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Proffesor Pikachu
25th June 2006, 1:27 AM
Ok,this story is based on a newly hatched Pichu writing a diary.
Day 1
Cloudy and cold.

My name is Chuppi and I am 1 day old Pichu.Mummy and Daddy gave me this notebook to write down what it is to be a Pichu.Mummy says that I should just write 1 page everyday.It is warm in our cave,yet it is cold outside. My older siblings;Churri,Pippi and Churpi(Yes it is a rather silly name) are listening to Granny read a book full of fairy tales.My younger siblings;Pichuchu and Churipi are watching me write these words down. It is sunset and it is already DARK.I don't like fall at all..hey!It rhymes!

Windy and cold
Day 2
We have just ate lunch:Berry bread and some fresh pecha berries. I am very full and yet,I feel so little strength left.I think it is from the milk I drank. I have enough strength left to write a couple of sentences. Mummy and Granny are knitting scarves and bonnets for us for the winter.
Churipi wants to go outside and get those leaves blowing in the wind but Mummy doesn't want her to go out.So now she is SULKING.Granny just shooki her head...poor Churipi...

Yami Ryu
25th June 2006, 1:32 AM

one day old and already can write

A diary is not a fic, sorry. It's barely a paragraph in length for 'each' entry, plus it's flat and well :/ if it was like an entry of a week or month of entries as a 'story' and not little scribbles of writing, it'd be fine.

But I see this as a rule breaking thing :x

Read the rules thread and the Advice for Aspiring Author thread too :/