View Full Version : Revamped another one for a conest on a another forum

RisenJade DragonKnightGT
28th June 2006, 4:47 AM
Well I don't plan to enhance my entry when I get critique just to let you know.Just wanna see if I can do better on it.Well I know about the wing.Well would it be wrong if the wing's are like that even though it is on side veiw?Because the wings are supposed to follow up on the arms.

kuro mizu
28th June 2006, 5:46 AM
wow i cant believe no one has posted here yet O.o But I think that the sprite is really really good. The base is awesome, but the wing kind of eff's it up. The base kind of looks like a baby feraligatr. Just please change that wing somehow and it will look awesome.