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Pete the Unstoppable
30th June 2006, 9:10 PM
I KNOW, title is lame, couldn't think of a better one. Yes I AM using some 4th Generation Pokemon in this, it will be obvious that Manyula will be able to use MOST(since u cant transfer a 4th generation game to an 3rd and TMs will probably change) the TMs that Sneasel can use and Mime Jr will be able to use MOST of the TMs that Mr. Mime can use.

Chapter One:Signs

A young boy, with blonde hair with green eyes, in a black suit was walking out of research lab that "Willow Research Lab" above the door. He wanted to become a great Pokemon Trainer, a member of the Elite Four. The Elite Four are the best four trainers in the world and they are known as the Elite Four, they are also head of the Pokemon League. The young boy didn't know what the Pokemon League was though. He didn't want to be just like any member of the Elite Four, he wanted to be like a trainer known as Vance. Vance was the only member of the current Elite Four that had a family line that were also part of the Elite Four. He could only remember one of Vance's ancestor's and that ancestor lived two-hundred years ago, his name, was Lance.

The young boy kept on walking north in the hot sunlight, he spotted a small red brick house and dashed in. The house was ransacked, the wooden chairs were knocked on the ground and had they're back broken off, white plates on the ground shattered, oddly, the young boy saw another boy that looked exactly as tall as the one who just walked in except this boy was wearing all black and a black mask that covered his whole face. The kid was lying down on a red couch watching a small screen television set. The young boy hollared, "What the hell are you doing in my house, where is my mother and why does this house look like a junk yard!"

The other young boy on the couch picked up a black romote and turned off the TV, he walked up to the young boy who just walked in and snarled, "What do you think? I am you! I live in this house and since we look exactly the same we won't be able to be told apart...Pete!"

Pete was astounded, "How do you know my name, TELL ME!"

The kid replied a bratty voice, "You can't tell me what to do, I HAVE CRUSHED THE ENTIRE ELITE FOUR WITH ONE POKEMON!"

Pete couldn't stand this kid yelling so loud, Pete yelled, "Yeah right, Vance would crush you with his legendary Rayquaza! He has been training for years, he's unbeatable!"

The kid replied in a bratty voice once more, "Why don't you just call me Harold!"

Suspensful music started to play, it was coming from Harold's pants pocket. Pete rolled his eyes, "Suspensful music for a ring tone, nice timing, but really immature..."

Harold reached inside of his pocket and threw a red and white ball up in the air, a black weasel like creature with the top of a red fan shaped top of its head, the weasal like creature also had two big red ears, a red tail and three sharp claws at the end of each of its two arms, the creature cried out "Weavile!"

Pete threw a red and white ball on the ground and a tiny blue turtle with a brown shell exploded from it. Pete pointed his index finger at the weasel Pokemon and ordered, "Squirtle, Water Pulse now!"

Squirtle fired a large blue ball of water out of its mouth at the weasel Pokemon. Harold sighed, "Weavile, use Blizzard attack now, full power, attack the trainer too!"

Weavile fired a blast of ice from it's mouth the size of 3 professional basketball players standing on top of each other, the blast went directly for Squirtle and Pete, when the ice struck them, they were instantly knocked back against the white painted wall and were both knocked out. Quickly, Harold and his Weavile ran out the front door, as a black large Lexus drove by, Harold and Manyula jumped on the top and made their getaway.

Back in Pete's house, the house the furniture, walls and floor were completely frozen. Squirtle woke up and shook Pete's shoulder trying to wake him up. Pete was still solid as a rock, but Squirtle kept shaking his shoulder until he would wake up. Pete finally woke up and stood up telling Squirtle to stop. Pete then declared, "HAROLD, I WILL CRUSH YOU AND THAT HORRIBLY WEAVILE!!!"

Chapter One Ended

Notes:NOOOO, I am NOT skipping Harold answering his phone, the thing is, he RARELY answers his phone.