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A/N: This is my first time posting my fan fiction so please go easy on me. I have tried to stay faithful to the characters personality as I can. Please R+R! love Sammy (CuteDrew667)

May is starting her journey to Kanto alone and finds herself aboard a beautiful ferry that would take her to Vermillion City. She runs into a familiar green-haired person on board and ends up arguing with him. Later at the Pokemon Centre she gets a little shock from the person she least expected to be there for her...

Rated PG-13 for mild language.

Part 1 - Starting the Journey

‘Well, I guess this is goodbye,’ said May sadly, as she looked at Ash and Brock.
‘Yeah, see you May,’ said Ash hugging her.
‘Bye, you guys,’ she said, hugging Brock as well.
As May departed with her brother Max, she felt her eyes brimming with tears. She could not believe that she was beginning her travelling alone in a few days. She unlocked the front door and (after being engulfed in hugs by her mom and dad) hurried up to her room, before her tears threatened to spill down her face. Ash and Brock were her best friends, and now they were going back to Kanto and would probably continue to travel with Misty Waterflower.
May sighed and lay back on her bed and felt herself drift off to sleep.

Two days later May left her house again to travel alone to Kanto.
‘Why didn’t you just stay with Ash and Brock and travel to Kanto with them?’ Max had asked.
‘Because I need to do different things, plus they have Misty and I am sure I will find some friends too,’ she said, though in her mind she was doubtful.
‘Go Skitty,’ shouted May, and released Skitty from its Pokéball.
Skitty jumped up onto Mays shoulder and they continued down the valley. It took her two hours to reach the nearest Port and by then it was almost evening. She flashed her Coordinator pass at the guard and boarded on the ferry to Kanto.
She collapsed onto the nearest bench and put her head in her hands. She was exhausted, she had been having bad sleep since two weeks ago, when it dawned her that she would be alone.
‘Miss, I am sorry, but this café is closed now, would you care to go to your room.’
May nodded and walked slowly towards her cabin, looking at the floor. She bumped sharply into someone, and fell over in surprise.
‘Hey watch it,’ she cried, strapping her waist-bag back on.
‘You were the one that…May?’ the person said.
She looked up. Stood in front of her was a tall, young man of about fifteen years with light emerald coloured hair and green eyes.
‘Drew?!’ May exclaimed.
‘So, why would a little rookie like you be wanting to go to Kanto?’ Drew asked smirking, after helping May to her feet.
‘For God’s sake Drew, after all this you still have to believe that you are better than me. I got all five contest ribbons in both Jhoto and Hoenn and were in both of those regions grand festivals. I have proven myself a good co-ordinator, so why don’t you just leave it,’ May exploded.
‘Well, May that is quite a temper you have. Though I think you should remember that though you have made it this far, every time we have battled, I have beaten you,’ said Drew smirking, flicking his hair to the side.
‘Oh, you are just a complete jerk Drew,’ shouted May, ‘now if you will excuse me, I am going to my room and I hope to barely see you when I reach Kanto.’
May pushed passed him and ran into her room with Skitty clinging onto her shoulder. She threw all her Pokéballs into the middle of the room and Combusken, Beautifly, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Eevee appeared before her (she had passed Munchlax onto Max). Beautifly flew over and sat on her head like it did whenever May was sad.
‘Beauti’, Beautifly,’ it said in an attempt to comfort her.
‘Thanks Beautifly,’ she said smiling up at it.
Skitty jumped from her shoulder and curled up on her lap. Her other Pokémon jumped up on the bed and made noises as though to try and give her strength.
‘You know what guys, you’re right. Drew isn’t going to make me stay in my room. Beautifly come with me up to deck?’ she asked, and Beautifly nodded and closed its eyes in gratitude, ‘yes, the rest of you can have a nice rest.’
She returned them to their Pokéballs and walked triumphantly from the room with Beautifly flying next to her. She reached the deck and gasped as she looked out to sea. The sun was starting to set and the glorious colours reflected on the water to make it even more beautiful.
‘Oh my God, I am, like, your biggest fan, could I have your autograph please?’ May heard a high pitched squeal come from behind her.
She turned around to see Drew sat on a bench alone reading a Kanto Contest Guide, and a group of girls running towards him. May rolled her eyes, some things never change. She watched as Drew lazily signed a photograph of himself for a very shaky fan. Anger boiled inside her. He could at least be nice to his fans. She looked at Drew and thought of his attitude and couldn’t understand why these girls were so infatuated with him. Sure, he was known as a great co-ordinator and stuff like that, but what did all these girls see in his actual personality.
‘Drew, I have been wanting to meet you for so long, you have no idea. I am honoured, you are an amazing person,’ said a pretty, red-haired girl nervously as Drew scribbled his signature on a book she had given him.
‘Well now you have,’ said Drew, not smiling or even looking at the girl.
May’s anger surged to braking point. She marched over to Drew, pushing past the girls.
‘Hey, we were here first, you can get his autograph after us,’ said a tall girl who was holding a photo of Drew’s Roselia.
May ignored her.
‘Drew, you are such a complete jerk,’ May yelled.
‘Well, excuse me for sitting here May,’ Drew said sarcastically.
‘Honestly, you are so selfish, these girls are your fans and you can’t even be bothered to be nice to them. Well, trust me Drew if they really knew you I doubt they be obsessed with you then,’ May said fiercely.
‘Just because you are bitter that I have beaten you and your little friends more times than I can count, there is no need to try and turn these people against me.’
‘Yeah Drew, she is probably just jealous because loads of girls like you. How do you know a loser like her?’ said the girl holding the Roselia picture.
‘Oh well you know what, I am bloody sorry for defending you girls,’ snapped May, walking back to the deck rail, where Beautifly was waiting for her.
She leant on the rail and listened to the girls trying to engage Drew in conversation. She felt a shadow form next to her, and saw one of the fans had come over to her.
‘I am sorry about what my sister said,’ muttered a pretty girl with light purple hair that looked about thirteen.
‘Your sister is the girl with the Roselia picture right?’ May asked realising to resemblance between them.
‘Yeah, that’s Suzie, I’m Lillietta,’ said the girl nicely.
‘Hi, I’m May.’
They shook hands and both looked over at Drew.
‘So, you actually know him,’ said Lillietta incredulously.
‘Yes, unfortunately. Trust me, he isn’t all he seems.’
‘I absolutely love him, though I thought I ought to apologise for my sister’s behaviour. I have got his autograph now and I have actually spoken to him,’ she whispered, her eyes almost filling with tears.
‘Well, I have known him for years and I personally think he is a complete jerk, but it is sweet that you like him so much, and thank you for coming over here. Are you a trainer?’ asked May.
‘Well, I have one Pokémon, a Torchic,’ she said proudly.
‘Wow, awesome, I have Beautifly of course, and Skitty, Combusken, Squirtle, Eevee and Bulbasaur. I am going to be entering the Kanto Grand Festival.’
‘Oh my God, that means you will be with Drew, he is entering too of course,’ squealed Lillietta.
‘I guess, though I am not as excited as you. Are you going to try and enter?’
‘Well, I dream of becoming a good co-ordinator, but I have only just started but I want to try and build up a good team of Pokémon and then hopefully enter the next Grand festival. I can’t wait to see you at the festival, I always watch it on TV,’ said the girl, gazing at May in awe.
‘Aw, well thank you,’ said May, feeling very flattered.
‘Do you think you will win?’ asked Lillietta.
‘Oh that is very doubtful, she has never won a Festival.’
Drew had stood up and the cluster of girls were huddled near him. He flicked his hair and smirked at May.
‘Isn’t that true May?’ said Drew, and a couple of the girls looked shocked that he knew May’s name.
‘No I have never won a grand festival, but if you remember I almost beat you in the Hoenn Grand Festival,’ said May angrily.
‘Well “almost” obviously wasn’t good enough, because I beat you in the end. Oh and maybe we should not relive the contest in which you broke down in tears,’ sneered Drew, flicking his hair again.
‘Yes, and I can remember after I defended you to Ash and Brock, you walked out and left me in tears after everything I had done for you. That shows what a complete selfish git you are,’ shrieked May, her voice cracked and she was scared she may cry.
‘Oh come on, was there really any need to break down just because I beat you-’
‘No wonder Ash hated you, he watched on TV as I cried and you left me there. You were so malicious, it wasn’t what you did, it was the way you did it. You have never been nice to me, even after everything I have done to help you, you couldn’t even find it within you to comfort me.’
‘Now you can’t say I have never done anything nice,’ he said, closing his eyes, ‘what about after the Yhuruka convention, on the beach, remember that?’
May blushed and a couple of the girls looked as though they were boiling with rage.
‘Oh, Drew would you like me to tell these lot the thing that you did during at the Yhuruka Convention?’ said May and it was his turn to blush.
The fans were all looking from one to the other.
‘Hey, you two, were you actually a couple?’ asked Suzie, looking furious.
‘NO!’ said both May and Drew at the same time.
‘So then what happened at the Yhuruka convention, it doesn’t say anything on your website about it Drew,’ said Lillietta, speaking for the first time since he had come over.
Drew frowned and grabbed May’s arm and pulled her closer to him.
‘I told you that it wasn’t from me,’ Drew hissed at her.
‘Oh really, funny how there was a Roselia’s rose with it,’ May hissed back.
May saw Lillietta over Drew’s shoulder looking as if she was going to cry and suddenly realised how close her and Drew were. She pushed him away and frowned.
‘I’m going back to my room, Lillietta do you want to come?’ May asked, repositioning her waist bag.
‘No,’ said Lillietta fatly, and May realised that she was first and foremost Drew’s fan.
‘Fine, come on Beautifly,’ said May, beckoning Beautifly to follow her.
‘May wait,’ said Drew.
She turned and looked at him. He put his hand into his jacket and his fans edged closer, trying to see what he was getting. He pulled out a red rose and threw it to her like he had on many other occasions. She frowned and looked down at the beautiful, deep-red flower.
‘Like I said before, it is Beautifly not you, so don’t get excited,’ said Drew nastily and his fans looked a little less infuriated as May placed the flower into her waist bag.
May clenched her fists in fury and marched away, hearing the snide remarks and giggles from the girl fans. She slowed down when she got back to the corridor leading to her room. She pulled the rose out of her bag and threw it onto the floor.
‘So do you have a Roselia?’ asked a boy sitting at a bench in the corridor near May, he had his cap pulled down so May could not see his face.
‘No, someone gave it to me,’ answered May bitterly.
‘So, I am guessing he isn’t your favourite guy,’ said the guy with a small laugh.
‘Anything but, Drew is the most arrogant jerk I know,’ said May angrily, ‘just because he has won loads of contests with his bloody Roselia doesn’t mean he has the right to be horrible to me.’
The boy lifted his cap up to look at May.
‘Are you saying that the famous co-ordinator Drew, gave you that flower?’ he said slowly, raising his blue eyebrows that matched his dark hair.
‘Yes, but trust me I am not one of his screaming fans. In fact I wouldn’t mind if I never saw him again. He has made my life a misery whenever I have ever been around him, which unfortunately is quite often, because he happens to be at almost every contest I go to. He may have fans, but it is no surprise to me that he has no real friends, no one would ever be able to get close to him, because of how horrible and cocky he is. I have noticed that no one is ever supporting him at Contests apart from his little girl fans,’ May ranted.
‘Erm-’ began the guy but May cut across him.
‘I almost wish I had never stopped Ash from having a go at him that time at the Hoenn contest. In fact, without me, Drew wouldn’t be alive, I saved his life when we fell into a river on Mirage Island. I told him that it was Wynaut that had saved him, but all they did was pull us out of the river. I didn’t have the strength to lift us both out of the water and I could of easily left him but I kept him above water as best I could while he was unconscious. Even after that, when we were on the boat going away he had to make a snide remark to me. Well, I hope I never see him again, I-’
‘What I was trying to say was…’ said the guy pointing behind me.
I turned to see Drew standing with an expression I had never seen on him before. He knelt and picked up the rose he had given to me and tossed it into a bin that was near him. He flicked his hair and walked away and May felt a rising guilt in her chest.
‘I guess you really do know him then, huh?’ said the guy, pulling his cap back down.
‘Oh for God’s sake, can this day get any worse!?’ screeched May running the rest of the way to her room, ‘return Beautifly.’

Eventually the ferry arrived in Kanto (Vermillion City) and May could barely wait to get out into the real air. Seeing as this was her first time in Kanto, she was more excited than most of the other co-ordinators getting off the ferry. She grinned at Beautifly, who (as usual) was the Pokémon accompanying her gracefully. May proceeded towards the Pokémon Centre happily, forgetting completely about the events on the ferry. She really wanted to explore but she needed a place to stay and the Pokémon centre was the nearest place. She beamed as she approached yet another Nurse Joy.
‘Hello Joy, could I have a room for the night please,’ asked May smiling.
‘Oh I am very sorry dear, the last room was just taken a couple of minutes ago. All the rooms are doubles and most people are on their own, so if you find anyone you know then you could always share.’
May sighed, her happiness vanishing. She didn’t know anyone in Kanto. She turned and banged into someone, causing her to fall back with the impact.
‘Hey, watch where your going?’ said May angrily, looking up.
It was Drew. Typical! She waited for him to insult her, but he just turned and walked away. May suddenly remembered what had happened on the ferry. What she had said about him. She closed her eyes in frustration and then blurted out his name.
‘What?’ he said turning slowly.
‘Listen, I am sorry about everything I said on the ferry. I didn’t mean for it to upset you,’ May said scrambling to her feet.
‘It didn’t hurt me, it just ****** me off,’ Drew snapped.
May gasped, she has never heard Drew swear before. Her eyes started to quiver with emotion.
‘Well, I am sorry, okay? I know we aren’t friends, but I don’t want us to be real enemies,’ May said quietly, walking towards him hesitantly.
‘Whatever. Don’t go soppy on me,’ Drew said, folding his arms.
‘Okay,’ said May quietly.
‘What are you doing now?’ asked Drew sighing in a bored way.
‘Well, all the rooms have been taken so I am wondering is Wakana or someone else is here and I have missed them, because the only way I can stay is if I am with someone else who already has a room,’ May said closing her eyes and bowing her head slightly.
Drew didn’t say anything. She looked up and he was staring at her as though thinking hard.
‘Well, you know, you could always stay with me,’ muttered Drew off-handily.
‘Really?’ exclaimed May, completely taken aback.
‘Yeah, just this once though. I am just on my own, and if you really need somewhere to say then it is no real sacrifice for me,’ said Drew flicking his hair and looking out of the Pokémon Centre doors.
‘Oh thank you Drew,’ said May, clasping her hands together and beaming.
‘No problem, I have the room card though, but I am going up there now anyway, so I can let you in whenever you come back,’ said Drew absently.
‘Well, I will come up now too then,’ said May smiling.
‘Alright then,’ Drew said walking past her so May had to jog up to keep up with him.
They got to the room and Drew slid the card through the slot and it opened. May followed him in uneasily. It suddenly dawned on her that she would be sharing a room with Drew. Not only a guy, but a person who is constantly gossiped about and photographed. If she was seen sharing a room with him, the story would spread so fast, it would reach her mom in Pettleburg City before you can say Just Friends.
Her mother had already made the assumption that her and Drew were more than friends, and she didn’t really want that to be brought up again.
‘Are you just going to stand in the doorway all day, or actually come in?’ Drew’s voice snapped May back to reality.
‘You know Drew, maybe it wouldn’t be very convenient if I stayed with you,’ May mumbled, looking at the floor.
‘What’s the real reason?’
May looked up at him, but he had his back to her and was taking off his jacket to hang up. May’s eyes widened and she quickly shut the door and got into the room hastily.
‘Drew, you are being photographed all the time. The last thing we need is for someone to see you taking your jacket off with me in the room,’ May said, then thought to her that it sounded pretty stupid.
‘Taking my jacket off?’ repeated Drew, and then it registered with him what she meant and he closed his eyes in frustration.
‘Sorry, but you know what it is like…’
‘Well, are you going to stay here or not?’ asked Drew impatiently.
‘I- er, yes thank you,’ said May quietly.
‘Fine, I am going for a swim,’ he paused to think for a second, ‘here you go,’ he passed her the Room Card, ‘just make sure you stay nearby in case I need to get back in.’
‘Ok, thank you Drew,’ said May.
He shrugged and grabbed his bag and walked out of the room, tossing his light-purple jacket on the desk as he went. May sat slowly on one of the single beds and smiled. It was the first real smile that had appeared on her pretty face in quite a few weeks.

A/N Hey, I hope you liked it. I am writing Part 2 now. Please let me know what you think. xx

1st July 2006, 5:11 PM
Well...I'll give you some points for making it long...but...

Ok. There's not Much Description in here. You need to describe EVERYTHING. Movements, places, characters, EVERYTHING! You described the events, but the characters aren't told about. Then again, this is jumbled up so I can't tell for sure.

Next. Hit enter when someone is talking. Like so:

Two days later May left her house again to travel alone to Kanto.

‘Why didn’t you just stay with Ash and Brock and travel to Kanto with them?" Max had asked.

"Because I need to do different things, plus they have Misty and I am sure I will find some friends too," she said, though in her mind she was doubtful.


Also, I haven't read all of it, so I can't say much about the characters yet, but it seems you're quite close to their personality.

OVERALL: It's ok, but the Description is all that's major in the story. Work on that. The Length is fine, just the description

1st July 2006, 5:55 PM
A tip on description...

Ok, lets have a look see… You have been pretty good with it until now, but we do need to sort this out. The description here is a little static. It isn’t doing anything, just a statement. The way to keep the reader interested whilst describing is to use an action of some kind. It can be anything doing the action: light, the object in question. If you are describing a room, you could personify a force of some sort. (Incase you don’t know, to personify something is to pretend something that isn’t real is human like, in a way. I’ll find you an example quickly…

Sunlight beamed down happily upon Pepper pot lane, bathing the neighbourhood in its golden light. It bounced cheerily from window to window of the detached bungalows that lined the sidewalk, sparkling on the sun-bleached yellow paint of number seventeen. Coming across an opening, it poured in, lightning up the room. Finding a bed, it splayed across it, ignorant of those who might be trying to sleep in its lilac folds.

You see? =D)

I find it easier to describe it by personifying light. But that is just me. XD And it isn’t relevant in this case, so let’s just ignore that... XD

Here we are describing a real, living breathing, person. Let’s go back to the beginning, to your description of Damus. I like Damus, so I’ll work on him. :D

Damus is an old man about fifty years old and is wearing a dark blue sports jacket. Damus’s dust gray hair is all wet and his gray eyes are a little sleepy.

So they have just come out of the pouring rain. The first things they are likely to be doing is ditching their jackets, and taking off their shoes. They wouldn’t want to get mud all over the house, would they? So, working with the information in the above quote and maybe some more if required, I’ll try to ‘actionize’ it. XD

Emerging into the warm lamp light, Damus blinked, stormy grey eyes adapting to the sudden change in light. Shedding his coat, he passed it to Betty, who cast an eye over his soaking wet frame and tutted loudly. Damus ignored her, fully aware of the woman’s strong dislike for him. Brushing his grey streaked hair away from his face, he smiled tiredly. A hard day at sea could really wear out a man…

Sorry, I couldn’t find a way to introduce his age. ^.^;; A problem I have had, is being to color addicted. I felt as if I must always say what color his clothes are, but it does slow up the story a bit. So I didn’t include it. You can, if you want, it is just what I do.

1st July 2006, 6:42 PM
Hey, i have taken into account what you guys have said and I will make sure that I work on my descriptions for the next chapter.

Thank you for commenting

3rd July 2006, 10:32 PM
May finds herself feeling much happier, though it doesn't last long. Having decided to go and accompany Drew in the pool, May finds herself face-to-face with a scene she never expected to hurt so much.

May was lost in thought as she lay back on the snow-white sheet of her single bed. It was as thought Drew had a strange alter-ego on him. One minute he was this horrible, cocky guy who hurt her so much, and the next she felt as though he was the only person she could turn to.
May rummaged through her bag (bigger than it looks you know) and suddenly gave across a red bikini that was next to her pyjamas. She thought for a second and then went into the bathroom and changed into it. If she was actually with Drew, then it wouldn’t matter that she had the Room Card.
She wrapped one of the customary Pokémon towels around herself and slipped her trainers on her bare feet to walk to the pool. She got to the locker and changing rooms and saw that Drew was leaning against the wall of the pool, water reaching to his chest. May smiled and felt something weird inside her that she couldn’t explain.
She shook those feelings away and walked out to the pool. Drew hadn’t seen her yet and May turned partially away from him to put her towel, bandanna and trainers on one of the “indoor sun beds”.
‘Here you are Drew, I hope I got the one you wanted,’ a female voice said from behind May.
May spun back around to see a pretty, purple-haired girl crouching down by the pool with a glass of what looked like a cocktail. She was wearing a pair of white trousers and a cream vest that showed her stomach. Her hair was pulled back into two long pigtails and she looked about sixteen. She was obviously one of his crazed fans, but something seemed wrong. Drew usually told his fans to get lost or acted very bored by them, he wasn’t doing either. He looked up at her and smiled, taking the drink and then saying something to her that May could not hear.
May didn’t know what it was, but an unexplainable feeling shot through her and she watched the girl lower her face to Drew’s to kiss him. May couldn’t stand it anymore, she grabbed her stuff and ran back to her room, all the happiness she had been feeling minutes before, vanished.

Drew’s PoV

Kacey came back over with the drink I had asked her for. She seemed a very nice person, and someone who knew a lot more than I did about the Kanto region. I took the glass from her and smiled.
‘Thanks Kacey, that was really nice of you. Who knew I would meet another coordinator like you on my first day in Kanto,’ I said warmly.
‘Oh that’s so sweet of you Drew,’ said Kacey, smiling and tossing some of her purple side-fringe out of her face.
I didn’t realise what she was doing as she tilted her head close to mine and put her hand on the side of my face. Just as I was about to pull away she kissed me deeply. I was shocked so I just went along with it until she pulled away.
‘Wow, you are a good kisser,’ said Kacey flirtatiously.
‘Erm, yeah I guess. I have to go to my room, my friend will be waiting for me,’ I said hastily, taking a long gulp of the drink she had given me and putting it on the side.
‘I am sure he won’t mind,’ she said pouting.
‘No, I have to go,’ said Drew, pausing and then said, ‘and she is a girl.’
‘What?!’ she cried dramatically, standing up as I hoisted myself onto the side of the pool, ‘you have just kissed me and you have a girlfriend?’
‘You kissed me Kacey, I didn’t even realise what you were doing. Plus she isn’t my girlfriend,’ I said wrapping my towel around my waist.
‘Oh right,’ said Kacey smiling and ignoring my you-kissed-me comment, ‘so, do you want to travel to the first contest with me?’
‘I don’t know, I have to go Kacey. Ask me tomorrow,’ I said, making a mental note to get out of the Pokémon Centre as early as possible the next day.
Kacey walked over and kissed me on the cheek longingly and smiled.
‘See you tomorrow then. Oh, and tell your little bandanna friend that I said “hi”,’ she said, smirking and turning away from me.
‘When have you seen May?’ I asked a little taken aback.
‘Ah, let’s just say that I won’t be her favourite person, from the reaction she gave to us a minute ago,’ she said with a little laugh.
She stooped down and picked up the half empty glass I had put there and stood back up.
‘Like I said, see you tomorrow Drew,’ she said blowing me a kiss and walking away.
‘Forget this, I am going for a walk,’ I mutter to myself and walk into the changing rooms to put my normal clothes on.

Back to Normal PoV

May climbed into one of the beds after she had changed into her pyjamas and was almost asleep when there was a knock on the door. Damn, she had forgotten Drew had to get in as well. May kicked the quilt off herself and walked over to the door and yanked it open irritably.
‘Thanks for disturbing me Drew,’ said May and then realised it wasn’t Drew at all, it was the purple-haired girl she had seen about to kiss him.
‘Oh I am so sorry about that,’ she said in a sickly-sweet way.
‘Is there a reason why you are here?’ said May a little rudely.
‘Well, I was just going to have a little talk to you,’ said the girl, barging into the room.
‘Hey, who said you could come in?!’ shouted May, watching as the girl walked over and sat on Drew’s bed.
‘Let’s just get to the point. I’m Kacey,’ she said, her eyes lingering on Drew’s jacket, that was still discarded on the desk from earlier.
May closed the door and stood with her hands on her hips. The girl was now flicking through Drew’s Kanto Contest Guide that he had left on the bed. Though she was usually a happy, shy person, who would never start an argument, May couldn’t help herself.
‘Excuse me, I just asked you a question,’ she said loudly, walking over and snatching Drew’s book away from her.
‘Ooh, touchy are we…May?’
Kacey smirked and looked at May, waiting for her reaction.
‘How do you know who I am,’ asked May, not realising she was hugging Drew’s book to her.
‘Oh, well let’s just say, after you ran off baby, Drew let slip that there was another girl staying in his room. You, May. Of course I wanted to let you know where you stand, as in, I am his girlfriend, and you don’t stand a chance,’ said the girl, still smirking.
‘I don’t even like Drew, the only reason I am here is because I needed a place to stay and he is the only one I know here in Kanto. Now get out of my room,’ shouted May, opening the door again.
Kacey laughed, but rose from the bed nonetheless.
‘Well, from your reaction when you saw me kiss him, I totally believe that you don’t like him,’ she said, and then when she got close to May she whispered, ‘you wouldn’t believe what a good kisser he is.’
Before May could say another word, Kacey had swept out of the room and down the hall. May just stood there…dumbfounded. That COW! She slammed the door shut and threw Drew’s book down onto his bed.
‘I don’t give a hell what that girl thinks,’ spat May, and climbed back into bed.
‘May, open the door.’
Someone knocked on the door and May recognised Drew’s voice and reluctantly left her bed (again) and went to answer the door. Drew was soaked. He was back in his normal clothes, carrying the towel and his other things under his arm. His emerald hair was dripping and falling into his eyes.
‘Drew what happened to you?’ cried May, allowing him into the room.
‘Oh, I went for a walk and it started to rain…heavily,’ he muttered pulling his T-shirt over his head.
‘It is a good job I have shut the door,’ snapped May at his bare back.
‘Whatever,’ grumbled Drew, pulling on another black shirt that looked too big for him, like a pyjama top.
‘I’m going to sleep. Don’t make any noise,’ hissed May, throwing herself back into bed.
‘May, there is something I need to ask you first,’ said Drew.
May turned over in bed to look at him, but he still had his back to her.
‘Well, I am going to be leaving for the contest in Cerulean tomorrow, because of the amount of travelling and things. Would you come with me?’ said Drew, turning around to look at her surprised face.
‘I- er, oh, I don’t know,’ mumbled May, not forgetting about the incident by the pool, ‘why do you want me to go?’
‘Well, you are a coordinator and I am sick of always travelling alone. You are the only person I have ever considered travelling with.’
Suddenly, May could not contain her emotion anymore.
‘Well what about that girl who had her tongue down your throat by the pool. Wouldn’t you prefer to travel with her than a person who you have forever insulted?’ May shrieked loudly.
‘Woah, have you been spying on me?!’
‘No, I came to go into the pool too, and then I saw that Kacey girl with you, so I came back here,’ said May, realising that her throat was sore from shouting.
‘Jealous May?’ said Drew smirking.
‘For God’s sake Drew, no I am not jealous. Why do you have to be just a git all the time. So for your answer, NO, I will not travel with you. I am grateful that you have let me stay here, but hopefully this will be one of the only times I have to see you,’ yelled May, turning back over and closing her eyes forcefully.
‘Fine, I don’t know what I was thinking inviting a stupid brat like you along anyway,’ said Drew nastily, and May heard him climb into his own bed.
‘Well if you hate me so much then why did you invite me to stay here?’ said May shrilly.
‘I thought I was doing you a bloody favour, but I don’t see why I should bother with you. I could’ve had a peaceful day, but instead you had to ruin it. Well, I want you to get out as soon as you are dressed and ready in the morning because I don’t want you around me,’ shouted Drew in the most angry voice May had ever heard him use.
Tears started to well up in May’s eyes and she clutched the quilt closer to her. Her breath started to become quicker as tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the pillow. She tried to stop so that Drew wouldn’t hear her, but she was shaking and crying uncontrollably. She closed her eyes as more tears spilled out, and she felt a hand on her shoulder.
‘Come on May, there’s really no need to cry. You know I didn’t mean it,’ said Drew quietly.
May hadn’t even heard him get out of bed, and she tried to look away from him and bury her face into the pillow.
‘Just…leave…me…alone…Drew,’ May cried in-between her sobs.
Drew put his hand under May’s other shoulder and hoisted her up into a sitting position. She pulled away from him cried silently, while looking at the blurred wall through her watery eyes.
‘May, what did you do when you saw Kacey kiss me?’ asked Drew suddenly.
May took an intake of breath sharply, and more tears rolled down her cheeks.
‘Nothing, I just thought you would want to be left…alone,’ whispered May, controlling her sobs with difficulty, ‘why?’
‘Because Kacey said…something about your reaction,’ muttered Drew.
‘I hate her,’ exploded May suddenly.
‘Why? Because she said that to me?’
‘No, while you must’ve been on your walk, she came to the room. She is an awful person, I can’t believe you go out with someone like her,’ said May, her voice shook slightly, and she quickly tried to hide it by saying: ‘not that you don’t suit.’
‘I am not going out with her. We just kissed, she wants to travel with me,’ mumbled Drew.
‘Oh, so I was your little second choice then was I Drew,’ said May turning around so fast that they banged heads and May fell off the bed with a short groan.
Drew stood up to help her hastily.
‘AARRRGGHHH, DREW YOU IDIOT,’ screamed may, jumping up and shoving him so that he fell back onto the bed.
‘It was your fault May! Don’t you dare try and blame this on me. If you didn’t act so stupidly then stuff like this wouldn’t happen.’
Drew stood up in front of her. May looked into his eyes nervously. He did look very angry and very tall. He completely towered her small frame of 5”3.
‘I’m sorry,’ May said, realising how often she was saying that to him.
‘I’m going out,’ said Drew abruptly.
‘Drew, you can’t it is late,’ said May in a high voice.
‘I just need some space, get some sleep, I will take the key with me, I don’t know how long I will be,’ snapped Drew, grabbing his jacket from the desk and throwing it on.
‘Drew, please,’ begged May, looking outside. It was dark and looked cold, though it had stopped raining.
Drew ignored her and walked out of the door. May collapsed onto the floor in a flood of tears.
‘Why do I have to be so oversensitive,’ wailed May through her sobs.
May cried and cried, until her throat was too sore to carry on. She didn’t even realise she was falling asleep, as she fell sideward and her head rested on the side of the bed. May stirred but was too tired to realise where she was.

Scene Change

Drew kicked an empty beer can from his path and he walked through the deserted streets. The only light was the reflection from the moon and the beams of light coming from the odd streetlamp.
Drew’s emotions were roaring all different messages. He was angry at May, angry at himself and angry at Kacey. Yet, for some reason, he had something else that was bothering him. It was a mixture of guilt and something else that he could not quite capture properly. He knew one thing though, he felt immensely guilty for the things he said to May. He turned and could see the Pokémon centre only a few yards away.
‘Is everything okay young man?’ asked Nurse Joy who had noticed him stagger in.
‘Yes, I am fine, just went for a walk,’ said Drew hastily, hurrying up the stairs.
He realised he had left the door unlocked and opened it slowly as not to wake May. He noticed that her bed was empty, and she was slumped on the floor. Obviously, she had stayed where Drew had heard her fall crying when he had left. Drew sighed and walked over to her.
‘May,’ he said softly, putting his hand on her shoulder.
He noticed how red around her eyes were, with evidence that she had still been crying when she had drifted to sleep. He gave her a little shake but she only moaned a bit and then stayed still again. Drew sighed and put his one arm underneath her legs and one arm around her shoulders and under her arm and lifted her up. She was surprisingly light. Drew had a very big shock by what happened next.
‘Drew…?’ said May softly, her eyes still closed.
She moved in his arms so that her head was leaning into his chest. She brought her one hand up so that it was on top of his that was by her shoulder. Drew stiffened and looked down at her, she was still fast asleep.
‘Erm, May?’ Drew said uncomfortably.
May’s eyes remained closed and she just moved closer to him.
Drew quickly lay May down onto the bed and stepped back so that her hand fell from his. Her eyelids flickered, but she didn’t wake up. Drew heaved a sigh of relief and then got into his own bed. He supposed he would have to ask May again tomorrow, and hopefully straighten everything out between them…

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