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Savage X
23rd June 2006, 2:10 AM
Removed until I get better.

23rd June 2006, 3:52 PM
{CENTER] I have to say, I think the best spriter here is Chaos Emerald and I really hope you see this and have some suggestions and comments.[/CENTER]
Me? The best spriter here? I think you need to look around more. I may be one of the better spriters/critiquers, but definitely not the best. ;<

Kay, you want comments from me? You got 'em. When making the outline for the glowing, neon, shadow, etc. Pokemon, you shouldn't just create an outline that's a certain number of pixels think in every place. You should also add or remove pixels in places to make the aura look round and natural. There's some weird white spots on Shadow-Jirachi, and Shadow-Persian's eyes are almost completely red, and should still have a black pupil.

When making Pokemon with all-color (no black) outlines, you should make a new outline color that's a bit darker than the existing outline color and put that in place of black, rather than using the existing outline color or completely getting rid of it. And, also, as demostrated on the Altaria, some parts of the sprite need black. Pokemon that are black-colored or have black spots need it, and most Pokemon's eyes also need it.

Battle scenes and Rainer cards, there's not much to critique. The only thing is you need to credit Coronis for his Weavile sprite. Also, on the Team Aqua EX card, the white parts on the shiny Suicune are blue. Remember to fill them back in with white.

For the recolors, never EVER use the default colors except black and white (for Pikachu and Aron). I'm assuming those are old, but, meh. When recoloring, you also need to make sure the colors you have compliment each other, but aren't too contrasting or similar (Miltank). You also need to make sure the shades are far apart enough from each other that the sprite doesn't look almost unshaded (Ninetales).

For the re-elements, they nearly always look best if you use custom parts, or heavily edit official ones. Also, just recoloring and adding some fire isn't a very good re-element. Changing the body pattern so it looks more like a Fire Pokemon would look better. For the Charizard, I can't even tell what it's supposed to be, so you need to work on that. For the Arcanine, you should do more than recolor and add a beam thing. Try changing the fur shape a bit so it doesn't look so rough and firey. Also, the beam thing needs shading.

The mixes... need work. You need to reshade the added parts so they look more natural (Mightyena/Ninetales/Houndoom). But, even just editing the outline a little can make it look more natural (Pikachu/Houndoom). Head-switching or anything like that is never a good idea for mixing. It may look funny at first, but in the end it looks lazy (Gardevoir/Rapidash). Also, when recoloring a black Pokemon, you almost always need to change the shading so it looks better and has no black left (Houndoom/Pikachu).

For the Pokeballs, meh, it wouldn't hurt to change the outline a little.

I hope I didn't kill your eyes with all the text. X_x Oh, and the ****ing power went out while I wrote this. XD But, luckily, my computer has a back-up battery so I didn't lose anything and I saved it to Wordpad. :D

Savage X
23rd June 2006, 6:11 PM
Wow! Thanks! Yeah, I love your work. If your not the best you are amazing.

With the pixels thing, I'm a little confused but I will try. You're right with the Persian and Jirachi. If I took more time, I would have noticed (probably)

Okay. I'll try that. I was just like taking it out or making it the same color. Your right it doesn't work lol. As for the Altaria, I will fix that too. But I gotta say, for some reason I like the way it looks. (Just the actual Altaria, not doing what I did to any sprite)

Okay sorry. When I made those I didn't even know what that Pokemon was-no joke. The person gave me the sprite. (I think...) And I hear about Coronis all over but I don't even know who he is. I will credit him though.

Yup. I learned that after I did that. But can I make my own colors in paint? Like the Dragonite, I'm just editing the default maroon. Is that good? Or should it really be from another Pokemon? And for Pikachu, I was even going to put it up. That was my first sprite ever lol. Followed by Aron. For shading, that's like my weakness. I never know what looks right or where to put it for new parts or whatever.

I know the re-elements suck. The Charizard was also like my 3rd sprite ever. And I thought just making it blue would make it water type lol. I should put it in the re-colors. Those are also my only ones I've done and they are old. I should work on those improving with what you said. And the Arcanine thing was a request. I had the beam in mind to be sick, but I sucked at drawing it. Also how would I tell where the shadows go? Follow the ones on Arcanine?

I hate my mixes other then the Mightyena/Houndoom/Ninetales one, which is one of my favorite sprites other then I know it could use some color work. I also like the color and feet on the Munchlax/Pikachu. The Houndooms/Pikachu straight up suck-I know. Again with the shading, I'm not so good at it. I don't know where to put it. For the Gardevoir/Rapidash thing, I never really switch heads, but I was trying to make like a Phoenix (?) thing. Also on her breast area the color is so messed up and I didn't know how to fix it. I guess I couldn't use the original shading, I had to make my own?

Okay lol.

Thank you so much for writing all that. Lol that you're power went out. Good thing you had it saved. I'm going to make a lot more using your tips. Your work like inspires me lol. I see yours and I want to be so good. Also when I had to re-color and just blend a fusion for example the Gardevoir/Rapidash one, I just took Rapidash's darkest color and put it on Gardevoir's darkest color and so on. So I guess you can't do that. It's okay to change the original shades and colors to make it work? And I had something else to say but I forgot while I was typing this.

Once again thanks! And I'm going to try and improve.

EDIT: Here is another fusion: http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/642/charflosion0xe.gif. The right part of the tale is weird. And I wasn't trying to make this one that good either. So it's like the rest of my fusions.