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29th June 2006, 5:38 AM
Modified: DX-On

Basic Poke'mon:
2x Pikachu d Promo 035
4x Holon's Castform HP
1x Deoxys d (Normal) HP
1x Deoxys d (Attack) HP
2x Dratini d DS
2x Beldum d DS
2x Pidgey d HP
2x Magikarp d HP

Evolution Poke'mon:
1x Dragonite d DS
1x Dragonair d DS
1x Metagross d DS
1x Metang d DS
1x Cradily d HP
1x Lileep d HP
1x Kabutops d HP
1x Kabuto d HP
1x Pidgeot d HP
1x Pidgeotto d HP
1x Gyarados d HP
2x Raichu d HP

1x Rare Candy HP
1x Rare Candy EM
2x Potion DS
2x Switch DS
1x Holon Scientist DS
1x Holon Mentor DS
1x Holon Lass DS
1x Holon Research Tower DS
2x Mysterious Fossil LM
2x Root Fossil LM
1x Holon Ruins DS

Energy Cards:
4x Metal Energy
2x Darkness Energy
2x Delta Rainbow Energy
16x Lightning Energy

I have edited this deck with some newer cards...

29th June 2006, 5:50 AM
What is your strategy here? It looks like you just have a bunch of pokemon. I think you have too many lines of evolution in this deck. You should be concentrating on just one or two lines of evolution. What this looks like is, that you're trying to pull off one too many things at the same time. You don't need that many energy cards either, I'd take out some Lightning energy. You most definately need more draw cards. You have one, if at that. Seems to me that you're thinking about the TV show and the card game are one in the same when they're completely different.

30th June 2006, 12:40 AM
Arg, too many lines. The only decent delta electriv decks I know are Gyaraduck and Metanite.


4 Gyarados HP
2 Magikarp TRR
2 Magikarp FRLG
2 Golduck HP
2 Psyduck - doesn't matter which, they both suck.
3 Kabutops HP
3 Kabuto LM
1 Holon's Magneton/Electrode. Not Castform.

2 Mysterious Fossil
4 Holon Fossil
3 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Scientist
2 Rocket's Admin.
4 Celio's Network
2 Holon Lake
2 Holon Ruins
1 Mr. Briney's Compassion

2 Heal Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
2 Double Rainbow Energy
7 Lightning Energy


Pokemon- 23
3 Plusle
3 Dratini δ (Hook)
2 Dragonair δ (Twister)
3 Dragonite δ
3 Beldum (Call for Family)
2 Metang δ
3 Metagross δ
2 Slugma
2 Magcargo

Energy- 15
4 Metal
7 Lightning

Trainers- 21
3 Celio’s
4 Desert Ruins
4 Rare Candy
3 Steven’s
2 TV Reporter
2 Admin
2 Warp Point
1 Holon Scientist
1 Pokemon Retriever

(copied straight from Pokegym)

I personally dont like this list, soo....

-2 Magcargo
-2 Slugma
-1 Warp Point
-1 Rare Candy
-1 Steven's Advice
+1 Celio's Network
+2 Holon Transceiver
+2 Holon Mentor
+2 Holon Adventurer