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27th June 2006, 1:15 AM
Rating: Every chapter is PG unless specified that it's PG-13.

Okay, this is my first fanfic. And no, it's not a boring trainer goes through pokemon league story. There is an... interesting plot involved, but you won't see it early on.

And I'm hating the title right now, but oh well.

Also, I don't have Word, so I'm not sure if this is "three pages," which is the recommended size of a chapter. I doubt it is, but it's the first chapter, so I hope it's okay.
Also, since I don't have Word I don't have a spellchecker. I've read over it, and so has a friend, so hopefully we caught the typos. ;002; If not, sorry.

Chapter One
Avery was far from stubborn. She was impossible. Her mother always said she was a lost cause, and she was begginning to think it was true. Avery shuffled across her living room and sat on a rust colored sofa. She picked up the romote off of the dinged-up coffee table and turned on the TV. A squirtle appeared on the screen, smiling after eating a disgusting brown substance apparently called "PokeYum." Avery could just imagine the squirtle's thoughts about this commercial, and felt bad for it.
As a show called Houndoom's Hunt came on, Avery just let her mind drift upon the various things she was stressed out about. It was the first day of summer, and her town of Skyland always celebrated with a big festival. It included games and a circus performance, but the main part was at the end. All of the twelve-year-old youths would line up on a stage and be given their first pokemon.
Avery didn't attend.
When her parents, at the festival, didn't spot their child on the stage, they stormed home, into her room, and demanded her to go to the festival and get started on her pokemon journey.
"I'm not twelve!" Avery had argued. "I'm thirteen!"
But her parents just said that twelve was the minimum age.
After a good hour of yelling, Avery's mom gave up and said, "You're a lost cause!" Dad followed suit and they both slammed her door closed and went to the kitchen to try to calm down.
Avery first thought it was funny that the parents were the ones screaming and slamming doors, but they thought they had good reason to. Each of them had been pokemon trainers and they expected their daughter to be one, too.
"I tried," Avery mumbled to herself, just as another commercial break came on. She sighed and pushed her long, brown hair out of her face.
Suddenly the phone rang, and Avery snapped out of her thoughts and picked it up quickly.
"Hello?" Avery said as she wondered who would be calling this late. The festival lasted a full day, and surely everyone would be asleep, exhausted.
"Ave?" replied a quiet voice on the other end.
Avery smiled. It was Jason, her best friend. She was glad to be able to talk to him about everything that had happened today.
"Hi Jason, why are you so quiet?" she questioned.
"Oh, the parental units are sleeping, and I don't want to wake them up."
"Same here, except the last part," said Avery coldly. "I could care less if they had a heart attack right now, with all the trouble they gave me today. They practically tried to drag me to the stupid festival!"
"Yeah..." Jason said. "That's what I was calling about. Why weren't you at the festival?"
Avery paled. Why was it so important to everyone? Was being a pokemon trainer the only profession kids could take these days? Everyone seemed to be taken aback if someone didn't want to go out of their comfortable house and battle creatures in snow, rain or sleet. Not that that was the reason Avery wouldn't go this year.
"Ave?" Jason said after silence.
"Y-yeah," Avery said, unstiffening. "You know I don't want to be a trainer..." She shifted on the couch uncomfortably. How many times did she have to explain this to even her closest friends?
"You used to."
"I know, but things change..." Avery said into the phone. She didn't want to explain any further.
"Last year you did get a pokemon, but for some reason--"
"I don't want to talk about it, Jason," Avery interrupted. "Please. What pokemon did you get, though?" She thought any subject change was a good subject change.
There were a couple seconds of silence as Jason wondered if he should push Avery to answer him. Instead, he said, "You'll have to see for yourself. Meet me at the pokecenter tomorrow and you can see."
"Okay," Avery said, annoyed at the fact she'd have to wait.
"And please rethink you decision."
"Jason, I've made my... hello?" Avery noticed the call was gone. He'd hung up.
"Just as well," she sighed. Avery didn't want any chance of him to bring up the festival again.
Avery stared at the TV again and saw her favorite show was on. In a somewhat happier mood, she relaxed on the couch.
Without even a few minutes' peace like this, the door squeaked open. In walked a broad man with a Stantler just behind him. He had green eyes to match Avery's, and greying hair, though you could see some brown mixed in. It was clear Avery took after him a lot.
"Hi Dad," Avery said without taking her eyes off the screen. "And Mom," she added, seeing someone else walk in out of the corner of her eye.
After a few moments of uneasiness, Avery's mother, Mrs. Gelson, said, "Tom, how many times do I have to tell you to put that stinkey deer in it's pokeball?"
Mr. Gelson grumbled but reluctantly pulled out a red and white ball from his belt and aimed it at his Stantler. The pokemon dissapeared in a flash of red light as it was sucked into the sphere.
"Now, Avery," continued the blonde haired woman, "Since you didn't go to the Ceremony of New Trainers, we went to Professor Liveok's lab and got a pokemon for you!" Mrs. Gelson tried to make it sound cheery. Avery just groaned.
"Whatever. Take it back. I won't use it," Avery dismissed.
Mrs. Gelson cleared her throat, pretending not to hear her daughter. She took a pokeball out of her purse, this one being clean and shiney, and threw it at the ground. A Skitty materialized on the green carpet. It's pink fur raised as it hissed at Avery.
"Er... I think it likes you," Mrs. Gelson tried.
"No! No, no, no. I am not going on a pokemon journey whether you like it or not!"
"Avery Beth Gelson! Don't talk back to your mother like that!" Mr. Gelson said sternly.
"Sorry, Mother," Avery said sarcastically.
"Don't you use that tone with me! You should be grateful your parents let you go out independantly on your own! Some kids don't get this oppertunity!"
"I said no!" Avery growled. She was tempted to run up to her room, but that would just prove that her parents won. She would not give this spot at the couch up!
"Okay," Mrs. Gelson said. "Okay." She turned and walked up the stairs, with her husband following.
Avery looked up suspiciously after them. It had been too easy. This arguement had been too easy. She began to wonder if they had something up their sleeve, but she was interrupted as the Skitty jumped onto the couch and sat on Avery's lap. Avery couldn't help but smiling... but no. She wouldn't involve herself in pokemon again.
Almost as if the pokemon sensed her thoughts, it sank it's claws into her light skin. Avery cried out and picked the kitten pokemon up. The skitty, however, squirmed out of Avery's arms and onto the floor. It's yellow face tightened in anger, and it trotted off to the kitchen, smelling milk.
"Good riddence!" Avery screamed, looking at the deep claw marks on her thighs. As she walked up to her room, Avery tried to calm herself down. After all, that Skitty might be nosey, and if it wakes Avery up in her bad mood, there's no telling what would happen to it.