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1st July 2006, 6:30 PM
This is help on The RPG. I will explain most of the RPG:

Mario's World.
Levels: 24
Mini-worlds: 8
Levels per min-World: 3
Enemies: Hoopas, Goombas, Grunts
Levels: Classic levels of New Super Mario Brothers. You step on Kooopas and Goombas or attack them to hurt them. At The end of each level, there is a Grunt you must fight. At the end of every third level, you fight a stronger than usual grunt.
Unlock: Can play from begining.

Hamtaro's World
Levels: 15
Mini Worlds: 5
Levels per Mini-World: 3
Enemies: Squirells, Baby Chicks, Rabbits, Grunts
Levels: You are shrunk at the begining at the level. Enemies can be defeated by giving them 20% Damage. You must get to the end of the level and fight a Grunt. He will drop an item. Take the item and carry it back to the begining of the world. The Final levels of mini-worlds are gauded by a Grunt and the mean Ham-Ham spat. Hamtaro is not shrunk.
Unlock: Can play from begining.

Pokemon's World
Levels: 25
Levels per mini-world: 5
Enemies: Other Pokemon, Grunt
Levels: Battle twenty other Pokemon to get threw one level. At the end of each level, there is a grunt. The last level of each mini-world is guarded by five Grunts.
Unlock: Clear Hamtaro's World

Kirby's World
Levels: 10
Mini-Worlds: 5
Levels per mini-world: 2
Enemies: Kirby Air Ride enemies (don't know many Kirby enemies), Grunts
Levels: Longest levels in the first six worlds. The end of each level is guarded by a grunt. The end of every other level is guarded by two-higher-ranked grunts.
Unlock: Beat Mario's World

Sonic's world

Levels: 24
Mini-Worlds: 8
Levels per mini World: 8
Enemies: Dr. Eggman's Robots, Grunts.
Levels: Get a bunny hood that is permanent Traidional Sonic Levels. Robots can be killed by giving them thirty Damage. At the end of every third level is a Super-Grunt in one of Eggman's ships.
Unlock: Beat Mario and Hamtaro's Worlds.

SSBXS Airship
Levels: 1
Mini Worlds: 1
Enemies: Grunts, Shadow, Weavile, KingDedede
Level: This is designed to be like Super Mario Brothers'3's Airships. Grunts are all over the tank, and at the end you have your first fight against Shadow, King Dedede, and Weavile.
Unlock: Beat the first five Worlds.

Series 2:

Wario Ware, Inc.
Levels: 3
Mini Worlds: 1
Enemies: Grunts
Levels: You play twenty five minigames, than have a battle with a grunt. At the end of level three, you face SSBXS Admin Mater Cheif (from Halo 2)
Unlock: Neat Series 1's SSBXS Air Tank

Yoshi's Island
Levels: 15
Mini-worlds: 5
levels per mini world: 3
Enemies; Piranah Plants, Koopas, and Grunts
Levels: Beat enemies by swallow them than beating them while they are in their egg. You get to ride on Yoshi and get an extra attack: Swallow (unless you are Yoshi or Birdo. Every three levels you face five super strong grunts. The last level is a battle with SSBXS Admin Kratos (God of War)
Unlock: Beat Series 1's SSBXS Air Ship

Dk Island
Levels: 12
Mini Worlds: 4
Levels per mni world: 3
Enemies; Crocodile, grunts
Level kill crocs by giving them 15% Damage, and get to the grunt at the end of the level. Beat him. At the end of every third level a Super Grunt will challenge you. The last level is guarded by SSBXS Admin Giga Goomba (New Super Mario Brothers)\
Unlock: Beat Yoshi's Island

Vibe Island
Levels 24
Mini Worlds: 8
Levels per Mini World: 3
Enemies: Emotional Goombas, Emotional Koopas
Levels: Defeat the enemies by stepping on them. You will only be able to use B attacks by getting jewels. At the end of every third level you fight an emotional Super Grunt. The last level is a fight with Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Unlock: Beat Wario Ware, Inc.

Link Stage
Unlock: Beat Both Wario Ware Inc. and Yoshi's island.

SSBXS Snake Tube
Mini Worlds:1
Levels Per Mini Worlds:1
Enemies: Grunts, Shadow, King Dedede, Weavile
Level: The group will go to Pokemon's battle Pike. You will choose one of three doors. I will have the healer, the others will have grunts. Beat 14 grunt/healers and KingDdede,Shadow, And Weavile will be cornered. They will escape to thei Air ship, but there are no enemies on it other then them so you will be able to battle them right away.

1st July 2006, 7:06 PM
Will we be able to be in the same world as the other RPer's?

1st July 2006, 7:09 PM
If you need to, I can make a list of all the Ham-hams and the weird little language they use.

1st July 2006, 7:13 PM
If you need to, I can make a list of all the Ham-hams and the weird little language they use.
I beat the game. Well I need to more words. But yes you can.
Tarous: Yes, but you just explore the city. For most of the RP.
Also, Sonic fans and Kirby fans, I would like help with levels.

1st July 2006, 7:43 PM
Can i ask something? Are you going to make a Zelda world. I can provide help for it if needed.

1st July 2006, 9:05 PM
Can i ask something? Are you going to make a Zelda world. I can provide help for it if needed.
Yes, I am, and I do need help.
Also, you do not hoose rather or not you start out in Hamtaro's world or Mario's World.. 6 characters go to each one. It depends on who you chose.

1st July 2006, 11:46 PM
Enemies: Kirby Air Ride enemies (don't know many Kirby enemies),

http://kirby.classicgaming.gamespy.com/multimedia/pictures/airride/ has picture of some enemies if you need them...