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26th June 2006, 12:25 AM
I'm kinda new at this and I hope you all like this! Comments are welcome!

Back to the Basics

Chapter 1: Basics

“It’s going to take some time before he can walk again. He needs his rest,” some slender fiery red headed women said. She was speaking to a woman in hospital scrubs in a waiting room in the Pallet Town Hospital.

“But he will be able to walk, right?” the worried mother asked impatiently. She covered her rosy red face with her hands with fear.

“He will walk but it will take a while. It won’t be easy but Shane should make a full recovery Mrs. Robinson. Just please calm down, no worries, I assure you everything will be fine,” he patted her on the shoulder trying to comfort her. He understood what she was going through but he tried his best to make her feel at ease.

“Can I go see him?” she asked wiping her tears with her thin purple sleeve.

“Of course, follow me,” he showed her the way to his room.

She walked into the small room at the end of the floor. It had blue wall paper with little Squirtle’s on them. He was laying in bed glaring out the window. Tears rolled down his bruised face but they didn’t seem to bother him. His face was still numb and bruising was starting to color his face in dark marks.

“Shane, you ok?” she asked walked over to his bed side.

He just stared out the window with a blank stare. He may have recovered from the fall but inside he was hurting more then ever. Every year teens get to leave and go off to do the challenge and catch pokemon. Parents usually give their child a pokemon or one is handed down. And inside, Shane realized he couldn’t participate this year.

“Why . . . Why do I hurt so bad?” he blurted out. He turned his swollen face and looked at his mother.

“I don’t know, things just happen. Just look on the bright side your alive and healthy. Doctors say you’ll make a full recovery, just may take some time. That’s all,” she tried to relieve some stress.

“Still, all of my friends are leaving for the challenge and I’m stuck here till I can walk again. Please tell me how things are on the brighter side and then I will be happy,” she sighed and closed his eyes.

She stayed their speechless watching her son fall asleep. She couldn’t make him happy or give him what he wants. She stayed there all night by his side and eventually fell asleep on the metal chair next to his bed. Worried and shaken still she went out into the hall again and waited for the doctor to pass by for her hourly check. She couldn’t take the wait, and it was driving her mad. Sweat pouring from every pore on her body.

Moments passed and she came right on time to the room. “Excuse me, when will he get his memory back? I mean he remembers everything up until a week ago. He doesn’t even remember all his friends are gone already and that he already tried to start up until the problem. When can I tell him?” she asked biting her already chewed up finger nails.

“It will take some time and maybe he’ll remember on his own. Just let him recover a little and when he goes home, start off slowly by giving him back his pokemon. Until then, speak of nothing about what happened, ok?” she went over his papers and checked in on the boy.

“Fine,” she whispered as she went back into the room to lay.

Days passed by and Shane continued to look out the window. His mother struggled not to say anything but she kept her word. Shane barely spoke and only when needed. It was if he was trying to remember but nothing could come up. Every day that went by she’d hope he’d start to remember anything, just a little but no use. His dreams were always blank he told her and never could really dream of anything no matter how hard he tried.

With all the therapy and medicine, his walking began to get better and better but not the greatest. He could walk short distances. First from one side of the room to another to one end of the hall to the other end. His mother was in shock with the improvement every day and cheered Shane on. She made him feel comfortable and would always bring his favorite books up for him to read or movies to watch on the tv.

After about a month in the hospital with the swelling going down, and him being able to walk short distances, he was finally allowed to go home. He was able to walk two floors of the hospital and it was just enough to get him out of the hospital and to the car to be brought home. He was given his medicine and they finally left.

He eased himself into the car and they were off from the large white hospital that he’d lived in for a month. Everything seemed different since spring had started since he’d been in there. He never bothered looking out the window that much so he wouldn’t miss the outdoors as much.

“Mom, why did I have to be there for so long?” he asked as he looked at the trees passing by. Everything was in bloom and was filling the air. Bushes with buds ready to burst and trees filling out nicely with beautiful leaves.

“They just needed to make sure you were ok and you are. You just have a hard time remembering what happened that made you come to the hospital. That’s all Shane, don’t worry about that. When we get home there is a surprise on your bed for you. I hope you’ll like it,” she smiled messing up his dark brown hair.

“If you say so,” he sighed as he gazed into the sky. Taillow and Swellow flew by followed by a flock of Wingull.

“Were home,” she smiled.

They left the car and she quick ran to the other side of the car to help Shane with his belongings he had still had from the hospital. They slowly walked up the cobblestone walkway to the big fire red door. She opened the door and let him walk in. His eyes grew as he started to examen the house. It was if he’d never lived there. Furniture was rearranged and the walls were re painted a Caterpie green.

She led him to his bedroom as he looked at the pictures hanging on the walls from when he was younger. He’d remembered all that but he was still confused on why he still didn’t remember the day he got hurt and ended up in the hospital. Opening his door his eyes went straight to the bed. He saw a small red and white sphere laying on his bed.

“Is that my pokemon?” he whispered.

“Yes it is,” his mother whispered in his ear as she put her arm on his shoulder.

He went over to the bed and took the cold ball into his warm hands. It felt so natural already just holding it their like he had before. “Can I open it?” he asked looking at his mother with his deep seaweed colored eyes.

“Of course, it’s your pokemon,” she smiled hoping this would make he remember anything that brought him to the hospital.

He pressed the button and a bolt of energy shot out from the ball. A small form began to appear on his bed. The small form had two legs, no arms, and weird antennas on its head. Finally the bright light faded to reveal a metallic blue colored pokemon.

“Woop! Woop! Wooooper!” it jumped up and down. The Wooper jumped from the bed and to the ground as it nuzzled his leg happily.

“Wow, so friendly!” he said as he bent down a little but then fell into his bed. His mother quick ran to his side and lifted him up so he could sit upright on his bed.

“Just take it easy, you still need rest. No bending over to pick things up or lifting heavy objects, doctors orders!” she reminded her son. Wooper walked over and leaped back onto the bed and jumped in his lap.

“So friendly, I feel as if I’ve already met Wooper, weird,” he thought to himself as he stroked his hand over it’s rubbery head. Wooper continued rubbing its head into his hand and enjoyed his company once again like they did a month earlier.

“Well, I’ll leave you alone, your probably tired and I wanna make you some dinner before you go to bed. Anything in particular you’d like to have?” she asked him as she walked over to the door.

“Surprise me,” he smiled as he continued to play with Wooper.

“Alright, it will be ready shortly,” she smiled happy to have her son back home.

She walked down the hall and into the kitchen, grabbing the phone as she walked by. She looked up the doctors number and dialed quickly. “Hello?” a soft female voice answered.

“Hi, Yes, my name is Melanie Vaness. My son just left the hospital and I am wondering if I could spear to Dr. McCormick? It’s not urgent but I would like to ask her something,” she replied.

“Yes, hold please,” she put her on hold and the annoying music began to play.

She waited patiently and finally she heard a click, “Hello, Miss. Vaness?”

“Hi, thank you for taking this call. Shane is kind of remembering, is there anything I could do or just let it take its course?” she asked twisting her dark hair.

“Just let it happen, if he is starting a little bit, that’s great then. But whatever happens next is up to you. He still has time to enter if you feel its safe for him to go. Anything else I can help you with?” the doctor waited. There was silence, “You there?”

“Yeah sorry, just thinking. Ok thanks, I’ll keep you updated. Good night,” she hung up the phone.

Back in Shane’s room, he still continued to play around with Wooper. They seemed like the best of friends already. Every time he’d rub its head, he’d think of them playing in a park in a battle. Soon he fell asleep next to his aquatic pokemon, curled up around his black pillow. His mind started to fall into an empty place like in the hospital. But a spark of light invited his dreams back in. He looked around and saw Wooper tired but still going and fighting a Growlithe that was strong. It’s fur looked to be on fire and its teeth were huge. He squinted to see who the trainer was but he felt a strange presence by them. His skin felt chilly and his hands started to shake.

“Flamethrower!” the strange shadow shouted.

“Wake up, your dinner is ready,” Shane’s mother tapped her songs shoulder. Shane jerked around and his eyes opened wide. He saw his mother looking down at him with a tray of food in her soft tanned skin.

“Oh sorry, must have dozed off,” he said rubbing his head.

“You alright?” she said feeling his forehead for fever, but everything seemed fine.

“Yeah, just a headache, that’s all. What did you make?” he asked looking up at the tray.

“Your favorite soup with some crackers in it, just how you like it,” she smiled setting the tray next to his bed.

“Thanks,” he said giving his mom a hug. She missed him hugging her, he hadn’t hugged her in over a year since his father moved out.

He ate his dinner and went back to sleeping hoping the dream could continue. It felt so real and as if he had already lived it. But he went back into his empty dreams of his eyes wandering a black nothing. His mother laid in her room wondering what was happening and what should could do to help him and could he really start back out with his friends.