikachu (Translation: No… I want to be your friend…. You’re cool! Who cares if you can shoot white lighting!)

“Pika…” said the other Pikachu who was about to cry (Transition: Thanks…)

“Pikachu… Pika pi! Pikachu Pi pi chu chu. Pikachu pika, pi... Pikachu! Pika… Pi pi pi… Pikachu Pika, chu…” said Pikachu (Translation: I have an idea… how you let this train you! He’s unique as well… he’s made of rubber and from another dimension! He’s a bit of an idiot… he he he… But he’s nice...” said Pikachu.

“Pika!” said the other Pikachu nodding (Translation: Okay!)

“I wonder what their talking about…” said Misty.

“I have no clue…” said Nami.

Pikachu turned to Luffy and said “Pikachu… Pika pi pi!” (Translation: Pikachu… wants you to catch it!)

Luffy starched his head “What?” he asked.

Pikachu grabbed a pokeball pointed it at then pointed at Luffy… anyone could figure it out but…

“I still don’t know what’s it saying do you?” said Luffy.

“No clue…” responded Ash.

Everyone awake stared at the two.

“I think Pikachu said that the other Pikachu wants Luffy to catch it…” said Misty and Nami as the same time.

“Pikachu!” said Pikachu holding up a sign with a circle.

“Oh… okay!” said Luffy.

Luffy got out one of his Pokeballs and the other Pikachu jumped into it… after a few seconds it let itself.

“Pika…” said the other Pikachu now known as Luffy’s Pikachu (Translation: Pokeballs are creepy…)

“Wait did I catch it?” asked Luffy.

Both Pikachu’s nodded, “I guess it’s like you Pikachu.” said Ash.

Pikachu now known as Ash’s Pikachu nodded.

There was an evil laugh, everyone turned around to see who it was and it was…

“Prepare for trouble!”
“And make it double!”
“To protect the world form deviation”
“To unite all peoples within our nation”
“You denounce the evils of Truth and Love!”
“To extend our reach to the stars above!”
“Team Rocket! Blasting off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now, or prepare to fight!”
“Meowth! That’s right!”

“You again!” said Ash.

“I thought you said you only go after rare and valuable Pokemon.” said Nami.

“We are but that Pikachu is powerful than most… and that makes it rare and valuable.” said Jessie.

“Hey wait there are two Pikachus now!” yelled Meowth.

“And that Pikachu was wearing a hat so we can’t tell which is which!” said James.

“I say lets grab both!” said Meowth.

“Your not going to get my Pikachu!” yelled Luffy and Ash.

“Creepy…” thought Nami and Misty.

Ash ran towards James but James stopped him by putting his hand in front which stopped Ash.

“Haven’t you ever been in a Pokemon battle you fight with your Pok…” said James but before he could finish his sentence Luffy yelled out “Gum Gum Pistol!” and a rubbery punch hit James in the face.

“What the hell was that!” yelled Jessie and Meowth.

“That was the Gum Gum Pistol!” said Luffy doing a cool pose.

“Wasn’t that the same answer I got when you did the Gum Gum Balloon…” said Nami.

“Cool I didn’t know you had moves!” said Ash.

“This is a weird fight…” said Misty.

“ZZZZZZ” snored Zoro.

“He’s still asleep…” said Misty with a sweat drop.

“I like gravy…” said James in a daze.

“Wake up Jimmy!” said Meowth shaking him a little.

“I’m awake… I’m awake!” said James.

“Now go Ekans!” said Jessie.

“Go Koffing! Usa Sludge on the Pikachus!” said James.

Neither Pikachu could see anything.

“That unfair!” said Misty.

Nami and Misty picked up the two Pikachus so that Team Rocket wouldn’t get them.


“ZZZZZ” snored Zoro.

“He’s still sleep?” said Misty with a sweat drop.

“Well now we’ll take your Pikachus!” said Jessie.

“No you don’t go Pidgeotto!” said Ash.

Pidgeotto game out but… it was asleep.

“Ash you have to rest your Pokemon.” nagged Misty.

“Uh… right…” said Ash “Return Pidgeotto!” said Ash, “Go Caterpie!” he let out his Caterpie who ready to battle.

Jessie, James and Meowth laughed, “You think that Pokemon will be able to do anything!”

“Caterpie! Use String Shot!” said Ash.

Caterpie shot a string towards the Pokemon and entangled them, stopping them.

“Now it’s my turn!” said Meowth.

“Nami you try it…” whispered Misty.

“Okay, Go Meowth!” said Nami.

Nami’s Meowth came out of its Pokeball… Meowth fell in love as Nami’s is a female Meowth.

“Hey doll face you pretty cute…” said Meowth.

“Meowth!” said Nami’s Meowth (Translation: Jerk!) while doing Scratch.

Meowth went into the corner and with the air around blue.

“Let’s go while the goings good!” said James.

James picked up Koffing, Jessie picked up Koffing and then ran away with Meowth tailing behind them… depressed.

“All right Caterpie you did good!” said Ash picking it up, “Is it a good Pokemon now…” he said to Misty.

“You still need to apologize to what you said earlier…” said Luffy.

“After all it did do most of the work…” said Nami.

“Meowth…” agreed Nami’s Meowth (Translation: That’s right…)

“ZZZZZ” snored Zoro.

“All right I’ll do it!” said Misty.

Misty was about to pet it when Caterpie shot String Shot into the air and it began to change… it was evolving. Misty jumped back a few feet while it happened.

“What happened?” asked Luffy.

Ash got out it’s Pokedex, “Metapod, the Cocoon Pokemon, Its stays in its while awaiting evolution.” said the Pokedex.

“Now its even creepier!” said Misty.

Zoro began to wake up.

“He just woke up now…” said Ash with a sweat drop.

“How can he sleep though all that?” asked Misty.

Later after cleaning up both Pikachus and telling Zoro was happened as well as explaining Pokemon evolution to Luffy, Zoro and Nami they continued on their way. Luffy’s Pikachu sat on his shoulder much like Ash’s Pikachu did.

Nami remembered something she wanted to tell Misty, “Hey Misty can I tell you something…” said Nami.

Nami whispered something into Misty’s ear, after hearing it Misty had an evil smile.

“That’s not a bad idea…” said Misty, “Hey Ash.”

“”What?” asked Ash.

“Since you owe me a lot of the bike, how about you do some stuff for me.” said Misty.

“… what kind of stuff.” said Ash.

“Carry my stuff, polish my Pokeballs and other chores.” said Misty.

“Wait… why should I do that?” asked Ash.

“Because you owe me for a bike… so if you don’t I’ll expect you’ll be paying me back…” said Misty.

Ash had a blank look on his face… “Okay…” he said with a sigh.

“I wonder where she got that idea…” said Luffy.

“Pika…” said Luffy’s Pikachu (Translation: I don’t know…)

Zoro looked at Nami “It was your idea… wasn’t it…” said Zoro.

“I’m not saying anything…” said Nami.

“So it was you…” said Zoro.

And so they continued on their way…

Emma Iveli
29th July 2006, 5:36 PM
Okay here's the next chapter...

Chapter 4: When Beedrill Attack

A scream rang thought out the forest… it belonged to Misty, the girl who owned a bike… which Ash destroyed… she hid behind Zoro… why you may ask because there was something scary nearby… wait a second… this already happened… needless to say it was bug… a Weedle similar in appearance to Caterpie.

“You really have to stop hiding behind me…” said Zoro.

The Weedle scooted over to Misty and tried to crawl up her leg and she ran away.

“What is it wit her and bug Pokemon having a crush on her?” asked Ash.

“I don’t know but it is pretty funny…” said Luffy.

“Okay, I’m going to catch it!” said Ash, “Go Pikachu!”

Ash’s Pikachu was playing was appareled to be chess with Luffy’s Pikachu while classical music played in the back ground

“I’m not going to ask…” said Ash.

Meanwhile Misty continued to run like a chicken with its head cut off when a kid stopped her… he was dressed a samurai he also held a sword.

“Are you from Pallet Town?” demanded the kid pointing the sword at her.

“No…” said Misty.

“Very well then…” said the kid who walked away, sheathing his sword.

“Wait a second Pallet Town… that’s where Ash is from…” thought Misty, “Well Zoro’s with him… but I should get there anyways…”

Ash had just weakened the Weedle just enough, it was time to catch it, when someone shouted “You there… your from Pallet Town!”

Ash turned around, and saw the samurai kid.

“What?” said Ash.

The kid took out his sword and pointed it at Ash, “I am Samurai challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!” said the kid who’s name is Samurai.

“Hey kid, what’s your real name?” asked Zoro who was suspicious of him.

“Who are you… Aw man!” said “Samurai”.

He looked at Zoro, his sash, his swords… this guys was a real swords man… not only that but this guy… was cool! Way cooler than he’d ever hope to accomplish. “Samurai” sighed.

“My real name is Jerry…” he said with a sweat drop.

Everyone sweatdroped… even Ash, he was distracted by Jerry… then he remembered the Weedle…

“Oh no!” yelled Ash.

“What?” asked Luffy.

“The Weedle's gone…” moaned Ash.

“Weren’t you challenging Ash to a Pokemon battle?” asked Nami to Jerry.

“Oh yeah I forgot…” said Jerry, “I challenge you from Pallet Town!”

“I was hopping for that… after all you let the Weedle get away!” yelled Ash.

Misty managed to get there before the battle started.

“So everything’s fine?” asked Misty.

“If you don’t count the fact that Ash lost the Weedle…” said Nami

“Oh…” said Misty.

Ahs let out Pidgeotto… who was too tired to fight… again…

“Ash…” mumbled Misty.

“Go Pinsir!” said Jerry.

“Return Pidgeotto! Go Metapod.” said Ash.

“Metapod?” said Nami with a sweat drop.

“What’s wrong with Metapod?” asked Luffy.

“Ash are you a moron?” asked Misty.

Note: Metapod can only use Harden.

“Pinsir us Vice Grip!” said Jerry.

“Metapod use Harden!” said Ash.

Pinsir used the attack on Metapod but its pincers were crushed when Metapod used harden.

“…” said Misty, Zoro and Nami suspired by this.

“Go Ash!” cheered Luffy.

“Pika pi!” cheered both Pikachus.

“Return Pinsir!” said Jerry, “Good choice… but I too have a Metapod…”

“Use harden!” said Ash.

“You too!” said Jerry.

1 hour later…

“Use Harden one more time! His Metapod is tiring!” said Ash.

“Use it one more time I his Metapod is backing down…” said Jerry.

Neither Metapod was tired… but those watching it were. Misty and Nami were sunbathing on lawn chairs they happened to have, Zoro was napping, Luffy and the Pikachus were eating and not paying attention to the battles.

30 minutes later…

Misty was tapping her foot impatiently while the pirates/trainer’s played a card game with the Pikachus…

Ash collapsed... and the battle was over.

Misty sighed, “At least its over… it took an hour and a half…”

There was a loud buzzing sound a strange cloud was heading there way.

“What’s that?” asked Luffy.

Ash took out his Pokedex “Beedrill the poison bee Pokemon, flies at speeds using it poisonous stingers on their legs and forearms …” said the Pokedex.

“That doesn’t sound good….” said Ash.

The Beedrill swooped in and grabbed Ash’s Metapod while Jerry returned his. Ash attempted to return his but every time the Beedrill managed to swoop get out of the way.

“Let me try!” said Luffy.

He stretched his arms and managed to grab Metapod… freaking out Jerry in the process. However a Beedrill managed to cut Luffy’s arm a bit with on its stingers.

“We better hurry!” said Jerry.

Ash returned Metapod to its Pokeball and everyone began to run away. They got to a small hut that belonged to Samurai. He locked the door. However a Beedrill attack the door, its stingers pierced the door but left.

Everyone sighed in relief.

“I don’t fell so good…” said Luffy.

“Chupi?” said Luffy’s Pikachu (Translation: Luffy).

“It’s the poison… you were stung by them when you got his Metapod…” said Jerry.

“Sop what’s going to happen?” asked Nami.

“Depends… some people can get really sick… others won’t… we won’t know ‘till tomorrow morning… if he does sick there’s a plant that can cure the Beedrill's poison… however they always grow near Beedrill nests and I don’t have it on hand…” said Jerry taking off his armor.

He lit a small fire and put his armor in it, “Burn, burn away the shame… burn away this old persona…” he said in a very crazy way.

“Okaay…” said Misty.

“What’s with him?” asked Zoro.

“Who knows…” said Ash.

Early next morning Ash got up, he looked at Luffy he appeared to be having nightmares…

“It’s caused by a fever… I know its all because he saved Metapod…” thought Ash.

He got up quietly and grabbed his backpack and Pokeballs… however he only grabbed one… Metapod’s he forgot Pidgeotto’s pokeball.

Not long after Ash left his Pikachu woke up and noticed he was gone, “Pikapi…” said Ash’s Pikachu (Translation: Ash…)

“Pikachu, Pika?” asked Luffy’s Pikachu waking up (Translation: Huh, what happened?)

“Pikapi Pika!” said Ash’s Pikachu (Translation: Ash is gone!)

“Pika…” said Luffy’s Pikachu (Translation: That’s not good...)

“Pika, Pi pi…” said Pikachu (Translation: We should wake someone up…)

Both Pikachus chose Misty, as Luffy looked sick, Zoro was hard to wake up, they barely knew Jerry and Nami… well truth be told they randomly chose between Misty and Nami. Both gently poked the 12 year old. Misty began to wake up.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Pikapi Pikachu!” yelled both Pikachu (Translation: Ash is gone!)

Although Misty didn’t know what they were saying she did notice Ash’s absence.

“That’s not good…” said Misty she went to wake up Nami.

“Misty what is it?” asked Nami.

“Ash’s gone.” said Misty.

Nami then noticed Luffy was having nightmares.

“No… no…” cried Luffy in his sleep.

“Luffy…” said Misty and Nami quietly.

“Come back here meat! You’re not running away this time!” cried Luffy.

Both Pikachus and girl sweatdroped as they realized that Luffy’s dreams weren’t nightmare caused by a fever… he was dreaming about run away meat…

“Time for a wake up call…” said Nami, “Come on out Meowth!”

Her Meowth came out, “Use Scratch on Luffy’s face!”

Meowth used Scratch and it woke up the idiot rubber man.

“Ow, Nami was that for?” asked Luffy.

“For worrying us!” said Misty.

“We’re weren’t the only ones worried, Ash went to get that plant alone, he thought you were sick… next you have a dream about meat that run away please try to keep it yourself…” said Nami.

“Okay geez…” said Luffy scratching his head, “Wait Ash went to find the plant by himself?”

“That’s was it looks like…” said Misty.

“Pika…” said Ash’s Pikachu pointing to where Ash’s back was and one Pokeball was on the ground… it was clearly Ash’s Pidgeotto.

“Isn’t that Pidgeotto’s pokeball?” asked Nami.

“That means he only has Metapod…” said Misty.

“We should wake up Zoro and Jerry…” said Nami.

After the near impossible task of waking up Zoro they went to look for Ash while Jerry held a large net over them to protect them from the Beedrill.

Meanwhile Ash was grabbing various plants hopping one of them was the antidote. Then after he grabbed a few flowers when he turned around and saw a swarm of Beedrill behind him. He grabbed for Pidgeotto’s pokeball and realized he didn’t have it.

“Uh-oh…” said Ash, he noticed he had Metapod’s pokeball so he threw it.. Then realized it was a bad idea, he picked up Metapod and run like heck… he began to cry.

“I just wanted to help Luffy…” he said, “He rescued you... and its my fault he’s sick” as a tear hit Metapod.

Ash tripped and dropped Metapod just the swarm was attacking. A Beedrill was about to attack him but Metapod got in the way while using harden, the Beedrill’s stinger broke from it… however Metapod received a large gash from it.

“Metapod!” cried Ash.

He ran over to Metapod and picked it up, he cried even more as the swarm began to surround him. When out of the blue a white lighting bolt ht a few of the Beedrill. Ash turned around and saw Luffy, Misty, Nami, Zoro, Jerry and the Pikachu under the net. Ash smiled when he saw Luffy was alright…

“Luffy I thought you were sick…” said Ash.

“He wasn’t…” said Misty.

“He was just having a dream where meat was running away from him…” said Nami with a sweat drop.

Jerry snickered at this, he hadn’t heard about the dream Luffy had.

“That’s great that you’re okay… but Metapod…” said Ash.

Suddenly Metapod began to glow, something came out of Metapod… it was evolving… it became a Butterfree it flew over the remaining Beedrill while using Sleep Powder.

Luffy took out its Pokedex “Butterfree, the butterfly Pokemon, It flaps its wings at high speeds to release toxic dust into the air” said Luffy’s pokedex.

“All right!” cheered Ash.

Later that day they were saying goodbye to Jerry.

“It was nice meeting you, Ash… your one of the of the bravest people I have ever met…” said Jerry.

“Um… thanks…” said Ash.

“Actually he’s just reckless and doesn’t get his facts straight…” said Misty, which Nami nodded to.

“Oh by the way Zoro… I saw you catch that Beedrill when the others weren’t looking… that’s so cool!” said Jerry.

“You caught a Beedrill!” yelled Misty.

“Yeah… so…” said Zoro.

Misty glared at the swordsman.

“Oh by the way guys… I chose my new persona… Pirate!” said Jerry flipping his clothes to reveal the stereotypical pirate get up.

Ash, Misty, Nami and Zoro all sweatdroped while Luffy gave his trademark grin.

“This road leads right to Pewter City.” Said Jerry or should I say Pirates.

And so they left for Pewter City… with a newly evolved Butterfree at hand as well as a Beedrill.