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♥Princess Ketchum♥
29th June 2006, 4:50 PM
Here is my first Fanfic made by myself! so i hope you enjoy it ^__~

"Love,Training and Ash"

Its about ash and the gang meeting up with two new friends
and meets up with a suprised guest Misty and has a love war in it to


Serenity : Me : Pokemon : Pikachu,Mew,Swellow,Sceptile,Vaporeon,Charmelon

Ash: Pikachu,Sceptile,Aipom,Donphan,Swellow,Corphish

May: Combuskan,Eevee,Squirtle,munchlax

Brock: Marshtomp,Bosnly,Fortressess

Max: None

Team rocket: Meowth,Cacnea,Seviper,Manene,Wobuffet,Dustox

Shego: Talking Sneasel,Golduck,Murkrow,Machop,Gengar,and Blaziken

Misty: Azurill,Gryadoes,Politoad,Corsola



After a Winning defeat against a tranier Ash and friends decides to head to the battle frontier...

On his journey his friends May,Brock,Max join him and May plans to enter more contests but then the peace was shatterd

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Help me Screamed a young girl

What the? 0___o Said Ash

Quick everyone Help her quick!

All right! Said May,Max and brock

Then Bang the young girl banged it Ash and complety knocking Pikachu of his shoudler

Owwwww :S said Ash

:S the young girl got up and said " i am so sorry guys umm OMG Are you Ash ketchum?"

Yes how come Said Ash

OMG I Always wanted to meet you Said the young girl *as she stared at him

0___0;;;; um who are you said May in rage

oh i am Serenity, Serenity Silverwind please to meet you ^_^

oh hi xD I Am May

I'm Max

and You can call me Honey ;) said Brock

Come on lover boy as max pulled brock's ear

^____^;;; anyways how come you were running so fast and screaming? said ash and may

oh this 3 people who are from this rocket gang are after me and my Pokemon ;(

..wait a mintue it must have been team rocket! said Ash

well Serenity stay with us ;) you will be in safe hands said may

OMG Thank you as Serenity goes to hug ash!

grrrr may said quietly

"Uh-oh. It looks like my sister's not happy about this, Brock" said Max.

o^__^o no problem said ash

anyways can i see your pokemon everyone said Serenity

All right! come on out everyone Said Ash






Take the stage! said May

Squirt Squirt!

Come out guys! said Brock


So do you think Serenity of our pokemon said Ash.May.Brock

Wowwww there so adoreble i LOVE Them!! and i love your Sceptile Ashy boy ;) said serenity in excitement

thanks said Ash

Anyways can we yours said may and max

Sure ;) ok guys come on out!





Mew Mew!


0___0 wow there amazing pokemon said may

Thanks I'v raise them equally with much love and care ;)

Wow no wonder your such a beauty said brock

-____- not again said max

Anyways Ashy boy wanna battle my mew ? said Serenity

sure ok ^^ said ash

I Will be the refree said Brock! Ok the first match between Ash and Serenity will now go under way

this is gonna be good said max, yeah hmph may looked grinly at Serenity

OK Go Pikachu ThunderShock! Ash yelled

hehe good move ok Mew use Psychic said Serenity

Ahh quick pikachu use Volt tackle!

then bang! the too attacks collide causing a eruption on the battle field but then pikachu and mew were gone!

Hahahha! yelled 3 people

who's there! yelled ash and may

well well its the terwp and the gang and who is this new brat ? said team rocket

I Am Serenity now give me back my mew!

sorry losers your not having it back

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -____- said ash

oh get lost for once may screamed,

i wish someone could help! , then thunder back coming down and over in the distance was to people with caps on haha

Its me Misty ;) and Shego ;)

0____0;;;;; shego what you doing here, and misty 0___0;;; as serenity and ash fell on the floor

we come to save you guys of course!

but how did you know we here said brock?

well Shego is serenity's brother and he told me about her while we were battling in the gym and and think his poke gear made a alert that you guys were in trouble

Oh great 0___o;;; said May because there were chatting team rockets gone!!

ahh pikachu and mew ! screamed Ash/Serenity

Misty grinned evil as she watched Serenity hugged ash * tightly & crying

* Ash holds tight hugging serenity and blushes!
GRRRRR *____* Misty stared

Misty: Hey you!! Sorry girl, but Ashy is not for you!! then Shego: (pull Misty's ear) Enough. Love is important,but you're irritating. How's that?

Ok this is not what your think bossy boats but me and ash are perfect pair and because of you are pokemon are gone

*Crying ash is so lucky cried brock

hehe this is turning out very bad said max and may didnt take know notice

ok i gotta a plan said shego

me,ash,brock & Max will go find team rocket,get pikachu and mew back

Serenity,Misty,May and max you stay here ok

Ok ^____^ said Serenity,Misty,May

Ash! wait said Serenity

* goes to kiss ash

0________________________0 ahhhh said misty and may

* both crying

Thanks blushes ash and kisses Serenity

He is so lucky said May, its not fair cried misty

Bye love!

Now ash,shego,brock & max go to find team rocket and leave beind Serenity,may and misty, will they return with pikachu and mew and will there be a love war

find out next time!

Shadow Ichigo
29th June 2006, 5:40 PM
Wow your story is great Satoshi's Girl^^ and its funny too. But I did see some errors in it but I like it^^. Keep it up.

Yami Ryu
29th June 2006, 5:46 PM
Wow my god, blinding colors. *_*

Seriously ditch the effing colors. Have you seen any books with colored text like THAT!?

You know this sort of **** might be allowed in shippers forum for fics, but not here.



THOSE TWO THREADS Are the Rules and Advice threads. They are for people like you either to new to anything to understand what to do, don't give a **** and think slopping down half assed things into the reply box counts as a chapter, or for people that want to get better.

If you dare use that 'zomg this is my first fic!' thing, I will hit you. My first fic, at EIGHT was better than that you wrote there.

You did not script it properly.

you did not construct it properly. PERIOD.

What description you have is shitty at best.


All this is is a bad, bad. VERY. BAD. Self. Insert.

Zephyr Flare
29th June 2006, 5:56 PM
Rather blinding font colour on certain backgrounds, cannon characters are acting out of characters with emicons, random short cuts to get out of typing, broken up, put togetehr, broken up again.

Please go read Advice for Apiring Authors and Rules while you're at it, they are there for new wrietrs in particular.