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Mario Man
25th June 2006, 4:15 PM
Well, here is a Piece of writing I like to call: Ash & Misty: They Were Ment To Be together.


Ash Ketchum was off to the next region, The Redrose region. For the first time ever, only Misty was going with Ash to another region. Brock was now the head chef of the most popular Resturant in Kanto, Max, now 13, took over Norman's Gym, May had Won The Ribbon Cup In kanto and then Went back to Hoenn only to win The Ribbon Cup there. She was The best Cordinator in The World, With her Boyfriend, Drew. Her Rival, Harley, was know in Jail for Life for trying to Kill May. In The Ribbon Cup Finals whe he lost to May, he had a gun in his pocket and Shot 3 Times at her head. Fortunenatly, He Missed all 3 Times. He then Drop the Gun and Ran but, he was caught by the athorities Hours Later. Tracey was know in Orre trying to sell his Pokemon Pictures. The last one went for $600,000 Dollars. This next One was going for $850,000-$2,000,000 Dollars. he was very impressed in himself. And, for Misty, her sisters came back from there cruise and Gave misty Some Gifts from the trip and they gave her there last $4,000 dollars for doing so well at the gym. She Then Packed Up Her things and headed to Pallet town To meet Ash. Ash had become the Pokemon Master for The Kanto Region and Defeated King Brandon, getting all 7 BF Symbols. Now, they were going to a new region. Just Misty and Ash. How Would things turn out?

So How did you Like the Prolouge? The First Chapter Is Coming Soon.

25th June 2006, 4:54 PM
Firstly, you should paragraph your fic, and this is rather short.

Secondly, this is a shipping fic so it belongs in that section either way...