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Yami Ryu
30th June 2006, 12:47 AM
The amazing Adventure of BILLY BOB TIMMY JIMMY and his thrice removed cousin JAKE JOB.

:x this thread is made because well, I feel that the newbie and noob RPers as of late don't understand completely what the mods say. Oh they say, make your posts longer. But the newbies don't understand that usually lengthening a post means MAKE IT HIGHER QUALITY PLZ AND TY.

So first of all, I shall show you the WRONG way.

Billy Bob Timmy Jimmy, also known as Billy was getting his pokemon today!

He went to the lab!

He picked out a pokeball!

Billy let out the pokemon and gasped as it was an english speaking shiny charmander that loved him instantly!

Billy rushed out of the lab with his charmander.

Billy got into random battle!

"Charmander, fire blast!"


Charmander uses fireblast. Random Rattata fried. Random Rattata died. Billy wins[/quote

The RIGHT way:

Jake Job was a young trainer to be. He was average in hieght, wieght and smarts, and he was on his way to the pokemon lab. He had ignored his half insane thrice removed cousin earlier, and then only moments ago as he entered the building, a bit weary from a five minute hike to the lab, but none the worse for wear.

"Hello?" He called out, and waited a few moments to recive an answer from the professor all the in the back room where the other pokemon evidently were. Entering the building causiously, Jake made his way through the lab and to the back room, and was greeted once again by the professor.

"Ah, there you are Jake. Afraid to say the Charmander was taken, but there is still Squirtle and Bulbasaur if you'd have one of them in its place." The kindly old man said while motioning to a red and white sphere with a leaf on the red part, and a near duplicate of the first- only with a water mark instead.

Jake took on a serious expression as he thought about it, then with a nod of his head at his choice inwardly, he snatched up the one with the leaf. "I'll take Bulbasaur, if that's alright Professor Leaf."

The Professor smiled kindly again, "Yes it's fine. But you better hurry up if you want to catch up with your cousin," he said while shooing the young man out of the lab, or attempting too, so Jake would hurry up on his quest.

Jake glanced around for a few seconds, ignoring the near deafening cheering that obviously was coming from Billy Bob as he considered an idea a moment before tossing the sphere he held in his hand forward. The pokeball struck the ground with a loud crack before bouncing up as it opened and released a beam of white energy that quickly formed into a squat little green and teal spotted pokemon as the pokeball was caught by Jake.

"Saur. Bulba saur." The frog like saurian pokemon grounded out, eyeing Jake for a few moments. Jake quirked an eyebrow slightly, "Well guess a trainer has to start off somewhere." He comented, mostly to himself.

:/ see it's not just longer posts people want to see from you newbies, it's better quality ones.

30th June 2006, 5:49 PM
Hmmmm. OK. I get it.

1st July 2006, 10:19 PM
I hope you don't mind if I add something... I find at people posts shorten when they meet other RPGer and begin a conversation. Just because you talking doesn't mean you post has to be short.

The WRONG way

"Hello my name is Billy Bob Timmy Jimmy but you can just call me Billy" he said to the girl. "Who are you?" Billy quietly waited for a responds.

The BETTER way

"Um... Hi my name is Jake Job" he nervously spoke, it wasn't everyday he talked to girls, "What's your name?" As Jake waited for a replied he examine the girl. Her long blonde hair waved gently in the breeze. It was like a field of wheat dancing to the winds beats. Then the girls eyes were just enchanting to him as they gleam an emerald green color.

Jake couldn't help to be amaze by this vision of beauty. His heart raced and his palms became sweaty as he looked as her. He thought maybe he was just nervous about how she would respond to average boy like him. Not muscular nor scrawny, not tall nor short and not smart nor dumb. He assumed that he would just have wait and see for himself.

There you are a lengthy post that follows the rules though I bet Yami Ryu could do it much better than me.

Yami Ryu
12th July 2006, 5:54 AM
Innerflame: That's fine. And a good example too :p

A new problem cropping up:



Billy Bob timmy Jimmy

grabbed a pokeball and

maximized it

and threw it

and captured the Rattata.

The Right Way

Jake Job, aspiring trainer extrodinar (or so he thought atm atleast) grabbed a spare pokeball from his left pocket and maximised it as Bulbasaur quickly dealt with the Spearow with the set of commands Jake had already shouted out to him from the sidelines- though it seemed that even with more stamina than the bird, the plant pokemon was still at a disadvantage as its leech seed attacks couldn't pin the bird down and its vines were getting pecked to hell and back.

"Bulbasaur hang in there!" Jake cried out as he maximised the pokeball, and then threw it. Mostly hoping to atleast stall the bird to give Bulbasaur a rest as the squat plant type seemed to be more exhausted than he was letting on.

The Spearow cried out in shock as the orb struck it in the back and sucked it into itself in a red beam of light. The now full ball fell to the earth with a clack-ing clang before rolling about and shaking up a fury of a storm as the Spearow seemed to not want to be caught, and struggled with all its might. But it seemed the bird was too weak to break out of the pokeball, and was captured.



Yami Ryu
12th July 2006, 7:36 PM
It seems like to me that you just did this to spite me.

No, I've seen Uysl and a couple others doing it too. But you're the only one making up a sad and sorry excuse for it. God damn it P2L, even I know to get off the computer if my eyes are like that. When I found out the computer was giving me a headache- been on it too long.

Did I stay on? No. I got off it for a day and felt better :/ don't make lame excuses to get away with rule breaking.