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26th June 2006, 7:29 PM
Hi. This is my new fic. It is centered on DarkWatershipping (the Pokemon pairing of AbsolxVaporean). Don't like, don't read. And I'd better see reviews, you viewed it for a reason, now review.


Prologue (Warning: It's rather short)

She was a radiant beauty, with dark blue eyes. Mystical eyes.

He would always find her by the river, her entirely blue body in the water, her mermaid-like tail splashing happily. She'd always see him, standing far away from the water, underneath the shadow of a overlooming maple tree. He had white fur in all the places needed, his face entirely black, like his claws and the strange horn formation on his forehead. Crimson eyes the color of blood would stare back at her all the time.

He was like a shadow, to himself and introverted, never feeling sorry for anyone, never feeling love for anyone. He was the bringer of natural disasters, hurricanes in nearby coastal cities, thunderstorms destroying power plants, and snowstorms freezing pokemon and humans half to death. He could see premonitions of the future.

She was like water, calm, kind and extroverted. She felt sorry for whoever was upset, she loved her family and friends. She brought kindness and peace to the world, feeding hungry pokemon, giving homes to the homeless, and bandaging wounds for others. She took life when it hit her, she didn't plan on her future, she took every day as it came.

They were both so different.

Yet one day, their differences make them bond together.

26th June 2006, 7:31 PM
The artisticness in here is rather good, but it should be at least a page long.